August, 2017

You don't have the votes, you're gonna need Congressional approval, and you don't have the votes!

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I added a page for the Youth Group album, Casino Twilight Dogs.

  • Mexico has offered to help out the victims of Hurricane Harvey, but Trump has a better idea, he's considering cutting $1,000,000,000 from the disaster relief budget in order to pay for his wall that he said Mexico would pay for. That's as stupid as not believing in climate change, even though we know it's happening, and responsible for making tropical storms more violent.
  • A poll by Fox "News" shows that 69% of Republicans believe that American Journalists are a bigger threat to the United States than white supremacists, and they believe Trump personally hates journalists more than white supremacists, and that they approved of him blaming KKK protesters for the violence of Charlottesville. Meanwhile, Nobel winners believe the biggest threat facing humankind right now is Donald Trump.
  • The Trump administration keeps implicating themselves in more and more Russian collusion.
  • The good people of Nashville do not appreciate when a Christian hate group uses the name of their city for a manifesto of hatred.
  • If you saw a shady-looking person approach a man from behind, pull out a gun and point it at them, then snatch their wallet, what would you think? Well, if you're an American, you'd naturally assume the gunman is a cop.
  • What has Besty DeVos's dismantling of the Michigan public education system done for the state? Well, what did you expect?
  • The Late Show's fantastic names.

In case you missed some of the back-episodes of the Angry Video Game Nerd, here's the entire first season.

Some of the more interesting arguments by PZ Myers.

Turns out, monkeys can most likely see optical illusions too!

Laboratory outfits for the working scientist.

Still the worst people in the world

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I added a page for the Queen album, A Kind of Magic, and the Flash game, Dice Wars.

  • When Trump went to Corpus Christi, Texas, he said, "what a crowd, what a turnout!" No, you egomaniac, the people weren't showing up to see you! Their homes are flooded! They're seeking help, and you couldn't even be bothered to speak to a single hurricane victim! And great work Republicans on making it harder for citizens to hold insurance companies responsible. And while we're on this topic, remember when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, and dozens of Christian pastors said it was their god punishing Louisiana for having Mardi Gras and gay people? Now that the state of football and Jesus has been flooded, they're awfully silent.
  • When you look at just how awful Joe Arpaio is, you can understand why only someone as equally as awful would pardon him.
  • The man who pulled out his gun and fired it at the Charlottesville protest was none other than Richard Preston, a KKK imperial wizard, and one of Trump's "fine people."
  • Kudos to General Mattis who is refusing to enforce Trump's transgender ban until the ban's affect on military readiness has been studied.
  • "Someone" using the account of William C. Bradford (Trump's appointee for the Department of Energy) posted, "Well, it is a fact: Obama is the son of a fourth-rate porn actress and whore," but it couldn't have been Bradford, because he assures us that his account was hacked!
  • Marco Proano, Officer a Chicago police, who shot 16 rounds into a stolen car full of teenagers, has been found guilty of using excessive force. Though cops often unload a hail of bullets at unarmed civilians, they almost never get convicted, so maybe we're seeing some progress here? Proano can get a maximum of 10 years in prison, but it's far more likely he'll see little time in prison since he's an officer.
  • Even Rolling Stone magazine is sick of Republican bullshit.

Putting out a candle... with science!

Intel designs their CPUs with a built-in system to allow administrators remote access to every computer on their network, which is fine, but they made it impossible to turn off! So, any computer with an Intel CPU has a built-in backdoor that can't be sealed! Users who actually care about their security have tried for years to find a way to shore up the security flaw, but Intel designed their chips to crash the computer if you ever tried to make it more secure! However, someone just found a way to disable it, and, wouldn't you know it, it's because of the NSA.

Daniel Cook explains how to design original games.

Oh good, the church that protects child rapists from the police has figured out how atheists are made.

Some Mormon teens, while trying to explain how the church's racist past should be forgotten, accidentally discredit their doctrine.

Okay, maybe Magneto is a bit overpowered.

The worst people in the world

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I added a page for the Eve6 album Horrorscope. I also added a list of the games I've beaten grouped by franchise and a King's Quest series page.

  • Donald Trump is the kind of person who, during hurricane season, and even as a hurricane was predicted to make landfall, eliminates a lot of flood protection standards. And won't try to fix the problem, but just prevent people from being able to talk about it. And while we're talking about Republican responses to hurricanes, many of the Texas politicians begging for federal aide are the same ones who denied aide to other states during Hurricane Sandy.
  • Criminal sheriff Joe Arpaio is a man who arrested countless innocent people based solely on their race and locked them up in conditions so bad the country doesn't even allow them for dogs, let alone humans. So, when asked why he pardoned such a monster, we shouldn't expect a cheeky joke from Trump, but that's what we got. And remember, the people who support Trump, don't support him in spite of his horrible behavior, the support him because of his horrible behavior.
  • The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) has a long history of abusing the people it takes into custody, and with Trump at the reigns, things are only getting worse. Sadly, ICE has been approved for more immediate destruction of their records for things like the torture of those in custody, those who have been killed, or even sexually assaulted. With their records shredded, internal investigations and Freedom of Information Requests will now turn up nothing.
  • While Trump was on his 17-day vacation at his own golf course, he spent $13,500 on golf cart rentals, and $7,100 on portable toilets.
  • What I find most scary is that a large portion of Trump supporters are the people who lived through, or were kids during World War II.
  • The questions people ask tour guides at historic plantations demonstrates just how bad American schools are at teaching slavery.

