January, 2018

You know what, chase all the waterfalls you want!

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I completed my multi-player category separating games by co-op and versus play. I also added a lot more media to the Golden Axe page.

  • Trump claimed that he fired FBI director James Comey because he was investigating Trump's collusion with Russia, an act that can be seen as obstruction of justice, and now we're finding out that Trump tried to fire Robert Mueller for the same reason. Or, if you watch Fox "News," he did no such thing, oh wait, he did, quick, watch this car crash!
  • Despite calling themselves "fiscally responsible," the Republican Congress has raised the national deficit to $1,000,000,000,000, and continues their wasteful spending unabated.
  • Trump endorses the systematic torture of innocent people.
  • California gives the middle finger to federal Republicans and enforces their own Net neutrality law.
  • Trump's Muslims ban was a huge problem for US Customs because there weren't any official documents or training procedures put in place, the nations that were banned weren't even notified. This caused a great deal of confusion in airports, and resulting in many Customs agents breaking the law. But not everyone is being turned away at the border, the Trump administration invited the head of Russian intelligence to enter the US, despite Congressional sanctions that should have barred him from entering.
  • More of that fine attention to detail the Trump administration is known for.

The Cleveland Indians are -finally- getting rid of their logo, a racist native American caricature.

Strange units of measurement that we still use.

What the movie Groundhog Day would be like for a black man.

How using a bike helmet can make you experience the god of placebos.

One of the many ways drug companies make so much money is by tricking consumers into wasting medicine forcing them to buy more than they should.

Did you wake up extra early this morning to see the super blue blood moon? Me either.

Don't listen to her, you really can fight the moonlight

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  • Congress, even the Republicans, voted overwhelmingly to continue sanctions against Russia. Trump tells them to piss off. He is going to continue to bend over backwards for Russia, but don't think they hold any incriminating evidence over him!
  • The Finance Chair of the Republican National Committee, Steve Wynn, has resigned due to sexual harassment allegations.
  • Republican Scott Pruitt is chopping up the EPA's Clean Air Act.
  • Many of the important governmental positions have been left vacant because Trump is too busy golfing, and those that have been filled were filled with Trump's friends who are entirely untrained for the position, often leading to a mass-resignation. This has led to a federal government that is getting very little done.
  • Fox "News" gets all of the Trump interviews because they're pathetic sycophants.
  • Being the classy man he is, Donald Trump is selling ad space during the State of the Union address to fund his re-election campaign.
  • Trump is a long pro-abortion history, until he became a Republican candidate.
  • SNL had an funny government shutdown segment in Weekend Update, but they'll probably need another one for this coming up weekend.
  • Because Trump is such an awful president, many Republicans are having a rose-tinted view of George W. Bush. So, as a reminder, Bush may not have been as bad as Trump, but he was an awful president.

Why is Puerto Rico still not a state?

An idea of what it's like to write games for the NES.

There is a lot of water on Mars, potentially in the form of clean ice.

I've become a professional vomit cleaner who doesn't get paid

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  • Fox "News" keeps trying to make a mountain out a mole hill by taking serious a sarcastic joke from FBI agents who have long since been removed from the Russia investigation. And, in case you need a reminder about why our nation should take Trump's Russian collusion very seriously, prior to the 2018 presidential election, Putin had his only possible political opponent arrested and disqualified.
  • Trump is bringing the state of nation discourse down into the gutter, and the Democrats aren't exactly impressive either.
  • Trump's pick for head of the EPA, Republican Scott Pruitt, was directly responsible for deleting important environmental information from the EPA's web site.
  • Under the Trump administration, the NSA has removed the words "trust," "honor," "honesty," and "openness" from their list of core values.
  • Another school shooting, two more teenagers murdered by their schoolmates, and another Republican blames video games, film, and music, but refuses to try and prevent psychopaths from buying guns. Great work Matt Bevin.

The good news is, the percentage of Americans who believe their god created humans in their present form is the lowest it has been since the poll began nearly 40 years ago. The gooder news is, the percentage of Americans who believe humans evolved naturally is the highest it has ever been!

Modern music is all about the sample and remix.

An interesting look at the history of danger symbols.

If our sweat is clear, what's the deal with yellow pit stains?

