June, 2017

Trump is feces, pig feces

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I created a collage of my favorite fiction and added a review of Castlevania.

  • Had Trump's Muslim ban had been in effect for the past 20 years, how many acts of deadly terrorism would it have prevented? Zero!
  • Republicans are still in love with their Trumpcare dumpster fire. Despite nearly everyone else hating it, in particular because it slashes Medicaid. But Trump still believes, health care is something you can win.
  • Trump promised Evangelicals that he would repeal the Johnson Amendment and allow churches to endorse political figures (other tax exempt groups would continued to be denied that right). Of course, Trump couldn't possibly keep that promise because the President can't change the law, but he still pretended he did it. Now, Republicans are finally getting around to actually making good on the claim, and giving churches even more preferential treatment than anyone other group.
  • Private prisons have a terrible track record. They encourage corruption, mistreat inmates and guard alike, and cost a lot more to run than public prisons. But, they make a lot of money for CEOs, so Trump is expanding them.
  • The White House is wasting our tax dollars trying to find evidence for non-existent voter fraud because Trump is a big baby who can't accept the fact that people hate him.

National security agencies want a back door to all forms of encryption, but how would they keep that back door a secret when they can't even keep their own secrets secure!

Gotta say, I love me some Elizabeth Warren.

Help scientists combat climate change and have fun in the process, and the nuances of children and gun-related deaths!

Seth Andrews explains how being a Christian made him talk like an idiot.

Ducks are assholes.

Alex Dainis is awesome.

Trump is human garbage

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I added a review of King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella.

  • After stacking the Supreme Court in his favor, Trump is going to get the bigoted ban that he originally called for. People from the nations who raised the 9/11 terrorists will still be allowed, but countries that have never done us any harm will be banned from entering unless they have close family living here. What counts as close family? A step-brother who you have no blood relationship to is a close family member, but your grandmother is not. This bigotry isn't going to help American college students learn the difference between a Muslim and a Sikh (not like it would matter).
  • Republicans control the Presidency, the Senate, the House, and the majority of the Governorships, but they still can't pass Trumpcare. True incompetence.
  • Each year, 12,000 Americans die from our polluted air, but Trump wants to burn more coal.
  • Trump finally got around to filling one of the empty FCC seats, and, like with all his previous appointees, the man has absolutely no qualifications for the job. He chose Brendan Carr, a Republican lawyer.
  • Republican Pete Olson thinks he's a man because of his X chromosome (it's actually the Y), and since he's a man, he believes he should be exempt from having to buy insurance where his money might be used on prenatal care for pregnant women (Olson also claims to be fiercely pro-life, nothing hypocritical about the). What Olson doesn't know is that his mother is a woman and she obviously didn't receive prenatal care because her son have severe mental problems.
  • With Trump at the helm, the EPA is actively making water dirty.
  • Trump has the largest amount of political power in the country, and he spends it bullying reporters instead of doing his job.
  • As long as Trump is in office, words will continue to have no meaning.

Slicing off a piece of a human being's body without their consent is a crime, but, for some reason, not when it's done to an infant.

Like small pox and polio before it, Maine had eradicated measles. Then the antivaxxers came with their scientific illiteracy, and now, Maine has measles again.

Meet Cardinal George Pell, the highest ranking Vatican official who is also been charged with sexually assaulting a child. Tim Minchin even wrote a song about him.

The religious group Answers In Genesis told Kentucky politicians that their theme park for a giant wooden box was entirely secular (even though it's a replica of Noah's Ark, and they only hire Evangelical Christians). They successfully convinced Kentucky to ignore $18,000,000 in taxes under the guise that the park would generate plenty of money once it was open. Of course, now that it's open, Answers In Genesis is saying that it is and always has been a religious project, and should not have to pay taxes ever again. That's Christian honesty for you.

Another White Christian Man bullies people to get his way.

Talking to someone who swallowed The Secret hook line and sinter is like hitting your head against the wall.

Game design tricks for creativity and procedural generation.

Hello. my name is Dean, and I'm a video game addict

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I added a review of Blaster Master and Spy Hunter.

Flint still has poisonous water, and the State just ruled that people who don't pay for their over-priced deadly water can have their homes taken away from them.

Australia is the newest country where the majority of citizens are non-religious. Also, Canadians would be more comfortable having an atheist president than a religious president!

Why you shouldn't huff glue, where ugly 80s fashion came from, and a water spout creates a strange hydrodynamic levitation effect.

How anthropology disproves the biblical flood myth.

Not everyone is as cool as I

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After about 30 years of playing it, I -finally- beat Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! I've also added a review of Mario Kart 64. I also wrote a computer program to generate every possible Mega Man color combination on the 8-bit NES.

