September, 2017

You'll be positive though it hurts

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I added a page for the Rilo Kiley song A Better Son/Daughter.

Warty warts.

What people often get wrong about the concept of hell.

Need another reason to avoid Apple products? They often don't bother to update security flaws, and even when they do, their "hands-off" approach won't tell users when critical updates fail to load properly.

Thalidomide killed thousands of babies, but it may be making a comeback as a medicinal drug, just not for pregnant women.

Becoming a journalist today is a tall order.

Joshua Barry Piland and Rachel Joy Piland watched their infant die from a curable illness because, "God makes no mistakes." They're both looking at 15-year sentences.

What to listen to when you're in a wet lab.

Aron Ra talks about the failures of Texas Republican politics.

Republicans continue to vote against their best interest

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I added a page for the game Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds and the band Hello Saferide.

It's so common to read about nutrition scam artists making all sorts of unbelievable claims without any repercussions, but every now and then, one of these criminals gets taken down, and it makes me happy. Belle Gibson claimed she was able to cure her own brain cancer with an organic diet and yoga. That should have immediately branded her a charlatan, but she went on to publish a cookbook and sell an app through Apple, which surely convinced many people to stop their cancer treatment. She also made several charity events. However, when she was investigated, not only was it found that she never donated any of the donated money to charity, but she never even had cancer to begin with! She was fiend $410,000 for deceiving the public and failing to give donated money to charity.

The latest version of celebrities reading mean Tweets.

Making rapid video game prototypes.

How the Physics Girl got into physics.

Why do Christian apologists always have to lie when they defend their religion?

Some interesting animals that were thought to have been extinct, only to show up again.

Using mathematics to create a very interesting visual decimal.

Trump is a racist. I cannot say that enough.

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I finally beat The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

  • Trump thought there were enough racists in the NFL to take his side, and maybe there are among the viewers, but more players than ever before are now taking a knee during the National Anthem, often with their coaches and owners lcoking arms in solidarity. And while Trump may think that Nazis and the KKK are "fine people," all these black players are "sons of bitches." Even the NBA has joined in to bash Trump. And if sporting events are not the right time for black people to express their first amendment rights, when is it okay?
  • After failing for the umpteenth time trying to pass Trumpcare, Republicans go back to what they're comfortable with, cutting taxes for the rich. Their current plan eliminates the estate tax for people who expect $5,490,000 in inheritance, cuts taxes on profits made outside the country (truly an America-first approach), and really slashes taxes for individuals who make more than $418,000 a year. Needless to say, Republicans are claiming that this will help the middle class because... reasons. Want to know how much you'll save from this new plan? Play Who Gets the Money?
  • The White House cries that nearly a third of it's staff are disloyal to them. Probably, but what's even more interesting is that about three quarters of Americans are disloyal to them!
  • It's not that Trump is a bigot, he just wants to return to the good old days when you could fire someone because of their sexual orientation.
  • Trump crowed that his endorsement was pushing Republican Alabama Senator Luther Strange to the head of the polls, but once Strange lost, Trump went back and deleted all of his endorsements posts. I guess he hopes that nobody on the Internet remembers anything.
  • In addition to being tasked with almost every job at the White House, including Russian collusion, Jared Kushner also has to take on the task of being a woman.
  • In a world riddled with problems domestic and foreign, it doesn't help when your nation's leader has the mind of a toddler.

After years of religious misogyny, Saudi Arabia is finally allowing women to drive.

What's the deal with nosebleeds?

Yet another debunking of Pascal's Wager.

Dorkly's top 25 greatest SNES games.

An interesting lecture on the things we can't know.

They had it coming

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I've added a page for the Queen album, A Day At the Races and addressed the claim the United States is the oldest democracy.

  • Typical Republican hypocrisy. When Hillary used a private email server, they chanted "lock her up," but when it came out that at least six White House officials were using private email servers, they were simply "instructed to use official email to conduct all government related work."
  • Every Democrat health insurance reform bill contains rules to increase coverage, increase quality, and lower cost. Every Republican health insurance reform bill contains rules to decrease coverage, and that's it. They hope to increase quality and decrease cost, but they don't actually do anything to address these issues. This makes sense because the Republican goal is not to help people, but rather to eliminate government regulation on corporations. But after failing for almost a decade to create a health care bill the public likes, they're getting to the point where they're giving up on it. At least, until the next time.
  • And on that topic, we all like to think that we're invincible, but at some point in the future, we're most likely going to become sick or injured, and often so severely that the cost of treatment will be so high we can't afford it. This is where health insurance comes into play. The point of health insurance is that, if many people pool their money together, if any one of them gets so sick they can't afford treatment, the pooled money can afford to treat them. Everyone is helping everyone else. But, in order for the system to work, most of the people in the group have to be healthy. If the majority of the group gets sick, there won't be enough money to afford the treatment. This is why it's necessary to have even young healthy people in an insurance pool, otherwise the system falls apart. So, when you hear Republicans saying that they shouldn't have to pay to help some old sick person, because they're healthy now, you know that they're either too stupid to understand insurance, or purposely lying.
  • Patrick Tillman was a American football player who, after the September 11th terrorist attack, left sports to enlist in the army. Unfortunately, Tillman was killed by friendly fire, and the investigation of his death brought up evidence that he may have been murdered by his fellow soldiers, possibly because Tillman was a well-known atheist and opposed the Iraqi invasion. I bring this up because Donald Trump just used Tillman to promote his nationalist message and disparage NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem. Of course, those who actually knew Tillman when he was alive say he would be absolutely opposed and disgusted by the Trump Administration.
  • Milo Yiannopoulos showed up for his racist and bigoted "Free Speech Week," but it didn't go very well. Yiannopoulos took some pictures and signed some autographs, but left, even before many of his fans got through security. Yiannopolos only stuck around for 15 minutes, but the total cost to UC Berkeley was $800,000.
  • Looking forward to Paul Manafort going to prison.
  • Trump is now appointing people who think transgender people are Satanic and the best drug detox programs are created by science fiction authors.
  • A simple guide for how to protest without offending white people.

