May, 2018

I want solid food again!

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I split apart Guerrilla War from the NES port page since the games are so different.

  • We live in a country where "Kim Kardashian meets with Trump to discuss prison reform" is a real headline. Spoiler alert, they didn't address prison reform, they just talked about Trump's neckties.
  • The Trump administration may have written off Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria with a confirmed 64 deaths, but Harvard researchers estimate the actual number is closer to 5,000.
  • In addition to writing a book whose core message is, "the American slave was treated... pretty well," Dinesh D'Souza plead guilty to campaign finance fraud after being caught using false names to donate large sums of money to Republican political candidates (the same crime which Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen has been accused). However, due to his Republican connections, D'Souza never saw the inside of a prison. In fact, since he has a long history of lying to further Republican ideals, he has become a friend of Donald Trump who issued D'Souza a full pardon and says the real criminal here was the people in law enforcement who arrested him for his crimes.
  • The US has been knocked down another peg as China surpasses us in life expectancy. Meanwhile, Trumps picks Robert Redfield to head the CDC, a man who has been accused of profiting off of research fraud.
  • Trump continues to start trade wars with our allies.

Alex Dainis shows you how to perform DNA extraction in your kitchen.

Those children who were raped by priests in Australia will finally get their day in court now that a legal loophole has been closed after 16 years of waiting.

Bart Ehrman discusses his new book about Christianity and his journey from evangelical to atheist.

The mothers who rely on science not celebrities.

Want to be creative? Get some sleep!

Using a blockchain to sell graphics of cats.

Having a stitched up gum isn't as fun as I thought it would be.

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I added a page for the video game developer, Technos and The Sounds song The Only Ones.

  • Trump further whitewashes US history claiming that the North America was just a savage wasteland until proper white people came to tame it, and we shouldn't apologize for all the genocide.
  • Meanwhile, Trump described vague violent horrors attributed to foreigners as he lead his supporters in a chant referring to immigrants as "animals."
  • The Trump brand is expanding by leaps and bounds in China where most of their products are made. They received over 20 new trademarks shortly after Trump lifted a ban on Chinese telecom company ZTE for selling to North Korea. America first... after China and North Korea.
  • The US is funding a police group in El Salvador that has been executing people without a fair trial.
  • Christian family man, and Republican Governor Eric Greitens, has resigned amid multiple allegations of sexual assault and fraud. We hold state governors to a higher degree of ethics than our national president.
  • Republican Diane Black blames school shootings on pornography.

Human perception doesn't work linearly, but logarithmically.

Only 60% of Americans are able to correctly answer these basic science questions.

The high price of having cheap plastic.

A feminist view of Deadpool 2.

What is the maximum age for humans?

Women in the adult video industry explain how they have to work hard for their money.

This indecision's buggin' me

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Got my chomper fixed today. The oral surgeon sliced open the side of my gum, drilled through the root of my tooth, scraped out the end of the nerve, cemented it shut, and stitched my gum close. It's just as painful as it sounds!

Over the weekend I beat New Super Mario Bros.

  • Trump asserts without proof the FBI will meddle in the midterm election. Actually a possibility since, by saying they were re-opening the Clinton investigation, the FBI really did meddle in the last presidential election.
  • Not like it's shocking, but Trump use Memorial Day to congratulate himself for things he didn't do.
  • It's been over half a year now, and the US territory Puerto Rico still hasn't recovered from Hurricane Maria. The death toll is near 5,000, and Trump still can't be bothered to do anything about it.
  • The more scientists study the environment, the more they learn that climate change is worse than they initially thought, and still Trump can't be bothered to do anything about it.
  • Continuing to mock Trump's North Korea commemorative coin.
  • Republican Dana Rohrabacher is protecting bigots who discriminate against the LGBT. Thankfully, he's losing support because of it.
  • Christian Republicans are trying to inundate Congress with bills that violate the first amendment in the hopes that at least some of them will pass. It's unfortunate that Christian leaders have to resort to such dishonest tactics.
  • Samantha Bee on the anti-truth that is Kellyanne Conway.
  • Despite it's huge ratings, the re-boot of Roseanne has been canceled because Roseanne Barr claimed that George Soros was a Nazi who help kill Jews during the Holocaust. Once again, we hold actors to a much higher level than our president.

Egypt has become so fervently Muslim that the government banned all of YouTube for a full month in the hopes of preventing Egyptians from seeing a video that is critical of Mohammad.

Despite claiming to be 75% Catholic, Ireland has voted to allow same-sex marriage, and has now voted to repeal its anti-abortion amendment. Well done!

Faith believers in the Congo took two patients being treated for Ebola out of the hospital to a prayer meeting. Not only did this cause the death of the two Ebola victims die, but it also exposed everyone at the prayer meeting to Ebola.

Though Pope Francis might give sound bites implying he's okay with LGBT people, when it comes to policy decisions, he's just as bigoted as the rest of them.

Jordan Peterson makes a utterly terrible argument about ancient cultures knowing about DNA.

It rots from the head

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I added a mini review for my Western Digital Elements portable hard drive which has survived me dropping it yet again!

