October, 2017

Hang-em high!

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Happy Halloween boils and ghouls!

  • Remember when Trump "joked" that he hoped an adversarial government (Russia) would "find" Hillary Clinton's missing emails? Well, according to George Papadopoulos's testimony, the Trump campaign had already been in contact with Russians, specifically one who claimed to be the niece of Vladamir Putin himself, and she said she had Clinton's emails. This happened three months before Trump made his statement! And while Trump demands only the utmost loyalty from his underlings, the moment they're caught following his criminal orders, he immediately disavows them. He's now calling Papadopoulos a young low-level liar.
  • Trump's ban on transgender soldiers in the US military has been blocked by a federal judge!
  • I know I shouldn't be shocked by Republican voters anymore, but they're just so damned ignorant! Trump has taken more time off than any president in history in the time he's been president, on average golfing more than once every five days. And yet, a majority of Republican voters believe that he is the hardest working president in history.
  • Betsy and Dick DeVos said they would stop giving money to political groups now that Betsy is in the Trump cabinet. They lied. Of course they lied, they're horrible people.
  • With Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA, and California is burning to the ground because of climate change, carbon dioxide has reached record high, and air pollution is rising unchecked, you might want to get yourself an air purifier.
  • Trump is chopping up national parks and selling them to private companies.

Rather than allow LGBT families to adopt children, Kentucky Family Court Judge W. Mitchell Nance has resigned. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The names of bodies of water.

Saudi Arabia is allowing women to enter sporting arenas! Wow, welcome to the 1920s!

A wonderful soup-serving robot.

The Angry Video Game Nerd finally found a cabinet of Polybius. I haven't seen the episode yet, let me know how it turns out!

Remember, there are people on this planet stupid enough to buy products from Gwyneth Paltrow.

Things are finally happening!

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I hosted a Halloween party on Saturday which was so much fun I'm only now recovering from it!

  • Trump's original campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was fired by Trump only after it became impossible to keep covering up his Russia collusion, and then he tried making a deal with the F.B.I. to surrender incriminating evidence about the Trump campaign for immunity, but the F.B.I. didn't take the bait, and now Manafort has surrendered himself to the F.B.I. as part of the Justice Department's special investigation. His junior partner, Rick Gates, has also surrendered himself. Currently, there are 12 criminal charges against him including conspiracy against the United States and money laundering $18,000,000. Also, George Papadopoulos, Trump's foreign policy aide, was arrested way back in July and pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about Hillary Clinton. Let's hope these three take the rest of the White House criminals with them! Meanwhile, Fox "News" is talking about cheeseburger emojis.
  • The utterly corrupt Whitefish contract, where the US government gave $300,000,000 to a tiny company who didn't even have to bid for the deal because they were friends with the man in charge of doling out the money, and who didn't have to even do their job, and would still get the money, has been canceled by Puerto Rico and they are demanding an investigation into the obvious corruption.
  • Donald Trump has always made despicable sexual comments about under-aged women, once saying of a pre-pubescent girl as she walked away from him that he would soon be dating her, and stating that his one-year-old daughter had her mother's legs, but didn't know if she'd have her mother's breasts. But Trump doesn't just make sexual statements about little girls, he also comments on their weight, saying to a ten-year-old trick-or-treater that she could have some candy because she didn't have a weight problem. Ugh! He's such garbage!
  • Remember the days of cable TV where you had to buy expensive channel packages from your provider, even if you only wanted a single channel and never watched the rest? Remember the ridiculous fees and the inability to switch providers because there weren't any other options? Well, with Trump's pay-for-play Internet, that's exactly what you're in for again. Without a free Internet, our access will look like Portugal where you have to pay an additional €5 to have access to Netflix. Want Snapchat? That's another €5. Spotify? That's another €5. Gmail? That's another €5!
  • Fox "News" is the most biased popular editorial, which you can see from how much the lick Trump's butt. And now, they're trying to make the Trump-Russia scandal all about Hillary Clinton. Trump continues finger-pointing, but Republicans have been wasting millions over the course of several years and they still can't find a single criminal act. Maybe we can finally arrest the real criminals here, pretty much everyone in the Trump administration.
  • Trump has failed, once again, to do anything about the opioid crisis.
  • Someone as stupid as Ivanka Trump should not be allowed in the White House.
  • With Trump appointee Scott Pruitt internally dismantling the EPA at the behest of polluting companies, now is not the best time to learn that, in the Earth's atmosphere, carbon dioxide is currently at the highest concentration in recorded history.
  • Trump said he was so rich he wouldn't need donations, and therefore wouldn't be beholden to special interest groups. Trump lied.

Just in time for Halloween, Christian churches are putting on their own haunted houses called "Hell Houses" where they try to scare the hell out of you, specifically by lying to you.

A science experiment to understand the autumn color change of leaves.

Some rather horrifying facts about violence against women.

Science often debunks supernatural beliefs, but never vice-versa.

Fiddling as Rome burns

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I added a page for the Tandy 1000.