  • President approval ratings usually start strong and slowly dip after a few years in office once voters have gotten over the honeymoon phase. Some presidents commit political suicide either through corruption or incompetence and see a dip into the 30s. But Donald Trump is breaking all the records for a hated president with the worst consistently low approval ratings ever. Even when he was elected he wasn't at 50%, and he's only gotten worse! And when we poll people outside the USA, his ratings are even worse!
  • Neil Gorsuch is every bit as evil as we thought. He's anti-gay, anti-first amendment, anti-non-Christian.
  • The legend is as Rome burned, Nero fiddled. The modern equivalent of this is, as the USA collapsed, Trump golfed.
  • Republican Jason Chaffetz isn't happy with his mere $174,000 salary.
  • Neither doctors nor hospitals want Trumpcare.

John Oliver's wonderful episode on the importance of vaccination.

Yet another study shows that human-made climate change is warming the Earth, and it's going to be devastating.

What people get wrong when they try to make a secular argument for the Ten Commandments.

Why animals have varying lifespans.

Why it's so difficult to argue with conspiracy theorists.

Alex Dainis is awesome.

Waiting for the world to end

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I added a review for Battletoads.

John Oliver's parent company is getting sued by Robert E. Murray's energy company because he exposed the terrible way Murray treats his employees.

North Carolina has a law that legalizes a form of rape.

Yet another Christian minister with a finance program to sell you has been charged with tax fraud.

It being allergic to sunlight a real thing?

The nation of Turkey, the only one with a worse understanding of evolution than the USA, has decided to stop teaching students about evolution, because they feel their children aren't capable of understanding controversial issues. Of course, there is nothing scientifically controversial about evolution, there are just religious people who refuse to understand it.

How poisoned darts from native tribes revolutionized surgery.

Monsanto doesn't cause cancer, but that doesn't mean they're an ethical company.

Politics still still terrible.

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I added a review for Mega Man and The Mysterious Cities of Gold.

  • Trump continues to brag about all the major things he's accomplished in such a short amount of time, but in reality, he hasn't signed any major laws in the past 5 months.
  • A perfect metaphor for Trumpcare is a disabled woman pulled from her wheelchair and tossed outside. Nearly everyone who is expected to vote on the secret bill has been left in the dark, even most Republicans.
  • If I were Trump's lawyer, I wouldn't be, because I have ethics, but if I were, I'd be slamming my head against the wall. Trump keeps adding more evidence that he obstructed justice. He said to the public that Comey had better hope that there weren't any tapes of their conversation. Trump says that he believes the threat that tapes existed may have caused Comey to change his story, but also admits that he didn't record the conversation. Which is almost an admission that Trump lied to Comey in hopes that he would alter his testimony.
  • One of the major complaints about immigrants is that it brings poor people into the US, when we already have too many poor people as it is. So, an immigration change was created by the Obama Administration that allowed immigrants to get on the fast-track to citizenship if they could raise the capital to start a business in the US. This brings foreign money into the US and creates jobs for the local area, it's a win-win! But, Trump is expected to kill that change because, rich man, poor man, Republicans don't care, all that matters to them is that you're white.
  • Trumps original campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is now being investigated for fraud by the FBI.
  • Just a quick recap of how shitty things are right now. And I'm not a huge Moby fan, but he does a good job showing it in a music video.
  • The FBI Headquarters building needs to be re-built. Who is going to get the contract? Trump's business partner!

After watching her boyfriend murdered in front of her, Diamond Reynolds continued to call Officer Jeronimo Yanez "sir," for fear that he would murder her too, a fear that too many Americans have.

Why does Republican Senator John Flanagan continue to protect child rapists?

Flint still doesn't have clean water and there is now a legal precedence set forth where the courts don't care that the Republicans who poisoned the city are using the tax dollars of the same people they poisoned to pay their legal fees. You may not care because this isn't happening in your city, but it could happen in your city, and we wouldn't be able to predict it!

Bill Cosby's lawsuit ended in a mistrial, so he's a free man. He plans on going on a speaking tour, so I guess he's going to be telling young men the dangers they face if they get caught raping women.

Interesting findings on the perception of discrimination in the USA according to PRRI. Some of it was obvious: white people are the most likely to want to deport immigrants while at the same time, believe racism is rare, and the South hate same-sex marriage the most. Some of it I suspected: few people in the Dakotas and Wyoming don't think minorities face much discrimination. Some of it I didn't predict: Asians are even less likely than white people to believe that discrimination takes place. And some of it, I found shockingly reassuring: the majority of religious Americans now disapprove of companies discriminating against LGBT people.

