November, 2017

It's getting to be time for a revolution

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I've added a page for every car I've ever owned.

  • After Donald Trump reposted a false story dreamed up by a white nationalist blogger from the UK, the British prime minister, Theresa May, chided Trump for spreading more lies about Muslims. Trump's attempted to rebuke May with an another lie (that Islamic terrorism isn't a problem in the USA), but, showing his typical academic rigor, he sent his message to the wrong person.
  • When Republicans wanted to kill millions of people by taking away their health care without a replacement, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska broke ranks and voted for compassion over corporations. I was really hoping that we could count on her to do what's right again and not vote for the Republican tax bill that will increase taxes on the poor while slashing it for the rich. But, I have to remember, while she may occasionally do what's right, she's still a Republican, and doesn't have much in the way of a heart. It appears she will vote for the Republican tax bill which will raise taxes on 5,200,000 senior citizens because it includes an addendum that will reintroduce oil drilling in Alaska.
  • As Republicans continue to try to get you to pay more for Internet access, it's important to remember that Net neutrality doesn't just help keep Internet costs low, it also keeps information free, and that goes against the mentality of companies like Comcast. For example, for the past three years, Comcast's web site included a pledge that they had no plans to charge a premium for visiting web sites like YouTube or Netflix, but the moment the FCC announced they were planning to repeal the law, Comcast deleted the pledge.
  • Trump is still endorsing an accused child molester.
  • Because Republicans are defunding scientists who tell unwelcome truths, climate scientists have begun censoring their research, decreasing or removing factual statements like "climate change," and, "extreme weather." So much for reality.
  • Donald Trump just cannot stand anyone in the White House that was appointed by... Donald Trump.

Some interesting facts about electromagnetic waves.

Cities continue to make less comfortable benches to keep homeless people out of the public eye.

An interview with Bart Ehrman on how Jesus became the Christian god.

A interesting look at the history of motor vehicles, through a not-so-subtle advertisement for Mercedes-Benz.

You are the worst

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I've added game commentary for each area in my Super C page.

Lawyers for US law enforcement agencies are arguing to the Supreme Court that they should always have unfettered access to your cellphone tracking data. With this, they can track everywhere your cellphone has been at any point in history, and therefore, where you've been. A simple computer search would them be able to tell them everyone who was near a crime scene when it took place, and will certainly lead to many more arrests, especially wrongful arrests, which they're really good at.

City officials in Somersworth, New Hampshire will be promoting atheism by flying an atheist flag near City Hall.

Some pretty awesome Mars exploration.

Why do Christian apologists always lie about their education?

I don't even like the music of OK Go, I just really like their videos.

The amazing molecular machines inside all of us.

They are bad people

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  • The Trump "charity" didn't do much to help people, but it did it lot to help Donald to make illegal political donations and skip out on his taxes. Now Trump is trying to shut down his charity, maybe to eliminate further evidence of money laundering, but since it's still under Federal Investigation, he's not allowed to.
  • Remember the Access Hollywood tape where Donald Trump bragged that he sexually assaulted women? The tape that Trump tried to dismiss as "locker room talk?" It was even brought up during the presidential debates, and Trump again tried to downplay it. Well, now Trump is pretending that the tape is fake!
  • Republican Mick Mulvaney has a history of ethics violations, especially those relating to the handling of money, is naturally Trump's pick for the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the group that is supposed to prevent banks from causing another financial collapse like they did in 2008. But Mulvaney is such a bad choice for the CFPB, the White House is trying to get him in place with their lawyers.
  • Republicans who have fallen for Trump's lie that all journalists lack integrity have been trying to hand off fake information to news outlets in hopes that they would publish it so they could call them out on it later. But what they're finding instead is that most journalists are not like Fox "News" and actually fact-check everything they receive before publishing. So, in an effort to discredit outlets like the Washington Post, they're actually proving just how rigorous they are. In hopes that one of their lies will eventually work and his own lie will seem more plausible, Trump is giving money to these criminals.
  • Some of the more clever alter egos created by the writing staff of The Late Show.
  • Why does Trump think he's a great president, even though he's objectively terrible? For the same reason most people think they're better than they are, it's something called the Dunning Kruger effect.

Trump may be ruining the US, but world-wide, humanity is getting better.

Looks like HP is following in the shoes of Leenovo by installing spyware on their laptops without their owner's consent. This new program called "HP Touchpoint Analytics Service" appears to not only send HP your personal information, but also slows down your entire computer.

Creating an artificial brain to play Super Mario Kart.

Why do we so rarely hear about heart cancer?

A fantastic talk and Q&A session by ex-Muslim women.

This is why we can't have nice things

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Weekend was spent with a second Thanksgiving, and a wonderful hand-cutting time of hanging up Christmas lights. I also beat the Game Boy game Trax.

Normal people have nightmares of falling off cliffs and being chased by monsters. I have nightmares of getting computer viruses.