  • Trump thinks Mexican drug cartels will hurl bags of drugs over border wall, but they're already using unmanned drones to fly drugs across the border, so a wall is going to entirely useless.
  • In West Virginia there is a warehouse filled with all sorts of various waste chemicals that has been burning for the past 5 days sending up a massive plume of toxic smoke affecting people in a 30-mile radius. The warehouse has been cited for violations for years, but the state is mostly Republican, so record keeping and safety regulations are so lax that officials don't even know whats burning, but they suspect the chemicals include polyvinyl chloride, formaldehyde, polytetra-fluoro-ethylene, and several other compounds that are emit poisonous gases when burned. They hope the EPA will save them, but Trump appointee Scott Pruitt is the very same person who fought to eliminate the safety regulations that would have made the warehouse safe! It also doesn't help that the Senate Committee just voted to make Michael Dourson the head of chemical regulation in the EPA. Dourson has spent decades working for chemical companies to downplay the risk of harmful chemicals.
  • It's nice to see the few Republicans left who have spines, but the party as a whole is a lost cause.
  • Remember the $300,000,000 Republican Ryan Zinke gave to a tiny company in his hometown to repair the infrastructure of all of Puerto Rico? They reeeally gave them carte blanche! According to a leaked contract, the US government is not allowed to direct the company's decisions, review how they spend the money, or even seek compensation if the company fails to do the job! At this point the company could quite literally pocket the $300,000,000 without doing any work, and the US government couldn't seek restitution!
  • Carlo Figaro is a 49-year-old cab driver who sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl. During the trial, Justice Minister Jean-Paul Braun actually sided with the criminal saying that kissing the girl on the face was "an acceptable gesture" because the girl was "a little overweight" and she probably "flattered" to have an older man who "looks good and doesn't seem his age" pay attention to her!
  • Police officer Jason Cooke was caught on a surveillance camera brearing into the home of a hurricane victim and stealing prescription pain medicine and even popping a pill while he was still in the house.
  • Climate change is a serious problem, and it's only getting worse, but how can we convince science deniers? Maybe if we adopted the practices of the Christian hell house?
  • Kid Rock says he isn't running for Senate, but he does think that journalism is gay.

The Central Mass Division 3 Golf Tournament allows women to enter, but as Emily Nash found out after beating all of her male opponents using the same tee off point, women aren't allowed to win.

Trump is a villain in our nation's history

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  • Trump's newly appointed Ambassador to Canada is Kelly Craft. What are her credentials? Well, her husband is the CEO of a coal company who donated $2,000,000 to Trump, and she believes "both sides" of climate change. What more do you need?
  • Where did all those Confederate monuments and racist text books come from? Interesting, they're mostly the work of Southern women.
  • If the only Republicans who are standing up to Trump are retiring, that means the only Republicans left are the ones who lick his ass.
  • What is Bill O'Reilly's shocking evidence to prove his innocence? Nothing. He doesn't have any, he's a liar, and always has been.
  • When an actual POW calls out Trump for dodging the draft.
  • ICE stopped the ambulance of a 10-year-old girl on her way to the hospital for gallbladder surgery. They allowed her to continue, but followed the ambulance to the hospital and waited outside her room so that the moment she woke up from surgery, they arrested her.
  • Lane Davis, Trump supporter and Milo Yiannopoulos intern, murdered his own father for not being Conservative enough.

The backfire effect may cause people to dig in their heels with false information, but there are ways to make facts stick, they just require a more nuanced approach.

A Texas public school student has been forced to sue her school because, for several years now, her teachers and schools administrators have been trying to force her to say prayers in school, they've preached at her from their religious books, publicly bullied her insinuating that she was a Sharia Muslim and a pedophile, and even posted derogatory pictures of her on social media!

Understanding the Endermen from Minecraft.

The Dawkins Delusion is just more typical dishonesty from Christians.

Trump is rotting garbage

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  • The US Government's fiscal year just ended, and thanks to all of Trump's "wonderful" deals, the government is running a deficit of $666,000,000,000, that's $80,000,000,000 worse than when Obama was president, and we're barely underway in Trump's horribly backwards tax plan.
  • After the 2008 depression where banks ruined the US economy, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created a rule that made it easier to sue financial institutions when they behave in a predatory manner, like putting clauses in their loan agreements that you can't sue them. Well, Republican's just eliminated that rule, with Mike Pence breaking the tie in the Senate. Now, if you want to get a loan, you must first sign an agreement that, no matter how many deceptive fees the bank creates to try and get you to default, the best you can hope for is forced arbitration where, instead of being ruled on by a judge, you get a company with ties to the bank.
  • It shouldn't be surprising to anyone that, in a country where Donald Trump was elected, and a country where nearly every position of power is held by a white man, most white Americans believe that white people face racial discrimination. I think what's happening here is that poor people are facing discrimination, and rich white men have trained poor white people to blame non-white people.
  • Trump's Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, just awarded the contract to fixing Puerto Rico's electrical infrastructure, not to a reputable power company, but to one his friends who owns a tiny electrical company in his hometown. Cronyism corruption.
  • It's nice to hear Republicans point out that Trump is not only ruining the Republican Party, but also the nation as a whole, but it doesn't help that only the Republicans who are retiring are the ones speaking their minds. If all the other Republicans continue to fall in lock step with Trump, they're just ballast.
  • Even after they knew that Bill O'Reilly was going to pay $32,000,000 to settle the matter of his sexual harassment, Fox News still decided to renew his contract.
  • Trump's downfall is such a wonderful fantasy that I hope is made real.
  • General Kelly lies to defend Donald Trump's lies. He's just another in a long list of people who will have their professional careers ruined out of loyalty to Trump.
  • Trump is lying about the release of JFK files.

A Portuguese man beat his wife with a bat with protruding metal spikes because she slept with another man. Rather then go to prison for attempted murder, the man was instead only fined $2,000. How did the judge justify his horribly unfair punishment? The judge explained that, the bible, women who cheat on their husbands are put to death. Well, yes, that's true, but if your source of justice is the bible, you're not a judge, you're a moral monster.

What's the deal with our night time hallucinations?

Kim Davis, the Kentucky woman who refused to accept her state's law that same-sex couples could marry, has lost another appeal. Kentucky tax payers will have to pay her legal fees which now total $225,000!

How infrared can be used to solve crimes.

Trump is fecal matter

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I finished reading The Confusion last night. Fantastic book!

