April, 2018


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I added a page for computer programming and the Queen song Procession.

  • The proper way to talk about the Trump Administration.
  • Not only has Ronny Jackson abandoned his nomination for heading the VA office, he's also resigning as the President's official doctor. Too many skeletons from his closets have been revealed and he's shrinking from the spotlight.
  • The NRA is banning guns during their event because Mike Pence is speaking. But, if the place is going to be swarming with "good guys with guns" how could he possibly be in harm's way?
  • Yet another Republican resigns amid a sexual harassment scandal. Good riddance Patrick Meehan.
  • Republican Paul Ryan is only a friend of Christians if they're a friend of the rich.
  • Even Fox and Friends has to tell Trump to stop babbling.
  • Trump's administration takes pride in their constant lies about immigration, but at least in the UK, racist lies will still get you fired.
  • That moment when the South Korean president suggests Donald Trump should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. You mean the guy who sends attacks to Yemen, but refuses to stop Russia? You mean the guy whose only interaction with North Korea so far is to insult the leader's height? That Trump? Are you a fucking idiot?
  • In the USA, Republican Scott Pruitt has declared war on the environment. In the EU, they're actually taking steps to fixing their ecological disasters.

Going behind the scenes in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Just a kindly reminder that your tax dollars are going to Christian organizations who lie to women about birth control.

A naturopath who pretends to be a doctor gives a child rabies because he might be a werewolf.

The rise and fall of the world's first empire.

Understanding the three different types of paradoxes.

In the closet, skeletons are lined up and ready to talk

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I added a list of required reading, books that I feel are so important, everyone should read them and a page for arcade games.

North and South Korea are currently engaged in peace talks!

If you enjoy idioms with animals, you should watch this video.

An interesting study about how a generic racist can go full-on Nazi in only six months when they insulate themselves.

Questions about life in space described by an actual astronaut.

A not-safe-for-work mini-documentary about the first nude videos.

You got cobwebs on your halo

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I added a page about a problem with translating the books of the New Testament and a page for a 1980s children's trivia board game, Trivia Adventure.

  • As usual, Trump's team thinks that if we can only get the poor to pay more, we will solve all the country's problem. Never mind that major corporations and the filthy rich pay almost no taxes, never mind that our military budget is over ten time what it needs to be.
  • Trump sure knows how to pick 'em, and, by that, I mean, he picks people who are woefully unqualified and so afraid of being investigated they drop out.
  • Trump is bankrupting the country.
  • Now there is a second Fox "News" to worry about, Sinclair Media.
  • Though I've never seen Capitol Hill questioning ever directly accomplish anything, it will be nice to see how Republican Scott Pruitt tries to justify his rampant corruption.

The six things the bible encourages, but are completely illegal today.

Most Americans would be livid if they found out a group of Muslims forced their child to go through a Islamic ritual, but can't understand why anyone would get mad when Christians do it.

A mathematical reason for why you can't divide by zero.

The 300 Spartans were actually the 7,000 Spartans.

Another rapey priest blames the boys he raped.

A video about the TRS-80 computer.

The annoying "just a theory" argument.

Just one life that is born, and is, and is gone

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I added a page for The Fratellis album Costello Music.

  • Donald Trump isn't saying much about James Shaw, the unarmed black man who wrestled the AR-15 assault rifle out of the hands of Travis Reinking after he murdered four people of color in Antioch, Tennessee. Not only is this an example of yet another white man with a history of mental illness who still legally possessed of several guns, but also of a black hero, neither of which fits Trump's twisted view of the world. But the worst part about it all, is Trump's very own Secret Service agents had just recently taken Reinking's four guns away from him because they viewed him as an dangerous man with mental health problems, and yet, they still returned his guns to his family who promptly returned the guns to their son!
  • Thank you federal judges who keep refusing to let Trump's racism be the rule of law.
  • Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen said he would take a bullet for Trump, but will he take fifteen years in jail for him?
  • Trump's empire is based on lies and bad fact-checking by Forbes.
  • As the environment falls apart around us, Republican head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, is not only claiming that burning wood is carbon neutral (it's not), but is making it harder for the scientists at the EPA to have access to scientific research. This move is at the request of the Heartland Institute, the conservative anti-science organization who is paid by tobacco companies to say smoking doesn't cause cancer, and paid by the fossil fuel's industry to say that climate change isn't real and fracking is good.
  • How Russian trolls have been successfully affecting elections all over the world. And though Trump may be beholden to Putin, other countries are actually doing something about it.
  • More bad news for Sean Hannity. After being outed as a client of Michael Cohen, a lawyer who specializes in covering up affairs, he's been under much more scrutiny than usual, and it just came out that his venture into real estate has got him tied up with a scam artist.