How Venezuela has been brought to its knees by a dictator.

Rebecca Watson explains why believing in past-life regression doesn't make you a very good skeptic.

Sam Harris is wrong about Black Lives Matter, and Ed Brayton's critique explains why. And Steve Shives explains how it's not people pointing out racism in the atheist movement that is hurting it, but rather people defending racists.

Sonic wasn't the star of his first game.

Some amazing pictures and information about the sun.

And in the end, everything dies

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I added an essay titles Jewish Physics. I added pages for the record Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol and the short story, The Fir-Tree. I also finished cataloging my vinyl collection.

  • After his propaganda rally, Trump pardoned a disgusting criminal whose racism landed him a conviction of ruining the lives of people who weren't white. And while Trump was asking around if he could pardon his own family for criminal collusion with Russia, it doesn't look like that's possible.
  • Sebastian Gorka, a man who has connections to the Nazi party, and who wanted everyone to refer to him as "Doctor," even though he is woefully under-qualified, is another casualty of the Trump Administration.
  • Trump still thinks the presidency is a bad reality TV show.
  • Late in the election, when Trump was saying he didn't have any business dealings with Putin, he was trying to build a building in Moscow and get Putin to endorse it.
  • Hurricane Harvey has caused massive flooding in Texas, but it mercifully it hasn't been as devastating as Katrina. But, without anyone in charge of FEMA, and a President who "handled" the problem by telling people stuck in the storm, "good luck," this is a clear sign to everyone that Trump just isn't even remotely prepared for, or even concerned about, about natural disasters. Speaking of government disasters, just before the hurricane, ICE dropped off 50 Central American asylum seekers (women and their children) at a Greyhound bus depot, but before they could travel, the depot was closed due to the hurricane and everyone was left stranded. ICE cannot even confirm that the depot was open when they dropped them off.
  • One of the many reasons police offer constant abuse to civilians is because they are being treated like soldiers rather than police officers. During the Bush administration police departments were given huge guns and ammo, armored vehicles, and dangerous anti-personnel grenades. Since they had them, police used them, and turned otherwise peaceful cities into battlegrounds, often killing or wounding bystanders. Obama put a halt to the practice of giving police military surplus, but guess who has bring it back? I know being a police officer is difficult and dangerous work, and I don't they officers get the respect or payment they deserve, but part of the distrust comes from the fact that police officers are sometimes literally Nazis.

Non-stop chemistry experiments from a non-stop talker. Featuring explosions!

Arkansas has mandated an "In God We Trust" sign to be placed in every classroom of every public school, because, patriotism.

Church is the cool place to be.

Discussing the problems with the fine tuning argument.

Like a midnight sun

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I added a page for The Sounds album, Crossing the Rubicon and the Queen album, Queen II.

  • When Trump says, "the media didn't report..." that's a good sign that he did something awful and won't own up to it. I think this German magazine pretty much sums it up.
  • During the Trump Administration, there is an ethics violation pretty much every day, like when Trump turned the murder of a woman at the hands of the KKK into an advertisement for his winery.
  • Further information about Confederate monuments being built to celebrate white supremacy. And while Trump may be very concerned about keeping Confederate monuments around, he isn't very interested in preserving natural monuments.
  • After referring to the White House as "a real dump," Trump has wasted $3,400,000 of taxpayers money to make everything gold plated.
  • A new string of uncovered emails shows that during the election, Trump's aides were trying awfully hard to setup meetings with Russian officials, including Putin.
  • How can you trust our nation's intelligence agencies when they can't even trust each other?
  • Trump continues to belittle journalism.

Understanding the metal nickel.

Men in STEM fields were asked to review studies about sex bias in the workplace, and they tended to favor the studies which showed that there isn't any. The truth is, most studies show that there is sexual bias in STEM fields, and the studies the men gravitated toward were fakes! The actual test was to see if men prefer data which says there isn't sex bias in the workplace, and they certainly took the bait.

The entire 7th season of the Angry Video Game Nerd.

What this black man learned after pretending to be an online white supremacist.

Rebecca Watson answers some of her viewer's questions.

Soldiers come quickly...

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I added a page for the Rilo Kiley album, The Execution of All Things and the Metroidvania genre of video games.