What is gaslighting, and why is it abuse?

Corporate mergers are ruining the country, but politicians keep letting them occur, despite all of them claiming to be in favor of small businesses.

Who would you trust to treat you more fairly, a religious person, or an atheist?

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Treasure Master.

Sorry, no, all-white painting are stupid.

Walked the walk

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The Habitat For Humanity build went great, our group added a lot of work to the house that will soon be lived in by a nice woman and her daughter.

  • Republicans continue to vote in favor of Trumpcare, even though the only thing they know about it, is they hate it.
  • One good thing about Trump is that he's brought so many Americans together to fight in solidarity against his tyranny. Colin Kaepernick's kneeling during the National Anthem was becoming a dead issue, until Trump decided to open is pig gob and spew hate, which caused dozens of players across numerous teams to take a knee at the anthem.
  • Trump's primary argument against Hillary Clinton was that she used a private email server. Not that she did anything wrong with it, but that she even had one. You would think that he would make damn sure that nobody in the White House would be allowed to even go near a private email server, but no, nearly everyone on his staff has been caught using private email servers for government work, including the person who is running more departments than anyone in history, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.
  • Trump isn't very thrilled about Bob Mueller's investigation which keeps turning up more details about his collusion with Russia.

Deplatforming hate speech appears to be a good way to decrease the violence it causes.

We're one step closer to eradicating rapidly-mutating viruses like HIV. Don't thank gods, thank science!

A friendly chat with Aron Ra and Phil Ferguson.

If you're going to set livestock free because you oppose consuming animals, make sure you release them in their natural habitat so you don't destroy an entire ecosystem with an invasive species.

Equifax screwed over millions of people, twice.

It's still a crime in Saudi Arabia for women to drive a car, and a high-ranking Muslim Imam justified his country's misogyny by saying women's brains are only a quarter of the size of a man's.

Learning to program computers to analyze biology data.

Walking the walk

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Tomorrow, I'm volunteering with Habitat For Humanity. While I certainly disagree with the organization's religious message, it's great that we're both willing to put aside our differences to help build a home for a family in need.

I added a page for the video game company, Capcom.

  • You probably don't remember when a previous president used their governmental authority to directly attack an individual because most previous presidents had a certain level of decorum and respect for their position. That sort of behavior is not normal, but it is when you have a childish a bully in the White House.
  • It's very difficult to bring order to the White House when Trump keeps giving reality TV stars jobs in the White House.
  • Facebook is turning over a lot of evidence to Federal prosecutors showing that Russia was pushing to get Trump elected, including buying over 3,000 ad spaces for him, but Trump continues to call it all a hoax.
  • Ann Coulter suggests, as a solution to immigration, genocide.
  • Trump supporters and white supremacists (a little redundant) have created a massive list of people who have publicly spoken out against Trump, including their personal contact information.
  • Wouldn't it be great if Democrats could get their shit together?
  • It wasn't that his notes misspelled "Namibia," Trump just isn't very good at reading!

Teaching kids science by blowing things up.

Crazy looking 3D holograms.

Why is Grant Wood's painting "American Gothic" such a big deal?

How do airplane wings work? It's complicated.

How to ruin a country

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I added a page for another one of my favorite typefaces, Eras.

  • The Republican shit show continues as Trump embarrasses us in front of the rest of the nations. However, in spite of all my Trump bashing, I have give credit where credit is due. Trump is the first US President to discuss the people of Nambia.
  • If you were seeking a job as a policy maker for the agricultural industry, you would want your résumé to highlight skills that show a deep understanding of agriculture. It wouldn't be wise to focus on your experience as a truck driver, a country club attendant, or a scented candle manufacturer, and it certainly wouldn't help to focus on your experience as a political volunteer, right? My mistake, I forgot we're living in the freaking twilight zone. Trump just appointed more woefully unqualified and/or incompetent people to the Department of Agriculture!
  • Trump is such a fan of criminal Joe Arpaio that he pardoned his racial abuse. So what does Arpaio do right after his pardon? He gives an interview to a Holocaust-denying newspaper, and noted hate-group, the American Free Press.
  • Steve Mnuchin and his wife are not just horrible people, they're also stealing your tax dollars.
  • Republican Chuck Grassley says he can think of 10 reasons why Trumpcare shouldn't even be considered, but he will still vote for it even if it is worse for Americans.

Memes are our future.

The Angry Video Game Nerd, season eight.