Are they toddlers yet?

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I added a page for Wanpakku Comics.

  • After being confronted about posting multiple videos promoting a British white supremacist group, Trump says he will apologize, but, so far, has not.
  • Trump is making millions from all the foreign diplomats and Secret Service agents staying at his hotels when he goes on vacation every weekend because, unlike every president before him, he refused to divest his businesses after being made president. Finally, a federal judge is seriously considering a lawsuit for Trump's violation of the Constitution's emoluments clause. And his porn star payoff might also be illegal.
  • After realizing that a presidential candidate can win the popular vote by 3,000,000 people and still lose, judges are finally starting to take serious the effect gerrymandering has on poll fairness and outlaw aspects of it.
  • A biopic of Trump's senior policy advisor, disgusting racist, and hater of the working class, Stephen Miller.
  • Apologizing for Trump would be a full time job for a lot of people.
  • Facebook acknowledges that during the 2016 election, 150,000,000 users were exposed to Russian propaganda, nearly all of which were pro-Trump.
  • Republican Courtland Sykes says that women who aren't homemakers and teach their daughters to be homemakers are banshee she-devils with a head filled with snakes.
  • Trump is meeting with the richest people in the world to... I don't know, mock the poor people whose taxes he raised?

What happens to your body when you're shocked with electricity?

Another night of being vomited on... again

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I added a page for the NES Max and added player's guides to most of my Metroid games including the Metroid: Perfect Strategy Guide manga.

  • Jeff Sessions was questioned for several hours about the Russia investigation. No doubt he said "I do not recall," a record number of times.
  • Donald Trump may not be suffering from dementia, but he's mentally unstable.
  • Nearly everything that bears the Trump name was built with foreign materials by foreign workers, so you can't expect Trump's attempt to grow American jobs to be very successful. Case in point, rather implement a flat tariff increase on all imported products fairly, he picked specific products that will help him politically like solar panels (to capitalize on coal) and washing machines (to capitalize on factory jobs). This is also hypocritical for Republicans who pretends to want small care about eliminating government involvement in capitalism.
  • Uptight Christian Republican Mike Pence is once pretending Trump is a great guy.
  • The March For Women wasn't just about demanding equal rights for women everywhere, it was a rallying cry against oppressors like Trump, who just don't get it.
  • The government shutdown was supposed to be about immigration, but really it was about funding CHIP, cutting taxes on the wealthy even further, and kicking the can down the road again.
  • The US was a pioneer of space exploration, but now we rely on outside nations to send Americans into space, and now, the Trump administration is planning on eliminating even that by defunding the International Space Station program.

Saudi Arabia is really getting shook up by a new 32-year-old dictator.

How bad can nuclear bombs get? This bad.

An opera song about the Dunning-Kruger effect? Awesome!

Another night of being vomited on

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I added a page for the song Paint's Peeling and updated a lot of older pages in my Wiki.

  • The March For Women was successful once again.
  • Border patrol agents have been randomly stopping Greyhound buses and demanding everyone on board show proof of citizenship. This sort of illegal violation of civil rights is precisely the kind of crap Trump encourages.
  • Why did Republican Paul Ryan work so hard to pass the Republican tax plan which increases taxes on the poor while cutting millions for the ultra wealthy? Because the Koch family gave him nearly half a million dollars.
  • Republican Pat Meehan shows some of those Christian family values we've heard so much about by sexually harassing one of his aides after learning she had a boyfriend. The woman is over 20 years younger than he is, but Meehan believed she was his soul mate.
  • Why did Republican Mitch McConnell refuse to sign a bi-partisan statement denouncing Russian meddling in US politics? No doubt because that's how his president is in power.
  • Although I've never seen anyone seriously suggest Oprah as a presidential candidate, don't forget, while she's an effective media mogul, she has also created immeasurable suffering for millions of people.
  • While the government was shut down, Trump had to miss his own stupid party. But now it's, sort of, back on track.
  • Unshockingly, Republicans are helping protect loan shark companies who prey on the poor.

Common misconceptions about animals.

Some interesting facts about the Donkey Kong Country franchise.

Seeing a television in ultra-slow motion is really cool.