Question for Christians: If a group of people, who called themselves Christians, went around burning down the churches of other Christians who didn't agree with them, would you agree that they're not true Christians? If so, that same logic shows that ISIS members are not true Muslims.

Israel finally joined the present by banning airlines from forcing women to change seats because a Jewish man doesn't want to sit next to them.

New evidence to try and understand how long ago our humans ancestors diverged from the ancestors of other apes.

Politics still terrible.

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I added a review for Ultima: Exodus.

Simone Giertz's hilarious pussy grabs back machine, and a personal rating of her inventions.

Christians again show their true colors by threatening to publicly murder someone for upholding the US Constitution.

Two women talk about leaving Islam.

California police shot to death a teenager and his dog because the music at his party was too loud.

Catholics in Montreal are finally doing something to address their child-raping priests. They're fingerprinting all clergy who will deal directly with children, and refusing to let priests be alone with children.

Tumblr used to be extremely vocal about the importance of net-neutrality, but, now that they're being bought by an anti-net-neutrality company, Verizon, they've become quite silent.

Happy Solstice

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I beat the game Her Story, which was very interesting, and added a review for ActRaiser.

  • According to the Washington Post, Trump is under investigation by the Department of Justice because he fired FBI Director James Comey because Comey wouldn't stop investigating one of Trump's cronies for Russia collusion. Trump himself confirmed the investigation online, but Trump's lawyer is quick to point out that he's not under investigation, but he is, but he doesn't know.
  • Having been to Georgia, I don't expect much. The people I talked to were racist homophobes who were too interested in NASCAR to care about civil rights, but then I went and got my hopes up thinking they would elect Jon Ossoff. But no, Georgians voted for bigot Republican Karen Handel, proving once again that they're a state who prefers a woman who openly hates the LGBT.
  • Trump continues his nervous breakdown.
  • Sorry minority graduates, it's called the "White" House for a reason.
  • Trump is trying to eliminate all types of funding for programs that help the poor find homes, except for the type that he profits from.

The dashcam video of Officer Jeronimo Yanez murdering Philando Castile has been released. According to Yanez's statement, part of the reason he shot Castile seven times in front of his daughter is because he cared deeply for the safety of Castile's daughter. And, the people who should care about a man being guned down by police because he expressed his legal right to carry a firearm, the NRA, is completely silent.

Today is the summer solstice!

Famine isn't always because of a drought or plague, it's often because men want others to starve to death.

Game programming jumps and publishing in a year.

Why the ontological argument fails.

Making progress

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Saw the twins on the ultrasound yesterday. They're both growing nicely at the same rate, and squirming around like sea monkeys in an aquarium!

I added a review for Super Mario Bros. 2 and the Atari 2600 port of Pac-Man.

  • Trump is wasting time and money trying to bring back coal. The industry has been dying for decades now, and it's now so small, a single retailer like JC Penny employs more people.
  • Everything that Trump promised about health care has been a lie, and every Republican involved is lying about it too. They're still trying to secretly push their bill, which appears to be even worse than the House bill in order to eliminate health care for millions so they can give tax cuts to the wealthy.
  • The demographics show that intelligent people voted against Trump, that's not a big surprise. But it also shows that intelligent people tend to herd together, which is bad news for winning elections. I completely understand why intelligent people seek the company of other intelligent people, but until they make a concerted effort to help the undereducated areas of the country, they will continue to lose elections.
  • How is the US able to bomb a whole bunch of countries without declaring war? Because of the Bush Administration. Obama tried to end it, but the Republicans in Congress refused.
  • Obama ran one of the most open White House administrations in history. He constantly exposed himself to the scrutiny of the media to help eliminate corruption, and it worked. Trump, however, is extremely corrupt, and fears scrutiny, so he continues to block the media from the White House.
  • Fox "News" adds a new segment called the "Fox News Specialists." I think it goes without saying that the hosts of the show are not specialist in anything. They're not journalists, they're not military strategists, they're not anthropologists, but that doesn't mean they're not convinced we should bomb North Korea.
  • Asking Trump's racist Attorney General tough questions about his involvement with the Russian scandal doesn't make a woman hysterical.

Betsy DeVos has ruined Michigan's public school system, and now, without even a public vote, Michigan politicians are taking $34,500,000 from schools and parks to build another sports stadium, and federal judge, Mark Goldsmith, won't intervene. It's now up to The Detroit City Council to decide if they care more about the future of Detroit school children, or having an arena named after the worst pizza in the world, Little Caesars.

Another Christian cross on public land is coming down after city officials failed arguing that no reasonable person would view it as a religious symbol.

Who would win in a staring contest, a hardened prison thug, or a kitten?

How to setup a camera rig to see the invisible.

