December, 2017

How do you teach an infant to warm up their own bottles?

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I added a page for the game company Sierra On-Line.

  • As expected from the cold weather, Trump and his fellow science deniers use their tired argument, "it's cold today, therefore climate change doesn't exist."
  • The Republican tax plan allows people to write off donations made to private Christian schools that will only benefit other rich Christian children, they can even write off the donation twice! However, donations made to public school that will help every child cannot be written off.
  • After Michigan Republicans inadvertently poisoned the drinking water of the majority of homes in Flint and caused irreparable damage to their water pipes, they did everything they could to prevent the people from seeing justice. However, a judge eventually ruled that the state would have to help the people get clean water again, but, as expected, they're not following their court order.
  • Alabama's most famous child-molesting Republican, Roy Moore, had his voter fraud case thrown out because, like the rest of the country, there is no evidence of voter fraud.
  • Comcast is claiming they are upgrading their network because Republicans handed them the Internet on a silver platter by eliminating Net Neutrality. First of all, because they have a monopoly, Comcast is an unbelievably profitable company that could have afforded these upgrades regardless. Second, Comcast claimed they wouldn't enforce speed throttling to make more money off the Internet, but if that's the case, they shouldn't be seeing more profit, so why are they now able to make all these upgrades without any extra money? The reality is, they are spending the same amount of money on upgrades as they did before the Net Neutrality repeal, only now, Comcast is lying about it.

Learn yourself some philosophy like nonexistent objects and aesthetics.

The strangeness of polarized light and how it relates to Bell's Theorem.

The failure of prayer.

Koch's snowflake, a nice winter-themed fractal.

How to make something levitate on a bed of sound.

Why are people jerks to retail employees? Part of it is they see them as less-human.

How do you teach an infant to change their own diaper?

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I added a page for the Atari game Spider Fighter.

  • Russia, who no longer has a prime minister position, but a dictator for life, is warning the US not to interfere with their corrupt elections. Say it with me: hypocrite.
  • Nursing home companies that accidentally injure their residents used to pay pretty steep fines in order to ensure that they take the utmost care in protecting the well-being of the elderly. I say "used to" because Trump.
  • Even though I don't care much what religious leaders say, it's nice to finally see them policing their own.
  • Alabama's most famous child molester refuses to go away quietly.
  • The majority of the nations in the world are embracing green energy, reducing pollution, and making their countries cleaner and brighter, meanwhile, the US is trying to revive one of the dirtiest forms of energy.
  • Wired's "Most Dangerous People On the Internet In 2017" list includes ISIS, a Russian hacker group, a North Korean hacker group, a website owner that sells plans for untraceable homemade firearms, and Donald Trump, among others.
  • In an end of year recap, Trump has mocked, attacked, or threatened pretty much everything in 2017.
  • There is no such thing as a war on Christmas unless you're a complete moron.
  • The FCCs own internal investigation shows that the Republican's myth of Obama trying to takeover the Internet with Net Neutrality laws is a lie. Too bad for the majority of Americans, the findings of the investigation weren't released until after the FCC sold out to Comcast.

Who'd have thunk it, dogs will be just fine on a completely vegan diet.

Why math guarantees you can always cut a ham sandwich perfectly in half, no matter how messed up it is.

Lightspan Adventures is a set of pretty awful games.

A compilation of Christmas-themed Dorkly cartoons.

Why do babies spit-up so often!?

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I added a page for the Atari game Air-Sea Battle.

  • Despite lying on camera that he and his rich friends would suffer greatly from the Republican tax plan, Trump told his rich friends in a closed meeting that he just made them all a lot richer.
  • Trump isn't the only liar in the White House, his "spiritual" advisor, Paula White, is also capable of spinning a few whoppers.
  • Trump continues to attempt to discredit the "meadia."
  • The primary reason health care is so expensive in the US is because every insurance provider has to independently barter for prices, while in most developed countries, the national health service represent the bulk of the population, so they can get much better deals.

Understanding how it's possible to have objective morality.

Child labor laws make it difficult to have babies in film.