  • Despite the purposely misleading statements from the White House, you will only see a tax cut if you make millions.
  • Why is it the only Republicans who are publicly critical of Trump are the ones not seeking re-election? Because the vast majority of Republicans care more about the success of their party than the success of their country. Of course, an intelligent person would realize that their party's very existence is tied to the existence of the USA.
  • Trevor Noah speaks about growing up as an illegal child in South Africa and how that colored his views of Trump's racism.
  • Bill O'Reilly stands firm that his $32,000,000 payout to silence a woman for sexual harassment (this is the fifth time he's had to do this) is once again based on a lie, and he has proof that the woman was lying, and the only reason he paid her $32,000,000 was to protect his family. That seems legit. Lots of people drop large portions of their net worth to protect their family from obvious lies which they have incontrovertible proof against.
  • Remember when Donald Trump, Jr. said that women who can't handle being sexually harassed in the workplace should go teach kindergarten?
  • The Trump administration is taking climate scientists away from their work and reassigning them in places where they can't do their jobs in an effort to eliminate evidence of climate change, but one scientist threw away his job and risked his freedom to make it public. And as the USA eliminates pollution restrictions, China is cracking down on its polluters. So, the Trump administration is slowly turning us into a third world country.
  • Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian journalist who was murdered by Russian official (it appears) for publishing material critical of Vladamir Putin. British human rights activist Bill Browder helped create the Magnitsky Act, a law which freezes the assets and bans visa from Russian officials though to be involved with Magnitsky's murder. However, after all this time, Russia is now claiming that it was Browder who murdered Magnitsky! And the US State Department, under the control of Trump appointee Rex Tillerson, is once again being best buddies with Russia, and has revoked the visa of Bill Browder!

Following the advice of Gwyneth Paltrow... you already know this is going to be bad... actor Gerard Butler put himself into anaphylactic shock and almost killed himself by purposely injecting himself with lots of bee venom.

Being cool, with math!

Some teasers from Adam Ruins Everything, the IRS could file your taxes for you but won't because H&R block pays them not to, unemployment rates doesn't include a lot of people who are definitely unemployed, and no child has ever died or even been injured from poisoned Halloween candy.

The difference between a loop and recursion in computer programming.

Important things to know about the cult-like behavior in the Jehovah's Witness church.

From where do you get your drugs?

The world turned upside-down

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Last night, Emily and I saw a burlesque show where two of our friends were performing. It was very impressive!

I've added a review for the game Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.

  • Trump's disrespect for Sergeant La David Johnson, one of the US Special Forces soldiers who was killed in Niger, was even worse than before. In addition to lying that Obama never bothered to contact the families of soldiers killed in action, Johnson's widow confirmed that Trump said he husband, "knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurts," which Trump continues to lie about. She also pointed out that Trump didn't even know the soldier's name! Trump, once again implied that the widow was a liar saying that he was very respectful, and never hesitated with the soldier's name.
  • Betsy DeVos just eliminated all of the documents that detailed how public schools should accommodate the rights of students with disabilities.
  • As long as Trump is in charge of the White House, he will continue to stock agencies like the EPA with corrupt shills like Scott Pruitt who is selling out his country to the pesticide and fossil fuel corporations.
  • In addition to eliminating birth control coverage from insurance programs and trying to outlaw abortion, Trump is also trying to eliminate sexual education all together.
  • A Denver Cub Scout was told he should research a political issue that affects his community to ask his State Senator. So, he looked up Republican Senator Vicki Marble's most recent pro-gun bill and asked her an important question, why did she sponsor a bill that ensures access to guns for men who have been convicted of beating their wives? While the Scout should have received a badge for this question, he was instead kicked out of his local scouting group.
  • Bill O'Reilly just lost another one of his sexual harassment lawsuits and will have to pay $32,000,000 to the woman he abused. And now that that is behind him, Fox News has rehired him!

I don't find this very surprising considering that most of them contain a lot of dangerous ingredient, and none of them undergo safety testing, but it turns out that people who use a lot of herbal remedies have a higher rate of liver cancer.

European Royalty is really weird.

The Jehovah's Witnesses of Quebec are looking at a $66,000,000 lawsuit for their systematic protection of child sexual abusers.

Understand a rare disease that causes cyclops could help us cure some forms of cancer.

The more we learn about mass, the more crazy it gets!

Two more victories for the Constitution. Virginia police were breaking the law by adorning their vehicles with religious bumper stickers, but after a call from the ACLU, they realized how much money they would lose trying to defend their illegal position, and finally stopped. Also, after a public protest, New Mexico decided that they should probably keep with national science standards and not use the Christian-themed standards which would have eliminated sections of biology and climate science.

An interesting video about why people like music that is highly repetitive (though, I do not).

Gotta get away!

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I've added a list of every animal I've seen in the wild. It's still missing plenty, but I'll update it as I remember them.

  • Three more white male American terrorists have been arrested in Florida. They were unsuccessful, but they tried to murder Nazi protesters who were gathered to protest a Nazi speech at the University of Florida. Taxpayers will be stuck with a security bill for $600,000 to protect a Nazi speaker, despite the fact that there were more protesters than Trump supporters.
  • As expected, racist Jeff Sessions ignored every question posed to him during the Senate hearing and stayed on script. This meant continuing to lie about why Trump fired James Comey; refusing to answer whether Trump is intending to pardon himself and his family for the upcoming corruption charges; refusing to answer if Trump intends to imprison journalists who report things he doesn't like; and pretending to be shocked that his memo protecting those who use their religion to discriminate against people had actually caused discrimination.
  • Trump claims that the White House has developed a new plan that will combat the opioid epidemic and it will be put into action next week. The only trouble is, nobody at the White House has any idea what he's talking about!
  • Every previous president in living memory has released their tax records to public scrutiny, but Trump, even after saying he would, refuses to let anyone see them. Thankfully, people continue to press this matter, and, while it's a slim chance, Trump's rampant corruption may violate the law enough to make them public as a matter of evidence.
  • We need more people in Congress like Ted Leiu.
  • The collapse of the US government is a wet dream for many American "patriots."
  • Trump may have pardoned convicted criminal Sheriff Joe Arpaio so that he won't receive punishment for his crimes, but that doesn't mean he gets a clean record.
  • Alabama's probable future Senator, Republican Roy Moore, claims that US law requires people to stand to the National Anthem. It doesn't, and never has. Roy Moore should know that because he was the Chief Justice of Alabama's Supreme Court. But then, Moore was also fired from the Supreme Court for judicial activism, so, maybe he just believes his own lies?