  • There is no longer any doubt, several members of the Trump team, including Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner, colluded with the Russians and WikiLeaks to try to win the election and then lied about it to Congress. Now, even Republicans think the Republican party is toast.
  • While standing in front of a picture of Andrew Jackson, the president who signed the Indian Removal Act, Trump "honored" WWII Navajo code by mocking a Democratic politician with some Native American heritage, calling her "Pocahontas." I don't think Trump is smart enough to understand the irony of the painting or the horror of his racial slur.
  • Time magazine is mostly sensationalism without much journalism, which is probably why Trump pretends he's worth writing about. I mean, we're talking about a man who paid someone to create fake Time magazine covers with his face. Recently, Trump has lied saying he was slated to be Time's next "Person of the Year," but refused, but Time magazine called out his bullshit. Not that being Person of the Year is such a great honor, they also gave that "honor" to Adolf Hitler.
  • The good Christian Republicans of Alabama grow ever nearer to electing a child molester. Because that's just what they do. And all these sexual harassment allegations are shedding light on just how disgusting Capitol Hill deals with women being assaulted.
  • Trump spent another vacation at his own property and charged his bodyguards rent while they stayed there to protect him. It cost the US taxpayers a cool $16,000,000, and a fair amount of that is going right into Trump's pocket.
  • 200 tech companies have asked Republican Ajit Pai not to rollback the FCCs net neutrality laws, but Republicans only care about the desires of major campaign contributers like Comcast and AT&T who are astroturfing anti-net neutrality comments, and the FCC itself has been accused of deleting requests and not maintaining their servers.
  • Elephants are not just intelligent, they also pass the mirror self-awareness test, but I'm not so sure about the Trumps. While the two boys love traveling overseas to murder endangered species, Ivanka has a website encouraging the entire world to use the shell of an endangered giant clam as a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

It's a bit late for Thanksgiving, but it translates well for Christmas, 7 ways to talk to your racist uncle for the holidays.

Christian pastor Christopher Gattis, a good guy with a gun, just murdered his family.

Can you predict the weather with your achy joints?

A fantastic lecture on anti-matter.

Cutting off your nose to spite your face

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I've added a page for the Alanis Morissette album Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie.

  • Trump appears to have lost the unwavering loyalty of another one of his cronies. Former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, might be spilling the beans like rats leaving a sinking ship.
  • The nation's best economist were asked to weigh in on the Republican tax plan, and 98% of them agreed that it would not help the economy, and 100% agreed that it would make our national debt substantially worse.
  • One good thing about Fox "News" cheerleading Donald Trump is that they have to go full conspiracy theorist in order to do it, and that makes them look so stupid, advertisers pull their ads.
  • The US has spent a lot of money securing the -southern- border of Mexico, not because we care about helping Mexicans, but because we also hate the rest of the Central American people. That money would be much better spent helping fix the region so that people wouldn't feel the need to leave.
  • Why is Trump wine being sold in national parks?
  • So who did Republican governor Rick Snyder choose to head the panel to study how his administration poisoned the Flint water supply? Eden Wells, the very same person who has been criminally charged with lying about the problem and trying to prevent independent researchers from investigating the problem. Since her freedom is on the line, I'm sure we can trust her to be impartial in her findings.
  • It's rare that I come to the defense of a Republican, but I it's important to be fair. Texas Representative Joe Barton sent a nude picture to a woman he claims he was in a consensual sexual relationship with, and someone later uploaded that picture to Twitter. Barton is now apologizing for the release of the photo and saying he should have had better judgment. Now, if Barton had sent the picture unsolicited, I could understand why the photo was released, but so far it appears like the woman enjoyed the picture, but then the couple got into a fight later and the photo was posted as revenge. First of all, Barton should not be expected to apologize for this. Couples send racy photos to each other all the time, and there is nothing wrong with that. Second, unless Barton did something criminal, and the release of this photo was a form of whistle-blowing, there is no excuse for this photo to have been released. Couples often have nasty breakups, but that's no excuse for publicly revealing unrelated secrets.

I guess it shouldn't surprise me, but in a 1971 interview, John Wayne said, "I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility." In a 1981 interview, he said, "Our so-called stealing of this country from them was just a matter of survival. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were just selfishly trying to keep it for themselves." What a disgusting racist.

Too much alcohol isn't good for your gut bacteria.

If you wanted to launder money in the USA, you couldn't find a better way than through a church because you don't have to file taxes on or even keep records of donations. However, things aren't so easy in other New Zealand where churches that refuse to file tax returns can actually lose their tax-exempt status.

If you only read the headlines, you might think that mindfulness doesn't work on teens, but not if you read deeper.

The Blackfriars Priory School, a private Catholic school in Australia, just reveiled a statue of Martin de Porres handing out bread to a child right after unveiling it because it looks like Porres is having the child fondle his penis. A normal person would see the problem right away, but an organization of pedophiles didn't see anything wrong with it.

Why do gods only answer certain prayers? Here's the answer.