For the first time in the history of the disease, the number of people infected by measles each year has fallen below 100,000! Now if we could just get the antivaxers to understand scientific evidence...

The evolutionary history of tardigrades.

The awesome physics behind being weightless.

Why do babies eat so often!?

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I added a page for Edgar Allan Poe's The Facts In the Case of M. Valdemar.

  • Trump's bigoted travel ban was originally created to keep out anyone from a non-oil-rich Islamic nations, even though Americans are 5,000 times more likely to be killed by a fellow American citizen than you are a Muslim jihadist. But now Trump wants to ban people from pretty much every non-white nation complaining that everyone who immigrates from Afghanistan is a terrorist, everyone from Haiti has AIDS, and everyone from Nigeria lives in huts.
  • So many other Republicans gush over Trump including Mike Pence who seems to revere him as his god.
  • Trump's Zionistic attempt to make Jersulem the capital of Israel is going to have severe consequences, which is why nearly every other country in the world is against it.
  • Republican John Kasich signed into law a bill that prevents women from having abortions if their fetus is believed to have Down syndrome. First of all, women should be allowed to abort a fetus for any reason without approval from a shithead like Kasich. Second, this bill was written specifically to "protect" fetuses with Down syndrome, but if Kasich is so pro-fetus, why doesn't the bill prevent women from aborting fetuses with any of the other millions of chronic debilitating diseases a fetus might have?

What's the deal with the Star Wars Holiday Special?

The Wisconsin State Capitol is now promoting the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The USA has a long history of using racial minorities for medical testing, and it stays with us today.

"Reverend" James Csaszar has killed himself after he was caught sending sexual text messages to a 16-year-old boy.

An atheist explains which version of the bible you should read.

Enjoy your pagan holiday heathens!

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I added a page for the game Pinball Quest.

  • Trump continues to claim that he has signed more legislation than any president in history, when, in reality, he's actually done less than any known president.
  • Even though Trump, and the Republican Party as a whole, has failed at nearly everything they've done so far, all their racism, bigotry, and childish name-calling is shifting the realm of normal to an utterly ridiculous level.
  • While many media organizations are calling the passed Republican tax plan a "win" for the party, they're failing to point out that it is a huge loss for the country.
  • Thanks to Trump, the world is united... against the USA.
  • Trump continues to suck Evangelical Christians down to his level causing them to support greed, child molestation, divorce, theft, lying, and sexual assault.
  • Not only did AT&T bribe Republicans to eliminate Net neutrality, but they're also claiming the Christmas bonuses given to their employees are the result of the Republican tax plan. Truth is, the Christmas bonuses are the result of the employee's workers union.
  • John Schnatter, founder of Papa John's pizza, has made many disgusting remarks over the years about why he doesn't feel his employees should be paid a living wage, and then blaming racial minorities for his low sales. Because of this, white supremacist groups now use his pizza chain as a meeting place, which has only exacerbated his poor sales. In fact, it's gotten so bad that Schnatter has found it necessary to step down as CEO of his own company in the hope that a less-hateful face will be capable of saving it from bankruptcy.
  • Like many other organizations infected with Republicans, the EPA is losing all of its most talented scientists who are quitting due to gross ethics violations. The positions are either being kept vacant, or being replaced with incompetent goons.
  • Fox "News" continues to have Trump's back and is trying desperately to eliminate the FBI.
  • Trump's ambassador to the Netherlands was caught on camera lying, so he tried lying to cover his lie, again, on camera.

As science and technology gets better and responsible regulations are mandated, "acts of god" have been decreasing.

No, scientific theories are not dogma.

In the US, judges have an obscene amount of authority and often make clearly bigoted rulings without fear of punishment. Case in point, Judge W. Mitchell Nance, who stated that "allowing a gay person to adopt could never be in the child's best interest," and would ask couples seeking divorce about their church attendance and religious beliefs before deciding how to proceed. Because of these displays of bigotry, Nance's was found guilty of misconduct and was forced into early retirement. Not a proper punishment for someone whose backward beliefs have caused him to hurt countless families, but it's a step in the right direction.