  • A woman was murdered in Charlottesville, Virginia, by a white supremacist, but Trump believes he's the real victim. It's like when oil companies poison an entire city and say the protesters are the real terrorists. And speaking of protesters, Trump's propaganda rally didn't end well for the civil rights of the protesters. And how about a fact check for the Arizona rally?
  • Trying to make sense of Trump's Afghanistan "strategy." Turn's out, it's the same as Obama's, only without equal rights for women.
  • All through the election campaign, Trump assured his voters that he would build a wall along the border of Mexico and force Mexico to pay for it. Every expert told him that, not only would the wall be useless, but there was no way he would get Mexico to pay for it. Turns out, the experts were correct. So, Trump switched to saying that the US taxpayer would pay for the wall, but Mexico would reimburse them at some nonspecific point in the future. Congress kept balking at the price tag, so the wall went from being a 30-foot-tall concrete behemoth to a small chain link fence, but still no dice. Now, Trump is saying that if Congress doesn't surrender our tax dollars to build his wall, he'll do what Republicans have been doing for the past 8 years, shut down the entire US government. Honestly, I'd prefer no government to Trump's government.
  • Joe Arpaio is the former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. He's also criminally racist, and I don't mean that as a clever way of saying he's extremely racist, his racism is so bad, he's actually broken the law several times due to his racism, to the point where he was convicted of a crime. However, Trump has a particular love for Republican racists who are convicted of crimes, and is working to give him a Presidential Pardon.
  • After the military explained that Trump had lied about consulting with them on banning transgender people, Trump actually got around to doing talking to them about it, and they're currently hammering out exactly how they will be banned.

How much of the Earth can you see at once?

Assistant coach Joe Kennedy, who used his public school position to force his religion on students and lost his job, now lost his court appeal. Next on the chopping block, Sylacauga High School whose administrators canceled class for the whole school and made them witness a church ceremony.

Some tips about game design from someone who has failed more times than you've tried.

Just because I'm an atheist doesn't mean I'm a serial killer.

Do you think he saurus?

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Meh babbies are looking great. Almost 10 inches long!

I made a page for the DOS game, The Savage Empire and the short story, The Little Match Girl.

  • During the Obama administration, Trump frequently criticized him for remaining involved in foreign war for years, but now that Trump has surrounded himself with military officials, he's increasing US military foreign occupations. A draft-dodging hypocrite is not the kind of person you want in charge of the military!
  • Trump's nominee for the Department of Agriculture's chief scientist is Sam Clovis. Clovis is not a scientist, but he is a Republican talk show host who denies the scientific consensus of climate change, doesn't believe Obama was born in America, thinks that people can simply choose who they're sexually attracted to, and believes that same-sex marriage leads to raping children.
  • One of the good things about Trump burning through an entire year's Secret Service budget is that they'll probably have less time to violate the Constitutional rights of non-violent legal protesters.
  • Trump doesn't understand basic macroeconomic issues, but he does understand how to give himself a massive tax break.
  • It's not just Americans who have condemned Trump for defending the KKK and Nazis, now the rest of the world is calling him out!

The awesomeness of the 2017 total solar eclipse, and how you can apply it to politics.

A man was using his cellphone to take pictures of women changing in the dressing room of Target, so naturally, the Christian hate group, American Family Association, blames transgender bathrooms.

While I don't wish it on anyone, it's nice to commiserate with other countries whose leaders think it's a good thing to compartmentalize children based on their religion.

Correlation doesn't imply causation, except when it does.


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I created a page for the TV show DuckTales.

  • How good of a job did General John Kelly do in bringing discipline to the White House?
  • So far, Trump has spent $60,000 of tax payer money just in golf cart rentals. Most of which were at properties he owns, so he's literally taking US tax dollars, and giving it to himself, so he can play golf instead of working.
  • The Federal Advisory Committee for the Sustained National Climate Assessment, a group of scientists studying the effects of climate change, has just been fired by the Trump Administration. And, just a reminder about what happens when the Earth's average temperature changes by just two degrees Celsius. But then, Trump wasn't elected to work with scientists, he was elected to make great deals with businessmen. How well is that working out?
  • Louise Linton, second wife of Trump appointee Republican Steven Mnuchin, just bragged about her extremely expensive vacation and shopping spree paid for, apparently, by the US taxpayer. When one of her social media followers called her out on it, Linton mocked them for not being as rich as she is.
  • Trump is sending more troops to Afghanistan, because he's an America-first President.

Building an intercontinental ballistic missile is harder than you'd expect.

The New Zealand government rightfully removed a Christian-led hate group from their list of approved charities because the group wasn't about education or truth, but rather about bullying the LGBT and lying.

A Christian preacher gives a list of 10 women you shouldn't marry.

It's rare these days to say something nice about Richard Dawkins, so here you go.

