May, 2017

Looking back on all the progress that is now lost

Feeling: Annoyed

  • After Trump embarrassed the US at NATO, the de facto head of the EU, Angela Merkel, explained that Europe can no longer trust the USA to do what's right, and that Europe should start taking world matters into their own hands. Every day that Trump is in charge, the country grows weaker.
  • More details are coming out about Jared Kushner's Russian ties and why we're just now learning about them. And, it's not a good sign when the attorney you hired to cover up your Russian corruption is also being investigated for Russian corruption. Also, another one of the rats on Trump's sinking ship is hoping to sell out the lot in the hopes of avoiding prison, but no one's buying.
  • Undocumented immigrants tend to be more lawful because they have a lot more to lose from being arrested. But facts don't fit the Trump administration's narrative, so they're trying to make immigrants look like evil hellspawn by creating a database of their misdeeds called the "Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement," where they list crimes committed by immigrants, including the personal information of their victims!
  • When you have an immoral billionaire who made their fortune cheating the ill-informed out of their money, it only makes sense that they will want to destroy the education systems that actually work.
  • The media's obsession with weapons is only making the US a more violent nation.
  • Trump's artificial heraldry was stolen from Joseph Edward Davies' crest with the word "integrity," replaced by "Trump." Kind of sum's up the entire existence of Trump.

Muslim men are still murdering their sisters because they refuse to take part in arranged child marriages, and American men are still killing Muslims for being Muslims.

One of the most expensive substances in the consumer world is printer toner. Ounce for ounce, it costs more than gasoline, more than Chanel No. 5 perfume, even more than Dom Perignon champaign, and printer manufacturers try very hard to keep it that way. Lexmark appealed a lawsuit all the way to the US Supreme to prevent companies from reselling toner cartridges, but they finally lost.

The conspiracy cranks who believe that 9-11 was an inside job and that Sandy Hook never happened, aren't just hurting their own reputation, they're also hurting the families of everyone involved.

That's a seriously heavy weight!

Looking backward to the weekend!

Feeling: Content


Had a nice productive weekend. Mowed the lawn, laid out new mulch, went to the beach (no swimming), and finished re-reading Dune.

Jupiter's south pole is home to beautiful 600-mile wide cyclones.

Want super powers? Get a genetic mutation.

Alex Dainis is just plain awesome.

Lawrence Krauss' Darwin Day lecture.

Looking forward to the weekend!

Feeling: Frustrated

  • After Russian hackers stole personal information from the DNC computers, they shared it with Republicans. At least one of them said he adjusted how he ran his campaign in light of the stolen information.
  • Almost as if he's a man-child, Trump pushed Prime Minister Milo Dukanovic of Montenegro out of the way so he can be at the front of the group photo.
  • Trump's slumlord son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is now under investigation for Russian ties. Wilbur Ross, a billionaire CEO Trump appointed to Commerce Secretary, also has ties to Russia he refuses to talk about. One of Trump's election campaign workers, Carter Page, was being investigated by the FBI as a possible Kremlin agent.
  • In the past, several states have tried making drug screening mandatory for welfare recipients to weed out drug users because it's common thinking among Republicans that people are poor because they are drug addicts. In most cases, what they found was that so few of their welfare recipients were on drugs that the states wasted more money testing everyone than they saved from the few who were kicked out of the program. It turns out that the number of drug users of welfare is actually -lower- than the national average. Well, just because it failed every time before doesn't mean a thing to Republican Scott Walker who intends to force everyone on state health insurance to go through drug screening.
  • More on the Trump administration's $2,000,000,000,000 math error and how the people it will hurt the worst are the people who voted for Trump.
  • Budget Director Mick Mulvaney explained that we have to take money away from food stamps because he doesn't want his unborn grandchildren to have to pay for the food of children starving today. Even though his wording is rather stupid, I get his point. We shouldn't be spending money we don't have. But it's hard to take him seriously when he's suggesting a budget where the richest people will pay less in taxes than the poorest.
  • Trump's visit with the Pope was uncomfortable for everyone involved.
  • Trump's congratulatory phone call to an admitted murderer.
  • Republican Greg Gianforte, who attacked a reporter for asking him questions about Trumpcare, still won his election!
  • The state of Minnesota is having a problem with companies dumping money out of the country in order to avoid paying taxes. If the government can't close the tax law loophole, they will either have to cut spending or raises taxes to citizens. State Democrats introduced a bill to close the loophole, but when Republican Abigail Whelan was asked her position on this, but rather than answer the question, she talked about the importance of Jesus. Later, she voted with her fellow Republicans to keep the tax loopholes in place. Whelan, like all good Christians, also thinks gay people are evil.