Why too much salt is bad for your body.

Alex Dainis is awesome.

Things are happening

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I added a review for SimCity 2000 and the SNES.

The EU is considering making end-to-end encryption mandatory and banning encryption back-doors for law enforcement. Meanwhile, the USA continues to spy on your most intimate private moments.

Philando Castile was murdered by officer Jeronimo Yanez for owning a gun while being black.

PZ Myers went to the Ark Encounter and discovered it was just a bunch of wooden boxes, posters, and recordings of animal sounds.

If you're safely able to do so, it's important to out your different sexuality, gender, or beliefs, because the more people who know they are friends with someone who is different, the less likely they are to be hateful to different people and we don't get people like Republican Karen Handel.

Part of why there is such an uproar over transgender people using public bathrooms comes from years of being a punchline. And it doesn't help that the Trump Administration is pure evil.

Time for another weekend!

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I finished reading The Color of Magic and wrote a review for Spirited Away.

  • It took the largest protests in the history of our nation, and a disapproval rating of 60% in record time, but Trump finally decided to lighten up on his racist immigration policy. But, don't kid yourself, we're still a long way away from an even decent policy, but it's progress. As expected, the racists who love Trump are pissed off.
  • Until we get rid of Republicans who ask about a potential criminal's taste spy movies, Jeff Sessions will never be dealt with justly.
  • I don't trust the government much to begin with, but as long as Trump is president, you can't trust it at all.
  • Remember in 2008, when the US economy crashed because banks were recklessly engaging in high-risk lending? Well, the banks were bailed out at the expense of the US tax payer under a strict set of terms, namely the Dodd-Frank Act. This is a set of laws that regulate banks and prevent them from engaging in the same risky ventures that crashed the economy. Republicans voted to eliminate all of the important aspects of the Dodd-Frank Act and let banks go back to the same risky behavior that crashed the economy.

Republican Greg Abbott is proud to sign a law which gives tax payer money to organizations who discriminate against the LBGT, and Republican Matt Bevin is proud to sign a law allowing Christian students to bully LGBT students.

When a Muslim makes a Internet post about disagreeing with the government, he's a radicalized Islamic terrorist. When a white person opens fire on a bunch of congressmen, it's the liberal media's fault. Ironically, the hearing on gun control has been canceled because of the terrorist shooting, but you can bet the Republicans will continue to fight to let mentally ill people get guns.

Can we PLEASE follow Canada's rule requiring cellphones to be unlocked?

NBC, you need to fire Megyn Kelly. Yes, I understand that she draws ratings, but do you want to be "Fox" News, or actual news? Kelly is not a journalist, she is a feeder of trolls. You're embarrassing yourselves.

A courageous 12-year-old Mormon girl named Savannah tried explaining to her church that their god didn't mess up when he made her gay. They responded by turning off the microphone and telling her to sit down.

Many states still have laws that allow children to get married, a practice that attracts a lot of sexual predators. Why haven't these laws been abolished? Because Republicans.

The Cosmic Skeptic has a chat with Lawrence Krauss.

Incarcerated people need reform, and it's nice to see it in action.

Let's make my dream a reality

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I woke up this morning from a wonderful dream where Jeff Sessions had been arrested for obstruction of justice, and the Trump empire was collapsing.

I added a review of Rad Racer and Tetris Attack.

  • When Republicans can't get their way, they do everything in their power to shut down the government for everyone. This is nothing new, and, sadly, it's working. During the last couple years of the Obama Administration, Republicans blocked every single nomination Obama submitted for a judges from smaller federal courts, all the way up to the US Supreme Court. Now, the judicial branch of our government is having a difficult time getting anything done because there are a staggering 130 vacancies! Well, Trump was too busy playing golf to appoint judges for anyone of those positions, in his first several -month- of office, so they continued to remain vacant, despite his crying that judges weren't ruling in his favor. Now, sadly, Trump has decided to do, at least a portion, of his job, and appoint some new judges. Among them is John Bush and Damien Schiff, two men who, using pseudonyms, posted racist conspiracy theories on political blogs. During their testimony, it was brought up that they said abortion is as bad as slavery, Obama is from Kenya, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is a "judicial prostitute," gay rights should be eliminated, and used such credible sources a white-nationalist web sites. Despite their bigotry, Republicans are expected to make Bush and Schiff judges. Republicans are either spineless sycophants who would rather have bigots for judges than disagree with Trump, or, more likely, they actually want bigots for judges.
  • Racist Jeff Sessions is knowingly obstructing justice. He says he doesn't have to answer questions under oath because of reasons, but he's not sure if the reasons actually exist.
  • Republicans continue to work on Trumpcare in secret refusing to share it even with the people who will have to vote on it. By blocking news agencies from reporting on it, they won't have to deal with additional town hall disasters until after they pass it.
  • Christian pastor John Hagee wants to deport all atheists, thinks reading Harry Potter will turn you into a Satanist, doesn't think gay people can be Christians, and believes his god gave us Hitler to cause the Jews to return to Israel. He is also, apparently, a good friend of Vice President Mike Pence.
  • The same reporters who smiled as Donald Trump told his supporters to kick the shit out of protesters and asked gun nuts to "stop" Hillary Clinton, are now telling Liberals their words are too violent.