Equifax ruined the financial lives of millions of people, and because of that, the company should be destroyed. But, I don't think we should just put all those people out of work, I think we should sue all the people in charge, take all their money, and give it to everyone they've hurt and help their employees find jobs at companies that don't suck.

The video game might let you design the perfect virus, but evolution is never so neat.

Harvey Weinstein is still garbage.

Simone Giertz on Stephen Colbert.

A recap of the 2017 Nobel Prizes for science.

What a LASER is and how ultra intense ones can be used to start fusion reactions.

Worst. President. Ever.

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  • Trump and Mitch McConnell try to pass off their relationship as a bromance, but part of the reason both sides have failed to accomplish anything is because they really do hate each other.
  • A Nevada Judge, Susan Johnson, told at least two people convicted of felonies that, if they succeed with their probation, they'll have their voting rights restored in time to "vote for Trump." After people expressed outrage that a Judge would give political suggestions, she explained that she was only joking. Sorry, telling people to vote for a racist misogynistic bully for a president is not a joke.
  • Michigan's Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette has spent over $20,000,000 "investigating" the Flint Water Crisis, but hasn't issued a single conviction for any of the people involved. This is not surprising since most of the people who caused the crisis are also Republicans, and they have a tendency to put party loyalty above justice. But just because he's failed to do the right thing doesn't mean he won't continue to do the wrong thing. Schuette now wants another $2,600,000 to keep failing to get anything done.
  • 136,000 people followed the Twitter account TEN_GOP, which claimed to be the account of the Tennessee Republican Party. The actual Tennessee Republican Party complained to Twitter that the account was not run by them, and should be taken down. Twitter never bothered to look into the account despite it constantly posting links to false news stories and making racist comments. Finally, after over a year of dragging their feet, Twitter finally suspended the account after it became known that all this time it had been run by Russian trolls.

I find it interesting that, when people come out of really hateful organizations the the KKK, Nazis, or religious cults, it's most often because someone took the time to love them and try to understand them.

A antivax group has their second paper retracted after it came to light that they not only failed to follow proper protocol and removed control data, but they also completely fabricated data to make safe vaccines appear dangerous. When called out on their deception, the researches pretended that someone else altered their work after they submitted it!

Margaret Vaughan of Ohio, a child caregiver, had a child forcibly held underwater even as the child thrashed and kicked, an ordeal that left the child with reoccurring nightmares. After the child's parents tried to press charges against Vaughan, it came out in court that Vaughan had the child held underwater as part of a religious ritual Vaughan knew the parents objected to. Shockingly, the judge threw out the lawsuit claiming, since the child only suffered mental harm, and not physical harm, Vaughan didn't do anything wrong.

Addressing the ridiculous claim, "If there is no god, murder isn't wrong."

Christians are still trying to claim that giant crosses are not Christian symbols, but they keep losing the argument.

How to perform a machine-level Jump Save Return on a chip that doesn't have the feature.

100% no longer sick!

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I've added a page for the game Times of Lore.

  • Sgt. La David Johnson was among four US Special Service soldiers who were killed in Niger. After getting flack for not contacting the families of the dead soldiers, Trump falsely claimed that former presidents never contacted the families of soldiers (of course they did), and then, after being berated long enough, Trump finally called the families, and what does he say to the Sgt. Johnson's grieving widow? "He knew what he was signing up for, but I guess it hurts anyway." Naturally, the wife was devastated to be treated so callously, and when after a Congresswoman told the public what he said, Trump insulted the Congresswoman and claimed he had evidence that he didn't say something so astoundingly stupid. Naturally, he never released the evidence.
  • Trump is still trying to ban Muslims from entering the country, and, thankfully, judges continue to thwart his bigotry.
  • Thanks to Trump turning the EPA into a for-profit business instead of a watchdog group, the use of poisonous weedkiller is exploding, and with it, massive medical problems.
  • In the USA, the legislative branch (Congress) makes and changes laws, the judicial branch (Supreme Court) rules on how laws should be interpreted, and the executive branch (President), carries out the laws. In the case of the Affordable Care Act, Congress made the law, and refused to remove it, the Supreme Court ruled that it is legal and should be upheld, but the President is not carrying out the law. Instead, Trump has said multiple times that he is trying to destroy the law without Congressional approval, and he has acted in this manner by issuing executive orders that seem to exist for no reason other than to damage the Affordable Care Act. Such actions could be deemed illegal.
  • Executing gay people, ha ha ha, what a funny joke.
  • Trump's border wall isn't going so well.
  • I feel sorry for the non-millionaires who voted for Trump.
  • Trevor Noah goes to Chicago and learns why pretty much everything Trump says about it is a lie.

Detecting gravity waves like it's no big deal.

Noted Christian role-model and convicted child-molester Josh Duggar has lost his lawsuit.

Lawrence Krauss answers some questions about science.

The US military continues to force its non-Christian soldiers to attend mandatory Christian worship events.

Handling moral disagreements without alienating people.

Having sex in an MRI, for science!

We didn't start the fire.

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I've added a page on brute force attacks, how to perform them, and how to safeguard against them.