Antivaxers spread lies about vaccines, nothing new there. Unfortunately, a lot of people are stupid tend to believe celebrities over doctors and scientists. This has led to a resurgence of deadly diseases, and a lot of dead children. The best way to fight such ignorance long-term is to educate people on how their immune system works, how vaccines work, and how medical safety testing works. In the meantime though, children are dying and something needs to be done to save them. Germany, which is in the middle of an measles epidemic which could have been easily eliminated with vaccines, is planning to institute drastic measures, fining parents €2,500 for being too ignorant to vaccinate their children.

Why do your fingers get pruned when you're wet? It's not because of osmosis, the real answer is much more interesting.

When someone with no science background sues the Grand Canyon National Park because they won't let him chop away at the bedrock in that hopes it will prove the bible is literal.

Florida's law to prevent felons from being allowed to vote was originally created by white politicians to prevent black people from voting, but now that white people commit most of the felonies in the state, it now hurts white voters more!

This lying liars who tell lies

Feeling: Frustrated

  • The Trump administration explains that complying with the US Constitution, just "isn't practical." Yes, the law is so damned inconvenient when you're massively corrupt.
  • Ben Carson once again reveals how utterly clueless he is. He believes that poverty is "a state of mind," and that, "You take somebody that has the right mind-set, you can take everything from them and put them on the street, and I guarantee in a little while they’ll be right back up there." So, if you're poor, it's entirely your fault, and if you're rich, it's not because your daddy gave you millions, it's because you're a winner!
  • Betsy DeVos goes full-racist after being asked if she would give US taxpayer money to a school that refuses to allow students to attend based on their race, she answers by saying if the parents don't like it, they can go to another school. Her bigotry has caused at least one top official at the Department of Education to resign.
  • In his call to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, Trump congratulated him on how well he handled his country's drug problem, which tells you how Trump thinks, because Duterte "handled" his country's drug problem by executing people accused of selling, buying, or even using drugs. Trump also gave away the location of two US nuclear submarines near North Korea. With Trump unable to keep state secrets, Israel decided to change its policy on how it will share classified information with the US, weakening our nation by leaving us more susceptible to terrorist attacks.
  • Trumpcare is expected to raise the premiums for the elderly and poor as much as 850%.
  • Why did Attorney General Jeff Sessions lie under oath about his contact with Russia? Now he's claiming that the FBI told him to!
  • With Republicans, it's an unpopular opinion to believe children should have access to food and medicine because Trump is rewarding the poor people who voted for him by cutting their food stamps.
  • How Fox "News" lies to help cover up Trump's corruption.
  • As law enforcement predicted, Trump's short-sighted view on immigration has led to many crimes going unsolved because witnesses are afraid to talk to the police.
  • Trump claimed he would drain the swamp, meaning he would get rid of special interest groups in the White House, but almost every one of his appointees are corporate lobbyists.
  • Why is it important to stop the Republican push to end Net Neutrality? Because we don't want to be like Russia, China, or Egypt where the state controls which news organizations you have access to. Right now you even have to worry about Comcast suing you for revealing their dishonesty.
  • Remember the old land lines where everyone's phone number was publicly listed which meant you'd get telemarketer calls several times a day? Things changed with cell phones thanks to a law that required the written consent of the phone owner to legally call them for marketing purposes. There are still some shady companies that make an effort, but they're fighting a losing battle with the courts. Enter the Republicans, who are trying to make it legal for telemarketers to leave you voicemail commercials.
  • More people across the globe than ever before are concerned about climate change, and ready to help by making changes in their lives, meanwhile, the USA has Trump.
  • Republican Greg Gianforte was getting tired of a reporter asking him direct questions about his opinion of Trumpcare, so Gianforte went crazy and attacked the reporter!

More Christians lying for their religion.

The people of Williamstown, Kentucky voted to give away millions to a young-earth creationism theme park, but the park is struggling. They even tried selling liquor licenses in hopes that it would boost restaurant growth (because Christianity and alcohol are such a great match), but even that didn't work! The park continues to take out more loans for larger exhibits, but attendance continues to drop, and the city has given up hope of profiting, now they're just hoping they can break even before the park closes, but even that's unlikely. If only they could be like a real theme park.

Simple ways to know the Earth isn't flat.

David Gallacher will spend the next three years in jail after he attacked a pregnant Muslim woman causing her to miscarry.

Since coal and gas are killing us and the planet, we would be wise to switch to the latest nuclear power plants.

Science is made up of so many things that appear obvious after they are explained.

Feeling: Annoyed

  • More news of Trump's corruption. When Trump was unable to convince James Comey to end the FBI's Russian investigations, Trump asked people at the Department of National Intelligence and the National Security Agency to publicly deny any evidence of corruption in order to discredit the FBI!
  • Jared Kushner, the guy in charge of pretty much the entire US government right now, because of Trump's nepotism, is a slum lord.
  • Trump had a crazy time in Saudi Arabia, as he tries to promote world peach. Meanwhile, his domestice properties sink into the abyss.
  • Why is it important to fight the Republican attack on Net Neutrality? Because without it, companies like Comcast wouldn't have as much trouble shutting down web sites that are critical of the company.
  • Republican Mark Walker really hates ducklings.
  • Not like it's a shock, but Trump's budget proposal breaks seven of his campaign promises.