Here are some of the dos and do nots of flag design?

Despite all it's failures, 2017 saw a few victories on the feminist front.

Happy winter solstice, enjoy the longer days!

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I added a page for the game, Guerrilla War.

We've reached the point where humans no longer understand our own algorithms.

This is the crap you have to deal with when you buy an Apple product.

What it took for Dianna Cowern to become the Physics Girl.

Christian Pastor Terry Wayne Millender and his wife Brenda will be going to jail after it was discovered that they conned their church followers out of $2,000,000 by convincing them to invest in their "business" which was code for buying them a mansion.

Fox "News" continues to advertise for atheists.

Hyrule has some pretty impressive weather.

History in the ruining

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Last night, due to lack of sleep, I tried to burp my pillow and put a onesie on my dog. These babies are gonna kill me!

  • The majority of Americans hate the Republican tax bill which hugely benefits the rich, won't create jobs, has dozens of mathematical errors, several provisions had to be removed because they violated Republican-created rules, and not a single Republican has read the bill, but that didn't stop every Republican in Congress from voting for it. Part of this disastrous bill includes the Corker Provision. To give you a time line, Republican Bob Corker said he refused to support the tax bill, but then Republican Orin Hatch amended the bill with a huge tax cut for people who owned real-estate companies, which Corker owns in spades, and stands to personally make millions. Shortly after that, Corker changed his mind and voted in favor of the bill. Corker's defense is declaring incompetence; he claims he never read the bill, and even if he did, he couldn't understand it. So why did he change his mind and vote for it?
  • After being completely embarrassed by his complete lack of legal experience, Trump's judicial nominee, Matthew Petersen, has withdrawn. He follows in the footsteps of other Trump judicial failures, Jeff Mateer, who claimed transgender children are proof of Satan's plan, and Brett Talley, who used his website to defend the KKK.
  • While Republicans in the US are busy dismantling our free Internet, the UK is guaranteeing broadband to everyone!
  • Even as US military leaders urge Trump to see human-caused climate change for the national security threat it is, Trump decides to censor it entirely from national security.
  • Trump is threatening to withhold aide to countries that won't back his Zionist agenda.
  • A lot of substantial evidence came out that Republican Dan Johnson sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl at his church, which was the most-likely reason he killed himself. After news broke of his suicide, his fans came together, not to cimmiserate that their hero was a child molester, but to blame the media and Democrats.
  • Republicans continue to latch onto anything they can find to try and end Trump's Russia investigation, like, they want the investigation halted because two of the FBI agents working on the investigation don't like Trump. I think the Simpsons do it best.
  • The women brave enough to accuse Trump of sexually harassing them are not going away.
  • These are a bit old, because I've been away from computers for so long, but I love Stephen Colbert's report of Roy Moore's loss!

A physicist explains what computer programmers do.

Over 11,000 rape kits had been abandoned by police in Wayne County, Michigan, and police can't be bothered to process them, primarily because the victims were minorities or had past offenses. But the kits are finally being processed by the Wayne County Prosecutor and already led to 127 convictions the police didn't care about!

A more in-depth description of Pascal's Wager and why, even in it's proper context, it's still wrong.

Grace Cathedral, a megachurch in Akron, Ohio successfully convinced a 76-year-old woman with dementia to turn over her life savings of $340,000 to them after only visiting their church a couple of times. Thankfully, there is a lawsuit to try and get it back.

Who doesn't love chromium?


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Gabriella and Iliana were born on December 11, 2017, at 12:59 PM and 1:00 PM respectively. They were birthed via Caesarean section after a gestation period of 8 months and 1 day, so they were underweight; Gabriella at 5 pounds even, and Iliana at 4 pounds, 10 ounces. They are fraternal twins, and look and act noticeably different from one another. The nurses at Genesys Hospital were fantastic, but they had only terrible things to say about the hospital's administration ever since it was taken over by the Catholic company, Ascension Health. I'm very happy to be a father, and I loved them both the second I saw them. However, oh your god, infants require an obscene amount of work! Every 2-3 hours, all day and all night, they must be fed, burped, held, de-clothed, changed, re-clothed, and always watched carefully. It's extremely exhausting. Even after a week, I have a much greater respect for mothers!