The importance of storing passwords properly to avoid things like dictionary attacks and brute force attacks.

Trump endorses a child molester, and nobody's shocked

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  • Trump, a sexual predator himself, finally responded to the sexual assault charges against Republican Roy Moore, while he didn't directly endorse the pedophile, he did tell Alabamans not to vote for the only other feasible option. Trump's argument is that, since Moore denies sexually molesting all those women, it's okay to vote for him, even as more evidence keeps coming out, like the police officer who spent a lot of her time protecting high school cheerleaders from Roy Moore. The White House is officially endorsing a child molester so they can get enough votes to raise taxes for everyone except the rich. And, yes, both sides are seeing harassers brought to light, but at least the Democrats are forcing them to resign, not voting them into office.
  • Internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast and AT&T are among the most hated companies in the world because of their outrageous prices and terrible service. They can get away with being so terrible because they hold monopolies in these areas. It shouldn't come as a shock that the vast majority of people do not want their ISPs to have control over what they can view on the Internet. However, Republicans are actively working, not only to let ISPs decide which parts of the Internet you can access, but how much you should pay. The fact is, nobody wants this, nobody excepts the CEOs of these companies, and Republicans are bending over backwards to accommodate these extremely wealthy men rather than help the vast majority of Americans. Portugal gives an interesting look at what we can expect get Republicans their way. You want to access your free Gmail account? $5 a month. You want free Facebook? Another $5. You want Twitch, Spotify, Skype? Each of these other free services are now each $5 more a month! To make matters worse, the Republican plan also takes away state rights making it impossible for states to ban the practice locally, because, despite lying about it, Republicans do not care about state rights.
  • Republican Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wrote a memo listing several feasible, but not very believable, reasons why James Comey was fired as the head of the FBI, and then Trump stupidly denounced all those reasons saying he fired Comey because he was investigating his family's ties to Russian dictators. Because of this, Rosenstein is now an important witness in Robert Mueller's investigation of Trump's Russian involvement and possible obstruction of justice, so why is he still Mueller's supervisor? This is like a Supreme Court Justice being implicated in a criminal case, but still getting to rule on it!
  • Another federal judge has blocked Trump's attempted ban on transgender US soldiers!
  • LaVar Ball is not impressed with Trump demanding praise for doing his job.

If your search engine brings to the foreground a list of lies, does that mean you're helping to spread those lies?

New York University employees were encouraged to lie about their religion in order to get hired on their Abu Dhabi campus. While Christians and Muslims were welcome, Jews and atheists were told by University's HR department to pick something else, like a Buddhist or a Sikh!

Julia Galef's lecture on how to better change your mind when presented with surprising truths.

Massive government corruption in Zimbabwe has led to a military coup.

When will the world wake up?

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I've added detailed commentary for each stage of Mega Man II.

  • Republicans are killing Net neutrality. What does this mean to you? You will start having to pay for online services you once got for free (email, searching, Facebook, Skype, etc.). All of the services you currently pay for will cost more money (Netflix, Hulu, etc.). Any services you receive from smaller start-up companies will likely cease all together because they can't afford to pay for the necessary bandwidth, and, if you're not rich enough to afford these additional fees, you just won't get to use the Internet.
  • I noticed something about all the different cultures that Trump has been cracking down on and forcing to leave the country... they're not, shall we say, pale skinned.
  • Congress is trying to deal with their image of being a large group of sexual predators.
  • Jeff Sessions is a racist and all-around terrible person, but at least he's making SNL happy.

Turning your microwave into a dangerous plasma generator.

Stephen Pinker talks about 21st century writing style.

The importance of free speech, even when it's disgusting and insulting.

Terrible RoboCop games on the NES.

Racist, sexist, and ignorant

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Well, it took over 25 years, but I finally got around to beating Super Mario Bros. 2, no warps. I also finished writing up my game design commentary on each level.

  • What Al Franken did was wrong, and he should be ashamed of himself, and there are certainly terrible things being done on both the left and right, but Republicans, are far worse. Just look at Kay Ivey, the Republican Governor of Alabama. She explained why she would rather vote for someone she believes to be a child molester than a Democrat. This isn't too shocking because there are 62,984,825 Americans who already did.
  • Republican Ralph Shortey, one of those good family values Christians, plead guilty to child sex trafficking for trying to buy sex from a 17-year-old boy.
  • Being black means having a longer sentence for the same crime as a white person, including walking while black.
  • I bitch about corrupt police officers all the time, but that doesn't mean I don't respect good cops and also acknowledge the difficulty of the job. So, when I hear about the Baltimore / Philadelphia conspiracy I ask myself, were these cops just stupid and greedy, or were they risking their careers and freedom because they weren't making ends meet for their police officer pay alone?
  • Fox "News" has done such a great job at keeping their viewers ignorant, that many of them don't realize that Hillary Clinton isn't even in office anymore.

What does it sound like to hear with a cochlear implant?