In the UK, a 21-year-old man gave a 12-year-old girl alcohol, then took her alone into the woods and sexually assaulted her. However, she won't be given any compensation for her abuse. Why? Because the government organization that decides who gets compensation is, in part, run by the Catholic Church, who says they the 12-year-old girl, and many other children, consented to the abuse.

Remember in the 80s when we solved our nuclear waste problem? No? That's because we didn't, and we still haven't.

The largest NFL player National Anthem protest was just held. Good work boys, refuse to stay quiet!

A total eclipse of the... North America

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I created a counter to Trump's infamous "we condemn violence on many sides" line. I also finished reading What to Expect When Your Wife's Expanding.

  • Trump continues to receive fallout after defending the KKK and Nazis. In addition to the CEOs in the Strategic and Policy Forum quitting, his entire Arts Council resigned. But, to show their loyalty to racists, Trump's Christian Evangelical Advisory Board is still intact. However, Jerry Falwell, Jr.'s complacency with bigotry has caused graduates from Liberty University to return their diplomas. And now, Trump is skipping the Kennedy Center Honors altogether since most of the artists being honored said they might protest. His bad polling is coming especially from women where 71% disapprove of him. Why didn't they vote this way in the first place? I'm kind of glad that Trump never apologizes for his mistakes, and instead doubles-down, which means his racism is going to bury him.
  • The USA is progressing as more Confederate statues come down.
  • Trump continues with his plan to prevent the elderly living in nursing homes from being allowed to sue the home when they're abused by the workers.
  • Betsy DeVos, the nation's Secretary of Education, has just now realized the importance of students being taught history in schools (seriously!) and didn't even know about the American Civil War until last week when she Googled it !
  • Trump was unable to make up his mind, first calling Boston protesters "anti-police agitators" and later praising them for speaking out against bigotry. I'm presuming the first one was his actual post, while the subsequent post was done by his staff. They probably also corrected his misuse of the word "heel" when he meant "heal." A simple mistake, for a seven-year-old.
  • It's only August, but Trump and his shitty family have used up the entire budget allocated to the Secret Service with their countless vacations.

The strange all-encompassing trend toward popularity as identified by Zipf.

Daniel Dennett gives a wonderful lecture on information, evolution, and (not religious) intelligent design.

An interesting talk with a believer and why they should believe in something if there is no evidence.

The importance of stupid-proofing an experiment.

The garbage reasons for why people believe in fake medicine.

No really, you're evil

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I created a page for the SNES port of SimCity, and made a graphic called Goth Eyeshadow Palette.

Muslim terrorists drove a van through a walkway in Barcelona, Spain murdering at least 12 people and injuring dozens of others.

The scientific reason why you shouldn't feed your pets chocolate.

In Texas, you should expect an 11-minute-long unwarranted violent vaginal cavity search alongside a public road. And no, the police involved will probably not be punished.

Understanding motion sickness.

Some interesting throwbacks in the 2016 remake of Doom.

A strange scientific paradox known as the faint young sun.

It shouldn't be that hard to denounce Nazis

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I've added a page for the Nintendo Cereal System, a list of audio books I own and my opinion on the Cowper painting, Vanity.

How to see the smallest things in the universe.

I think it explains a lot that the third highest authority in the Catholic Church, and Archbishop named Denis Hart, says he would rather go to prison than report to the police a child rapist's confession. I wonder how he would respond to Pastor Mitch Olson from Grace Ministry Center in Kimball, Michigan, who has been accused of groping a 19-year-old girl's breasts, buttocks, and pubic region so he could "anoint her with oil."

Don't be like a sphex wasp.

Get mad!

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I've added short pages for two Browser games: Today I Die and Totem Destroyer.

  • Former KKK leader David Duke explained how Trump's speech was very good to the Klan. Trump didn't blame them, or even condemn white supremacy, but placed the blame equally on the KKK and people protesting the KKK. After Duke said they were doing exactly what Trump wanted, journalists asked Trump to comment on Duke's message. Trump once again refused to say anything bad about the KKK, white supremacists, or Nazis. When the White House was asked why Trump won't condemn American terrorists, they explained that he didn't want to upset his voters dignify them. But Trump's silence has caused many white politicians to speak out against him, and several big names resigned from his "American Manufacturing Council," which caused Trump to -finally- say that the KKK and Nazis are bad, but he then immediately invalidated the condemnation by sharing a post from another white nationalist and a train running over a CNN reporter.
  • Heather Heyer, the woman who was murdered by white supremacist James Alex Fields, Jr., won't even get a nice memorial due to continued threats of the KKK, Nazis, and other white supremacists who are very pleased she was murdered. One of the angry racists who attended the protest, Peter Cvjetanovic, a 20-year-old from Nevada who has become an overnight Internet celebrity, doesn't want people to view him as an angry racist. And Nigel E. Krofta, who stood next to the murderer was fired from his job, but still thinks of himself as a great person with a clear conscience.
  • Jeff Sessions won't be pursuing charges of terrorism against murderer James Alex Fields, Jr., or any other domestic terrorist for that matter, because we don't have laws against it. However, he is demanding identifying information including names, addresses, telephone numbers, IP addresses, and even photos for everyone who has visited a website to organize protests against Donald Trump. DreamHost has been working the Justice Department for several months now, but says they refuse to comply with their most recent demand since it is a violation of Constitutional rights.
  • Trump and his staff are far too incompetent to deal with North Korea.
  • While all this shit is going down, Republicans are still trying to dismantle the government. Scott Pruitt is trying to remain in secret as he takes apart the EPA.
  • When Trump was running for president, his aides kept trying to get in touch with Russia and setup meetings.
  • In many countries, people have the right to say ignorant racist things, but that doesn't mean private companies have to give them a megaphone with which to spread their hate. Twitter, however, continues to be the mouthpiece for vile and often violent hate speech refusing to ban those who use Twitter to make rape threats, murder threats, and even genocide threats. One man decided to force Twitter to have to own the evil they promote.