A couple of things I have learned while dealing with babies: 1.) Babies sure poop an awful lot. 2.) Babies don't eat a lot, but boy do they eat often! 3.) I have slightly more feces on my hands than normal.

During brief moments of downtime, I was able to beat the hardest difficulty for the American Game Boy and NES ports of Tetris.

It's amazing how much went down in the political world in a week! Here's a quick recap:

  • I was shocked to see that Alabamians voted for a Democrat even though the other option was a child molesting homophobic theocratic Republican, i.e., Roy Moore. I honestly believed Republican voters, even if there was iron-clad proof that Moore molested children, would still vote for him just to keep a Democrat out of office. After seeing the exit polls, I saw I was still right. The bulk of the Republican voters in Alabama, especially white men and women, still voted for the child molester. Even among the black male Republicans, they didn't so much have a problem with the child molestation accusations, but rather saw Moore as being equally racist as Donald Trump. So, why did Moore lose? Because there was a record number of Democrats, specifically black women, who got out to vote. The exit polls also show that the overwhelming majority of Evangelical Christians voted for the child molester. And, just to follow the Republican play book, Moore is refusing to concede the election he lost, and has demanded a recount. Also, as expected, Republicans are crying voter fraud, despite there being almost no evidence of voter fraud.
  • Republicans in the FCC killed Net Neutrality, and reclassified Internet Service Providers to prevent them from ever being protected against again. It didn't matter that the vast majority of Americans, even 75% of Republicans, wanted it to stay in place. While this move will see massive increases in the cost to the consumers, it will also create even more hatred for the Republican party.
  • The Trump administration has censored a CDC report so that it better fits the Republican agenda. "Evidence-based" and "science-based" are banned, so people won't trust their findings. "Fetus" is banned, to make it harder to talk about abortion. "Transgender," "diversity," "entitlement," and "vulnerable" have all been banned to try and eliminate talk about adding more views than just the usual cis-gendered white men.
  • All 14 other nations in the UN rebuked Trump's horrible decision to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, violating an agreement that has stood for the past 50 years. The USA has veto power, so, while the vote didn't change anything, it did show that everyone else in the world thinks Trump is stupid and reckless. Trump's incompetent ambassador, Nikki Haley, responded to the vote by threatening the United Nations!
  • And, instead of banning the bump stock used in the Las Vegas massacre which turns a semi-automatic assault rifle into a fully automatic rifle, Republicans have decreased gun control even further, and even invited the vice president of the NRA to the White House on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook elementary school murders.
  • Though Trump is still trying to dismiss all the evidence for Russian collusion, including more from his own son, and contacts that happened during his inauguration, it's not going anywhere anytime soon!
  • Trump appointee Ryan Zinke claims he believes in human-caused climate change, but he's strangely doing everything in his power to make it worse.

Surface tension is weird.

The AVGN re-reviews Sonic 2006. Actually, I don't care for any of the Sonic games, but they do have good music.

In addition to making animals cute and easier to train, domestication also shrinks brains.

One of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history happened entirely by accident.

Why it's important to have anonymity, but why it's so hard to become anonymous.

Sooner to be a father

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Two more days until bebbies!