Officer Matthew Lindsey drove to a house to investigate a hit-and-run. When he arrived, he saw Magdiel Sanchez on the porch holding a pipe so he called for backup from officer Christopher Barnes. The two both demanded that Sanchez drop his pipe, and when he didn't comply, they drew their guns on him. Neighbors claim they shouted to the police that Sanchez was deaf and couldn't hear their demands. Despite this, when Sanchez began walking toward the officers they shot him several times and he died. Sanchez had no criminal record, neighbors say he carried the pipe to ward off stray animals. The police officers claim they didn't hear any of the witnesses telling them Sanchez was deaf.

Jesus's sacrifice doesn't actually do anything.

Learn yourself on the pipette.

I guess having a degree in philosophy doesn't make you any less of an asshole.

Our very own genocidal dictator

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Emily had another ultrasound this morning. The girls are each over a foot tall and weigh about 1.5 pounds!

  • Donald Trump threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea, including about 25,000,000 innocent civilians, and probably a good portion of the civilians in the surrounding nations, if North Korea don't stop threatening nuclear attacks. Of course, this is precisely just what North Korea wanted him to do, because now they can continue to convince their citizens to continue being in a state of war preparedness because the leader of the US is dead set on murdering them all.
  • The Koch brothers and their ilk brazenly tell Republican politicians that, until they lower their taxes and eliminate health care for the needy, they won't get any more bribes.
  • The US military budget is the largest in the world, by far. We waste an obscene amount of money on creating new war machines that even the military's own leaders say we don't need, but facts don't matter to the Republican Senate who just voted to increase our military budget another $80,000,000,000 a year. That money could be spent on infrastructure, on medical research, or, enough to pay for every single American to go to college for free!
  • When Trump supporters donated money to the man who claimed he would personally fund his own campaign, they probably didn't realize they were going to be paying his attorney fees for his Russia collusion.
  • A Swedish man went undercover in various white supremacists groups around the globe and found that they're well-funded and well-connected to Republican politicians.
  • Trump posted on Twitter his desire to kill the Affordable Care Act. A woman with cancer reminded him that Trumpcare would eliminate health insurance for her and 32,000,000 other Americans. So Trump blocked her.

The Angry Video Game Nerd, season seven.

What happens to fire when it's in a free fall?

Illinois police arrested a man and threw him in jail, not for burning an American flag, which has been protected freedom of expression since 1986, but to protect him from people who might attack him for exercising his freedom. Well, the court saw through that lie and awarded the man $15,000 in restitution, and another $20,000 for the man's legal fees, all of which was paid for by taxpayers because of the incompetence of the police.

How fast do languages evolve, and how long does it take before a language is completely unrecognizable?

Atheists go to the Ark Encounter and much hilarity ensues.

Pretty maids in a row

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I've added a page for one of my favorite typefaces, Benguiat.

  • Republicans are once again trying to pass Trumpcare, and, at the same time, eliminate Medicaid entirely.
  • One of the biggest thorns in Hillary Clinton's side during the campaign was her private email server, and FBI Director Jame Comey's politically-inspired claim that they were re-opening the case shortly before the election was one of the major reasons she lost the presidency. Republicans, and especially Fox "News" made a huge deal about this, but nothing criminal was ever found, and a private email server was something that many other politicians did as well. How many others? Well, everyone of Trump's senior staff uses a private email server, his useless and very expensive voter fraud commission is using private email, and Trump himself, for a long time, refused to switch to a secure phone.
  • The Trump administration is rejecting the findings of their own governmental study because it found that refugees increased the US economy by about $63,000,000,000.
  • Why did Trump fire his original campaign manager? Probably not because he was incompetent at his job, most of people Trump hires are incompetent, no, it's probably because Paul Manafort was so deeply tied to Russian politics, that even Trump had to distance himself from him.
  • Right after the terrorist attack in London, Trump bragged about his Muslim travel ban saying is should be even larger and tougher. The trouble was, nobody had released any information about the religion or home country of the terrorists. Trump, being a bigot, just assumed they were Muslims and from one of the countries he banned. British politicians pointed out the obvious, that his gloating wasn't helpful.
  • Trump wants to have a military power parade just like the ones conducted by so many fascist dictators before him. Typical of a draft dodger.
  • The self-proclaimed "Mother of All Trump Rallies" at D.C. had an estimated 500 attendees. No doubt there are plenty of Trump fans around the country, but this gives you an idea of just how poorly-organized this event was to be planned on a day Trump wasn't even in the White House. Of course, he vacations so often, when is he ever in the White House? To put things in perspective, three times as many Juggalos showed up to protest being called a "gang."
  • How can we make American great? By eliminating the problems and keeping the good.
  • If Trump doesn't want people to call him a white supremacist, maybe he should stop acting like a white supremacist?

The Canadian arm of the Jehovah's Witnesses church is being hit with a massive class action lawsuit for, like so many other churches before it, protecting child rapists. But that's not nearly as bad as the New Mexican Catholic Diocese which just released a list of 74 convicted child rapists.

A lecture on the question, does the universe have a cause.

Another category 5 hurricane is hitting the Caribbean. Also, we're not doing ourselves any favors by treating hurricanes like war zones.

Which is better, a modern digital camera, or the human eye?

A graphic designer changes the cover of Girl's Life to actually empower girls.

John Oliver gifts the people a Scranton a wonderful new model train.

Apparently, these are they types of students wanted at private Christian colleges.

Why did To Kill a Mockingbird become so famous?