  • Trump continues to lie. This time he said that past Presidents did not speaking to the families of US soldiers killed in combat, which is verifiably false. It's a bit shocking when you see all of Trump's lies back to back, there are just pages and pages of them.
  • On more than one occasion Trump said that he had met with the President of the Virgin Islands, not realizing that, because the US Virgin Islands is an American territory, he is the President of the Virgin Islands.
  • The Equifax breach showed incompetence at pretty much every level of the company, and their negligence is going to greatly increase the rate of identity theft of everyone involved for the rest of our lives. And since half the government is busy licking Trump's ass, and the other half is working overtime to stop him from starting World War III, we shouldn't expect to see any real punishment or even changes at the company.
  • Another way that Trump is ruining the US for many years to come, not honoring any of the agreements made by his predecessors.
  • Republican Governor Rick Scott declares a state of emergency because a Nazi is coming to speak at the University of Florida. The state is expected to spend $500,000 protecting the Nazi from angry protesters.

Over half of Americans are now of the mindset that a belief in a god is unnecessary for a person to moral.

Why suburbs are actually more dangerous to live in than traditional grid-style streets.

Want to shock your pants off? Of course you do! Here's how to make a 200,000 volt capacitor at home!

The joys of growing up religious and abstinent.

Things are slowly falling back into place

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The weekend was quite productive. I attended a cider mill and wine tasting with some friends. My illness has mostly abated, and thankfully never got that bad. My PC troubles appear to have spawned from a bad 8GB stick of Patriot RAM. Despite it passing several Microsoft memory tests, after a few seconds of running it in multiple computers, it causes a blue screen of death. Unfortunately, after all the debugging and driver loading, I've pretty much hosed my old boot drive. I'm starting fresh with a new install of Windows 7 (the last usable version of Windows), but this has been particularly annoying because Microsoft, in an attempt to get more people on Windows 10, has eliminated SP1 from Windows Update. Thankfully, it's still available as an ISO download. I suspect I'll have everything updated and moved over from my old drive by the end of the week.

I've added a page on dictionary attacks and how to safeguard against them.

The "Me Too" trend on social media is both heart-breaking and wonderful. Having been close with a number of women in the past, I know that pretty much every woman I've met has been sexually assaulted, and well over half have been raped, but the fact that I still meet men who don't believe this is an epidemic pains me. I am ashamed of myself for the way I've acted toward women in the past. Each day I continue to try and make myself less of an asshole, and encourage all women to keep fighting for their right not to be abused.

Turns out, Americans are really stupid.

Matter does weird things when put under enormous amounts of pressure.

Many people believe that Easter Island is an important cautionary tale of what happens when people destroy their natural resources to create religious idols, but, in fact, it's really just another of hundreds of tales of indigenous people being enslaved and murdered by white people, nothing to get worked up over.

Using a plate to make strange vortices.

Turns out, you can't discriminate against non-religious people, even in Texas.

Yes Virgina, atheists believe in love.

Cider mill? Yes please!

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I've created a basic cryptography glossary.

  • Since Trump can't get the votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, even when Republicans control every level of government, he's trying to eliminate each provision of it one-by-one through executive order. Of course, the whole reason you can't repeal it is because the majority of Americans want to keep it, which means repealing it is not the will of the people, just the will of Trump. Likewise, most Americans are in favor of having easy access to birth control and abortion. And why is it we think it's terribly wrong to lie to people about medical issues, except when they're pregnant?
  • Yes, dance my puppets! Continue the Republican in-fighting until you feast on each other!
  • Many world leaders got together to try and find a happy medium regarding Iran's nuclear program, now Trump comes in and, like a spoiled toddler, messes everything up.
  • While Republicans continue to gut the EPA, the US is seeing some of the worst polluted air in the nation's history.
  • Stopping fake news requires people actually caring about the truth even if it disagrees with their beliefs, which is why it will never happen in America. It would also help if Trump wasn't dead set on eliminating the first amendment.
  • Republican hopeful Roy Moore quietly received more than $1,000,000 over a five-year span to push ultra-Conservative Christian views into the government, and he never declared any of this money.

I'm pleased to see that the women of Twitter are taking very seriously Rose McGowan's suspension due to her outrage at Harvey Weinstein and his protectors. And men, it should go without saying, it's never okay to masturbate in front of your coworkers.

Some thought-provoking physics and engineering trivia questions by Diana Cowern and Simone Giertz, parts one, two, and three.

When it comes to white-washing American history, nobody does it better than Christian home schoolers.

Can I take a time out on life please?

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I've replaced the board in my computer with one from an older model, so I have a working computer again, but now I have to reload my OS drive, which is always a pain in the ass.

I've created a page about the cryptographic cipher known as a one-time pad and included source code for encrypting and decrypting them.

  • Part of me is happy that Trump is spiraling our of control and fracturing the Republican party for future elections, but the other half of me remembers that he has his finger on the nuclear button.
  • Sex education? Clean water? Literacy? Women's rights? Trump says NO!
  • Trump may have been forced to sign new sanctions to punish Russia for their involvement in the 2016 election, but that doesn't mean he's actually going to enforce them.
  • Trump can't even pronounce Puerto Rico, but that doesn't stop him from blaming them for their inability to quickly recover a hurricane. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Texas and Florida had over three times as much aid.
  • Trump fancies himself as the head of the US military, but he also thinks the Army's Retreat bugle call was to honor his television ratings.
  • If the person is a racial minority, we'll probably hear about them even if they are merely a terrorist suspect, but if you're a white man who plants a bomb in an airport, if you don't kill dozens of people, you aren't even worth a mention.
  • At a time when the USA has one of the highest levels of starvation of any developed nation, Trump is cutting funding to food stamps.
  • A lot of Americans think we should bomb North Korea, but they're the same people who can't find it on a map.
  • Kim Davis ruined many couples weddings by refusing to do her job and issue marriage licenses to the couples she didn't believe should be allowed to marry. But her hateful religious stand had consequences, and it pretty much ruined her life here in the States, which is why she's now over in Romania and up to her old tricks. Remember, this a woman who has been divorced three times, yet doesn't see the irony in claiming marriage is a sacred bond.