In order to explain the importance of having a gun on you at all times in order to stop a "bad guy," a Tennessee church official accidentally shot himself and his wife while giving a talk about gun safety.

Homosexuality is neither moral or immoral, homosexuality is amoral.

Some more physics questions from the Physics Girl.

The worst people ever

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I've added a page for the Rilo Kiley album Take Offs and Landings and updated their artist page with a full discography.

  • Not that anyone should be shocked, but House Republicans voted to lower taxes on the rich and raise taxes on the middle class. What I do find a little shocking is that 13 Republicans actually own a spine and voted against their party's destructive bill. And, not to frighten anyone, but the Senate bill is now expected to raise taxes on the poor so the rich will pay less!
  • Roy Moore's lawyers try lying for him, but it doesn't work. Hey, maybe Republicans can create an anti-Semitic robocall pretending to be the Washington Post? Let's hope Alabama can, for once, do the right thing.
  • TransCanada's Keystone Pipeline just dumped 210,000 gallons of oil all over South Dakota, exactly as the Standing Rock Natives feared.
  • Trump put his son-in-law Jared Kusher in charge of the entire government, but he didn't warn him about the dangers of not handing over evidence that he was also in contact with Wikileaks to let the Russians help win the election for Trump, evidence that has been confirmed to exist by several sources.
  • Lifeline, a Federal program that offers cheaper Internet access to low-income families is being drastically cut by Republican Ajit Pai.
  • Jeff Sessions continues to lie about Russian interference and the White House has had to Trump-proof the nuclear launch codes.
  • Republican Wes Goodman, a good Christian Conservative who loves his god and hates the LGBT, has resigned after it came to light that he had been cheating on his wife in his government office with other men.
  • Remember folks, if Trump gets impeached (which would be lovely), we'll still have to deal with the horrors of Mike Pence.
  • Trump's nomination for a Federal judge is a bona-fide honest-to-goodness real-life ghost hunter.
  • Christians continue to deny science because their politicians and preachers (soon to be the same thing) tell them to.

Turns out, Super Mario character, Professor Elvin Gadd, is actually war profiteer.

Want to be scammed? Talk to a "psychic."

With all these male comedians being outed for sexual assault, there is room for women to move up.

Who doesn't love a paw paw?

The worst people ever

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I've added pages for Poe's short stories, The Black Cat and The Tell-Tale Heart. I didn't care much for either of them.

  • At least there is one good thing about Trump's nepotism, when he goes down, it will probably be because of his stupid children. This is why you hire competent people, not your kids.
  • It wasn't just the US election that Russia spent massive amounts of money trying to influence, they also orchestrated a massive campaign to influence the UK election to leave the EU, and, like the USA, it seems to have paid off.
  • All of Trump's decisions to pull the US out of multinational agreements is hurting the US, and really helping China.
  • In an effort to decrease poaching of endangered species like the African Elephant, Obama made it illegal to bring severed elephant heads into the US. Trump has eliminated that law, so now assholes like his sons can mount endangered animals on their walls.
  • Roy Moore doesn't just have two women accusing him of sexual assault, he also has a track record of being banned from places where young women hang out. And for his apologists, if it was so normal for men in their 30s to sexually pursue teenage girls back in the 50s, why did he keep getting banned?
  • Texas police officers responded to a suspected car theft where they found Lyndo Jones inside a truck trying to disable the vehicle's alarm. According to the police report, Jones struggled, and "ended up being shot." Note that the police didn't shoot him, he just somehow, for a reason completely unrelated to police brutality, found himself with a bullet lodged inside his body. Well, three officers "subdued" him while he bled out, but lucky for Jones, paramedics arrived in time to save his life. Jones was arrested and charged for car theft and evading arrest, but the police dropped the charges when they discovered that Jones was inside his own truck, and the car alarm was just malfunctioning. However, they said that they may reinstate the evading arrest charge in the future.
  • The reason non-profit organizations don't pay taxes is because they're claiming that their work is so beneficial to the health and happiness of people, that they're willing to ignore political matters. They don't care if a Liberal or Conservative is in charge, they just want to help people. While they are allowed to take stances on political issues like abortion or same-sex marriage, they are not allowed to endorse specific candidates. In particular, this prevents corrupt people from setting up fake non-profits like churches, and using them to funnel massive amounts of anonymous money into political candidates, which is precisely what Republicans are trying to do with the repeal of the Johnson Amendment.
  • Another violent abusive psychopath was once again able to get a bunch of guns and go on a killing rampage, but he was white, so it's not worth changing rules on who is allowed to buy guns or even discuss.
  • Sorry DACA people, but you were late sending in your renewals. And by "late," I mean I didn't bother even looking at them when they were on time.

Building an actual model of the "Which tank fills first," brain teaser.

Pastor of Florida's largest Christian megachurch, Robert Coy, has been accused of sexually assaulting a young girl for several years, starting when she was four-years-old.

What the hell is a milkshake duck?

Some helpful advice for coming out as an atheist to your family.

They're evil

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I added a page for the Queen album, Innuendo.