If you're the kind of person who can be easily duped, maybe you will want to buy raw water.

My favorite host on The Atheist Experience, Tracy Harris, describes her deconversion into atheism.

The common ancestor to all life, and why we may have evolved, not from bacteria, but from archaea.

Just one year of love is better than a lifetime alone

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I added a page for the Queen song One Year of Love. I also updated the Bonk's Adventure page and split apart the Game Boy port information. There is also a list of times on digital clocks that I like.

  • Everyone who was involved in the Iran nuclear deal has signed off on it, and Iranians do not like the raw deal they've forced to accept, but even they agree it's the best course of action. But now Donald Trump is going to ruin it just like he has ruined everything he's ever touched, and it's only going to hurt the USA and, with it, the entire world.
  • Just like in 2016, Republicans are afraid to endorse Trump, but, just like in 2016, if he's the only candidate, you know they're going to because they're pathetic.
  • In case you need another reason to fear Russia, their Supreme Court has outlawed the Jehovah's Witness religion because it demands pacifism (among other things), and the nation is currently arresting church members. While I don't agree with the religion, being able to believe what you want is a fundamental human right. However, Trump will continue to be best buddies with Putin no matter how vile he becomes.
  • How to fairly fix the rampant racism Republicans created with their gerrymandering.
  • The guy who can't stop cheating on his many wives is eliminating sexual education funding.
  • Why is it when Republicans create a bill about "freedom" it's always in favor of discrimination?
  • Republicans refuse to believe in climate change, but the evidence is all around us, like the fact that Atlantic fish are now taking over the warming Arctic ocean.

Simone Giertz builds an extremely life-like android.

A postmortem for Sonic the Hedgehog.

Milk isn't much other than filtered blood.

A remastered attempt at putting time into perspective.

Okay, maybe not all of them, that's a bit extreme

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I added a page for the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy audio drama, which I finished over the weekend, and then discovered there is a six season which I haven't yet heard!

IBM is trying to quietly wipe out their older employees by tricking them into signing away their rights then forcing them to relocate across the country or be fired. And since the conservative US Supreme Court keeps making it harder for people to win age discrimination lawsuits, they're probably going to keep doing it, and, if they're successful, other companies will follow suit. Not a good sign if you're older.

Starbucks is still receiving backlash because one of their store managers called 911 and had police forcibly remove two black men from their store.

Carnival games are specifically designed to make you lose, and, even when you win, you still lose.

A talk about the evolution of gods.

The CEO of WalMart makes 1,188 times more than the company's average worker, but do they really contribute 1,188 times more to the value of the company?

Maybe basing a person's credit score on how "good" of a person they are isn't such a good idea.

Kill 'em all!

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I read an reviewed the Book of Haggai.

When you're in a debate, and someone brings up an utterly ridiculous point, it's best to just make a joke about it.

That moment when you try to become a pundit for Christian television, but they won't hire you unless you lie about your religious beliefs.

Not every video game character is cut out to be in Super Smash Bros.

Captain Disillusion explains how the dancing phantoms CGI works by teaching you everything there is to know about computer imaging.

There's so much more than this

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I added a page for The Sounds' song Home Is Where Your Heart Is.