  • It's not just that Trump criminalizes minorities, but he also fails to criminalize white criminals.
  • As Democrats force people to resign over sexual harassment allegations, the Republican Party is now openly endorsing an accused child sexual predator who will most likely win Alabama. While taking the high road is going to hurt the Democrats in the short run, I suspect this will be a deep cut into the Republican party. Pretty much every argument and debate for the next decade or so is going to fall back on the fact that Republicans actively support rapists. The one good thing that will come out of all these men losing their jobs is that there will be plenty of room for decent humans to take their place.
  • I'm really happy that my private jet, my kid's boarding school, my 11,000,000 estate, and my Virgin Island mansion will all be tax write-offs. Oh wait, I don't have any of those things, and neither does 99% of the rest of Americans? Then why is the the thrust of the Republican tax plan?
  • During the last presidential election, Trump made several accusations that Clinton wasn't healthy enough to be president, and his ad campaign even suggested that she was suffering from mental illness. However, now that doctors are suggesting that Trump is ill based on his childish outbursts and slurred speech, the White House is pretending that they're insulted by such inappropriate accusations of Trump's health. Having one low standard for yourself and an impossibly high one for your opponents is typical of Republicans.
  • Republicans wisely decided against eliminating a program for homeless veterans, but they were damned close.
  • Republicans just made it a whole lot easier to traffic guns.
  • Despite Trump making the US the only country in the world not willing to cut back on emissions to combat climate change, many Mayors across the country are trying hard regardless.
  • The FCC is currently lying to American people about Net neutrality. I would be shocked if it wasn't for the fact that there is a Republican at the helm.
  • Tensions around North Korea continue to rise, and having an incompetent man-child in control isn't helping.
  • Trump's ex-campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is currently under house-arrest for his role in the Trump-Russia conspiracy. And, even though he knows he's being watched like a hawk, he continues to talk with the Russians!

Another extremely old human ancestor (Australopithecus) has been excavated from South Africa and unveiled. "Little Foot" is estimated to have died 3,670,000 years ago!

What a shock, Nick and Sarah Jensen, the Christian couple who promised to divorce if Australia legalized same-sex marriage were lying the whole time.

If you're ever going to pitch a video game to a software publisher, here are 30 things on which you should focus.

The magic of Technicolor.

Despite fans freaking out that Star Wars has had two female leads in a row, the film series traditionally has had a dearth of female characters.

Soon to be a father

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Just found out that Emily will be having a Cesarean on Monday, so, in four days, I'm gonna be a daddy! I better hurry up and beat about 300 more video games!

What happens when a black man uses the anonymity of the Internet to pretend to be a white supremacist?

Same-sex marriage has been legalized in Australia!

Due to their nation-wide doping scandal, Russia has been banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics!

A strange shadow effect that only occurs in certain parts of the world.

The highly fortified Spanish-African border.

Honest Trailers tackles The Room.

He's going down, but he's taking the country with him

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I've added a page for the mini game Tower of Heaven.

  • The evolution of lies in the Trump administration: stage 1, "none of us had any contact with Russia about anything," stage 2, "only a few of us talked to Russia, but it was about adopting orphans," stage 3, "several of us talked to Russia, but we didn't collude," stage 4, "all of us colluded with Russia to discredit Hillary Clinton and win the Presidency, but that's not illegal!" There is actually some truth to the claim that asking a hostile foreign government to help you win an election isn't illegal, but obstructing justice is, which Trump keeps admitting to in his Internet posts. And it will be interesting to see if Trump has a dark past now that his German banking history has been handed over to the FBI.
  • In addition to a $260,000,000,000 mistake and the elimination of student loan forgiveness, the Republican tax plan, which is mocked by nearly every economist in the country, includes dozens of riders that had nothing to do with taxes, including a ban on abortion! Thankfully, the Democrats in the Senate found the rider and pointed out that it violates the rules of the Senate, and Republicans agreed to remove the rider, but Republicans are so sleazy it's despicable.
  • When the accusations of child molestation became more and more credible, the Republican Party tried to distance themselves from Roy Moore and even stopped endorsing his campaign, however, after Moore refused to step aside, and with Republican voters still backing him, Moore is the only chance Republicans have to win the Senate. So, even though several other women have accused Roy Moore of molesting them, and mall workers and schools have all admitted to banning him because he wouldn't leave under-aged women alone, the Republican Party, along with Donald Trump, are officially endorsing the child predator. It's sad that it takes the celebration of sexual predators to make people leave the Republican party, but it's still nice to see a few people denounce them.
  • In 2016, the US joined a pact with nearly every nation in the world in a vow to protect the human rights of refugees and migrants. But, under Trump, the US has reneged on any such agreements, making the US the only developed nation to say, essentially, that we fear foreigners too much to care about their human rights.
  • Big shock, pretty much every world leader is pissed off at Trump for his hair-brained idea to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, not just because it's insulting to every Muslim in the world, but also because it will further destabilize an already tense region.
  • Trump is using US tax dollars to create a special police force to fight the "deep state." Of course, the "deep state" doesn't exist, it's a conspiracy theorist term of paranoia used to describe government employees who are secretly part of a large concentrated effort to overthrow the US from within. Your tax dollars at work!
  • The National Monuments in Utah are now dry husks of their former glory, and now the Trump administration is looking to cut up two more.
  • After voting to cut taxes on the wealthy which will see a dramatic increase in the national debt and halt the US economy, Republican Orin Hatch explained that we need to eliminate the program to feed poor children because there's no money for it in the budget.