Last week's stress gone; time to recharge with new stress!

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Nursery progress continues, two cribs have been assembled. Also, I finished reading the book Good Dog, Happy Baby and added a page for the writer Douglas Adams.

  • Republicans claim they prefer small local government, but they're actions show that they're really authoritarians who want their form of government at all levels. Case in point, Trump is trying to refuse Federal funding to cities that don't adhere to his racist policy of arresting immigrants who report crimes. Unfortunately (for Trump, not for decent human beings), all Trump's past racist talk makes the judges less inclined to trust him in matters like this, and his attempt to block their funding has been refused.
  • Trump's deal with Democrats over DACA is still really strange.
  • While we've seen Trump repeatedly belittle the racist Jeff Sessions in public, it turns out he privately insulted him even worse after Sessions recused himself and demanded he quit. Sessions even offered his resignation, but Trump refused to accept it after more intelligent members of his administration rightly pointed out that, getting rid of Sessions would make things far worse.
  • Obama didn't just talk about having the White House more transparent (and therefore less corrupt), he actually enacted policies like making the visitors a matter of public record. Trump not only eliminated that policy, but, because he so rarely goes to work, has his visitors on his vacation spots where ethics rules apply even less.
  • Whenever I read headlines like, "Half of Americans Don't Trust Trump On North Korea," I always shudder that half of Americans do. Just think about it, we share a country with people who trust a bigoted racist ignorant hate-monger even to sit the correct way on a toilet, let alone deal with a nuclear nation!
  • Trump continues to stand by his bigoted remark that there were many good people among the white supremacists, and that much of the riot's problem stemmed from those protesting the KKK and Nazis.
  • We know that Fox "News" is mostly spin, and we know that they often get the story wrong, sometimes embarrassingly so, but why don't they correct themselves when it happens? Furthermore, why don't they even have an office for ethical journalism like every other new outlet?
  • The more I listen to Steven Bannon, the more I fear his racism and bigotry.

The Angry Video Game Nerd, season six.

Schools still send girls home when they wear tight pants, but not boys.

Facts about Legos.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, over half of Americans who have abortions are Christian. Even though they claim abortion is evil, their lack of sexual education and vilification of birth control makes them much more likely to become pregnant, especially as teenagers, and knowing the stigma associated with unwed pregnancies in Christian communities often leads the teens to abortions. However, as the Muslims community grows in the US, so too will horror stories like these.

Teaching evolution using phylogenetics.

Why is it so hard to swat a fly? Because their perception speed is much faster that ours. Humans process visual information at about 60-frames-per-second, house flies at about 250-frames-per-second, although there is one species that tops out at 1,000!

Be careful when you call for the IT department.

Turns out Jerry Sandusky's son is also a child rapist, but I'm sure Penn State fans will continue to worship him.

Yes, even Buddhists can commit genocide.

Weekend, come take away my stress

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I added a page for the band I Wish I Were the Moon.

  • Despite what they claim, the morality of religious people change their morality along with the changes in their culture. Slavery, abortion, homophobia, and so forth go back and forth between being below the radar to being the most important topic in history. A great current illustration is how American Christians have changed their mind on voting. In 2011, only 30% of white Evangelicals said they would consider voting for a president who had committed an immoral act in their private life. But after Trump won the Republican ticket, suddenly, that number skyrocketed to 72%! Which it would have to since the private life of Trump and his cronies contain a -lot- of immoral acts, and even Trump's personal lawyer isn't too sure he can save them.
  • The racist rag Breitbart is furious that the latest issue of Superman has him saving Mexicans from being murdered by a white supremacist. When you can't tell the difference between headlines written by Breitbart and the KKK, something is wrong.
  • I'm glad that Samantha Bee is back on the air exposing lies and hypocrisy, cutting down the Republican attacks on DACA, teaching us how to respond to white supremacists, and covering up racist tattoos.
  • Why do Republican candidates have to be insipid clowns?
  • In second grade, I tried to remain seated during my school's morning recital of the Pledge of Allegiance. My teacher called me to her desk and demanded that I recite the Pledge with the other students which I felt was unfair because there was another student in the class who never stood for it. In a stern voice she explained that the other student didn't stand because of his religion (I later learned he was a Jehovah's Witness), and she asked me if my religion prevented me from standing. I didn't know how to answer, so I gave her the response I knew she wanted and said, "no," so she told me to go back to my seat, and in the future, to stand for the Pledge, which I did. I was far too young to understand the purpose of the Pledge, which, by itself, should be a good enough reason not to force someone to perform it, but now that I'm older, I'm very much against the mandatory recitation of the Pledge. First and foremost, because it has been modified from the original author's intent into a prayer. Second, it was originally made popular as a advertising gimmick. Third, nobody should be expected to recite daily their allegiance to a country, let alone a flag. So, it makes me see red when a public school teacher lays his hands on a student for refusing to perform a ritual of religious nationalism.

The 13-year Cassini space probe mission ended in a blaze of glory as NASA plunged it into Saturn. It made several amazing discoveries in that time, and I can't wait to see pictures of its descent!

The nation of Tunisa has finally granted women the right to marry non-Muslims after 44 years of bigotry!

A SciShow compilation of water videos.

Facebook is quite embarrassed to be told that their ad service allows people to target users who use anti-Semitic language.

Feminism as a product.