I've always had a thing for screen savers

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I added a page for the Game Boy Advance, the Dune universe, and the Windows screen saver program IdleWild.

  • Trump kept demanding a merit-based immigration program and the elimination of DACA which is a mixed message, because DACA is a merit-based immigration program. Everyone in the program is documented, most have jobs, pay taxes, and help the economy, and if they commit a crime, they're kicked out of the program. Without having any sensible stance, nobody in Congress could give Trump what he wanted, so the US government shutdown. Republicans refused to fund CHIP, a program that provides health insurance for 9,000,000 children and 375,000 pregnant women. Democrats, wanting to save those children and mothers, agreed to keep funding the government provided CHIP gets longterm funding and Republicans promise to come up with a solution for DACA. If Republicans don't keep their promise, and there is no reason to suspect they will, Democrats can filibuster again in three weeks, and the government will shutdown again, only this time, CHIP will no longer be an issue and Democrats will be in a better place to take a stand.
  • It's sad that we still have to explain to men why it's a good thing to speak up about sexual assault.
  • Fossil fuels are not sustainable. They're becoming more and more difficult to obtain, and they create irreparable harm to the environment so it is necessary to convert to sustainable green energy production. Cue Trump putting a 30% tariff on solar panels which will not only slow conversion to green energy, but is also expected to cause 23,000 Americans to lose their jobs.
  • Trump's ideas about his useless wall have changed a lot in the past year despite his lies to the contrary, and even his own Chief of Staff and former Secretary of Homeland Security says Trump's wall isn't a "fully formed" idea.
  • A year of Trump has been a year in hell.
  • Flagrant corruption on the part of New York police who have been issuing special cards to family members in the hopes it will help them avoid being arrested for criminal activity.
  • Trump once had a porn star spank him with a magazine that has his daughter's face on the cover.
  • Brandon Griesemer is a white American terrorist who threatened to shoot to death everyone at CNN, using Trump's catch phrase, "fake news." He's currently out on bail.
  • People who need bleep hole.

Commuting to work isn't very healthy, especially if you personally drive a long distance.

Why this year's flu season is particularly bad.

Nintendo almost made Captain Falcon its SNES mascot.

Being a fundamentalist means having to dismiss reality.

I've taken care of so many extremely hot sterilized bottles, I've lost sensation on the tips of my fingers

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Girls are consistently sleeping three hours in between feedings. This has made the nights slightly more bearable.

I added a page for the Microsoft Entertainment Pack For Windows and two more of its games, Cruel and Golf. I also wrote a review for the artificial intelligence documentary AlphaGo.

Regardless of how much we hate them, humans keep helping rats spread and thrive.

How would you like to be tried by Texas Judge Jack Robison, a man who told his jury that the sex trafficker on trial was innocent because God told him so!

Do naked singularities exist?

Samantha Bee is an inspiration to female comedians.

Much diarrhea later...

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I'm back to eating solid foods again, just, not too much flavor please!

I added a page for the game Vanguard.

  • It doesn't bother me that Donald Trump paid $130,000 as a result of having sex with a professional sex worker, it bothers me that he continues to lie about it, that he probably didn't have consent from his wife, that Christians still view him as a moral visionary, and that this whole cover-up re-enforces the idea that sex work isn't a legitimate profession.
  • Republican Lindsey Graham is such a pathetic liar. After leaving the meeting where Trump described Haiti and African countries as "shitholes", he claimed, "We had just witnessed something that neither one of us ever expected." Oh really? You never expected Donald Trump to make a semi-racist statement? Are you sure it's not that, now that he's so universally hated, you can safely disparaging remarks about him? Grow a backbone you pathetic lackey.
  • Despite still not having power restored and the blatant display of cronyism by Republicans, Trump still gives rates himself a 10/10 even though he still hasn't dealt with last year's hurricane season.
  • Sure, you can say Trump is fit for office, but all that means is that the office doesn't require much in the way of fitness.
  • We live in a country where publicly exposing governmental corruption will get you fired.
  • Although Trump refuses to accept climate change, the reality is quite troubling. 2017 was the hottest year on record that didn't also have an el niƱo effect.
  • Trump's White House has the worst turn over than any recorded administration. Half of them had to resign in disgrace, like Carl Higbie who at least had the decency to make a proper apology for his racist remarks, the other half quit because they hated working for an egomaniacal man-child.