When Google Chrome was released it made waves in the Web browser community by being very fast and secure, and hell, it had it's own task manager! I probably would have switched over to it if it didn't look so damned awful. I've never seen a valid reason to break with the simple standards set forth with early GUIs. Custom buttons and title bars, buttons with hidden edges, and bloated confusing menus are not assets, they're flaws. If you have to override the operating system's title bar, you're probably doing something wrong. But it wasn't just the proper look of FireFox that prevented me switching to Chrome, FireFox's army of extensions made Chrome seem impotent by comparison. For years, FireFox has been playing catchup with Chrome, but, rather than add the features I would have liked, like the task manager and crash reduction, they hopped on the "let's make the interface a convoluted mess" bandwagon. Thankfully, FireFox's extensions were there to save it from itself and Classic Theme Restorer succeeded and keeping FireFox from killing itself. Until now. Yesterday, FireFox rolled out it's ill-fated version 57 which breaks backward compatibility with all older extensions. NoScript, Classic Theme Restorer, and DownloadThemAll!, the only remaining reasons to still use FireFox, are all gone. Thankfully, FireFox's updater is well-designed and can be safely reverted (download version 56 here, uninstall 57, then install 56. Your profile will be retained, just remember to turn off automatic updates). Obviously, this isn't a long-term solution, and if the extension programmers don't upgrade to 57, I will end up switching to Chrome for good.

Just a reminder, companies have Human Resource departments to protect the interests of the company, not its employees. If you're having a problem at work, like being sexually harassed by your boss, HR will only help you if the risk of losing a lawsuit is higher than the value of the boss.

Kudos to Australia.

Public school teachers are still trying to convert your children to their religion without your consent or even knowledge.

Ever want to know the structure of the universe?

James Lara was a priest from 1973 until 1992 when he resigned to become a professor at Yale Divinity School and later worked at Arizona State. But it is only now, 25 years later, that the Brooklyn Diocese revealed that Lara didn't resign at all, but was forced to leave because he sexually molested children. The Catholic Church didn't tell the police, they didn't tell Lara's employers, his neighbors, or anyone else that James Lara was a child molester.

No gods, no heroes.

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I added pages for the Edgar Allan Poe stories The Pit and the Pendulum, The City In the Sea, The Masque of the Red Death, and The Fall of the House of Usher.

  • In the last couple years, my respect for WikiLeaks has been faltering, but now it's dead. During the congressional hearings, investigators discovered that WikiLeaks contacted Donald Trump, Jr. First, the site that claims to promote government transparency and anti-corruption gave him a cracked password for a Democratic political web site. Then, after publishing a bunch of Democratic documents stolen by Russians, they went on to suggest the Trumps refuse to accept the results of the election if they lost, that they allow WikiLeaks to publish Trump's tax returns to make it seem like they don't have a political agenda, and, after Trump was elected, try to get Julian Assange appointed as an Ambassador!
  • Fifty-three Christian pastors in Alabama have signed their names to support Republican Roy Moore despite two women saying he sexually assaulted them when they were teenagers. One particularly awful apologist, Brandon Moseley, equated Moore fondling the genitals of a 14-year-old girl with stealing a lawnmower. In fact, his support from Christians in general has increased because they now view him as being the victim of that Christian persecution they've heard so much about. True fact: If you like someone more when you find out that they might have molested children, you're a moral monster. But not every Conservative has abandoned their religion, a few still think that adult men who try to have sex with teen girls shouldn't become politicians.
  • A recap at just how awful the Trump administration has been.
  • Trump's pick for a Federal judge, Brett Talley, was an unusual choice, not just because he was deemed "not qualified" by legal experts, but also because he's never tried a case in his life (of course, to the current White House staff, that makes him "more than qualified"). So, why did Trump pick him? Well, it turns out that Talley sort of accidentally forgot to disclose that he was married to the the White House's legal counsel's chief of staff.
  • Why did Trump ask the president of France for advise staffing the White House?

Trying to understand what down means with a modern understanding of gravity.

Maybe it's time that the US finally revise their election system to try to eliminate the two-party system.

Gunnery Sgt. Joseph Felix will spend the next ten years in prison for torturing American Muslim soldiers so harshly that one of them killed himself.

Are humans the only animals that mourn their dead?

Some celebrities that didn't make the cut to be Lion King voice actors.

Draining the swamp into an even bigger more foul-smelling swamp

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I added a page for the Nightwish album Oceanborn.