Another prayer plaque in a public school has been rightfully taken down thanks to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Which will be awhile

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I added a page for the band Eve 6.

  • Trump is slammed by Miss America pageant contestants.
  • Now that Hurricane Harvey and Irma have devastated the south-east coast of America, it's up to the head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development to help them set things right. A refresh my memory, who is in charge of HUD? Oh right, Ben Carson. They're screwed.
  • If a government employee is being sued or is charged with a crime, any political group that wants to help pay their legal fees must do so publicly. This ethics rule is in place because it doesn't help the American people to have anonymous donors trying to buy a political criminal's way out of jail. Well, that's how it used to be, under the Trump administration, the Office of Government "Ethics" has quietly eliminated this ethical practice.
  • While it seemed that, after nearly a year in office, Trump had finally made a successful deal, since it was with Democrats, and his Republican buddies were mad, he has decided to lie about it.
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is turning out to be just as much of a bigot as her father, recent argued that Donald Trump can't be a white supremacist because, "no one has done more than President Trump to prove that white people are not superior." Well, when you put it that way...
  • Porn stars probably don't want to be associated with disgusting immoral perverts like Ted Cruz.
  • Sheriff's deputy Robert Belt, an officer who has a history of assaulting civilians, recently told a bus full of public school students, "No faggot activity will be permitted on this bus! In my bible it states that 'faggots will burn in hell,' and I will not condone it!" Officer Belt does not appear to have been disciplined.

There are many important avenues to be taken to fully utilize the might of modern technology for the betterment of humankind. Using it to determine if someone is gay based on the structure of their face is not one of them.

Some of the hot spots around the world that are the most affected by climate change.

Learning the difference between a white dwarf, neutron star, and black hole.

Josh Duggar, Republican activist and good Christian man, is hoping to cash in on his sister's lawsuit, but his sisters don't want him anywhere near them because of all the times he sexually assaulted them.

Angry Video Game Nerd, season five.

The number of Catholic hospitals in America is growing, and this is bad news for anyone who wants to control their reproductive system. Catholic hospitals refuse to let women abort their pregnancies, even if they'll likely die from complications. Catholic hospitals refuse to let women have tubal ligations, even if they might die if they become pregnant. Catholic hospitals even refuse to let women even have corrective surgery to repair fallopian tubes on the off-chance that they will have to be severed to prevent a potentially fatal ectopic pregnancy! Of course, none of this is taken very seriously by American politicians who are almost entirely men, but they might have to start taking notice because Catholics also refuse to let men get vasectomies!

People who tend to believe in conspiracies aren't doing so because of logic, they're doing so because they want to be special.

One thing you'll notice when you watch a lot of debates between religious apologists and scientists is that the religious apologists often lie. I don't mean that they mistake the facts. Everyone occasionally states something as fact, only to be later to be shown that it isn't. I say they lie because, even after being shown their mistake, they continue to state it as fact. At first, this may seem confusing; why would a person who claims to honor truth and despise dishonesty frequently lie? It turns out, part of religious apologetics training is being taught to lie.

How to prove the Earth is round with nothing more than a ball and string.

For as long as men are capable of evil.

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I added a page for the author Neal Stephenson and the Eve 6 album, Eve 6.

  • Another mass-resignation in the White House; this time a quarter of the members on the National Infrastructure Advisory Council quit. The group that handles cyber-security complained, not just because the Trump administration was ordering them to act immorally, but also because they were uninterested in the threats against our country!
  • Steve Bannon really is a xenophobic bigot who thinks America is great, not because slaves helped build it, not because of a huge influx of immigrants, but because pf white nationalism and the exclusion of foreigners. But, of course, only three generations ago, when the borders were wide open, his family immigrated to America. It's almost as if immigrants get the job done.
  • If your ideology is, "government is the problem," don't be surprised when, even if you control everything, you fail to govern.
  • With two enormous devastating hurricanes smashing into the US coast back-to-back, it has become clear that human-made climate change is a serious threat. But for science deniers, like the current head of the EPA, they still don't want anyone to talk about it.
  • Due to Russia's influence on the 2016 presidential election, the US version of the propaganda program "Russia Today" will now have to register with the Department of Justice as a foreign agent. Of course, the DOJ is currently run by racist Jeff Sessions, whose appointment by Trump was made possible in part because of Russians meddling in the US election, so don't expect anything anytime soon.
  • When Hurricane Harvey hit the US, Mexico expressed its condolences and offered to help on the relief efforts. Trump refused to answer, but the Governor of Texas accepted the aid. Unfortunately, shortly after that, Mexico was hit by a terrible earthquake. As expected, Trump made no offer of aid to help Mexico, or even cheap words of sympathy. Mexico is no longer helping Texas, and is focusing on its own disaster.
  • With two of the world's super powers--the USA and UK--being run by incompetent Conservatives too focused on crippling their own countries to bother with foreign issues, delicate political situations elsewhere in the world are beginning to fall apart. Case in point, Turkey is now buying surface-to-air missiles from Russia.
  • Police in the UK are becoming just as evil as American cops.
  • Yet another Fox News host, Eric Bolling, has been fired for sexually harassing his co-workers.

Season four of the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Want to hold your newborn child after giving birth? In America, sorry, that's a $40 fee.

Polyamorous people answer your burning questions.