How to convince people of contrary beliefs using street epistemology.

The Great Barrier Reef is dying, and may not recover.

Neo-Nazi converts to Islam and murders two people, what the hell?

If they can't get you to buy two smart-phones, maybe they can get you to buy a smart-watch.

Religion has many benefits, no matter which religion you believe, but that doesn't make it true.

Someone is wrong on the Internet!

Feeling: Annoyed

  • Spineless Republicans continue to choose party over country, and Trump can't even stay interested in major world events unless they're about him.
  • Everything Trump told you to fear from Hillary has come true under Trump. Remember what the Republicans hated about Obama, that he ate arugula and spicy mustard?
  • Finally! A foreign country is wisely refusing to take Trump seriously and not allowing him to address their government.
  • Ever since his election, Trump's entire family has been taking extravagant vacations and charging them to the US taxpayer, and his wife hates him so much she refuses to live with him, resulting in massive taxes for New York. So, you'll forgive me if I don't take his new tax plan called, "Taxpayer First" very seriously. It cuts Medicaid, food stamps, student loans, and retirement plans, while giving a huge tax break for the extremely wealthy. And it's based on a math error of $2,000,000,000,000.
  • The head Democrat in charge of the Michael Flynn affair writes that he misled the Pentagon. Not like it's new information, but it's nice to see if more official.
  • The interesting part of the SNL cold open is that the joke would have worked even without the funny costumes or the skeleton. Just the idea of the Trump administration singing a deep and meaningful song is ridiculous.
  • Not surprisingly, Christian leaders think the students at Notre Dame who walked out during Mike Pence's speech should be punished.
  • With all the Trump scandals, there isn't any time to talk about how the TSA is raking you over the coals.

More good news on the religion front. The number of people who believe that God created the universe with humans in the current form is at an all time low, and the number of people who believe God did not have a part in the development of humans is at an all time high!

John Joseph Boswell is the CEO of a manufacturing company where he makes around $600,000 a month and makes large donations to the Republican Party. He just plead guilty to sexually assaulting a maid who was working alone in his hotel room and was fined $50.

Cultures create color words as needed, but they usually have a predictable pattern.

Due of a resurgence of deadly diseases, Italy is making several vaccines mandatory. While I think that this is a good first step, forcing people to do what is in their best interest is never a good longterm solution. It is very important that the public be educated on the human immune system so that they understand why vaccines are so important.

Republican Karl Oliver wants people executed for trying to take down Confederate monuments.


Feeling: Happy


This weekend, I got to pull a tick off my chest and a flea from my sleeve, but I still love my little puppy Lucy! Oh yeah, and I saw the musical Assassins.

  • Trump's loose lips have made it harder for America to stop terrorism, so I'm interested to see what will come out of the special counsel.
  • A large portion of Trump's staff are people whose only qualifications for their job is that they gave Trump a lot of money during his election. They have even been hired at a much higher salary than they traditionally receive. All of this cronyism has led to a the Office of Government Ethics trying to investigate the White House, but, as expected, the White House is trying to block their investigation. To Trump, stopping ethics violations is a witch hunt.
  • Not surprising, the person Trump placed in charge of voter integrity, Kris Kobach, agrees with him that millions voted illegally in the last election, despite being unable to come up with any evidence.
  • Rather than visit Canada or Mexico, our closest neighbors and trading partners, Trump's first stop on his business trip was Saudi Arabia, and things became both hypocritical and corrupt.
  • Even the CEO of Shell believes climate change is real, and the US should remain in the Paris Climate Treaty.
  • Over 100 graduates at Notre Dame turned their backs on Mike Pence and walked away during his speech!
  • Vox did a nice article comparing the bias of web sites like Breitbart and Fox News to real journalism.
  • Yes, North Carolina, you're gerrymandered districts are racist.
  • A short review of First Lady Ivanka Trump's new book.

In 2015, Ramad Chatman found out he was a suspect for an armed robbery crime that happened almost a year ago. Apparently, a person involved with the crime claimed to have recognized him from his Facebook profile. For some reason, police hadn't gotten around to bringing him in, even though he was checking in with them routinely as part of his parole from an earlier crime three years ago. In order to clear his name, Chatman turned himself in, but instead he was arrested and put back in jail for violating his parole with this new crime! The armed robbery case went to trial and Chatman was found innocent, but Judge John Niedrach wanted to punish Chatman anyway, so, even though he was found innocent, and never violated his parole, Judge Niedrach refuses to let Chatman back out on parole. Not only is Judge Niedrach ignoraing the American judicial ideal of "innocent until proven guilty," but he's also discouraging people from turning themselves over to the police if they're a suspect in a crime.