  • Sean Hannity is even seeing his guests call out his hypocrisy.
  • Trump, once again proves he's in bed with Russia, and refuses to add additional sanctions against them.
  • In addition to paying off porn stars, the Trump administration has given $50,000 to a church so that they're make African children take purity oaths. Abstinence hasn't worked anywhere they've tried it so far, so maybe it will work in Africa!
  • Three more white American male terrorists who aren't called terrorists.
  • No, you shouldn't be shocked, Trump is appointing to NASA an administrator with no science background.
  • It's nice to see that there are a few Republicans left who are scrupulous enough to push the Mueller protection bill in spite of the spineless Mitch McConnell.
  • Republicans in the US continue to hold their heads in the sand when it comes to climate change because they don't want to annoy their corporate sponsors, but Canada and France have announced that they're going to work even harder!

Trying to find life outside of our planet.

Some of the things hidden behind the scenes in Chrono Trigger.

The lengths you have to take in order to hold a private meeting in today's world of constant surveillance.

Simone Giertz makes a very useful personal revolving restaurant.

Ancient gladiators were actually more like professional boxers.


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I re-worked my page on the Epistle of James and added a JavaScript program encapsulated in an HTML page to remove niqqud from Hebrew text.

  • Trump is not just the only president in living memory to refuse to release his taxes to the public because he's so corrupt, but he can't even get them filed on time! Why is that? Aren't all of his businesses owned by his children now? If he only gets income from his job as the president, and has nothing else to hide, surely his taxes should be a breeze.
  • Remember the bill to protect Robert Muller from being fired by Trump? Republican Mitch McConnell refuses to allow it to see a vote. Those two are thick as thieves.
  • Sean Hannity from Fox "News" has been calling the seizing of Michael Cohen's files a "witch hunt." Sure Cohen has made a career out of paying off the mistresses of Republicans, but what Hannity forget to divulge is that he personally paid Cohen for some undisclosed legal help!
  • The US Supreme Court is currently quite conservative, and even they think that Trump's violating human rights.
  • Trump's pick for Interior Secretary, Republican Ryan Zinke, the guy who keeps selling off national monuments to oil companies, is now pretending to be a geologist.
  • Trump's limited strike on Syria probably won't help the country, but it sure cost the US millions of dollars.

Another unarmed black man has been shot to death by police.

Taxing pop could help keep people's diet in check, but not when the tax is setup so stupidly.

Some of the odd things that go on beyond the camera in Super Mario 64.

Conway's game of life can be used to create some amazing things.


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I added a page for the Alanis Morissette song, I Was Hoping and the Book of Obadiah.

  • More news of Republican Scott Pruitt's corrupt has been released. Turns out, the $43,000 sound proof phone booth he had installed in his office was illegal.
  • Trump has no problem bombing Syria, but he refuses to actually help Syrian refugees.
  • Just a reminder, the real reason your city has turned to shit isn't because of people one welfare, it's because of companies on welfare.
  • Ajit Pai, the Republican who single-handedly eliminated Net neutrality in the USA, also recruited Elizabeth Pierce, a cable company CEO who was just arrested for $250,000,000 in fraud.
  • Republican Matt Bevin said that children were being sexually assaulted because Kentucky teachers were striking for a livable wage. Now, he's sorry, not that he said it, because he still believes it, but because it generated negative press.
  • The Trump administration continues to fail to stop the FBI investigation against them despite doing a piss poor job at trying.

Some rather interesting things scientists discovered by accident.

It's 2018 and even after a woman said no to a man 90 times, her jury still refused to render a guilty verdict to her rapist because the woman was also drunk.

It should be a crime to psychologically abuse someone in hopes of altering who they're physically attracted to, and, in many places, it already is.

Alexandre Bissonnette, a watcher of Fox News and big fan of Donald Trump, murdered six people while they were in church because they were Muslims.

Another daughter from a TLC Christian family show has come forward about the sexual abuse of Toby Willis.

Some strange things are hidden among the race tracks in the Mario Kart franchise.