Paul Burress, the Christian preacher who turned his church into a fight club has been arrested for sexually assaulting two women.

Epsom salt baths may feel or smell nicer, but they don't actually have any therapeutic benefits.

The importance of pointers in computer programming.

Oh, it's you...

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I added a page for the game Portal 2, and the Gravis GamePad controller.

  • Trump's expensive, but entirely pointless, voter fraud panel is naturally declaring Democratic victories as evidence of voter fraud.
  • Internet trolls are posting tons of fake videos and pictures of Hurricane Irma, but, embarrassingly, one of those trolls comes directly from the White House.
  • The man Donald Trump pardoned, Joe Arpaio, is really an evil monster.
  • Republican Ted Cruz has a history of discriminating against the LGBT and even trying to ban people from purchasing sex toys, so why did he click like on a Twitter porn channel?
  • The current head of the CIA is Mike Pompeo, a Tea Party Republican. He was nominated by Donald Trump, and appointed by Republicans. So, it goes without saying that, under his "leadership," the demographics of the CIA shifting towards more white straight male Christians.
  • Not only does white-collar crime often go unpunished, it pays extremely well!
  • Trump is killing DACA, but he doesn't want the people who are going to be deported to worry about it because it's going to be awhile before they get deported.
  • Just a reminder, Trump's pick for the head of NASA doesn't know the first thing about NASA.
  • I understand the importance of requiring food vendors to be licensed for public safety, but the police officers in California are just common thieves.

Hurricane Irma was the most powerful hurricane in recorded history. Thankfully, most of its power was unleashed in relatively unpopulated areas so it wasn't the most deadly or damaging, but it's a stern reminder of what we face if we don't get the climate in check. Speaking of that, here is a wonderful XKCD comic about human history in relation to climate change, and a video about why people often get climate change wrong.

How having a support animal can make you mentally healthier even if you don't notice it.

Come on Hillary, Bernie didn't sabotage your campaign. You won the popular vote.

An interactive Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements which gives an example of how each element has a manufacturing purpose.

What the hell is a hemocytometer?

When video games get sad that they're not being played.

In the eye of a hurricane there is quiet

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I finished reading Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution and added a page for the Harry Potter Candies.

  • So, why did Trump change his mind after saying he would end DACA? It turns out, when he first said he would end it Trump didn't really know what DACA was.
  • Since Trump couldn't convince a Republican-majority Congress to vote down the Affordable Care Act, even though these are the very same people who have been voting to eliminate it for the past 8 years, he's now trying to ruin it from the inside by refusing to renew the program's outreach funding. With no money to fund workers, all the poor and sick people who desperately need insurance will be left in limbo.
  • The Hurricane Harvey relief and debt ceiling bill passed, but 17 Senators voted against it. They are: Bob Corker, Steve Daines, Mike Enzi, Joni Ernst, Deb Fischer, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Grassley, Ron Johnson, James Lankford, Mike Lee, John McCain, Jerry Moran, Rand Paul, James Risch, Ben Sasse, Pat Toomey. Aside from not caring about hurricane victims, what do these Senators have in common? They're all Republicans.
  • Just a reminder, in case you've forgotten, having the Conservative half constantly threatening to shut down the entire government if they don't get their way, is not normal.
  • The Trump administration is -still- getting all buddy-buddy with Russia even as more information in their collusion comes to light.
  • Days after suggesting that the US government might be purposely overstating the damage Hurricane Irma might cause, Rush Limbaugh went off the air and evacuated Florida.

Using candy to learn about quarks.

Last week, Equifax was the victim of a cyberattack which laid bare the private information of around 143,000,000 Americans. That in itself is horrible news, but what was even more horrible is the fact that, days before Equifax made the information public, three of its senior executives sold off their stock, cashing in for $1,800,000. Naturally, they're all claiming they sold before being informed of the security breach.

Important reasons why we don't dump trash into active volcanoes, but why we don't keep planting trees that smell like semen.

Christian movie maker Gabriel Joseph, III has been hit with a $32,400,000 fine after illegally robo-calling millions of people with a recording of Republican bigot Mike Huckabee advertising Joseph's film, "Last Ounce of Courage." Joseph's lawyers say he won't be able to pay the fine because his movie was so bad, his company is going bankrupt.

The chemistry demonstration I never received as a child, fireworks.

Some wonderful DOS screen savers.

I go to France for more funds, I come back with more guns!

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I added a page for the mobile game Hill Climb Racing.

  • A brief explanation of what DACA is. A pretty cool program, but that doesn't stop Breitbart from using a picture of El Salvadorian gang members to depict people protected by DACA.
  • Christian Republican leaders often blame the victims of sexual assault and rape, and Betsy DeVos is no exception. In a recent talk, she explained that her goal is to stop sexual assault, but just like how Trump blamed "many sides" when a white supremacist murdered a protester, DeVos kept claiming that men need to be protected because they are so often victims of false accusations of rape. The reality is, false accusations of rape are extremely rare, but rape is horribly common. DeVos went on to say that the current definition of "sexual assault and harassment," was too broad, implying that many inappropriate things that men do to women should just be accepted. What can you expect when her boss has a history of bragging about sexually assaulting women?
  • After Hurricane Harvey had died down, Trump showed up in the Texas for a photo op. Though he refused to talk to a single victim or visit a destroyed city, he did promise federal aid to the traditionally Republican state. However, now that Oregon, a traditionally Democratic state, has uncontrolled wildfires in Oregon are out of control, federal aid is being flatly refused. Trump is now cheerfully bragging about Hurricane Irma.
  • Trump tries to pitch his tax plan in, of all places, North Dakota, and is still somehow able to creepily hit on his daughter.
  • Facebook is still having a problem with the same Russian propaganda that helped get Trump elected.