  • Over Veteran's Day Trump denied all military intelligence and said that, instead, he believes dictator Valdamir Putin's claim that Russia did not meddle in the 2016 election. Meanwhile, the US Intelligence community says that Trump is risking the safety of the country by refusing to deal with an aggressive foreign advisory. And, while most Republicans are complicit with their president selling their country to the Russians, at least McCain, who's trying to add a silver lining to his tarnished career, has a spine.
  • Trump's stop in China was disgusting. Small children were made to cheer for him as Trump swooned over Xi Jinping.
  • Trump nominated Brett Talley for a Federal Judge. Two quick facts about Talley: One, he's never tried a case in his life. Two, like the three Trump-nominated judges before him, Talley has unanimously been rated "not qualified" to be a judge by the bar association. This is in-line with Trump's past; every single person he has nominated for a government position has been woefully unqualified, but the Republican Congress still appoints them. Just look at Kathleen Hartnett White. She has been nominated for top environmental advisor, but doesn't even have a middle school science understanding.
  • While he was in the Philippines, Trump met with Rodrigo Duterte, a dictator who human rights organizations have said is responsible for 13,000 deaths and has even admitted to personally murdering several people because they were addicted to drugs. Trump has had nothing but praise for Duterte, and the two were all smiles when Trump met with him.
  • On September 1st, 1939, Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany the day after the Nazis executed a false flag operation to justify the otherwise unprovoked attack. About 200,000 Poles were killed or wounded in the invasion that began World War II and started the largest genocide in history. Unfortunately, 60,000 Poles have forgotten the evil their grandparents fought against and have taken to the streets, demanding a new genocide with the removal of all Muslims, Jews, an other non-white non-Christian people. They're basically shitting on their ancestor's graves and begging the Nazis to return.
  • Sean Hannity explained that he "was not totally clear" when he dismissed Republican Roy Moore's statutory rape accusation as "consensual." And Cecily Strong creates an SNL character to explain to men the absolute basics of consent. Some manufacturers are pulling their ads from Hannity, like Keurig, which, of course, has led Republicans to boycott Keurig.
  • Remember that Carrier plant that Trump gave a massive tax break to and claimed he saved all their jobs? Well, they've just laid off 300 employees.
  • Papa John's is the official pizza for Nazis and the KKK.
  • Democrats have had a small victory, and Republicans are expected shitty about it, and their tax plan is still looking doomed.

A wonderful documentary about hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Sioux Center Christian School in Iowa employed Christian teacher Curtis Van Dam who is currently being charged with 140 cases of sexually abusing children. Also, Reverend William Morton has been arrested for trying to murder to woman he was cheating on his wife with, his second attempt at murder.

So, what's the deal with brain waves?

Who doesn't love helium?

Keep the momentum going

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Twitter likes to claim impartiality, but it's history of refusing to stop abuse is causing many people to abandon the network leaving only abusers left.

One of the most dangerous things you can do is be queer in the movies.

It is possible to have a rational view of tradition.

When it's your full time job to sew KKK uniforms.

Aron Ra talks about why people want to believe in gods.

Some of the more interesting strange materials of technology.

No time to rest

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I finished reading A Walk In the Woods. Easily one of the funniest books I've ever read.

  • The Republican tax plan has become so tainted that it is now expected to raise taxes for the middle class in order to give a tax cut to the extremely wealthy. So why are Republican politicians still expected to vote in favor of it? Well, according to Republican Chris Collins, the corporate donors that funded his campaign are demanding that he do it.
  • Until we impose some sensible gun control and comprehensive mental health coverage, there are going to continue to be mass shootings, and as long as there are mass shootings, Trump will continue to politicize the non-white shooters.
  • In 2016, just before Trump won the Republican primary, Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was recorded saying, "There's two people I think Putin pays: Dana Rohrabacher and Donald Trump." It's nice to hear a Republican opinion of Trump that isn't tainted now that he's their leader.
  • One the one hand, I'm thrilled that Trump is out of the country. On the other hand, I feel bad for the Asians who have to deal with his dumb ass.
  • Serious shit is going down in the Middle East, and Trump isn't even remotely capable of handling it if the USA gets dragged in.
  • Mainers voted to expand Medicaid coverage to protect the poor in their state, but their Republican Governor refuses to do it.
  • Well, it's about damn time! Jeff Sessions has spent his career being racist, but when Republican Richard Shelby ignorantly claimed that Sessions's record for treating all American equally under the law, Desiree Fairooz couldn't help but laugh at such a bald-face lie. Her laugh was deemed a form of protest, and Fairooz was arrested for two crimes for a maximum sentence of two years in prison! Well, after two trials costing American taxpayers thousands of dollars, and almost a year of mocking the US Constitution, Republicans have finally given up and decided to drop their ridiculous charges.
  • What's probably going on in the head of paid liar, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
  • Donald Trump, Jr. contributed to a Republican loss in Virgina by stupidly told his fans to vote on the wrong day!
  • Gary Younge rightly calls out Richard Spencer, he's not just proud to be white, he's proud to be an ignorant racist.
  • The NRA preys on the fears and insecurities of Americans.
  • Sam Clovis may have run into hiding because of the Russia scandal, but he's still a horrible person.
  • Trump doesn't like American labor, so he goes to extremes to hire foreign workers.

What the heck is an antibubble?

Anyone else remember watching the shows hosted by John Robbins?

Why two-factor authentication is important, but can also cause problems.