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Despite the sleet scaring away a few people, my birthday party was still a enjoyable success. There was trivia, sing-a-longs, and good conversation. Thank you all who braved the weather!

I added a review for the game Raptor: Call of the Shadows.

  • Trump is learning that part of being so terrible and making everyone hate him means nobody feels bad about exposing all the terrible things he's done. And now we're learning from Comey that the Russian pee tapes are probably real, not only because a lot of the Steele dossier has since been prove true, but also because Trump personally asked Comey to check for a pee tape, so he said, just to prove it didn't exist.
  • Yet another news organization points out the obvious, that giving massive tax cuts to the filthy rich doesn't help the working class.
  • The environment's worst nightmare, Republican Scott Pruitt, wants to add bible verses to the EPA emblem.
  • Another Russian journalist has died under mysterious circumstances.
  • Long barriers like Trump's would-be border wall don't just stop human traffic, they also stop wildlife traffic.
  • Just a reminder, our president was once involved with professional wrestling.

The only person who can shoot an unarmed black teen with a gun is a white man with a gun.

Some of the more interesting things found behind the scenes in the Punch-Out!! series.

Chemist Andrew Szydlo wows the crowd with flames, explosions, and various other chemical reactions.

Conservative Christian pastor Ken Adkins was overjoyed that so many gay people were murdered at the Pulse nightclub shooting. Naturally, we later found out he's a child molester.

The extra pressure of being a racial minority, especially a poor one, means lack of sleep, which comes with its own host of health problems.

Party tomorrow!

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I added a reviews for the Hello Saferide song Anna and reviews for the NES and SNES controllers.

  • There has been a massive exodus of prominent Republicans retiring from Congress before the midterm elections, but I'm not convinced they're doing this solely because they might lose reelection, I think they have a behind-the-scenes insight to just how bad the White House is going to fall, and, like rats abandoning a sinking ship, they're trying to get out before the scandal really breaks.
  • To give you an idea of just how morally bankrupt American Evangelical Christians are, not only did they overwhelmingly support Donald Trump, but after they learned that he may have cheated on his wife with a porn star, they started loving him even more!
  • So, after increasing the national deficit to an estimate $1,000,000,000,000 by giving massive tax breaks to the filthy rich and increasing the already bloated military budget, Trump has decided that the real financial problem the US has is that a single company isn't paying enough to the US Post Office.
  • Trump may have finally realized how stupid he was for pulling the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • A troubling video has surfaced of ICE agents considering dumping a man in Mexico without processing him according to the law, because he "looks Mexican."

For decades, the Catholic Church had censorship control over the film industry.

Scientists still don't know how lightning works, but they're getting closer to understanding it.

Christian pastor Acton Bowen has been arrested for sexually assaulting a young boy, under the age of 16.

There are some interesting behind-the-scenes things to find in Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt.

The element promethium has a pretty interesting history.

One month until show time

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I added a page for the Queen single, Long Away. I also added reviews for the Logitech F710 and F310 gamepads.

  • Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, has been raided by the FBI after they got approval not just from judges, but from Trump's own Republican appointees, and Trump is his usual eloquent self. What a disgrace. Even Republican Senators are now trying to pass a bill that will make it much harder for Trump to fire Robert Mueller.
  • After creating one of the largest deficits this country has ever seen with unprecedented tax breaks for the extremely rich and completely unnecessary military spending, Trump has decided the real way to fix our debt is to make sure poor people don't get welfare.
  • How corrupt is Republican Scott Pruitt? Very corrupt.
  • Republican Governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens, is having a bad day, but not nearly as bad as the woman he sexually assaulted.
  • While he was in office, Republican John Boehner voted against the legalization of medical marijuana. Now that it affects his paycheck, he's fighting to legalize it. Typical hypocrisy.
  • Paul Nehlen is the Republican white supremacist that would take over Paul Ryan's position.

Some boundary breaking in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Pope Francis is finally acknowledging that he made serious mistakes in how he helped protect child raping priests when we was still working in Chile.