Why humans have earwax, and why you shouldn't use a Q-tip to clean it out.

Metal batteries won't solve everything.

Finding the world's oldest fossils.

The interesting nature of 3D printers.

IQ: 314

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I married another couple yesterday. Help me, before I become addicted!

I've added a page for the game Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle.

  • One person has been murdered and 15 others were injured when a white supremacist James Alex Fields, Jr. purposely drove into a crowd of people counter-protesting in Charlottesville, Virginia where the KKK, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists were protesting the removal of Confederate monuments with tiki torches. Thankfully, many of the white supremacists are being identified. The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi web site hosted by GoDaddy, is having their contract canceled for violating their terms of service after posting how thrilled they were that one of the protesters was murdered. I find it a bit scary that it took this long for GoDaddy to cancel a racist Nazi web site. By the way, which presidential candidate do you think all these bigots voted for? And while only one group decided to show up with guns and torches and ram a car into the other group of protesters, Trump put the blame equally on everyone involved!
  • All around the country Federal plans are helping decrease the rate of unplanned teen pregnancy. Well, at least they used to, because Trump has cut them all to give a tax break to billionaires, and its his tax breaks that the Trump Administration is hoping will be something that the Republican controlled government can finally call a success.
  • Being on the brink or war, or in a war, is great for presidential ratings, but I'd just prefer the earth wasn't blown up to satisfy Trump's ego.
  • Ivanka Trump is not a feminist. Not even a little.

Our flat universe.

You can get arrested in Iran for teaching people how to dance. And in Russia, don't expect to get a promotion if you look like you might be gay.

How to fake trick shots.

Common questions for biology grad students.

Want some candy little boy?

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I've added a page for the game Little Nemo: The Dream Master.

Meet the women who fight ISIS. And we need to plan for what's going to happen when they win.

After learning that one of their 12-year-old buys had been raped by several other students, the administrators at Brentwood Academy, a private Christian school, not only refused to inform the police or even the boy's parents, but told him to turn the other cheek!

Explaining post-modernism to someone who fancies themself a skeptic.

Why dropping stacked balls makes them bounce so high.

"Reverend" Elvis Taveras, a Catholic Priest, has been arrested as a suspect in the killing of a 16-year-old altar boy!

Nothing's free, not even free parking.

When you're a wizard...

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I've added a page for the game Magic Carpet.

  • The FBI have raided Paul Manafort's home. If he had any brains, he would have stashed anything incriminating months ago, but it's still worth checking.
  • Pretty much everyone Trump appointed is directly related to the agency they now run, not through competence, but from profiting from the agency or actively trying to destroy the agency.
  • Remember when Trump said Hillary Clinton would be embroiled in countless lawsuits if she were elected as president? Well, the lawsuit against Trump's attempt to ban people from serving in the US military is proceeding.
  • Under Trump's guidance, the USA has American-born citizens seeking asylum in Canada as refugees.
  • Being an impersonator for the White House goon Stephen Miller is hard work.
  • Pray for peace, prepare for global thermo-nuclear war.

If plants absorb light for energy, and black absorbs the most light, why aren't plants black?

Who do you think hates gay people more? American Muslims or Evangelical Christians?

A 50% chance of rain doesn't mean what you think it means, or even what it sounds like it means.

Officer Wayne Welsh, assistant police chief of Estherwood, Louisiana, has resigned after it became public that he posted to his Facebook a "joke" suggesting that, if your daughter wants to date a black boy, you should drown her in the bath tub.

There is an unwritten rule which states every religious apologist who denies evolution must not know anything about evolution.

Why are red blood cells shaped like donuts?

Fighting the man!

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I've added a page about my opinion on having "In God We Trust" as our national motto.

Is the 2017 eclipse a sign from god? Probably.