Even women of power are still being interrupted by men, all the friggin time. If you care about equality, make a conscious effort to let women talk.

I think the headline says it all, Arctic Climate Change Study Canceled Due to Climate Change.

Tim Farron was the leader of the UK's Liberal Democrat Party, and also an Evangelical Christian, who had a very hard time answering a simple question, "Is homosexual sex is a sin?", After a lot of waffling, Farron eventually said that it's not a sin, but then decided to resign because he felt like his personal beliefs weren't in harmony with his political party. That's the sort of thing I would never expect to see from an American politician!

Alabama police continue to use their authority and tax payer dollars to promote Christianity.

If someone wanted me to play soccer wearing a Confederate flag on my jersey, I wouldn't do it, which is why I can understand why Jaelene Hinkle refused to play soccer when her jersey would have a gay pride rainbow on it. Hinkle, being a Christian, doesn't support gay people. She then went on to explain how she believes her god created the rainbow as a sign that he was done murdering everyone on earth, and the reason she refuses to respect the rights of homosexuals because she loves them.

Sunburn almost gone

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I added a review of Age of Empires and DuckTales.

  • Trump doesn't know what he's doing. Last month, Trump called the Republican repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act a "very, very incredibly well-crafted" plan. Now, even though the plan hasn't changed, but Republican voters continue publicly hating it, he's says the plan is "mean." This is what happens when you elect an ignoramus.
  • Noted racist, Jeff Sessions, continues to claim that the White House's Russian collusion is a lie, but then refuses to answer the questions for the investigation committee to back up his lie, because, as a judge, he's all about obstructing justice.
  • Are Republicans really such sycophants, or did Trump demand they kiss his ass on camera? Because, damn!
  • Spineless Republicans continue to claim that Trump is far too stupid and incompetent to obstruct justice.
  • Donald Trump is the kind of man who can accomplish nothing and be very pleased with the nothing he's accomplished.
  • Missouri Republicans created a new voter id law just before several important elections and tried to keep it a secret from voters.
  • Here is how a state where the majority of its citizens vote for Democrats can still have a Republican super majority.

A gunman opened fire on Republican members of congress while they played baseball. Five people were shot, nobody was killed. I'm going to predict that the gunman is white, because they're using the term "gunman" instead of "terrorist," (yup). I'm also going to predict that these Republicans will continue to vote against any bills that try to take guns away from the mentally insane (we'll have to wait on this one).

A quick recap of how humans got to the point we are today.

Most Canadians now believe that religion does more harm than good.

Simple science about why carbon dioxide amplifies the greenhouse effect.

Some interesting tools for game programmers.

US health care and the case of the $629 band-aid.

To meeeeee...

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I added a review of Bionic Commando: Elite Forces and Little Inferno.

  • Every time I hear someone talk about America's "Judeo-Christian Heritage" I remind them about how the US turned away thousands of Jewish refugees back to Europe for fear of criminals among them, and many were captured and tortured to death by the Nazis. Having learned nothing, we're now turning away Muslim refugees, but Republicans claim that all Christians are welcome. Except, Trump's orders are now deporting Christians as well. During the Gulf War, many Christians living in the Middle East came to America seeking refuge, and things have only gotten worse in their home countries now that the region has become even more Muslim-controlled. However, the USA is rounding up many Middle Eastern Christians who have been living in the USA for decades now, to be deported back to a country where they will likely be executed. ICE is claiming that they're only arresting refugees who have committed a crime in the past, which means they've already served their time, but they're being punished again. Sadly, many of these people being deported, as Christians, voted for Trump.
  • Even with full control of the government, it took Trump a grueling five months to put together his White House cabinet. Now that the gang of racists, bigots, and old rich white men have assembled, what do they do? They praise their fearless leader. Seriously, Trump droned on about his record-breaking accomplishments (even though most of them have failed), and then each old white man in turned said what an honor it was to lick Trump's ass.
  • According to Trump, there is no need whatsoever for a Russian investigation, but according to Bloomberg, Russia cyber-attacked most of states in the Union specifically targeting computers related to the election. According to the NSA documents leaked by Reality Winner, a total of 122 government computers were hit specifically by Russian military intelligence.
  • Trump just can't resist calling his Muslim ban a "ban," which has led to yet another court saying it's illegal. It stupid remarks like this that make it so hard for Trump to find a lawyer.
  • Jeff Sessions continues his war on marijuana, now he wants to prosecute providers of medical marijuana.