An audio book voice-over artist explains her trade.

The good Christian parents David and Louise Turpin have been arrested for chaining their 13 children to beds and starving them for years.

Taco Bell gave me food poisoning

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I've added a page for the old Windows 3 game, Taipei.

Food combos that alleviate indigestion.

  • Trump's racism continues unabated.
  • It's sad that it had to come to this, but I respect those government employees who would rather resign than be part of Trump's corrupt regime. The majority of the National Park Service advisory board resigned, not just because the person who Trump appointed to lead them (Ryan Zinke) won't follow their recommendations, but because he won't even listen to their recommendations.
  • Donald Trump is the most dishonest president in recorded history. He lies about everything, and not just subjective lies like, "I'm the least racist person you have ever interviewed," but also objective lies like, "[My] approval ratings with black Americans has doubled." This is why intelligent people don't use Fox and Friends as a credible news source.
  • The Republican tax law is going to cause low-income and middle class families to pay more in taxes, while giving a huge tax break to the extremely wealthy, and also ruining most federal programs. And here's a simple video explaining why.
  • Back on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Trump urged people to engage in acts of community service in order to honor King's memory, and then promptly took the day off to play golf.

In case you needed another reason to boycott Chick-fil-A.

One of the many accidents that led to better science.

All about the Schwarzschild radius around black holes.

Babies have gained over two pounds in a month!

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I've added a page for the Color Graphics Adapter and the Enhanced Graphics Adapter.

  • Racist who lost his racist followers, Steve Bannon, has been subpoenaed into the investigation of Trump's collusion with Russia.
  • League of the South is an American white supremacist group whose goals include restoring slavery and a return to the Confederacy. Unfortunately for them, their member database which included the real names and addresses of all their dues paying members was hacked. Not surprisingly, among the names were Republican politicians and a firearms industry executive. Meet one of the people who works to properly identifying these people so that they can be investigated by law enforcement.
  • The US Government used to encourage people to encrypt their phones to prevent identify theft until they realized that encryption also means they can't spy on you, so now they're trying to make encryption illegal, and Trump is all for it, sort of, but not really, okay, let's be real, he doesn't know what it is.
  • Trump is the laziest president we've ever had.
  • It's rare to see a Christian denounce the hatred and bigotry of Donald Trump, but it's fantastic when it happens while Mike Pence is visiting.

Solving a river crossing problem with only three objects is pretty easy, but what about where there are hundreds of objects? Math to the rescue!

Loot crates have a lot in common with gambling.

Another reason why you should never listen to your mother.

Beware the ides of January

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I've categorized my song pages based on their genre and added pages for the songs Lund, The Show Must Go On, and Jesus Nitelite.

An interesting video about video game music for water levels.

Christian youth pastor Andy Savage coerced a 17-year-old girl into giving him oral sex, and is now taking a leave of absence, but not before his church gave him a standing ovation for being such a great Christian.

The primary currency of the Internet is your attention.

Addressing the ridiculous apologist argument, do you believe in love?

Weekend, please let me sleep!

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I've added a page for the Nintendo 64.

Snow flakes needs to form on something up in the clouds whether it be a mote of dust, a particle of pollen, or a cell of bacteria.

Good Christian missionary, Daniel John Pye, was sentenced to 40 years in prison after it was discovered that his Christian orphanage in Haiti was actually being used for child prostitution where Pye personally raped several children.

How we can know black holes exist, even without being able to see them.

I've kept the girls alive for one month. Reward please!

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I've added themes to each of the song pages in my Wiki and a category for all the themes, and added pages for three more songs, Science vs. Romance, Promise, and Under the Underpass.