Where various brands of alcohol got their name.

The Boy Scouts of America is allowing girls to join even before they'll allow atheists.

More about the element francium.

Twitter refuses to ban its users who spout racism, sexism, and bigotry because they care about free speech, but the moment a woman claims Ben Affleck helped protect Harvey Weinstein, they suspended her account.

The burden of proof regarding proving there isn't a god.

Trying to keep your work life separate from your personal life is hard enough, but it's made even harder when Facebook's algorithms gets involved.

Stupidest computer!

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I've been mildly sick for the past three days. Emily had two colds back to back, and while I missed the first, she infected me with the second. So far, it's only been a sore throat and sinuses, and I'm hoping it doesn't become any worse.

  • Trump's White House is worse then elementary school with all the bullying, boys-only clubs, and name-calling. Lots of name calling.
  • Just a reminder at how much of a police state the US has become, even if you're a US citizen, border patrol has the authority to take your phone, tablet, camera, or computer, read through all your personal emails and messages, look through your browsing history, look at all your pictures, dating profiles, etc., and ask you personal questions about everything. They can also make copies of all your data and passwords, and delete the things they don't want you to have. And, if you refuse to surrender your devices and password, they can and will confiscate your devices for months, and there is nothing you can do about it. Here are some of the more egregious abuses of authority. Any time you expect to go through a check point, make sure all of your electronic devices are fully encrypted, and copy any pictures or messages that you can't afford to lose to cloud storage in case they steal your stuff.
  • Scott Pruitt makes his position crystal clear, despite being the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, he cares nothing for protecting the environment. Instead, he wants to eliminate all the incentives of working toward clean renewable energy, and let fossil fuel industries continue their pollution unabated.
  • Trying to play devil's advocate with Donald Trump is a full time job.

Well, it's about damn time! Officer Jeff Payne, the cop who arrested a nurse because she wouldn't break the law and let a cop steal blood from an unconscious innocent man, has been fired.

A good grasp of statistics could let you live longer.

Two women, Haley Perea and Savannah Sugg, recorded themselves throwing their drink on two black men kneeling at a Lakers game and calling them pieces of shit, and then posted the video to their social media. They clearly didn't think this through because their social media included a lot of personal information like the fact that they're both students at California Baptist University (good Christians), and the fact that Perea makes copious use of the N word. The two have had to delete their profiles due to the negative backlash, but hopefully they will be humbled by the experience.

Women aren't too impressed with Harvey Weinstein's apology.

In addition to not telling anyone that they lost millions of social security numbers, credit card numbers, date of birth, and full names and addresses to hackers for several days after they knew it happened, Equifax also lost millions of drivers license numbers. Identity theft is going to run rampant for years to come because of this, but since the negligent people are rich and white, nobody is going to be punished.

Can you drink heavy water?

Stupider computer!

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Computer still broke. Now I'm thinking it's the motherboard. The video card works just fine in another PC, and the memory went through several tests without fail. Naturally it's the most expensive part of the PC!

I have been alive for 13,697 days. In that time, I've read about 408 books (excluding textbooks). That averages to about a book every 34 days. A decent result considering I'm including the first couple years when I couldn't read, and excluding multiple read-throughs and baby books. Still, I'd like to read more! There are an awful lot of classics I still need to check off

Added a page for the Queen song Friends Will Be Friends.

  • Trump wants tax breaks for the ultra wealthy, but even if someone were to offer tax breaks for everyone equally, the same tax breaks help the rich far more than everyone else.
  • Many of the same people who talk about the importance of "history" when it comes to Confederate monuments don't actually know their history.
  • Step 1, Texas allows students to carry guns on college campuses. Step 2, a police officer apprehends a student with drugs. Step 3, the student panics, and since he now also has a gun, he shoots the police officer to death to escape. Step 4, the argument, if we arm everyone, there will be fewer shooting deaths fails once again. Since we can't rely on Republicans making common sense gun laws, perhaps we should use their racism against them and give guns to as many racial minorities as possible.
  • Because he can never avoid a pissing contest, Trump assured everyone that he would win in an IQ test challenge against Rex Tillerson. Trump, who is stupid enough to think IQ tests actually demonstrate anything other than how well a person scores on the test, also think that only he can verify the veracity of something said behind his back.
  • Trump is like a brick thrown in troubled water.
  • Just in case there was any doubt, Trump admits to ordering Pence to boycott the football game.

The Fibonacci numbers even make an appearance in the Mandelbrot set!

Because I can't resist shameless self-promotion.

Why do religious charities often refuse money from non-religious donors? Isn't helping the destitute more important than their petty religious squabbles?

"Clinically proven" is just a fancy way of saying absolutely nothing.

It doesn't matter how many degrees a person gets, if they're religious, they always want reality to mesh with their religion.

Stupid computer!

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I've had my home computer for a little over a year, and it is now blue-screening shortly after boot up, even in safe mode, and all the signs point to and the AMD video card and/or drivers. My last several PCs have been AMD, because they're a hell of a lot cheaper than Intel and less-intrusive with their software, but this has been the fate of all of my previous AMD PCs as well. Being considerably cheaper doesn't mean much when they becomes too unstable to use after a year. If I can't find an obvious solution, I think I'm going to bite the bullet and pay twice as much for an Intel for my next PC.

I added a page for the NES game Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.