Some cool things about Queen's "News of the World" album.

What's the deal with the giant animals of Earth's past?

How HIV became a global pandemic from one sick chimpanzee.

The Satanic Panic of the 1980s is still going strong today.

Can we stop them before it's too late?

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  • A current time line about what has since been confirmed about Michael Flynn, how he colluded with Russia, lied about it, and Trump's involvement. Also, it looks like Trump's former transition team member, Kathleen McFarland, might also be guilty of deliberately lying to the FBI to cover up the Russian collusion.
  • Trump is creating the largest removal of National Monument land in the history of the United States.
  • I probably shouldn't have to say this, but it's a bad thing that Trump keeps popularizing white supremacists.
  • Oh good, Trump is getting his hands dirty with Israeli-Palestinian conflicts now. I'm sure nothing bad can come out of altering the capital of a foreign nation.
  • Now that Trump has an extra Conservative puppet in the Supreme Court, they're okay with ignoring the religious freedom clause of the first amendment and banning people who aren't Christian.
  • Bill O'Reilly has paid out $45,000,000 in sexual harassment settlements, but what is quite common in a settlements like these is a confidentiality agreement stating that neither party will talk about what happened. For rational people, this is pretty easy to follow, but you know a blow-hard like O'Reilly wouldn't be able to keep his mouth shut. Sure enough, he's being sued -again- for violating the terms of the confidentiality agreement!
  • I don't think Trump is suffering from dementia, I think he's always been this stupid.

Many different types of jobs are being replaced by robots and computers, but one in particular is expected to remain free for a long time, but for some reason, men don't want to do it.

While more and more men are being outed as serial sexual harassers, women are pointing out the fact that it's always been this way.

Understanding how the terrible aspects of Islam are being normalized according to an ex-Muslim.

Critical thinking skills are vital for wisdom, but just having them isn't enough to make you wise.

What the heck is Parafilm?

A computer scientist talks about Net neutrality.

Ruining the country

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When someone steals a word.