Child has a bike accident and a cut on his forehead. Doctors suggest a tetanus vaccine. Ignorant parents refuse. Child develops the first case of tetanus Italy has seen in 30 years!

Police continue to plant drugs on black people even when they're wearing body cameras.

Christians have successfully outlawed homosexuality in Nigeria to the point where people are being arrested for having sex with the people they love.

The Wall Street Journal has finally figured out how to market to Millennials.

In Malaysia, it is a crime to stop being Muslim, and a recent picture of an atheist meeting is leading to a government crackdown!

Yung Mazi, a rapper who claimed that his god had made him bulletproof, has been shot to death.

God is redacted

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I cross off the word "GOD" from the back of my paper money to protest the 1957 unconstitutional addition of the phrase to US money. Several years ago, I bought a black Sharpie marker to keep in my car specifically for this purpose, and every time I got new bills from an ATM or change from a drive-through, I would redact the bill. Well, a couple days ago, my Sharpie finally ran dry. I used an entire Sharpie marker on nothing but centimeter long marks! I wonder how many thousands of bills I must have struck? And, yes, I have a new Sharpie and will continue with the civil disobedience.

I've added a page for King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne.

  • There are some serious problems with the US Border Patrol, and Trump is only making things worse.
  • There is a new Republican bill which will allow immigrants into the country based on merit rather than need. You're asked questions about your education, job offers, English speaking ability, etc. Since I speak fluent English, have graduated high school, already have a decent job, and invest money in the American stock market, you'd think I'd be the perfect candidate for immigration, but I only scored 19 out of a necessary 30 points needed to be accepted! If only I'd have won that Nobel Prize!
  • For someone who adores attention, Trump avoids press conferences like the plague, probably because he's incompetent at public speaking. Also, after someone through a bomb through a Mosque window, Trump has been quite silent. According to the highly-racist and entirely-unqualified national security advisor Sebastian Gorka, they think the terrorist attack might have been faked by Liberals.
  • The Trump administration is trying to censor government-employeed scientists from saying the words "climate change".
  • Trump has a weirdly symbiotic relationship with the goons from Fox and Friends.
  • Twice a day, every day, White House workers compile a folder full of praise for Donald Trump and give it to him so he'll feel like people like him.

The inconsistent arguments women give for why they cover up their faces. Is it for modesty? For culture? For religion? For all? For neither?

Google rightly fired their asshole employee who wrote a memo saying that women can't be good at technical skills.

How country are you? I'm so friggin' country!

Some interesting Virtual Boy Easter eggs.

Describing some of the myths surrounding Jesus.

Shigeru Miyamoto's keynote speech from 1999.

What manner of sorcery is this? Transparent solar panels?

Everything, no matter what

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Over the weekend, I got to play my friend's HTC Vive (a VR headset) which was a pretty awesome. I finished reading The Mote In God's Eye. Also, some friends and I beat an escape room with only a few minutes left, but we weren't able to figure out who the murderer was.

  • Trump is estimated to take more vacations in his first year than Obama took in his entire eight years as president making him the laziest president in history!
  • When Trump begged the President of Mexico to lie for him, he wasn't expecting his phone call to be leaked, and make him look like a pansy.
  • Trump isn't able to get anything of his own done, so he's relying on just eliminating everything Obama did in his has few months as president, regardless of how helpful they are. For example, before Obama, nursing homes often required people to waive all their rights to sue the home, even if their workers sexually assaulted their residents. Obama made a law preventing that from being allowed, but now Trump is going to do away with it.
  • Jeff Sessions finally cracks down on racism, but only when it's against white people.
  • Fossil fuel companies are thrilled that Trump's Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, is re-opening a tax loophole that allows them to avoid paying $75,000,000 in taxes.
  • Trump's ban of transgender people in the military is going from Twitter to national policy.
  • Yet another Fox "News" employee, this time host Eric Bolling, has been suspended pending an investigation that he has sexually harassed many of his co-workers and guests including sending unsolicited nude pictures of himself. Naturally, the women who have brought up these accusations are now the target of death and rape threats.
  • Robert Mueller's grand jury for the Trump administration's Russian collusion has been put together.
  • The NRA made an advertisement with several thinly-veiled violent threats toward the New York Times and the way they conduct journalism with evidence and facts.

The importance of knowing what you believe and what you don't, and why, regarding atheism.

Calvary Chapel Christian School shows that it's not so much about being Christian as it is about winning basketball games.

Using chemistry to create a detonation that can blow a coin into a metal sheet so hard it leaves an indentation.

Catholics often argue that all those rapists priests are a thing of the past, and that the current Catholic Church is back to helping the poor and praising Jesus. Tell that to Father Lagarejos who was caught trying to have sex with a 13-year-old girl in the Philippines. And you can tell him that because he's not even in jail after paying the equivalent of $2,400 in bail.