Sometimes academic journals publish junk-science. In order to keep them on their toes, and expose academic journals that aren't properly reviewing their published articles, sometimes scientists will submit a joke article to see if the journal will publish it, and every so often it works, and the journal is highly embarrassed. However, if you're trying to expose scientists in the gender studies field, it doesn't count as a burn if you're able to publish your fake article in a journal where you can get anything published for $625.

A female student at a private Christian school learns what many teenage girls have learned before her. If she becomes pregnant, it's much easier to quietly get an abortion than to deal with the stigma of being an unwed mother.

A look at the amazingly complex James Webb space telescope.

When our commander and chief is an ignorant man-child, we have to take solace in the little victories.

Did You Know Gaming looks at The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Want to know more about your genotype?

Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free.
But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.

Feeling: Happy

  • Trump's childish corruption has gotten so bad that a special prosecutor had to be hired to deal with his recklessness. Trump asked the director of the FBI to quietly make his problems disappear, and when Comey wouldn't comply, he believing that firing him would solve his problems, not exacerbate them. And Trump, the word "exacerbate" means "to make worse." But not everyone sees this as criminal behavior, Fox "News," is playing dumb. Well, dumber than usual anyway.
  • While Trump was out complaining that people are highly critical of him, he put his daughter in charge of the White House, not realizing that this is precisely why people are highly critical of him.
  • The disgraced CEO of Fox "News," and professional sex offender, Roger Ailes, is, thankfully, dead. He is survived by an empire of lies and misogyny, but at least we get some nice jokes.
  • Sheriff Clarke and his fake medals for fake military achievement. He reminds me of Buster Bluth from Arrested Development. Oh yes, and he also has ties to Russia.
  • Using Trump's penis size as a joke or saying he's gay or effeminate, might piss him off, but it doesn't help the problem of toxic masculinity.

Sam Harris looks pretty racist defending Charles Murray's hypothesis from The Bell Curve, a book which argues that white people are generally smarter than black and Hispanic people. As many scientists are quick to point out, it's difficult to measure intelligence between various cultures using the same test, not just because of cultural biases, but because our cultures affect how we think. There also isn't a way to quantify intelligence to a single number because there are many types of intelligence including spatial reasoning, memory, general problem solving, mathematics, creativity, etc. There isn't even a universally accepted measure for race. Most people group race by appearance or cultural similarities not along genetic lines. For example, the US government currently defines "white" as having European, Middle Eastern, or North African ancestry which means an Egyptian, Scottish, Greek, and Norwegian are all treated as the same race despite the large genetic differences.

Amish men traditionally don't wear mustaches for the same reason military men traditionally did.

Police officer Kenneth Lopera electrocuted Tashii S. Brown seven times, punched him a few times in the head, and then choked him to death, all because he thought he was trying to steal a truck. However, the owner of the truck doesn't believe the man was trying to steal his truck, which means that Officer Lopera killed an innocent unarmed man. Texas police at a Dallas school electrocuted a 7-year-old boy and beat him with their batons, and handcuffed him, the next day, in the same school district, police body-slammed a 12-year-old girl and pepper-sprayed her in the eyes.

A man drove his car right into Times Square in New York, killing one person and injuring dozens more. Why? God told him to do it. Also, police officer Logan August stole 25 pound of seized marijuana from the the department's evidence room and got caught trying to sell it for $15,000. As a good Christian man, he takes full responsibility that Satan made him do it.

If you give churches an inch, they will take your children's soul.

I am inimitable, I am an original.

Feeling: Cheery


The history of the entire world, I guess.

Lloyd Barrus is just your typical friendly fundamentalist Christian racist who murders police officers, but you wouldn't even know he's a Christian from the way the media ignores his religion.

Did you know your graduation song is about British imperialism?

A massive case of insurance fraud against the government has been exposed.

Are you a sun sneezer?

Things persisted in not being what they seemed.

Feeling: Annoyed

  • The details around Trump's involvement with Russia just keeps getting worse. It turns out that the highly classified military information Trump handed over to the Russians without consent was given to us by Israel, a country that isn't on the best of terms with Russia either, who probably won't be sharing their intelligence with us any more.
  • The details surrounding Trump's firing of James Comey just keep getting worse. It turned out, Trump also asked Comey to end the investigation of Michael Flynn's Russian corruption, another black mark for Trump, but unless more than one Republican grows a backbone, nothing will come out of it. Meanwhile, Trump is having a hard time filling the position, as everyone who is qualified is turning him down because they don't want to risk giving up their current position for one that will surely result in their also being fired. Until then, let's all pretend he makes good decisions to prevent a nuclear tantrum.
  • As the White House continues to try and say the truth is false, they've had to come up with all sorts of deceptive terms like "alternative facts." They're latest double-speak is "fake, but accurate." As in, yes, the story we believed about a 1970s Time cover article about global cooling was fake, but it accurately describes our beliefs. The reality is, while there may have been individuals in the 1970s who believed there might be an impending ice age, actual scientists were very concerned about global warming. But don't worry, the Trump administration has a way to solve all of these problems. If you stop studying the problems, you don't have to worry about them!
  • Trump congratulates himself on a packed crowd at a Christian college graduation. Yes, it's packed, it's their graduation.
  • American hero, and US government pariah, Chelsea Manning has been released from military prison after serving seven years for leaking evidence which showed that the CIA was spying on every civilian in the country.