  • It's really a credit to the designers of the US governmental system that even though Trump is trying to be a straight-up dictator, he's unable to do so.
  • As Trump's popularity continues to drop, he is retreating more and more into television and laziness. He's currently only working about four hours a day which explains why he's so incapable at getting anything done.
  • Trump is still claiming that Mexico will pay for a useless border wall while at the same time demanding $18,000,000,000 from the US to pay for it.
  • Part of becoming president is that genealogy experts trace back your family's past, and they have discovered that Trump's grandfather dodged military service in Germany by fleeing to the USA, but when he tried to move back, Germany deported him. You can read his letter to German officials where he begs not to be deported.
  • Republican Peter Hoekstra, Trump's ambassador to the Netherlands, publicly stated that Muslim terrorists were burning people alive in their country. So, Dutch journalists asked him to give an example. Naturally, he couldn't, because Hoekstra was lying, but he didn't want to retract his statement either. However, unlike in the US, the press kept hounding him on the question, asking him over and over again to either give some evidence to support his claim or retract it, but Hoekstra kept ignoring them. Previously, Hoekstra claimed that Muslims had barred off areas of the country to all non-Muslim Dutch citizens, but when a journalist asked him for evidence to back up his claim, Hoekstra denied ever saying it, at which point the journalist played him a clip of him saying it much to Hoekstra's embarrassment, and, by extension, the USA's.
  • Republican, and accused child molester, Roy Moore explains what many Christians believe, it's okay to lie if you're lying to advance Christianity.
  • The Dakota Access Pipeline has been active for six months. In that time it has had five leaks. Not a very impressive track record.

What OCD is and is not.

A disease's guide to world domination.

Amelia Earhart wasn't the best female pilot of her day, so why was she so famous? Marketing.

4 hours of sleep?! What a miracle!

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I've added a page for all the animals I've lived with over the years.

  • It's not news that Trump believes he's a genius, he's an egomaniac after all, that's what they do. It doesn't even matter that he's the least eloquent president in recent history. What's surprising is that the Republican party, even those who have called him crazy, still back him, and are willing to publicly state that nobody thinks he's unstable.
  • Even after getting a massive tax break that will ruin the US economy, large companies are not investing in their future. Instead, the CEOs are taking huge bonuses and still firing their employees and canceling projects precisely as they claimed they would before the tax cut.
  • Yet another failure for the Trump administration. They were really hoping to revitalize the coal industry which has been dying for the past fifty years, but their plan was so bad, they couldn't even get Trump-appointed energy commissioners to vote for it.
  • Most people want to keep Net neutrality laws in place, even most Republican voters, so why then did Republicans vote to eliminate it? Because, in general, Republican politicians vote in favor of their donors (like Comcast and AT&T) rather than their constituents. However, one Republican politician suggests she will break ranks and possibly Net neutrality will be saved, but it requires another Republican politician to actually care about their voters over their donors, so I'm not holding my breath.
  • The rabid racist fans of Steve Bannon have turned on him since he mocked Trump, and he's been fired resigned as executive chairman!
  • Yet another one of Trump's decisions is being blocked by a Federal Judge for being a violation of the US Constitution. This time, it's for trying to end DACA, the program which allows immigrants who can prove they're fine upstanding people to stay in the US.
  • North Carolina Republicans, who admitted to purposely redrawing the distract maps to seek an unfair political advantage, have lost their case in the US Supreme Court!
  • Why is the Trump administration eliminating several policies to help decrease the US government's environmental impact? It's not because of science, or even to save money, it's simply because caring about the environment is "inconsistent" with Trump's deluded view of reality.
  • We could learn something from the massive protests in Iran against President Hassan Rouhani who wasted his nation's money on conservative religious groups instead of helping everyone.
  • After Deyshia Hargrave, a middle school English teacher, had the audacity to ask why her city officials were giving the school district's administrator a raise of $30,000 a year when the teachers had to keep living off a paltry income, she was violently assaulted, and the city went ahead and gave the administrator a raise anyway.
  • The FBI is still adamant about making encryption illegal for regular citizens.

A retrospective of the major events of 2017.

There are many people I originally admired in the skeptical/atheist/free thought movements only to late discover, while they may be decent at some aspect of science, they're actually pretty awful people when it comes to sociology. Case in point, Steven Pinker.

For those who have read about Raleigh scattering, you probably asked the question, why is the sky blue and not violet, but, in fact, it is.

Why it's not possible to know anything about a god's character.

2.5 hours of sleep, a new record

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I have greatly expanded my Games By Platform page.