  • Automatic weapons are illegal, but the device that the Las Vegas shooter used to turn his semi-automatic guns into automatic guns wasn't illegal because the attachment isn't technically a gun. Republicans are open to banning the device, but many gun nuts continue to fighting them on this.
  • Mike Pence flew across the country at the taxpayer's expense to go to a football game where he was protected by security, also paid for by US tax payers. While there, Pence was ordered by Trump to leave if any of the players knelt during the anthem, which was a guarantee. So, Pence left the game before it even started and flew all the way back across the county on taxpayer expense. This pathetic show of faux patriotism was nothing more than a waste of thousands of our dollars to ignore police brutality.
  • Prior to writing a memo explaining to government agencies how they should discriminate against LGBT people in the future, Jeff Sessions sought out advice from a Christian hate group.
  • More details about Tim Murphy, the anti-abortion Republican who asked the women he was cheating on his wife with to get an abortion. When he gave up on his entire world view, he blamed his speech writers!
  • I like that Rex Tillerson he called Trump a "fucking moron," I don't like how he wouldn't own up to it. He could anyway because the few remaining White House employees have formed a "suicide pact" saying that, if any one of the gets fired, they will all resign together! That's how you know your administration is a winner!
  • After the worst hurricane season in living memory, Trump deals with climate change by terminating the Clean Power Plan allowing companies to dramatically increase their pollution output.

Shitty wrestling-themed video games.

Kudos to Rexburg City Council for refusing to alienate their non-Christian citizens by refusing to put up a city hall display which read, "In God We Trust."

Muscle knots aren't nearly as much fun as you'd think.

Joe Bradley Petrey, a public school teacher who routinely preached Christianity to children has been accused of convincing a 17-year-old student to have sex with him.

The trouble with communicating with aliens would be that we still don't have have a universally accepted metric for measuring mass.

Why C is such an influential programming language.

I would rather fill my head with smarts than with horrible politics

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This Sunday, Emily and I are hosting a baby shower for our twin girls. So, it's probably not a good sign that I saw this video!

I added a page for Annie Swynnerton's painting, The Sense of Sight and stitched together a massive tree of world religions which is so big it won't even load in my browser!

  • Sure, the USA may have more gun murders than every other civilized nation, but at least we're not as bad Honduras! And while this John Oliver episode was made for Orlando shooting, it's sadly just as relevant today because there hasn't been any progress.
  • The FEMA web site had been tracking the percentage of Puerto Ricans who have access to water and electricity (which is severely low), but Republicans suddenly removed the details. Why? Is it because they don't want people to know just how poorly they're doing, especially compared to Texas and Florida? Don't worry, we already know.
  • Why doesn't the USA have national health care like every other civilized nation? In part because Americans are afraid of foreigners, but also because Americans didn't want black people to have health care. Unfortunately, every time a Republican is in power, they destroy all the progress that was made by the Democrat. Obama helped push through mandatory birth control coverage, and now Trump is ruining it.
  • Racist and homophobe Jeff Sessions has eliminated civil rights protections for transgender people.
  • It turns out, asking the woman you're cheating with to get an abortion then turning around and voting to ban abortion for all other women is just enough hypocrisy to make Republican Tim Murphy resign after all. This kind of sucks because I would rather have a Republican too ashamed to ever vote against abortion again than have him replaced by another equally deluded to the problems women face.
  • While the White House staff continued to use private email and private cell phones, there is reason to believe that they were hacked, and sensitive government data was stolen.
  • Rex Tillerson accurately called Trump a "fucking moron," but this may be the beginnings of yet another fired White House staffer!
  • Why you probably shouldn't trust random web sites as news sources.
  • Why most self-proclaimed patriots are not patriots.

What it was like when we suffering under the tyranny of eight years of Obama.

Checking your math by casting out nines.

Film producer Harvey Wienstein has a long history of sexually harassing younger actresses.

An amateur discussion about just how bad the problem of misogyny is in the US.

Did you know scientists can tell if you have a dog simply by studying the microbes in your poop? Having a healthy assortment of bacteria on you is actually a good thing!

Still ashamed of my country

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I added a page for the Queen song White Queen (As It Began).

  • Americans continue to be murdered by their own civilians at a rate much higher than other similar nations, and while Democrats want to put forth new programs to solve this problem, Republicans continue to do nothing. Fox News can't even seem to find a problem with the shooter, since he's not Muslim or foreigner or black, they don't have a reason to hate him. I guess they forgot the pretty good reason that he murdered almost 60 people! And while Republicans don't want to talk about gun control because they claim it's wrong to politicize a mass murder, they don't seem to have a problem using it for their anti-black lives matter political agenda.
  • More of Trump being annoyed with Puerto Rico's expensive desire to survive. Gee, I hope they have a good time.
  • Republican Tim Murphy has a long history of voting to ban abortion, but when he thought he impregnated the woman he had been cheating on his wife with, his religious piety didn't stop him from asking her to get an abortion. Like many God-fearing men before him, Tim Murphy wants abortion to be legal for him, but not for anyone else. Rather than resign in disgrace from his monumental hypocrisy, Tim Murphy is going to finish out his term as Pennsylvania Representative, and not seek re-election. He asks that people respect his privacy while his family deals with this mess he created. Really? Did you respect the privacy of the women who you zealously condemned? The only way Tim Murphy could redeem himself is if he started voting against abortion bans for the remainder of his term.
  • Antifa is a really just a Republican strawman so they don't have to actually address the fact that the USA harbors white American terrorists.

It is not acceptable to make a logo using Papyrus.

A lot of forensic science is not science at all, and has sent countless innocent people to prison.

How do honeybees kill giant wasps? By using their wings to literally cook them alive!

The Thinking Atheist interviews Michael Sherlock.

How quantum computers can solve the man-in-the-middle digital security problem.

Using Schlieren imaging to see slow motion temperature changes.