Biblical historian Bart Ehrman talks about the fraudulent books in the New Testament.

Back in 1975, before Republicans took over Christianity, even a bible publisher could publish a book which said abortion was in line with Christian ethics.

Conservatives in the UK have lost big!

The Vatican's official position on homosexuality is that it's evil, homosexuals should not have sex, and they cannot become priests. However, there is a small, but growing number of Catholics who have decided to stop being part of the problem and embrace their gay followers.

Staring a fire with a sandwich bag full of water.

Pakistan still executes people for insulting Islam. And Imams living in America are still telling Muslims to have their daughter's genitals cut off so to prevent them from enjoying sex.

A Facebook page called "Warriors for Christ" had to censor their own page to stop people from spamming them with rainbow images after they said they would ban anyone using them.

Anyone can see...

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Got a crazy sunburn from spending too much time at the beach with not enough sunscreen, but it was a blast!

I added a review of Super Mario Land and Pitfall!.

  • The James Comey's testimony was pretty accurate to his memos. Comey explained that he took so many notes because he accurately predicted Trump would lie about their encounters, and straight up called Trump a liar. He also pointed to how unusual it was for a president to request so many solo meetings with the Director of the FBI, and how blatantly corrupt it is for a president to request the ending of embarrassing investigations. Unfortunately, the most important bits were left unsaid to the public. It's all become rather homo-erotic.
  • Trump wants to ban Muslims from entering the country because he believes many of them are dangerous terrorists. Sadly, he is correct, many Muslims have committed horribly violent acts of terrorism from the recent London attacks, to the awful September 11th attacks, and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight any time soon. But, you have to wonder which he cares about more, protecting the US from terrorists, or making money. Why is he selling $350,000,000,000 worth of weapons to Saudi Arabian Muslims, when most of the hijackers in the 9/11 terrorist attack were Saudi Arabian Muslims? They couldn't even be bothered to show respect for the terrorist victims in London during a moment of silence.
  • Republicans are drifting away from Christian values and landing on Randian values.
  • More details about how Eric Trump's children's charity was scammed by his own father.
  • Republican Jason Rapert believes that Islam, "is a cult of death and violence against all non-Muslims." And he called for all Muslim "extremists" and everyone who sympathizes with them to be deported. When his opinion was highlighted by a reporter, Rapert called the reporter a terrorist and said that he holds the reporter personally responsible for any threats made against him.
  • Republicans in Texas have passed a law forcing women who have abortions to hold funerals or cremations for their aborted fetuses.

A postmortem of Civilization.

The US continues to become more and more secular. In the 1950s, 82% of Americans believed that religion can answer all of their problems, while only 7% thought it was old-fashioned and out of date. Today, after decades of steady change, only 55% believe religion has all the answers while 34% believe it's out of date.

A brief history of Western philosophy.

Brand Russell is a member of a neo-Nazi group, claims he knows how to make bombs, and police found explosive material in his house along with guns, white-supremacist literature, and a framed picture of Timothy McVeigh, the terrorist who blew up the Oklahoma City Federal building. Police also believe that Russell made posts online about threating to blow people up. However, Judge Thomas McCoun III ruled that there just isn't enough evidence to consider him a danger to society and keep him in jail until his trial. Now, imagine a Muslim who declared himself a member of ISIS, was found with bomb-making material in his house and a framed picture of Osama Bin Laden. Do you think the judge would let him out on bond?

Some tough advice for dealing with the real world.

Nothing really matters...

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I added a review of Super Metroid and the Game Genie.

  • James Comey already made his testimony, but I'm a bit behind, so here are some pre-testimony videos.
  • Donald Trump and his son Eric, stole millions from a children's cancer charity event.
  • When the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred, the UK mourned with the USA. When London was hit by terrorist attacks, Trump mocked them.
  • Racist Jeff Session's war on drugs is stupid and misguided, and will disproportionately hurt the poor.
  • Remember when Trump claimed he saved over a thousand jobs at Carrier? But then we found out it came at the cost of millions in lost taxes, so it wasn't exactly a win? And then we learned that Trump greatly exaggerated the number of job he "saved?" Well, now we're learning that Carrier is laying off their employees despite the huge tax break and Trump got played.
  • Because of Trump, the USA is effectively the only nation that isn't taking part in the Paris Climate Agreement. Meanwhile, the UK is generating over half of its energy in renewables.
  • To Trump, and even American film-makers, Middle Eastern people are villain templates.
  • A quick recap of just how awful Trump has been lately.
  • Aron Ra talks about American politics in Helsinki, Sweden.