Though we still have a long way to go, the number of people who believe the bible is a book of fables is at an all time high, and those who believe is should be interpreted literally is at an all time low!

A talk about the more magical aspects of The Legend of Zelda.

Want to keep your PC free from viruses? Don't bother with the latest anti-virus software, hire an Orthodox priest to throw holy water on your electronics!

The USA is officially on the metric system, even though we don't use the kilogram.

For some reason, Christians get pissed off when you use bible quotes that disagree with their view of Christianity.

Strangely, I don't see fans of open carry laws crying foul at a gang of police officers who handcuffed a man, destroyed his personal property, and tazed him for carrying a BB gun in public. I'm sure it has nothing to do with him being black.

The highest function of ecology is understanding consequences.

Feeling: Proud


Here is a collage of my top 100 favorite albums. My most favorite albums are larger.

The truth about pet ownership.

Superintendent Kent Medlin pissed off a lot of high school students after he turned their graduation into a Christian church ceremony.

The Taco Bell of dialysis and an update with John Oliver's plea for Net Neutrality.

Oh that kooky bible!

What do you despise? By this you are truly known.

Feeling: Proud


Emily and I found out this weekend that the illness she has is due to a parasite. The doctor's aren't positive, but they believe it was passed from me to her; I was a carrier even though didn't have any symptoms. We'll have to go back for more testing so they can properly identify it, but Emily really needs everyone's support because it's causing a lot of terrible problems like vomiting, extreme fatigue, and mild psychosis. We were told that there is no cure, we will have to deal with the parasite for the rest of our lives, but the good news is, after about nine months, it will burst out of her, ending the symptoms. Of course, then we'll have to name the parasite, dress it in cute baby clothes, and take it with us where ever we go. I've heard that some people even grow to love their parasites, teach them to read, play games with them, and get family photos made. Please keep us in your thoughts as we go through this difficult time.

  • Trump has become the Russian puppet that Hillary Clinton warned us about in the presidential debates. He can't even agree with the lies the White House agreed to tell. He recently hinted that he may have tapes of his conversations with Comey, but after all his lies about the FBI wiretapping, Congress is demanding he either put up or shut up.
  • The good news is, Trump is becoming so erratic and obnoxious that even Republican legislatures aren't that interested in trying to keep him happy. The bad news is, he's still president.
  • Being insulted by Trump is a badge of honor. It shows you have integrity.
  • The UK likes to pretend they're a free country that respects personal privacy, but even a doctor will get arrested if they don't surrender the passwords to all their private intimate pictures and correspondents, if they look Muslim.
  • Trump originally had Michael Flynn in the White House who made a lot of money from Turkey, and it's disturbing when someone takes money from a dictatorship.
  • Republican Kris Kobach, the Vice Chair of Trump's Election Integrity Commission has been successfully sued for voter suppression four times.
  • Turns out, if you're one of the few Americans who can actually point to North Korea on a map, you're less likely to want to get into a shooting match with them.

I stopped reading the comic strip Dilbert a couple years ago when I found out that Scott Adams is a misogynistic asshole. Now I find out that he's also a climate change denier. I encourage everyone else to stop reading his comic, and, if they read a newspaper which contains his comics, to contact them and ask for its removal.

Part of having a National Park Service means protecting the land from people who would want to destroy it for their own gains. They don't let amateurs come in and carve up the mountains to collect precious stones to sell or fossils to lie with. Everyone who wants to chisel away at the rocks needs to get a permit which requires showing a scientific reason for the damage they'll cause. Creationists aren't very good at coming up with scientific reasons.

I always enjoy science more when it's presented by attractive young nerdy women.

When a taxi driver makes more money than a doctor, that's an important reminder why top-down governments are so difficult to make work.

Maybe if he were in a private Christian school, Michael Stack could get away with saying gay men "deserve to die," but that sort of talk will rightly get you fired from a public school.

This is not a moment, it's the movement

Feeling: Angry


I've written an essay on what it would take for me to believe in various supernatural concepts like gods and souls.

I also created a pretty snazzy collage of my favorite video games.