So ashamed of my country right now

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  • If someone has just lost their spouse in an accident, only an asshole would console them by saying, "you're lucky your kids aren't dead too!" That asshole is Donald Trump who just told Puerto Ricans who lost nearly everything they owned, to be "very proud" that they weren't hit with a "real catastrophe" like Katrina. Of course, a large part of why Katrina was so catastrophic is because Republicans thoroughly bungled the relief effort, just like they're doing again. I guess I shouldn't expect much from a man who not only thinks he's helping by randomly tossing paper towels into a crowd of people who just lost their homes, but thinks everyone loves him for doing it. This is not something Puerto Rico needed because they've had serious financial woes due, in part, to the US screwing around with taxes and tariffs.
  • The recent Las Vegas shooting is the largest mass-murder in our nation's recent history, but if you go back several generations, you get reminded about just how racist and evil our history is, ripe with many large-scale massacres of black people and native Americans. And what really brings my blood to a boil is the fact that despite this being such a tragedy, American gun laws will not change because half of the country thinks we should never talk about gun control.
  • Republicans passed their ban on abortion, despite a history of telling their mistresses to have them. The common Republican argument is that they're anti-abortion because they're pro-children, so why then did they refuse to continue funding the Children's Health Insurance Program, which will soon eliminate health insurance for 9,000,000 children and 370,000 pregnant women?
  • Russia knew what they were doing when they purchased over 3,000 pro-Trump ads on Facebook, specifically targeting swing states.
  • How can Republicans control the entire government and still fail to get anything done? It's not just in-fighting, it's also because, despite winning elections through dirty tactics, the majority of the people in the US are not Republicans and don't want their policies.
  • An interesting story about how the Trump's lawyer donated $25,000 to Cyrus Vance, Jr.'s campaign who then dropped a massive fraud lawsuit against Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. who were both caught lying to clients.

All about the Earth's flipping magnetic field and why it's time to start eating each other.

The Nobel Prize in chemistry is for cryo-electron microscopy.

Aron Ra's lectures on what the bible does and doesn't say, and what it ought to say.

Why don't we teach preschoolers science?

What did you expect?

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I added a page for the album, More Modern Short Stories From Hello Saferide

  • Here is a list of politicians who sent "thoughts and prayers" to the victims of Las Vegas, but also accepted thousands of dollars from the NRA. And to the people who say we shouldn't debate gun control in the wake of a mass-shooting, then we will never debate gun control, because, in the USA, there is always a mass-shooting!
  • Trump has the best words, like when he described the loss of life in Puerto Rico as being very "successful," and "incredible." He's also very annoyed with Puerto Rico for having the nerve to be destroyed by a hurricane.
  • If you saw an untitled list of nations which included Bangladesh, Botswana, China, Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates you could be pretty confident that it has something to do with human rights violations, and you'd be correct. Each of these nations, and several more, voted in favor of executing people for the "crimes" of homosexuality, adultery, and blasphemy. These nations should be entirely ashamed of themselves, but how would you feel if you realized that you didn't see the last country on the list... the United States of America. When the USA is voting on human rights issues the same way as Saudi Arabia and China, something is wrong.
  • It shouldn't come as much of a shock, but Republicans are once again trying to ban abortion.
  • Ireland's Minister of Health rightfully called a bishop "ignorant," for claiming that if teen girls are vaccinated they will have more sex.

Nobel Prize for physics awards research in gravitational waves.

An amazing time-lapse video of a container ship traveling through the Indian Ocean.

Blade Runner is probably a lot more misogynistic and racist than you remember.

How to share cake between three people so everyone is happy.

When we waste $200,000,000 on something that has been proven not to work.

Another white male shooter

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Over the weekend, I beat the game Glittermitten Grove, which was fantastic.

  • A violent terrorist in Las Vegas killed at least 50 people and wounded over 200 more. What's that? Police identified the man as Stephen Paddock, an American citizen? Scratch that, he's now a, "suspected gunman." It sickens me to hear Republicans offer cheap useless words in response when their refusal to prevent even criminally violent people from obtaining guns and their massive cuts to mental health care coverage are partially to blame for this. Trump himself offers the victims his "warmest condolences." Seriously, get someone who has even a drop of decency and English aptitude to screen your posts, you fucking idiot!
  • After it came out that he spent half-a-million dollars of taxpayer dollars on private jet trips for personal use, Tom Price has been forced to resign as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Despite his wasteful corruption, Trump still called him a "fine man." Other White House staffers have also come under fire for similar corruption. This makes him the 31st (and counting) major White House staffer to quit or be fired.
  • After Hurricane Maria destroyed most of Puerto Rico, Trump first had to be taught where Puerto Rico was, then added insult to injury saying Puerto Ricans "want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort," but he made up for it by dedicating a golf trophy to them. Problem solved.
  • As people all over the nation march in solidarity to protect the rights of black people being abused by police, Jeff Sessions is eliminating the federal program that actually addresses racial profiling.
  • Republicans only cares about free speech when it's employed by an authoritarian white man.
  • Trump's tax plan, which will lose the country $2,000,000,000,000, is awfully similar to the one that bankrupted Kansas.
  • Angry white men the world over have paid $52,000 in the hopes of reading a comic written by a racist sexist asshole.
  • A tape of an interview of Donald Trump has been released where he describes a Red Cross ball at his golf course. An 80-year-old man fell off the stage onto a marble floor and started bleeding out. Trump says he and his millionaire friends were disgusted by the blood ruining the nice floor and they refused to help the man despite his panicked wife's screams for help. Finally, military personnel helped the man, but Trump's only concern was the blood ruining his floor, he didn't even call the man or his family to see if he survived.
  • Trump's failure with Luther Strange will still result in a Republican victory.

Canadian Bishops try to convince parents not to get their children vaccinated. No, they're not antivax, they're anti-preventing sexually transmitted infections. These Catholics see STIs as God's punishment for having premarital sex and believe teens deserve to get cervical cancer because they couldn't wait until marriage.

The discovery of molecular mechanisms of circadian rhythm? That's a Nobel Prize!

Evangelicals are a pretty dishonest lot, and not just about their religion, they're also dishonest when it comes to selling sham cancer cures.

Three more victories for the Constitution as judges rules that school memorials, county meetings, and county seals have to stop promoting religion.

A fun lecture on the history of electricity with experiments.