It's important to keep your dogma out of discourse.

If you hate Facebook, why are you still using it? Well, since everyone else is, you basically have to.

Happy belated birthday to me!

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I added quite a bit more to the theatre portal.

  • With the impeding blue tsunami wiping out this most recent generation of horrible Republicans, many of them have been jumping ship and, in order to save face at a probably defeat, are claiming they won't seek reelection. In particular is Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. After doing serious damage to the the most vulnerable American people, he's now cashing out his millions and retiring. Fuck him.
  • Donald Trump isn't just one of the most corrupt presidents in our nation's history, he is also one of the most corrupt businessmen in our nation's history.
  • I'm no fan of Amazon, and I think their business model is damaging to the country, but, as usual, Trump has it all wrong.
  • Yet another Trump employee is threatening to quit, because it sure beats being raided by the FBI!

Computerphile reviews the Atari 2600.

The FTC has -finally- made it clear that companies aren't allowed to void a warranty because someone opened their own product.

Breaking beyond the boundaries in Doom.

Republican Rick Ray Redalen lost his medical license in three states due to malpractice and committed perjury so he could marry his 15-year-old step-daughter, but that didn't stop Texas Republicans from giving him authority over the state's medical laws.

Happy birthday to me!

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I added a page for the Rilo Kiley song, Pictures of Success.

  • It's usually not a good sign for you when the FBI raids your lawyer's office.
  • Economists are predicting that Trump's "leadership" including eliminating taxes on the rich and wasteful spending will bring the US deficit to $1,000,000,000,000.
  • The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has ceased distributing bottled water to the Flint citizens who were poisoned by Republicans claiming the city's water is once again safe, even though 4% of the samples tested still had elevated levels of lead and the EPA has warned that more lead will be introduced into the water each time there is underground construction in the city. The fact that this decision was made right after the very same group gave NestlĂ© the right to drain even more water from the Great Lakes is surely just a coincidence.
  • As Republicans keep defending the wasteful spending of Scott Pruitt, the Office of Government Ethics has officially pointed out their concerns with his ethical violations.
  • Yulia Skripal, the daughter of Sergei Skripal, has been released from the hospital after the Russian government failed to assassinate them.

Not only do Christian crisis pregnancy centers lie to women about pretty much everything, but you're probably paying them to do so.

The Catholic Church is dying, and it has been for decades.

Taking the camera outside of the normal areas in Portal 2.

As the arctic continues to shrink, it means big changes for the everything in that area, and possibly for the entire planet.

Leona Stucky talks about her deconversion from living as a Conservative Mennonite.

No more snow!

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I added a page for the game Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Another day, another child-molesting priest.

Some early work on making plastics that are more effective at self-degradation.

What goes on behind in the scenes in Half-Life 2.

Attorney General Bill Higgins, a Conservative Christian, has been charged with using his authority to coerce women into having sex with him.

The decline of the shopping mall isn't just a problem for businesses, it's a problem for society at large.

A nice lecture about the importance of teaching physics, by Helen Czerski.

Flying fistulas, Batman!

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I added a page for the Queen song Father to Son.

  • Trump is sending a military presence to the border of Mexico. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Republican Scott Pruitt's EPA keeps digging its corruption hole deeper by finding his employees who have questioned his unethical behavior and punishing them.
  • Republican Mick Mulvaney, "My department is so wasteful it costs businesses money," also Mick Mulvaney, " I'm giving $230,000 raises to my friends in the department."
  • Trump dumped taxpayer money into a commission to desperately search for evidence of voter fraud, but after a year of failure, Trump finally disbanded the commission, having never found any evidence of the widespread fraud he kept claiming existed. And even after his failure, Trump continues to falsely claim that there are millions of cases of voter fraud.
  • A public service announcement from Sinclair Broadcasting.
  • South Korea's former president, Park Geun-hye has been sentenced to jail for 24 years for massive corruption. Imagine if our country would grow a spine and do the same thing with our crooked politicians!
  • Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned by Russian operatives, but, thankfully, their health is improving.
  • The NRA keeps has been blocking research into gun violence for years.
  • The white supremacist web site Stormfront is having some financial woes because there just aren't enough people willing to give them money.
  • Republican Bob Nonini wants to execute all women who have had abortions and former Republican candidate Justin Jones has ended his political campaign after his, "fags are disgusting," quote went public.
  • The USA keeps closing its borders, but China is expanding at an accelerated rate.