An -extremely- rare earth element: technetium.

Michigan's immigrant ethnicity is traditionally German, but in recent years it has become home to the largest Arab-American population in the USA. In 2007, it was estimated that there were 300,000 Arab-Americans in the state, and, in the city of Dearborn, the Arab-American population is almost 30% and growing. While this includes a lot of Arab Christians, it naturally includes a lot of Muslims as well. This leads to some rather unusual reactions in government leaders. If you notice that a competing religion might overtake yours in the near future, it's probably not a good idea to cement laws that give extra authority to whatever religion is the biggest, but that's precisely what Michigan authorities are doing. The Board of Commissioners in Jackson County start each meeting with a sectarian Christian prayer delivered by one of the Commissioners, all of whom are currently Christian. They don't allow non-Commissioners to pray, because they don't want non-Christian prayers to be heard, and are fighting a lengthy lawsuit using taxpayer money against people who are rightly claiming that they're violating the Constitution. While they had lost their initial case, they wasted more taxpayer money to appeal to a Federal Appeals Court and shockingly won, despite precedence against them! Though there was strong dissent, the majority of judges ruled that, even though they were refusing to let non-Christians pray, the city officials are not violating the Constitution, because, one day, a non-Christian may be elected who will pray differently. This will most likely be appealed to a higher court, but even if it loses, what does this mean for a state with a growing Muslim population? Will Jackson County continue to favor a majority-rule when Muslims get elected and openly pray to Allah?

No, those glasses you see on the Internet don't actually fix colorblindedness, but there is some pretty cool science behind them. And 3D glasses don't let you see in 3D, but there are still ways to do it.

Not all police officers will lie to you or bully you into giving up your civil rights, but since you can't tell a good one from a bod one by appearances alone, it is important to know their schemes.

Sometimes, video games contain hidden messages.

Programming like a fiend

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I added a page for the children's book Up In Bubbles.

  • Trump is still dead set on kicking law-abiding immigrants out of the country, but thankfully, several states are suing the Trump Administration for their racist killing of DACA.
  • Trump is handling natural disasters exactly as you would expect, incompetently, and Rush Limbaugh has reached the level of crazy where he's suggesting that the government might be purposely overstating the damage hurricanes cause in order to continue lying about climate change.
  • Jeff Sessions is very racist, and when you hear a very racist person claim that they've never done anything racist, it's expected that you would laugh derisively. That's a reflex, not a form of protest.
  • Paul Ryan is a and a double-talking spineless coward.
  • Republican Larry Bates told people the world economy was going to collapse according to Christian prophecy and they needed to convert their life savings into gold, and it just so happened he could sell them gold coins. Well, after making $21,000,000, and sending only a fraction of the gold coins he promised, Bates has been sentenced to give everyone refunds, and will spend the next 21 years in prison.
  • North Korea is still testing nuclear bombs, and Trump doesn't have the slightest idea what to do.

The religious concept of hell doesn't make any sense.

The science of whiskey.

Scientists think they have finally solved the "Wierd!" signal from space and we have learned much from using CRISPR on embryos.

We don't like what we don't understand, in fact it scares us

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I made this graphic because people often confuse software developers with people who fix computers--that's like calling an automotive engineer a mechanic. Also, I've added a page for the movie To the Bone.

How the media screws up by trying to give balance to every issue.

A PRRI poll shows what many previous polls have shown, religion is dying in the USA. White Christians are still the largest racial-religious group, but they now account for less than half of the US population, and there are more Hispanic Catholics than white Catholics!

The Angry Video Game Nerd, season three.

The science behind the brain freeze and the ethanol lamp.

Joel Osteen may be seen as a monster, but at least he's getting some great parody.

When you're evil!

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I had a pretty fantastic weekend. Friday, I watched Miyazaki movies at Sarah's. Saturday, it was too cold for our planned tubing trip, but we ended up hanging out in Ann Arbor. Sunday was a grueling preparation of our nursery. Monday was a windy day at the beach. Over all, lots of sun, drinks, and good friends!

I've added a page for the arcade game Pac-Man.