  • Trump was convinced the Russia scandal would be over by 2017.
  • White, and totally not racist, Republican Steve Alford explained in a town hall meeting that the US outlawed marijuana, and needs to keep it outlawed, because black people are genetically predisposed to succumb to it.
  • After our increasingly more religious Supreme Court refused to hear a case about Christian discrimination, hateful Christians will continue to discriminate against non-Christians, women, the LGBT, and so forth.

Seth Meyers gave a pretty wonderful monologue at the Golden Globes, save for suggesting actors should be politicians.

Crash Course: Philosophy explains Aesthetics, Metaethics, and Divine Command Theory.

A brief rundown of the Spectre and Meltdown computer exploits and how everyone is pretty much screwed until we all buy next generation CPUs.

So, what the hell is Kirby anyway?

I'm convinced that having babies is the universe's favorite form of torture

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I added a category to my Wiki which groups all video game pages by the platform on which they were released.

  • The Michael Wolff book is quite scandalous, and probably contains plenty of fiction among its facts, but the reality is, that is precisely the type of world Trump has created. One part we know is true are the extremely critical words of Steve Bannon, but after finding out that his mob of white supremacists have aligned themselves to Trump, Bannon has decided to kowtow to old master.
  • People love bitching about the poor who don't work, even if they're capable of doing so, but their laziness is nothing compared to the mooching of lazy do-nothing rich, and, by that, I'm looking at Donal Trump whose work day doesn't start until 11 AM!
  • In less than a year, nearly every major Trump employee has resigned or been fired.
  • Trump continues with his lie that Mexico will pay us $18,000,000,000 to keep them out with a useless border wall.
  • Republicans do not care about state's rights.
  • The god of Republican Scott DesJarlais, a staunch anti-abortion politician and doctor who implored several of his mistresses who he impregnated to get abortions, has forgiven him. So too has Christian youth pastor Andy Savage's god forgiven him for having sex with one of his 17-year-old parishioners.
  • Trump's pissing contest with Kim Jong Un is just as devoid of facts as the rest of his life.
  • Kayla Moore, wife of child sexual predator Roy Moore, tried to dispel the allegations that she and her husband were antisemitic by claiming to have hired an attorney who "is a Jew." Well, while his family may be Jewish, the attorney in question has converted to Christianity.

Six basic facts everyone should understand about evolution, explained by a professor of biology.

Using science to figure out how the ancient Egyptians made a blue dye, and then figuring out how to use it in medicine.

Using your understanding of physics, can you guess which way this spool will roll?

Sometimes, trying to decrease an animal's numbers by killing them has the opposite effect!

The extreme lengths scientists go to obtain ice core samples.

I'm so very tired

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I added a page for the game Bubble Bobble.

  • One of the main points in the Wolff book is that Trump never expected to win the presidency, and didn't even want to win.
  • Trump actually ordered one of his lawyers to stop Jeff Sessions from recusing himself from the Russia investigation!
  • Paul Manafort is trying to sue the Justice Department to prevent Robert Mueller from investigating his ties to the Russian scandal. Good luck with that!
  • Tennessee Republicans have made it illegal to carry signs into their Legislative buildings because they can be used as weapons, but you know what is still legal? Guns.

Why there are upside-down rivers on Mars.

When scientists used themselves as Guinea pigs.

Rebecca Watson's 2017 predictions were better than most psychics!

Proving that arcade ticket games are a scam.

Another night of being literally pooped on...

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I have updated my list of games I own with my latest acquisitions including a Commodore 64, Commodore VIC-20, Channel F, and Odyssey 2 and games for each.