Orchids are lying cheating bastards!

Why are for-profit prisons a bad idea? Because they demand courts give them criminals to incarcerate, even when crime is at an all time low.

The NFL continues to try to hide the evidence which shows just how dangerous football is to player's brains.

The majority of American Christians believe that poor people aren't poor due to a bad economy or having jobs replaced by automation, or having expensive accidents, no, Christians today believe poor people are just plain lazy.

Glad to be on the right side of history

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I beat the game Operation C. I also added a Personal Video Game Post and a template for making your own.

  • A transcript of Trump's first call to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, has been leaked. It has plenty of mild racism and a whole lotta lies which the Washington Post has fact-checked, but the most interesting thing is how Trump begs President Neito to stop publicly contradicting him about not paying for the border wall.
  • Samantha Bee puts together a wonderful musical about racist lawyer Kris Kobach and his many failed lawsuits which have left small towns in ruins.
  • Three major people in the White House are out, General John Kelly is in, and Trumps says they're gonna have a good time!
  • It may not make it through the Republican Congress, but at least one Republican is growing a spine and trying to pass a bill that won't let Trump fire the man investigating his Russian involvement unless Trump can actually give a good reason.
  • After almost a decade of failing Republicans still can't repeal Obamacare, despite unending attempts to sabotage it, and, while they haven't admitted defeat on Trumpcare, maybe they can save face by crippling the US economy by giving the 1% massive tax cuts.
  • Cable news is normalizing the bat-shit craziness of the Trump administration.
  • It must have pained him greatly, but Trump finally increased sanctions on Russia.
  • Why do Kurdish people like Trump?

Looking at perpetual motion machines.

Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe wants to be a priest so badly that he dresses like one, talks like one, and even sexually assaults children like one.

Can humans be modified to derive energy from photosynthesis?

Michael Shkreli has been found guilty of defrauding his investors! I guess he won't be getting an apology from the judge after all!

Fun in games is not nearly as simple as you'd think.

Kim Davis, the Kentucky woman who refused to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples, which was part of her job, cost the state $225,000 in legal fees after she and her bigoted Christian attorneys lost their case. But they refuse to accept that they were at fault, and say the reason the state is out a quarter of a million dollars is because of Liberals!

Being an atheist ex-Christian is difficult, but being an atheist ex-Muslim is a Herculean Labor.

Slime molds are amazing.

Dictators gonna dictate

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I beat the game Ninja Gaiden Shadow.

  • Remember when Trump said he loved the poorly-educated? He wasn't wrong, in fact, uneducated people, especially uneducated white men, were his largest voter base. I say "was" because even ignorant white men are finally starting to become disenfranchised with Trump. But Evangelical hypocrites... that's another story, and it doesn't matter that Trump is the opposite of a traditional Christian.
  • Even the White House has finally admitted, the calls where Trump claimed he was congratulated by the head of the Boy Scouts and the President of Mexico were lies, or, should I say, "not inaccurate." In fact, the White House is creating its own State-run outlet for informing the public with what it calls "Real News," which, of course, will be anything but since it will be hosted by another one of Trump's family members.
  • This is what happens when you choose people who aren't qualified to be your head of cyber-security.
  • Republicans continue to try and eliminate Medicaid, but here's why it is so important to our country.
  • As Trump continues to champion for the right of businesses to pollute without any pause for the environment, the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico has grown to the largest it has ever been.

Millionaire coal tycoon, Robert Murray is suing John Oliver for saying mean things about him. The legal defense obviously had a lot of fun showing Murray's long history of being a whiny lawsuit happy little bitch, because one of the major sections in the brief is titled, "Anyone can legally say, 'Eat shit, bob!'"

Rather than trying to create machines that act as pollution filters and carbon sinks, we could just plant more trees.

No, you can't prove the existence of a god by rolling dice.

Knoxville, Tennessee police finally acknowledge and take down their unconstitutional Christian plaque rather than waste taxpayer money on a definite legal loss. And this brings up an important question, should atheists fight for simple things like this? Well, history has shown what happens when we don't.

The best ways to criticize someone without them getting mad at you.

Sure, nothing ultimately matters, but that doesn't mean you can't be optimistic about it!

We are led by criminals

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I added a review for Half-Life 2: Lost Coast and Bridge to Terabithia.

I have made a revelation of literature over 30-years in the making.

  • Jeff Sessions, Trump's racist Attorney General, keeps claiming that he's never done anything even remotely racist, but he does want to divert resources away from civil rights to try and stop Affirmative Action.
  • The bible study that goes on in the White House is taught by Ralph Drollinger, a man who believes Catholics are false Christians, homosexuality is an abomination, and that it's sinful for mothers to become Congresswomen.
  • Trump claims the head of the Boy Scouts of America called him to tell him that his Jamboree speech was the best speech the Scouts had ever heard. The Scouts respond saying they never made such a call. In fact, the Scouts officially apologized because they felt Trump's speech was inappropriate.
  • Scaramucci, we hardly knew ye. And take Priebus with you!
  • Under the guidance of plutocrat Rex Tillerson, the State Department seems to be eliminating "the promotion of democracy" as one of its missions.
  • A 30-year veteran of the EPA just resigned because the Trump administration favors lying to help billionaires.