  • Trump couldn't even fire someone without bungling it, sending his personal body guard to deliver the letter to the very same place where James Comey wasn't. Comey's firing is still big news, although Fox "News" reported that he resigned. Trump and Jeff Sessions continue to claim that they Fired Comey because he was too mean to Hillary, but both of them personally applauded his actions only a few months ago. Sessions shouldn't have even been involved as he had already recused himself on the matter. Eliminating anyone who is investigating your corruption allegations is what dictators do, but high-ranking Republicans care more about the illusion of party cohesion than the fate of the nation.
  • As Republicans work hard to eliminate health care for 24,000,000 Americans, and make it unafforable for millions more, the rate of mothers dying in childbirth continues to raise. The US appears to be the only country in the developed world where maternal mortality is rising! But don't worry ladies, we've obtained a sneak peak of the new Trumpcare!
  • The US appoints oil executives to the highest levels of government, meanwhile, Germany continues to break records with renewable energy.
  • Samantha Bee delivers a scathing review of Ivanka Trump's book in which she contrasts being a hard-working white women to African slavery.
  • Republican Mike Ritze knows how to cut the gap in Oklahoma's massive budget gap, force any student who can't speak English very well to undergo an check on their immigration status, and, if they're not legal, deport them. Ignoring that this violates the Federal Constitutional (you can't target people based on their language), it also violates the Oklahoma Constitution which requires educating everyone in the state, regardless of immigration status! Republican Mike Ritze is too racist to care about the Constitution.
  • Florida continues to refuse the right to vote to anyone who has been convicted of a felony, even if they've turned their life around. Why? They think criminals vote Democrat.

If you own an HP laptop, you will want to read about this massive security hole! Some HP laptops have an audio driver with a built-in keylogger. Everything you type on the keyboard (including user names and passwords) are stored in a plain text file on disk that anyone can open and read!

Some science experiments that take f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

The Progress Party in Norway is trying to do something that every nation should do, ban mutilating infants for religious reasons.

The truth about big box stores.

Why animals have such crazy genitalia.

Respect for the truth comes close to being the basis for all morality.

Feeling: Happy


I beat Half-Life Source, this time on normal difficulty.

Can you trust the mainstream media? For the most part, yes.

If an over-the-counter product claims it is a detox, it is a scam.

I eat a lot of meat, and it's something I'm not very proud of. I know that I'm directly contributing to the torture of animals, many of whom are certainly intelligent enough to not enjoy living their entire lives in tiny crates. However, I take some solace in the fact that they were most likely killed by first being stunned so that they won't feel any additional pain from the butchering process. If I were Jewish or Muslim, however, I'd have to come up with a way to rationalize butchering animals in a very painful way: Kosher and Halal. Thankfully, some of the more progressive countries are outlawing the process.

New remains of an early ancestor of humans, Homo naledi have been discovered.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is already leaking, and it hasn't even gone online yet.

From the top of the mountain, you cannot see the mountain.

Feeling: Okay

  • Last night, FBI Director James Comey, who was leading the investigation of Trump's Russian corruption, was fired by Trump! Comey found out he was fired while speaking to his employees at the FBI, and his termination came up on the news! Trump's official reason for firing Comey was because of how he handled Hillary Clinton's emails, which doesn't make any sense because Trump previously praised Comey for what he did, and it certainly played a big part in getting Trump elected. It's clear that the real reason Trump fired Comey is, much like when Nixon fired Archibald Cox, because he wouldn't cancel the corruption investigation against the White House, and even Republican members of Congress are now calling for an independent investigation, (but, shockingly, not McConnell). Despite saying he'd recuse himself, Jeff Sessions was very involved with Comey's firing, and this is a problem because is the one who decides whether there will be an independent investigation. Trump's response to this whole Russian corruption mess? Have another chat with Russian officials, get more lawyers, and continue to hide the evidence.
  • Trump hired the disgraced Flynn, that makes him responsible, no matter how much he tries to blame Obama. And now Flynn's employees are being subpoenaed.
  • Republicans are deleting the portions of there web pages where they made all their health care promises during Trump's candidacy.
  • When you have to apologize for insensitively saying you wish all people had access to health care. And make sure you apologize to a white man, they're they only people who get to decide how everyone else gets health care. And make sure they're rich.
  • Bethune-Cookman University is a historically black college/university (HBCU) with a history of over 100 years in Florida, and President Edison O. Jackson probably should have expected to see alumni return their degrees in disgust after inviting Betsy DeVos to speak. In addition to actively trying to replace public schools with private Christian schools, DeVos said HBCUs were the "pioneers of school choice," not knowing that black colleges only exist because people of color were refused entry into white colleges.
  • Republicans once again demonstrate that they are wholly unaware of reality. When asked which groups faced the most discrimination, black people, homosexuals, and immigrants ranked below Christians and white people.
  • Republicans hate small government, and true to form, Trump is trying to eliminate sanctuary cities. As authoritarians, Republicans are less interested in helping people, and more interested in forcing people to follow the rules, so they usually don't even know what a sanctuary city is.
  • SNL's cold open was pretty funny.
  • Trump is finally ready to release his taxes, as confetti!

When a young-earth creationist tells you you shouldn't use an argument, it's probably exactly what you should use.

How we know the rate at which the universe is expanding is accelerating.

An interesting glitch in Super Mario World, and why it happens.

Various differences between Zelda 2 for the NES and FDS.