Pretty much everything about history in the book of Mormon is wrong.

Some of the more strange things that computers can't do.

Wakeup call received!

Feeling: Excited


Last night I beat the game Pony Island.

  • After nearly a year of abysmal Republican incompetence people are finally realizing they can't be trusted. New York, Boston, Charlotte, Detroit, and Seattle were all Democratic Mayoral victories. Maine expanded Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act even though their Republican Governor didn't want poor people to have insurance. A particularly satisfying victory was when Republican hate-monger Robert G. Marshall, who thinks transgender people are evil, lost to Danica Roem, a transgender woman!
  • Remember Mitt Romney's disgusting, but telling claim six years ago that, "Corporations are people?" Well, today's Republicans have gone well beyond that and are now treating corporations BETTER than people by keeping tax credits for corporations, but eliminating them from all individuals.
  • Even war-torn Syria has now signed up for the Paris Climate Accord. This means there is only one country left in the world unwilling to step up to fight climate change: the USA. And why is Trump still refusing to address climate change? Well, according to one of his possible appointees, decreasing pollution is a Communist Conspiracy!
  • The Republican tax plan will also eliminate tax credits for PhD students making it much harder for poorer students to complete their education. As is the usual for Republican ideals, they only want the rich to get richer.
  • The US Census is very important for understanding what is going on in the nation, but as Republicans keep making minorities fear for their lives, it's probably going to skew the results in their favor.
  • Trump continues to embarrass himself and the entire US.
  • Black Lives Matter.

Why goggies wag their tails.

How to be rational even in a world of "alternative facts."

As people continue to ruin their lives with opioids, grandparents are having to take up the mantle of being full-time parents again, and when a family member becomes the primary caregiver of a child, they don't get the same government assistance as a stranger.

Our nation is led by an incompetent.

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I finished reading A Field Guide to the Wildlife of North America, which was quite pleasant.

  • When Republicans are not in power all they talk about is runaway spending, vacations, and executive orders. But the reality is, Republicans cause the majority of the deficit, take more vacations, and issue the most executive orders. Republicans are hypocrites.
  • Once again, completely unprepared and ignorant, Trump tells Japanese business executives they should build their cars in the US, not realizing that 75% of the Japanese cars sold in America are already built in the US (and even if they weren't, he's not telling the US to build manufacturing plants in every foreign country we sell to). Then, he asked why a nation of samurai warriors don't shoot down North Korean missiles. Is the US a nation of cowboys, moron? Although, it must be nice for Trump to get away from the Russia scandal for a few days.
  • The air you breathe currently contains car exhaust, cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide, radon, lead fumes, mercury fumes, smoke from burning plastic and rubber, and all sorts of other cancer-causing agents. In fact, in many parts of the world, the air is so polluted, it's killing people. But according to Trump's EPA, the air is way too clean! In order for it to be healthy, it needs more pollutants! And while climate scientists are in agreement that global warming is caused by humans and we need to take immediate dramatic action to stop it, Trump's team is actively working to make it worse. So, here are the cities that will be completely submerged in water by 2100.
  • Republican politician Jeff Hoover, a good moral Christian, lost his job because he sexually harassed one of his employees and had to pay a settlement, but it's cool, because his god forgives him.
  • Roy Zimmerman's wonderful Brady Bunch parody with Trump's Shady Bunch.

Ariane Sherine competently argues for rationalism against a deluded preacher.

Learning forensic science with creepy doll houses.

We're getting closer to having a Star Trek style holodeck.

CGP Grey's interesting video about why we die.

My home country is still falling apart

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I've added a guide to the Tandy BASIC MML.

I'm currently reading "A Walk In the Woods," and it makes me very eager to hike the Appalachian Trail. Here's an abridged version of the hike.

Several words that have changed meaning, often completely reversing definition.

With the US falling apart, it's easy to forget that the rest of the world has problems too, like Catalonia trying to secede from Spain, and Russia trying to steal Svalbard from Norway.

ZOMG! Did you know the bible is a myth!?

Trump is still not in prison. Come on people, we've got work to do!

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I've updated my List of Animals I've Seen In the Wild with additional animals and added Wikipedia links to each item.