Republican Jesse Kremer is trying to pass a law to prevent public schools from teaching anything controversial (he means anything that conflicts with his religious beliefs). To explain how stupid this is, a Democrat asked him, if a student in a geology class argued that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, shouldn't the geology teacher teach them why they're wrong? Republican Kremer responded, "The Earth is 6,000 years old, that's a fact."

How to tell the difference between a bee, wasp, hornet, and striped fly.

Spotting fakery in the tape measure tricks video.

I like Chinese!

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I added a review of Yars' Revenge and Duck Hunt.

Unfortunately, consuming the blood of children will not make you immortal.

If atheists used the same arguments as Christians.

The Vatican has been protecting child-rapists for at least 60 years, so when a Catholic priest complains that another religion's public monument will attract pedophiles, I'm not very impressed.

The number of people burdened by war continues to decrease.

Explaining CRISPR in increasingly complicated levels.

It's senseless and it's depressing...

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I added a review of Dragon Warrior.

  • Before Trump tried to convince the James Comey at the FBI to stop investigating his ties to Russia, he asked Mike Pompeo of the CIA and Daniel Coats of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, not just to lie that there wasn't any evidence, but to actively undermine the FBI. And who did Trump pick to replace Comey as the Director of the FBI? A lawyer.
  • The same racket the Trumps use to skim money from children's cancer research is being used to skim from the American tax payer.
  • Trump is pulling the USA out of the Paris Climate Agreement, making it the only non-war torn nation in the world to do so, but 246 mayors across the country have confirmed that their cities will meet the Agreement despite Trump's incompetence. Meanwhile, Trump's own Defense Secretary tries to explain to him that climate change is a threat to national security.
  • Depending on how much money you make, you can afford better health care, which isn't surprising. In countries like Japan and Switzerland, the wealthy can afford coverage that is around 3-6% better then the poor. In less noted countries like Slovenia, the difference grows to 19%. But near the bottom of the barrel is the USA with a massive 26% difference. Only two developed nations are worse than us.
  • The White House keeps saying that, in order to pass their Muslim ban, all they have to do is stop calling it a ban, but Trump keeps undermining his own cabinet every chance he gets!
  • Republican Clay Higgins personifies the typical Trump voter by calling for the extermination of an entire group of people.
  • The White House lied about creating jobs by trying to resurrect the coal industry. Truth is, coal just isn't a big market in the US anymore, and never will be.
  • Trump's kids are just as corrupt and dishonest as their father.
  • New Zealanders tell Republican Rex Tillerson to fuck off home.
  • Megyn Kelly spent years on Fox "News" being a highly-paid buffoon, but after leaving because she was being sexually harassed by her boss, Roger Ails, she now acts like she's far too professional of a journalist to watch the hacks at Fox News.

Christian televangelist Paul Crouch raped his 13-year-old granddaughter, Carra Crouch. When Carra told Paul's wife, her grandmother, Jan Crouch, Jan refused to bring her husband to justice and blamed Carra. Now that both Paul and Jan are dead, Carra finally went public about her rape, and sued Paul and Jan's television empire, the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Thankfully, Carra won her case, and will be awarded $2,000,000 in damages.

The rarest element of them all, astatine.

Josh Duggar sexually molested several children, and like many Christian before him, he's confident that Jesus has forgiven him and is ready to move on (whether the girls he molested can move on is their own problem). To help get his life back on track, he needs money, and to get that, he's joining the lawsuit of the sisters he sexually molested to sue the city for making public his interview about sexually molesting several girls.

How a stack works in a computer, especially on the SNES.

How zoology disproves the Noah's Ark myth.

There's fools and idiots at the trigger

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I added a review of The Goonies II.

  • Just to show how pathetic Trump is, several world leaders are committing to going beyond the stipulations of the Paris Climate Agreement toward a greener future. With his withdrawal, Trump is killing American jobs. Scientists may not be the best at conveying just how severe of a problem climate change is, but that means it's up to us!
  • This mash-up of Donald Trump quotes and The Handmaid's Tale is terrifying.
  • Despite US intelligence actively investigating Russians hijacking our democratic process, and Trump's original campaign manager now falling under criminal investigation, Trump is still bending over backwards for Russia.
  • Many people watch in horror as a doctor was attacked by airport security because United Airlines wanted to kick him off their flight because of their own incompetence, demonstrating once again just how awful airline companies are. Trump's response is to make airlines even worse!
  • As a Christian who thinks the free world is called "Christendom," Republican Congressman Clay Higgins wants America to hunt down and execute every single person on Earth who is suspected of being a radical Muslim because it's the right thing to do.
  • Some of the best covfefe posts.