Facebook may spend a lot of money trying to make people believe their private data is secure, but, they keep getting caught violating their own rules.

A great panel of Atari 2600 programmers.

Why free will is an illusion.

What comes next?

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I love when I get an email from someone who claims they're from the Department of Homeland Security, but their email address uses an Italian country code.

I added a page for the game designer David Crane.

  • Most people in Trump's cabinet have been caught doing some seriously shading things, but Scott Pruitt might get the trophy for the most corrupt.
  • Republican Mick Mulvaney is urging Congress to cripple the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that he leads. The CFPB protects Americans from the predatory practices of banks and payday loan centers. Now, there could be legitimate argument to deceasing the authority of the CFPB by showing that lending organizations have learned from their past mistakes (like collapsing the entire nation's economy in 2008) and have become ethical and effective, but, of course, the nation is getting right back on track for another economic collapse, and payday lending companies often end up putting poor people in permanent debt. Clearly, the CFPB is needed now more than ever, but Mulvaney doesn't care about people, he only cares about companies. He argues that the CFPB has too much authority and is hurting businesses. Yes, the CFPB is hurting businesses, it's hurting unethical businesses that prey on the poor. That's the whole point. These are not businesses that we want around in the first place!
  • Trump claims that nobody has been harder on Russia than he, but I think he's confused that with getting a hard on for Russia.
  • This pretty much sums up the latest Republican pick, "Putting [Susan] Combs in charge of the Fish and Wildlife Service is like appointing an arsonist as the town fire marshal."
  • There isn't a "mainstream Liberal media." There are media outlets with a liberal agenda, but they're not mainstream. What Conservatives call the "Liberal" media, are media organizations practicing responsible journalism. However, there is a "mainstream Conservative media," which is outlets like Fox "News" and Sinclair Broadcasting.
  • Teachers are striking in Oklahoma because they're barely being paid a livable wage. The Republican governor Mary Fallin dismisses them saying they're, "like a teenager wanting a better car."
  • Christians, with the help of Trump, keep promoting religious authority while dismissing people with a secular world view. The US military continues to try and prevent secular chaplains from being allowed in the US military. But they're the ones getting filmed having sex in a bar.
  • New York police shot an unarmed black man to death because they thought he had a gun. He was mentally ill and pointing a shower head at people.
  • What if everyone answered questions as dishonestly as Sarah Hackabee Sanders?
  • Republican Dana Rohrabacher is outraged that homeless people will have a safe place to sleep after all the work he has done to try and push them out of polite society.

The real story behind Pocahontas was seriously horrible.

A ten-minute long video about the size of a fictional video game character's penis.

Why didn't Obi Wan just drop his light saber?

An interesting lecture about the history of the accomplishments of the Large Hadron Collider.

Sesame Street has had a pretty interesting history.

April snowstorms bring May...?

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I added a pages for examples of bad font choices.

  • The office of Veteran's Affairs has more money going through it than General Motors, but Trump just appointed his own doctor to run it, someone who has never run an organization of even a hundredth of that size.
  • Now that Trump has "fixed" health care, it will cover 8,900,000 fewer Americans and cost $33,000,000,000 more.
  • While trying to entertain children for an Easter egg hunt, Trump went on a long rambling rant of white nationalism. Shockingly, while Central Americans are being deported like crazy, ICE hasn't bothered to kick out an actual Nazi war criminal.
  • Republican Scott Pruitt was paying a surprisingly low cost for his condo. How was he able to get such a great deal? Political corruption! It just so happened the condo was owned by the same company whose oil pipeline he OKed.
  • Remember how Trump finally caved to pressure and ousted 60 Russian diplomats? They're most likely going to be replaced by new Russian diplomats.
  • Wisconsin elected a new judge to their state Supreme Court. Hopefully, she will be helpful in leading their state back to fair politics.
  • Another mass shooting, this time at YouTube's headquarters. Several people have been shot, and the shooter appears to have killed herself.