Survival is the ability to swim in strange water.

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  • For some time now, Republicans have been afraid to go to their town hall meetings because of the huge crowds of people angry at them for ruining their health care. They've tried to go again only to find that the people are even more pissed off than before with the new Trumpcare, which is so destructive (24 million will lose insurance outright, millions more won't be able to afford it anymore, women will lose access to birth control because Republican's won't let them be involved, and we go back to being kicked off for getting sick), so it's doubtful to make it through the Senate unscathed, or even at all.
  • Scott Pruitt, whose credentials include being a co-owner of a minor league baseball team, receiving huge campaign fund from oil companies, and suing the EPA 14 times, is now the head of the EPA, thanks to Donald Trump. Pruitt is also a climate change denier, so there is no surprise that he has fired half of the EPAs science advisers.
  • Oklahoma Republicans passed a House bill that tries to get politicians, when speaking to the public, to refer to abortion as murder. I dubt they've ever taken the time to answer the question, "What is murder, and why is it wrong?" but it th
  • John Oliver has once again taken down the FCC Web site after pointing out that Republicans are once again trying to ruin Net neutrality.
  • Another thing that Trump knows absolutely nothing about: libel laws. He wants to change them so he can sue more people, but he doesn't realize that it would require a new Constitutional Amendment to do it.

Officer Ray Oliver, who killed an unarmed 15-year-old boy, claims that he did so to avoid being run over. But the dash cam video clearly shows that the boy purposely drove around Officer Oliver, and he only started shooting at the boy after it was clear he was in no danger of being run over.

The horror that is Sonic 2006.

This is what it looks like when a Christian is discriminated against, and this is what it looks like when Christians do the discriminating.

Anti-vaxxers are still causing outbreaks of diseases that were all-but eliminated decades ago.

In order to make it impossible to shop around, hospitals won't give you an accurate quote for how much a procedure costs, even for everyday procedures like delivering a baby. This is one of the many reasons why the US pays more in health care than any other country, despite inferior quality.

How is Hollywood white-washing still a thing?

Magnets, how do they work? It actually requires an understanding of special relativity.

Mood's a thing for cattle or making love or playing the baliset. It's not for fighting.

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I finished reading the book Bullsh*t, which was a fun read.

I was sick yesterday, but I want to remind everyone that on May 4th, 1970, the Ohio National Guard fired live ammunition randomly into a crowd of Kent State University students, killing four and wounding nine more.

Delta Airlines kicks off a family and their two kids because they oversold the flight. First, to try and free up a seat, they told the father that his child must sit in his lap (even though that goes against Delta's own safety advice, and the FAA's, but when the father refused, explaining that he had paid for the seat, Delta officials threatened the parents, telling them they would be thrown in prison and have their children taken away if they don't comply. Even though the father eventually agreed, Delta officials threw him and his family off the plane and gave the seats to the people they had oversold the flight to. Yes, airlines have lower prices after deregulation, but now they can get away with treating their customers like garbage.

Sheesh! You imprison someone against their will and suddenly Scientology is viewed as a cult!

Alabama Christians have successfully passed a law that allows adoption agencies to refuse to let otherwise fully qualified parents adopt a child if they're gay, even though the data suggest that same-sex parents tend to have healthier and happier children than heterosexual couples.

Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.

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The European Union is demanding the United Kingdom pay all their bills before leaving, which they estimate to be around £100,000,000,000. The UK says they won't pay it, which will surely create decades of turmoil. Smart move with that Brexit!

Will we survive our own curiosity before it kills us?

The police officer who shot an unarmed 15-year-old black child to death has been fired.

An old roast of Silicon Valley by John Oliver.

No, evolution is not racist.

It would have made a dreadfully ugly child; but it makes rather a handsome pig.

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I feel like I'm getting sick. Blah!

  • Trump was too afraid to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner, and the Daily Show's Hasan Minhaj took full advantage of that fact. Samantha Bee created an entire special about it, and it was hilarious! Pre-show, Intro, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
  • A more in-depth tear-down of Trump's first 100 days in office, and a funnier one.
  • Trump's ignorance of American history is yuuge.
  • Trump's disgusting family is costing US tax payers another $120,000,000.
  • Obama made it a point to make the White House more transparent. He was partially hypocritical about this, but he did open things up to the public more than his predecessors. Trump, on the other hand, continues to close down the White House and make it more like a bureaucratic black hole where information goes in, but never comes out. He's even deleting a lot of public government data, but thankfully, there are a few people in Congress trying to protect it.
  • Congress largely ignored Trump's budget plan and just did what they wanted, which thankfully continues funding PBS and NPR.
  • Mark Green, Trump's pick for Secretary of the Army, think evolution has been disproved by the second law of thermo-fluid dynamics. I'll bet you didn't even know there was such a thing as thermo-fluid dynamics!
  • Trump's racist Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, was really hoping to bring his Reefer Madness approach to marijuana into the Federal Government, but Congress refused to allow any tax payer money to be spent on persecuting people who comply with their state's marijuana laws. But he's still an asshole because, when a Republican claimed that Sessions had a history of "treating all Americans equally under the law," a woman laughed at the sheer bullshit of the statement and was arrested and is seriously being prosecuted for laughing.
  • Another Fox News executive, Bill Shine, resigns due to his incompetent way of handling the company's many sexual harassment lawsuits.
  • US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, whose experience as a Commerce Secretary doesn't appear to go beyond having to pay around $100,000,000 for multiple insider trading violations, said he and his fellow Republicans saw the the very expensive and entirely ineffective bombing of Syria as after-dinner entertainment at Mar-a-Lago. Disgusting.