  • For Trump, even his hurricanes have to be the best, but, and I can't believe I have to say this, sorry Trump, in terms of damage or deaths, Hurricane Harvey is nowhere near the level of destruction of Hurricane Katrina. A major reason Hurricane Harvey did so much damage is because Texas Republicans keep refusing to build science-based infrastructure. But Trump isn't out of the runnings yet. If he keeps up his current level of ignorance and apathy, he might still be able to bungle relief efforts worse than George W. Bush did with the approaching category 5 Hurricane Irene? After all, he sure isn't donating any money to disaster relief. While we're talking hurricanes, as you know, the same Republican congressmen who voted against helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy are now begging Congress for federal aid, but they don't think they're being hypocrites because they claim 66% of the money in the Sandy relief bill didn't go to hurricane relief. Well, the Congressional Research Service examined the bill and showed how nearly every cent went to hurricane relief. The Texas Republicans are either lying or too stupid to understand the bill (probably both).
  • President Obama instituted the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals program which made it easier for immigrant children who were raised in America to become citizens. The idea was, if a child grows up in American schools they will develop strong ties to American friends, businesses, and civic institutions, and will therefore be much more likely to be a beneficial addition to our country. Republicans fought Obama on this through the program's entire existence because, let's not beat around the bush, many Republicans are flat-out white supremacists, and now, the most powerful Republican white supremacist of them all, Trump, is ending the program.
  • Even while under the control of Trump and his lackeys the DoJ, NSA, and FBI, have still all publicly stated that they never tapped his phones under the Obama administration. Place your bets to what Trump believes.
  • Another one of Trump's unqualified friends is set to take charge of a major branch of the US government.
  • Donald Trump is just fine with bribery and government corruption.
  • Erik Prince, former head of Mercenary company Blackwater, and now also trying to profit off of mercenaries in Afghanistan, not only has ties to Russia and Donald Trump, but he's also the brother of Betsy DeVos.
  • Lest we forget, it's important to remind everyone just how corrupt, ignorant, and destructive President Reagan was.
  • Jeff Payne, the Utah bully with a badge who arrested a nurse for preventing him from violating a patient's civil rights, has forced the hand of the hospital to no longer allow police free entrance into any patient care areas. The officer's bosses have apologized, but still haven't actually done anything to Payne who is currently enjoying a taxpayer paid vacation.

Why you shouldn't, and can't, low-level format disks anymore.

The European Court of Human Rights has made a very important ruling. Companies are no longer allowed to spy on their employee's emails unless they first inform them.

The FDA is extremely important. It's the reason scam artists have to go to another country to purposely inject humans with herpes and why we no longer purposely poison people just to see what happens.

Christian pastor Mitch Olson of Grace Ministry Center in Kimball, Michigan wanted to put anointing oil on one of his 19-year-old female followers, but, aw shucks, he didn't have any at his church, but thankfully, he found some and was able to take it to the woman's apartment where she was alone. During the "anointing" process, the much older Pastor Olson anointed the young woman's breasts, buttocks, and even her genitals. During the groping, the young woman agreed to being touched like this, but when she later came to her senses and realized that Pastor Olson was fondling her for his own repressed perversions, she went to the authorities. Well, during the legal process it came out that this wasn't the first time Pastor Olson had molested a young woman, and his church has been trying to keep it all under wraps, telling his victims to just forgive him and get over it. In the end though, Pastor Olson will not be charged with a crime. Since the young woman was of age of consent, and technically said "yes" to him putting hands on her private parts, he can't be charged with a crime.

The strangeness of color and why mixing pigments and light don't give the same results.

After finally reopening his church, not for hurricane victims, but for regular services, Joel Osteen asked for donations. Again, not for hurricane relief, but just for his own church.

All of season two of the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Over half of the population of Great Britain is non-religious.

One more month closer to Trump being out of office!

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Now that my favorite YouTube download browser plug-in has been removed, I've created a page with instructions for several ways to download streaming video from various sites. I also added a page for the Game Boy Color.

  • Authorities from Quebec, Canada offered to send aide to Texas, but the Republican Secretary of State Rolando Pablos declined their offers of beds, blankets, and workers and instead asked for thoughts and prayers.
  • Despite his presidential pardon, Trump's racist criminal friend Joe Arpaio isn't out of the woods yet.
  • Why did the New York Times publish an article that argues in favor of sending mercenaries to Afghanistan to do the same thing they did in Iraq (which turned out to be murdering unarmed civilians)?
  • Three cops gone wild! Colbert, Oklahoma just found out that their police chief, Bart Alsbrook, is a white supremacist with ties to a Nazi organization. That, by itself, indicates a serious failing of who ever was supposed to do his background check, but maybe they just didn't care, because a city spokesperson stated, "They don't want him to leave because he hasn't done anything they warrant would be grounds for his dismissal." They gave a Nazi authority over authority over black people and Jews and a legal right to carry a loaded gun wherever he goes. Also, taking a blood sample from an unconscious person who isn't a criminal suspect is a federal crime, and something you would think a police officer trained in blood collection should know, but officer Jeff Payne was so adamant about violating a person's Constitutional rights that he violently attacked a nurse to do it! Naturally, officer Payne is still on active duty and will not be punished. And the last horrible cop, Georgia police Lieutenant Greg Abbott, who tried to calm down a nervous civilian by saying, don't worry, we "only kill black people." I'm sure he thought he was telling a hilarious joke, but now Officer Abbott plans to retire before he can be fired.
  • Fact-checking a day after someone lies isn't helpful in today's media. News outlets need to stop repeating someone lies altogether, fact-check first, then report on their lies.
  • Pointing out that Trump is a liar won't make the problem go away, news outlets need to stop repeating his talking points. Only after they fact-check his remarks, should they then report what he says.
  • Maybe if we all pretend real hard, racism will go away!

Now if only we could get cable news to do the honorable thing and correct their errors!

Comcast is suing the state of Vermont because they don't want to have to run new cables.

Any time a business pays a lab to conduct a study for them, you should be weary of the results, especially if they come to the conclusion that women can have better orgasms with their products.

America still hasn't converted to the metric system. This is why we can't have nice things.