Davino Watson is a naturalized American citizen, but ICE still held him in jail for over 3 years and almost deported him before finally realizing their mistake and releasing him. Once out, Watson sued and the court awarded him $82,000 in compensation, but a higher court refused him the money because the statute of limitations, which is only 2 year, had expired... while he was still in jail.

The USA still doesn't take rape seriously, many ERs across the country don't even stock rape kits and lack staff trained in their use. Thankfully, Democratic Senator Patty Murray is fighting to change that! And disgusting Christians continue to force children who have been raped to give birth.

Can a bad font choice make people less religious?

For years, the Methodists who own the Bay View Association, a group of cottages outside of Petoskey, Michigan, refused to let non-white people live in their cottages. By 1959, fearing a lawsuit, they removed the "whites-only" requirement from their official literature (but probably kept it in practice for years to come). To this day, they refused to let any non-Christians live in their cottages and require a letter from a pastor for any potential clients, but this bigotry may also be on its way out now because of a discrimination lawsuit.

We've all seen optical illusions, but here's an auditory illusion.

Why labeling yourself can often cause people to treat you with less skepticism, and why that's a bad thing.

Amber Rudd, a British politician claimed that "real people" don't care about encryption, and tech companies should do more to help governments spy on people rather than protect possible terrorists. Okay, Mrs. Rudd, please give me your personal email address and password. What's that? You don't want a stranger reading your personal correspondence? Well, neither does anyone else! Maybe you should remember that before implying that the rest of us aren't real people!

How non-magnetic metal can stick together with the Van der Waals force.

Fired before he could even be parodied on SNL.

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I finally found and beat the very first computer game I ever saw in real life: Lurkley Manor. I also created a page for the TRS-80 Color Computer which the game ran on.

Also, if you believe that transsexualism is a mental illness, and you mock transsexual people, then you're no different from someone who mocks people for having autism.

  • In addition to winning the race for the fastest drop in approval ratings for an American president in history, Trump has also broken all records for how quickly he fires his staff! Scaramucci, after throwing the majority of the White House staff under the bus, has himself been fired after only ten days on the job, that's not even long enough to commit fraud.
  • Things aren't looking so good for Jeff Sessions either, as Trump continues to hate on him, but the rest of the Republicans seem like him.
  • Even when they control all branches of government, Republicans still can't repeal Obamacare, and that's certainly for the best as it will severely injure the country. Thankfully, there are two Republican women who don't want the nation to implode, but their fellow Republican men are out for their blood.
  • Remember when Don, Jr. lied saying the meeting he had with former spies from Russian was about adoption and not altering the outcome of an American election? Turns out that lie was concocted by none other than Trump himself!
  • Trump appointed Betsy DeVos to Secretary of Education and she openly advocates for replacing public schools with for-profit charter schools like the Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy which teaches their students that the earth is only 6,000 years old because that's when Jesus made it.
  • Trump's meeting with Pat Robertson is an American horror story.

Alex Jones may be so insane he lost his children, but insane pays awfully well.

Pharma-Bro Martin Shkreli, the asshole who bought a drug company that makes an HIV treatment and raised the price by 5,000%. He faces up to 20 years in prison because of fraud, not from pricing the drug so high that many people died because they couldn't afford it anymore, but because he lied to investors by purposely mishandling their money. He doesn't seem to care saying, "Trial's over tomorrow, bitches. Then if I'm acquitted, I get to fuck Lauren Duca." Duca responded saying she would chop off any organs that he used to try an touch her.

The Physics Girl explains why mirrors flip images horizontally, but not vertically.

Lucian Wintrich is pissed off that immigrants would break into his country and take a picture of themselves flipping off Mount Rushmore. He doesn't realize that Mount Rushmore is in the Black Hills, an area of land sacred to the Lakota tribe which was seized by white men who them carved giant faces of the very same people who helped slaughter the Natives... and the people in the picture are Native Americans.

If you were dying, and there was nothing that could be done to save you, would you want to know?

Hobby Lobby is so Christian they refuse to allow their employees have birth control, even if they don't have to pay for it. They're so Christian they close all their stores on Sunday (even though the Sabbath is Saturday). They're so Christian, they help smuggle out of the Middle East, $20,000,000 worth of antiquities.

Aron Ra goes over the falsehoods of Answers In Genesis.

Alabama Republicans tried to force a 12-year-old girl who had become pregnant after being raped by one of her own family members to give birth, but thankfully a State Judge struck down the law the Republicans passed that could force her.