In video games, women usually play the sexy dumb sidekick AKA a glorified door opener.

The Myers-Brigg test is little more than astrology.

Montreat College of North Carolina is forcing everyone on its faculty to sign a document saying they opposed same-sex marriage and abortion, or be fired, and shockingly, it's expecting to cause a bit of an exodus.

It shouldn't be hard to go green, but some people do it really well, like this woman who, last year, pretty much created no trash.

Why is a raven like a writing-desk?

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  • Donald Trump has failed to do pretty much everything he promised he would have done by his first 100 days in office.
  • The full Senate meeting about North Korean really was just a publicity stunt.
  • Trump gives the go-ahead for drilling for oil in the arctic and continuing our reliance on dirty energy.
  • Marine Le Pen is like the Donald Trump of France. She belongs to a racist white nationalist party that has a long history of bigotry, not just against black people, but also against most religions including Sikhs, Muslims, and Jews. Le Pen stepped down from her position as leader of her racist party in order to concentrate on her bid for France's Prime Minister (horrifyingly, she's doing quite well in the polls), which left a void in her party's structure, and Jean-Francois Jalkh was set to be her replacement. Fortunately, Jalkh has decided not to be the party's head after it was found out that, like many people in his party, he is a Holocaust denier.
  • In order to justify his violation of the US Supreme Court's ruling, and his ordering the travesty known as the Trail of Tears, President Andrew Jackson wrote one of our nation's most bigoted and embarrassing statements: "It will separate the Indians from immediate contact with settlements of whites; free them from the power of the States; enable them to pursue happiness in their own way and under their own rude institutions; will retard the progress of decay, which is lessening their numbers, and perhaps cause them gradually, under the protection of the Government and through the influence of good counsels, to cast off their savage habits and become an interesting, civilized, and Christian community." To be compared to Andrew Jackson is a great insult, so nobody should be shocked that Trump lovingly thinks they're peas in a pod. To further demonstrate his ignorance of Jackson, Trump explained that Jackson was angered by Civil War and wanted to stop it, which is amazing, considering Jackson died 16 years before the war began.
  • By now, you know that if Trump says it, the opposite is true. Take, for example, his claim that the New York Times is failing. Actually, the NYT is seeing its subscriber base increase dramatically with the presidential shitstorm Trump has created. However, if they keep making stupid moves, like hiring science deniers, they may actually lose all those new subscribers.
  • Mitchell Adkins, a 19-year-old man, believed he was being discriminated against because he was a Conservative living in Kentucky attending a university that is slightly Liberal. Well, Adkins and decided that it was the Liberal's fault he failed, so he returned to his school and hacked two Liberal women with a machete before being arrested.
  • The all-white panel of young Republicans agree that Trump is doing a wonderful job. They can't quite come up with any concrete examples, but they really don't like Obama's trickle-down economics. I hope someone explained to them that trickle-down economics is what Trump is doing, not Obama.
  • Republican Randy Weber publicly breaks down in tears hoping his god will forgive the USA for letting women in abusive relationships get divorced and other despicable acts.
  • Ivanka Trump should be booed for sticking by her racist, bigoted, sexual predator of a father. At least the German media will call it like it is.

Here is an interactive graph which shows just how effective vaccines have been at ridding the US of disease. The most impressive is the measles vaccine. Prior to it, over half a million people were getting infected each year, after the vaccine was licensed, there was a dramatic drop down into the double digits. Sadly, it's going up again due to ignorant parents.

Indonesia Muslims are doing something that Muslims all over the world should be doing, trying to prevent child brides. Meanwhile, the king of Swaziland is trying to ban divorce, not just to force his 15 wives to stay with him.

"Men Who Aren’t Governed By God, Will Be Governed By Tyrants," is a bit redundant since the god of the bible is the worst tyrant imaginable, but that is what was engraved on a veteran's memorial bench in Oil City, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, it took a threat of legal action to get the city to finally agree to replace it with something that doesn't violate the US Constitution. At least they were smarter than Belle Plaine, Minnesota who refused to remove their Christian memorial and will now see a Satanic memorial right next to it.

If brains are computers, then surely the software needs a programmer, right? Yes, but the programmer is nature.