  • Oh boy, what a dark weekend. So, the Republicans generated their 500-page secret tax bill and delivered it to the Senate mere hours before they were expected to vote on it. Naturally, nobody had time to read it, neither the low-ranking Republicans or even those who wrote it, because it was being written by several different people, each adding their own unrelated riders into it. Democrats requested a delay to give the Senate enough time to actually read the bill, but, naturally, the Republicans who never read the bill voted to remain ignorant. Not a single person who was voting on the bill had read it completely, and yet, the Republican Senate still passed the bill that will raise taxes on the poor and working class. Only a third of Americans actually favor this bill (the same ones stupid enough to favor Trump), but that isn't stopping Republicans from patting themselves on the back for fucking over everyone who isn't rich, but then, it's only the rich who are donating through super PACs, so they don't really care what the working class think. Even those Republicans who tried to be sensible by refusing to repeal the Affordable Care Act voted for this tax increase, which has so many anti-health care riders in it, it's going to destroy the Affordable Care Act anyway. This tax plan will only help the rich, and it will destroy the US economy in the process, and now that their bill has passed Congress, Republican's aren't even being shy about acknowledging that they are purposely helping the rich at the expense of the poor.
  • Michael Flynn is still expected to serve six months in prison for his role in lying to the FBI about the Trump-Russia conspiracy. But part of his plea bargain means he's been squealing his piggy guts out to the FBI. Naturally, Trump is freaking out on Twitter blaming Hillary Clinton and the FBI (even though he tried to convince the FBI to let Flynn go). I'm looking forward to this ending Trump's reign of terror, but, let's be honest, even if he's impeached and resigns, Mike Pence is going to pardon him and his whole criminal family. If Rex Tillerson is lucky, he'll be forced to resign before the administration is found guilty.
  • Before Trump was holding back, not directly endorsing an accused child molester for Senate, but telling Alabamians not to vote for the Democrat. But now, Trump is being crystal clear telling his people to vote for the child molester.
  • History shows us that, when it comes to mining disasters, it's not a question of "if," but "when." Before the US government fell into disarray, the EPA had a sensible rule, mining companies had to be able to prove they had enough money to clean up and disasters they might cause. This is similar to requiring a driver to have insurance because you never know when you're going to have an accident. However, Trump-appointed Scott Pruitt decided being able to fix your mistakes is an unnecessary burden on mining companies, and did away with the rule. Now, if a company creates a disaster so big they can't possibly pay for it, they'll just declare bankruptcy, and pass the buck to the American taxpayers. And speaking of mining, Trump is selling off 90% of the Bears Ear National Monument in Utah to private companies for mining, oil drilling, logging.
  • Trump's attack on journalism has real-life consequences. It's actually making it harder to stop slave auctions in Libya.
  • Trump bungled the White House's Christmas tree lighting ceremony, just like every other ceremony.

Theoretically speaking, how powerful can computers get?

An interesting talk about the importance of having skepticism, and how it relates to atheism.

How Christians respond when the military has to stop forcing religion on troops.

Rebecca Watson debunks another bullshit science article.

One more canary sings

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  • Even as Michael Flynn has been charged with the crime of willfully and knowingly making fraudulent statements to the FBI about his meeting with Russian agents, and his son and son-in-law have been caught lying to Congress about their invovlement with Russia, Trump is still begging Congress to shut down the Russia investigation. Why? Probably because Flynn might testify that Trump ordered him to initiate contact with the Russian government!
  • Since they couldn't repeal the Affordable Care Act, Republicans are trying to destroy it with their tax bill. So, not only will they increase taxes on the poor and middle class, they will also cut $25 billion from Medicare so the elderly will no longer get sufficient treatment, in particular, many cancer patients will no longer be treated. According to a depression-era historian the Republican tax plan will return the country to another economic depression. Steven Mnuchin has either never conducted an analysis on the Republican tax plan, or he's refusing to release it, but Senator Elizabeth Warren is demanded a review to get to the bottom of it because, if an analysis was conducted using tax-payer money, the results must be made available to the public.
  • For the first year of his presidency, Trump put his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in charge of pretty much the entire US government. He was the diplomatic head of relations between China and Mexico (despite being ignorant of both countries), he was in charge of veteran affairs (despite never serving), restructuring the entire US government to function like a business, and tasked with the minor problem of bringing peace to the Middle East! Of course, now that he's been found that have had direct dealings with the Russians to help Trump get elected, one of his other tasks that he was woefully incompetent at, solving the opioid epidemic, has been handed off. So, who is the new person in charge of ending the opioid epidemic? Perhaps someone actually qualified to do it like a physician? Of course not, Trump has moved the task to his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway!
  • Roy Moore doesn't just sexually assault under-aged women, he also thinks women shouldn't be allowed to hold office.
  • Another perspective on Trump's unlawful takeover of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  • If we had a competent president, maybe we could do something to help the indigenous people who are being eradicated by the Chinese government.
  • The Right-wing woman who pretended to be raped by Roy Moore in hopes that the Washington Post would run the story has spawned imitators.

A rather shocking Barna poll regarding sexual harassment shows that 17% of American men don't believe that forcing a woman to do something sexual should be considered sexual harassment and 24% think that showing a woman your penis without her approval isn't sexual harassment. The study lists several more actions, and also asked women, and, in every case, far more men think have a lower threshold for what they think is sexual harassment.

When atheists clutch their pearls.

Learning about MIDI.

The history of the scientific understanding of spacetime.