The US government has convinced various printer manufacturers to include watermarks in the documents we print so they can track when and where a document was printed. They claim it's to identify counterfeiters, but they used the same technology to arrest an NSA whistle blower.

Why are women being blamed for shark attacks?

Churches don't think they should have to pay for the fire department. Their belief is, that by being a church, they provide a service to the community greater than anything you can buy with tax dollars. Of course, churches don't have to provide any evidence that they "help" the community, and they don't have to remind you that the "help" they provide comes with its own price, your very soul!

Some Did You Know Gaming on Wolfenstein 3D.

Walgreens still allows its employees to deny you medicine they believe their god doesn't want you to have.

Simone Giertz's portable mattress.

The rate of cervical cancer is half of what it was 10 years ago, and that's mostly due to the HPV vaccination.

Country is still stupid

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Won 176th game, Puss N Boots: Pero's Great Adventure and added a review of King's Quest.

Flint, Michigan still has poisoned water, but the problem isn't that Republican Rick Snyder's unelected emergency manager switched the city's water supply to the Flint River causing lead to leach from the pipes, the problem according to Flint's Land Bank Sales Manager Phil Stair, is, "fucking n*ggers don't pay their bills."

In 2006, 13-year-old Carra Crouch claimed she was raped by her grandfather, Christian televangelist, Paul Crouch. She told her grandmother, Christian televangelist, Jan Crouch, and all Jan did was yell at the girl. Now that both Paul and Jan are dead, Carra has decided to sue their televangelist company, the Trinity Broadcasting Network. The lawyer for the network has argued that if Carra had come to her grandmother Jan in a formal ministry setting, Jan would have been legally obligated, as an employee of Trinity Broadcasting Network, to report her granddaughter's rape, but sine Carra confided in her grandmother outside of the TBN, Jan was acting as a family member, and not an employee of TBN, therefore the televangelist company should not be held accountable. Once again, Christians are acting like a lite version of fundamental Islam.

Walmart often gets a big discount when it builds a new store claiming that it will create tons of jobs for the area. In reality, Walmart pays its employees so little they need government assistance, which costs US taxpayers $6,200,000,000 every year!

Apple's crappy gaming console that could have been good.

Denmark has officially scrapped its 334-year-old blasphemy law.

Alex Dainis is awesome.

Doing things and stuff

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I've beaten my 175th game, Golden Axe on the Genesis.

  • Trump officially announced that the USA will no longer adhere to the Paris Climate Agreement, either because Republicans don't understand evidence, or because they got a lot of money from oil companies. Meanwhile, India is going green.
  • According to a memo written by James Comey, Trump asked him to stop investigating Mike Flynn's Russian corruption, but according to a deposition by Comey, nobody asked him to stop halt an FBI investigation. There's wiggle room for lies of omission, but either way, Comey doesn't look very honest.
  • Republican Rick Santorum says we can't convert to solar energy because it's not reliable or consistent. You know, for all those days when the sun doesn't rise.
  • Still hoping for someone at the White House to find their back bone and take down Trump like they took down Nixon.
  • Trump is still trying to ban all Muslims.
  • We get it, it was a typo, but seriously, this is the President. Couldn't you find someone to actually proofread his incoherent, often racist, tweets? And really Spicer, you're going to say people knew what he meant?
  • Another Republican nonpology.

In case you needed another reason to stop shopping at Wal-Mart.

When Christian health care providers refuse to pay for your children's medical needs, Medicaid will. Well, for awhile anyway, Trumpcare will cut Medicaid and give the money to the private insurers who won't cover your needs.

God wanted Elizabeth Wettlaufer to kill eight people.

Why the argument from wind or love doesn't prove a god.

What is Wanna Cry, how it was stopped, and how to deal with future crypto-viruses.

What a way to start the summer

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The Guttmacher Institute released their polling data of US women who have had abortions, and, not surprisingly, the people who are most likely to get abortions are white Christians.

Yes, sometimes criminals are going to go unpunished, but that's better than forcing everyone to surrender their passwords to law enforcement.

The movie featuring a single white teacher fixing all the problems of an entire classroom full of minority students is not just a myth, it's a myth almost always created by a white writer with no experience in teaching, and no understanding of how much harm is caused by perpetuating this myth. The best way to help troubled youths through school is through a comprehensive increase in quality of schools and their home life.

Wondering what it would be like if the Earth had a Saturn-like ring?