  • In the USA, the highest level of law is the Constitution. The first amendment to the Constitution grants the freedom for all citizens to say what they want without fear of government censorship or reprisal. Donald Trump, however, doesn't care much for the Constitution because he's trying to stop a book from being published that will detail the criminal acts committed by his son. So, rather than just deny everything like his administration has been doing in the past, he's now trying to violate the Constitution. But he's not just violating the right of free speech for his disgruntled employees, he's also now banning personal cellphones from the White House entirely for all staff and even guests.
  • Trump's utterly pointless and very expensive commission to identify and eliminate voter fraud has ended with no evidence of voter fraud, but a lot of lawsuits for violating civil rights. This is good news, not just because it was a complete waste of time and money, but because voter id laws really do discriminate against the poor.
  • Motel 6 was caught giving the personal information of nearly ten thousand guests to government law enforcement agencies even though there was no reason to suspect the guests were criminals. Luckily, there is now a lawsuit against them, but if you're ever looking for a budget hotel in the future, you'd be wise to stay somewhere else.
  • The current pay gap between CEOs at major corporations and their low-level employees is now so large that the CEOs make more money before their lunch break than their employees make for the entire year! And thanks to the Republican tax scam, this will only get worse in the upcoming years.
  • Under the Trump administration, FEMA will now use taxpayer money to rebuild churches that have been destroyed in natural disasters, AKA, "Acts of god." The irony here is palpable.
  • Donald Trump thinks the Justice Department is the "deep state," but his aides say that he doesn't.
  • Iran and Russia are experiencing dictatorships, and North and South Korea might come to amicable terms just so they can both avoid having to talk to Donald Trump.
  • Trump's presidential seal is just as gaudy and self-serving as you would expect.

What's the deal with credit card chips?

Toxic masculinity doesn't just hurt the individual and the culture, it also hurts the planet.

Another video game villain gets the assistant they desperately need.

In the future, we might use black holes as an energy source.

Why can't babies vomit on something other than me?

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Last night, in between moments when the girls were asleep, I beat Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu. I also added a page for the Commodore VIC-20.

  • Steve Bannon, Trump's former chief strategist, has described the incident where Trump's family invited Russian officials into Trump Tower to help the Trumps win the election as "unpatriotic" and "treasonous!"
  • Trump is on track to become the first president to, in his first year in office, tell over 2,000 confirmed lies!
  • Trump came back from yet another vacation to compare sizes with Kim Jong Un.
  • When Trump became president, the US government stopped funding organizations that monitored right-wing terrorist organizations like the KKK, Nazis, and other white supremacists, and we have since seen an drastic increase in their acts of terror. Would that we could be like the UK which is actually arresting their right-wing terrorists.
  • Trump isn't just trying to revive a dying industry with coal power, he's also eliminating safety regulations in coal mines, a move that has the death toll of miners is on the rise again.

The FDA is slowly cracking down on fake medicine like homeopathy, which is bad news for bullshit peddlers like Gwenneth Paltrow.

I have a moral problem with eating meat, I can't justify the horror inflicted on farm-raised animals and their slaughter just because I like the way they taste, which is why I'm really looking forward to the coming of meat cultured from stem cells.

What's the deal with Princess Peach and... peaches?

The majority enjoyed in American by white Christians is dying.

What happens when you drop a ferrofluid onto a magnet in slow motion?

A fantastic lecture in physics, especially how much we now know about the universe, by Sean Sarroll.

I will give you the deed to my house to make my babies sleep through the night

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I added a page for the game company Konami and a list of games I like to watch being played.

  • There hasn't been a fatal airplane crash on a major consumer airline in the US since 2009, but that isn't stopping Trump from taking credit for a death-free 2017. He claimed that his strict rules kept the airlines safe, but the only airline-specific legislation his administration seems to have made allows them to be more deceptive with their pricing.
  • Trump continues to embarrass the country with his incompetence regarding science.
  • American Christians still adore Trump proving that they have no moral standards whatsoever.
  • The elimination of Net Neutrality is only the beginning, companies like Comcast and AT&T are trying their best to get Republicans to eliminate ethics entirely.
  • Trump's UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, explains to the Polish Prime Minister how she's closely monitoring the Island of Binomo. The only problem is, there's no such island, and the "Pole" she was taking to was a Russian prankster.
  • Why did Georgia judges send people to see Daniel Durward Staats for counseling even though Staats was not a licensed counselor? Because he Staats is a Christian. Of course, all that bible learning didn't stop Staats from sexually assaulting his patients.

Another person was murdered by the police despite being unarmed in their own home. The police man who murdered him in currently taking a paid vacation. But the initial cause of his death was two people arguing over a $1.50 bet over an online game.

Seven animals that refuse to go extinct.

Vegetarianism causes cancer? Only if you do a crappy test.

No, vitamin C cannot cure a cold.

For decades now, the US military has been poisoning the country with the byproducts of explosive production, and they refuse to clean it up.