  • When it comes to Nazis and white men shooting into a crowd in Las Vegas, Republicans chastise anyone who would question their views. But the moment a person of color or a non-Christian commits a similar act, they immediately and unquestioningly go on the bigotry offensive.
  • Trump's ego is so big that he doesn't feel it necessary to appoint top positions in government, believing that he'll do everything himself. While it's disgusting to see someone like that, it's does mean he won't be able to do as much damage.
  • Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault by over a dozen women and had bragged about sexually assaulting women several times. So, forgive me if I don't find his daughter Ivanka's plea to end sexual harassment very heartfelt. No, sexual harassment should not be tolerated, and we should start be imprisoning your father. Tellingly, Ivanka gave her speech to a nearly empty room.
  • Trump's EPA head, Scott Pruitt, lies that there is disagreement among scientists as to whether humans are causing climate change, but all the scientists are in agreement, humans are causing climate change.
  • Many Republican voters don't want violently abusive men to have such unbridled access to guns, but Republican politicians don't care.
  • Like most of the people in Trump's cabinet, John Kelly is a little racist.
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders official job title should just be, paid liar for Trump because she is nothing more than a paid liar for Trump.
  • Sam Clovis, another one of Trump's completely incompetent picks, has withdrawn his consideration for head of the Department of Agriculture, not because he hates gay people and doesn't know anything about agriculture, but for fear of being sucked into the Russia quagmire.
  • The Republican tax bill doesn't just cut taxes for the extremely wealthy and have the dumbest name ever it also lets churches endorse political candidates even though non-religious non profits still can't, essentially turning churches into Republican Super PACs.
  • A Twitter employee, on his last day, did something that the company should have done years ago, deactivated Donald Trump's account.
  • If you can't even spell three-letter words properly, maybe you shouldn't be trying to teach people about complex political systems?
  • Michigan police are going to start road-side drug testing using an oral swab, and if it's anything like their field drug test kits, it's going to cause countless false arrests.

Don't fall for a detoxing scam.

Six Miami fire fighters have been fired for defacing their boss's family photos and, because he is black, draping a noose over them.

What's the deal with bird penises?

A strange paradox that can lead you to interpret data incorrectly.

Being a linguist doesn't mean you will also make a good neurologist or sociologist Steven Pinker.

Off to prison with you

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  • With Trump's foreign advisor George Papadopoulos finally giving honest answers to the FBI, we're learning that pretty much everyone in the Trump administration was aware of an attempt to collude with Russia, even Trump himself who was unable to decide if it was something they should pursue. Later, and to his credit, Jeff Sessions advised Papadopoulos not to keep contacting the Russians, but this creates a problem for him because Sessions went on record saying he didn't know of anyone in the Trump administration ever having contact with Russia.
  • Donald Trump has access to the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, ICE, and several other major national security agencies, and even had daily security briefings made for him that are severely dumbed down with bullet points and fun pictures so he can pay attention. But where does he get his news about counter-terrorism? Fox and Friends.
  • The entire purpose of the EPA is to act as a watchdog against polluters. However, with Scott Pruitt at the helm, he's decided to change the EPA into an ally of polluters to make it easier for them to dump toxic chemicals. And why did Pruitt do this? Because of the bible.
  • John Kelly isn't the sobering yin to Trump's raging yang that people hoped. In fact, he believes the Civil War wasn't the result of Americans treating humans like farm equipment, but more an inability to compromise.
  • Hollywood powerhouse Kevin Spacey is experiencing serious fallout after Anthony Rapp's accusation that Spacey sexually assaulted him when he was 14. However, when Donald Trump was accused of sexual assault by over a dozen women, and even admitted to sexually assaulting women on multiple occasions, Republicans made him president. Maybe we should start believing to women?
  • Republicans have a general dislike for science that they can't understand, which is most forms of science, and want to defund all science that can't be turned into a weapon.
  • This is more of that lengendary Trump loyalty we've heard so much about.
  • 70% of Americans are not very interested in the Republican tax plan to cut taxes for the extremely wealthy.
  • John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John's is a terrible person who is blaming the NFL for not making him richer. Maybe if he wasn't terrible to his employees and didn't serve shitty pizzas...

How capacitive touch screens work.

People have no incentive to move out of flood zones if they don't have to pay for their insurance.

There is a strange bubble of North Koreans living in Japan and fed lies their whole childhood lives.

The end of days

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I've added a detailed description of the Microsoft BASIC MML.

  • Former F.B.I. director Robert Mueller used to have a big Republican following until he started investigating corrupt Republicans. Now, as Trump's team is looking at serious criminal charges, Republicans are trying to throw Mueller under the bus. Don't worry white men, you're white, you'll get a far better plea bargain than if you were black.
  • It has come out that Paul Manafort has acquired multiple passports, and tried to get several more, and also has multiple phones with fake identities tied to each. Also Manafort and his partner Richard Gates appear to have pushed $75,000,000 through offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes, laundered $18,000,000, with Gates concealing another $3,000,000.
  • How does the Trump administration handle all these allegations? Distance themselves from their former friends and ask for more money!
  • Despite being in control of every aspect of government, Republicans failed to get the border wall funding, they failed to ban transgender soldiers from the military, they failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but surely they will succeed in cutting taxes for the ultra-rich, right? Right?
  • Roy Zimmerman sings about Trump's bone spurs.

With cold season upon us, remember that, unless you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, they won't help you. But here are some things that will.

21-year-old Christian man murders his friend when the two can't agree about the bible's view on forgiveness.

Why does sand act like a liquid when air is passing through it?

That moment when you're a Microsoft engineer and Edge crashes, and you have to install Chrome to finish your presentation.

Considering how difficult it would be to create such high quality evidence, it would have been easier to land on the moon than to fake it.