Nestle continues to rob the Great Lakes.

Nobody thought to tell Heineken this was a terrible ad?

Some of the glitches in Mega Man.

Learn about the IMSAI 8080, a computer that was featured in the movie War Games.

The search for a theory of everything may not be necessary.

Drinking turpentine will not cure your ills, but there is a racist reason in America's past for why people think it will.

Mostly healthy, but still have to cough up a pound of phlegm each morning

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I added a pages for the companies FCI and Atari, and one for the Macintosh computer.

  • Trump has taken serious steps to letting Fox "News" run the White House.
  • Republican Jeff Sessions is currently in charge of one of the worst insults to justice in America, immigration courts.
  • Republican Scott Pruitt has decided that American cars are far too efficient and burning fossil fuels and we need more smog. So, he's eliminating the rules that require manufacturers to build cars with clean emissions. And, after destroying the environment, what batter way to treat yourself than giving unauthorized raises to all your friends?
  • The religious arguments in favor of a moral monster like Trump are just pathetic. We get it, all your heroes are criminals, that's not something to be proud of!
  • Police officer Andrew Kisela shot a woman four times on her own front porch because she was holding a kitchen knife next to her room mate. She was not a criminal suspect and had not committed any crimes, and the other officers on the scene didn't shoot the woman, but the current majority Conservative US Supreme Court ruled that the officer Kisela did nothing wrong and he will not face punishment.

Weapons using artificial intelligence are vastly superior to human-controlled weapons, and they make for a very scary future.

Catholic priest Jonathan Wehrle has been caught stealing over $5,000,000 from his church and buying himself a nice mansion.

The Christians fighting to keep their tacky hydraulic cross on public land in Grand Haven, Michigan have lost its final appeal. Thank you first amendment.

Bart Ehrman is plugging his latest book, The Triumph of Christianity, though, not necessarily the truth of it.

Did you ever wonder what was the deal with the leaves at the top of Corinthian columns?

Learning about the age of the Earth by discovering its oldest rocks.

Still approaching "normal," very slowly...

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I added a page for the board game Fireball Island and the DOS application The New Print Shop.

  • You should have known this when you voted for them: Republicans are now openly admitting that they're trying to dismantle Medicare, Medicaid, and various other welfare programs that protect the poor.
  • Trump's lawsuits around the women he sexually assaulted and tried to hush up aren't just scandalous, they're also important to the future of our country.
  • With all the evidence showing that the Trump administration worked with Russians to help win the election, at what point can we just agree that it was collusion? Also, in addition to Trump congratulating Putin for winning a rigged election, he also invited him to the White House.
  • With Trump, it's always about discrimination and hate.
  • Not exactly a big shock, but after Trump raised tariffs on Chinese imports, China raised tariffs on US imports. Thus, Trump's decision hurts consumers and manufacturers, but gives each government more money.
  • US voting machines are surprisingly easy to hack, and that's not good for democracy. Especially when the current president doesn't care about democracy.

Derren Brown makes some really interesting shows about skepticism, but that doesn't mean he's immune to bullshit.

Discovering interesting thoughts by using the old Russian reversal joke.

Christian pastor Matthew Dennis Patterson of Nolensville Road Baptist Church has made a career out of hating homosexuals. Turns out, he's also made a career out of sexually assaulting little boys. Also, Christian pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, spiritual advisor to US President George W. Bush, has just been arrested for several counts of money laundering and fraud.

Some interesting moments in the history of science.

Weird facts about the Doom Series.