  • Trump may have bungled the North Korea peace talks, but that doesn't mean he's going to stop selling his commemorative coins!
  • You can always trust the NRA to do the right thing, like how they want to censor the free press so they can't report on mass shootings.
  • It's pretty sad that it had to come to this, but a federal judge just ruled that, because he uses it as a public governmental forum, Trump is not allowed to block people on Twitter.
  • If Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan has taught us anything, it's that poor injured foreigners will be denied help from the people who claim to love Jesus the most. Yes, according to Pew, Republicans and white Evangelicals are the least likely to claim that they have a responsibility to help refugees. Meanwhile, people who like helping people are calling for the elimination if ICE.
  • Democrats are looking good for the primaries, and they better be with Trump's latest bullshit.
  • Trump continues to bitch about being investigated by the FBI. Well, maybe you should stop being a criminal?
  • The US continues to help murder civilians in Yemen, despite never having been attacked by them.

Before you get a home AI system and purposely subject yourself to surveillance, be reminded that they sometimes record your conversations and email them to people, that Amazon is testing its facial recognition software on the public, and Facebook doesn't just spy on its users, it spies on people who are not even signed up on Facebook!

As a cultural system, monogamy has never worked very well.

Some things go bad just because

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I added a page for former Rilo Kiley guitarist Blake Sennett and a review for MS-DOS.

  • Trump asks a very important question, should people who protest be kicked out of the country?
  • The problem with Donald Trump claiming he had "everything" to do with North Korean peace talks before anything is concrete is that the only person to blame for its failure is Trump.
  • Maybe Trump could keep his aides longer if they weren't all criminals?
  • Under Trump, ICE has become a force for pure evil. The children they arrest are reporting deadly neglect, violent attacks, and sexual abuse.
  • This is that pay-to-play politics Trump keeps accusing others of doing.
  • It is the job of the FBI to monitor and stop activity by criminal organizations. It's not their fault if you keep having meetings with them at your place of business. And on the topic of Russia, it appears that Russia shot down the passenger plane of flight MA17 killing 300 civilians.

If you're ever stuck in a survival situation, make sure you don't make it worse by following these terrible ideas.

If you're going to honor the dead by placing Christian crosses at their death site, you should probably check to see if they were actually Christian.

No, Alfie Evans wasn't killed by socialized medicine.

The Catholic church can't meet their demand for priests and nuns because nobody wants to get ordained anymore!

The story of Mary and how she left the Mormon Church.

The police tactic of randomly stop and frisk people has never been very random.

Funny how the pages turn and hold us in between

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I added a page for the Queen song Some Day One Day.

  • Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, isn't too happy now that his business partner Evgeny Freidman has, for a lighter sentence, plead guilty to a felony of tax theft, must pay a $5,000,000 fine, and is willing to cooperate with the Feds to further their investigation. Whether Friedman's ties to Russia have anything to do with it remain unknown.
  • More talk about how Don Jr keeps getting caught in lies about Russian collusion.
  • While under Republican control, Michigan has decided that oil and gas companies should be able to decide which regulations of oil and gas are safe for the environment.
  • Under Republican lead, both health care and safety regulations have been eliminated, so, it's not much of a shock that preventable diseases for the working class are on the rise.
  • Republican John Shimkus really thinks there is a rising sea-level because rocks keep falling into the ocean. This is what happens when you're not taught about subduction.
  • This White House continues to be the leakiest White House in the history of leaky White Houses.

The NFL is making it part of their rules that players must adhere to their views on Nationalism. Thus, even if the players do not want to show deference to a symbol of authoritarianism, they will be punished if they do not. The irony, of course, is that they are being forced to do something they disagree with during a song promoting their freedom.

Baptists are so touchy. Tell a woman that getting a divorce is worse than routinely being raped by your husband, and suddenly they call for your resignation! It's nice that religious people are finally accepting secular values.

No gods, no kings, but damn, did they certainly shape our past!

Bill Yester, the principal who forced students to read from his bible and threatened them with hell in order to cure their gayness has finally been fired.

How to actually admit when you're wrong in the skeptic community.

With the guilty verdict of Archbishop Philip Wilson, the Vatican is now seeing even its senior members finally being punished for covering up child sex abuse.

I wanna see that fire burnin' in you little child

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I started a page on the New Testament.

  • Shockingly, the Republican tax increase for the poor and decrease for the rich isn't helping the economy. Instead, it's causing American companies to continue closing American plants and outsource the jobs. This is a huge benefit to the stock holders, but a life ruiner for American workers. Just ask the 800 workers that Harley-Davidson just dumped to the curb shortly after being lauded by the Trump administration.
  • The Conservative judges of the Supreme Court have just struck down the rights of the working class making it legal for corporations to force their employees to give up the right to create class-action lawsuits when their rights are being violated. This ruling will only help already rich and unfair companies at the expense of the American worker.
  • Even if Republican Scott Pruitt wasn't using the EPA's budget as his own personal checking account, even if he wasn't accepting gifts from companies he's supposed to be regulating, even if he wasn't banning the media from his meetings, he would still be destroying the environment.
  • For decades, car dealerships and the banks they worked with were charging more money to black car buyers, even when they had superior credit. Democrats made the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to keep these institutions honest to help stamp out racism, but Trump just did away with it. Back to racism we go.
  • Trump continues to use insecure cell phones because security is "too inconvenient."
  • Bill Gates describes Donald Trump.
  • The Trump administration needs to hurry up and go to prison already!

The science behind people bullshitting on the Internet.

It's nice that we have substance abuse rehabilitation centers in America, but it would be nicer if they actually worked.

It's nice when, in TV shows, characters learn why it's bad to be racist, but why do they only stop being racist after someone of a different race is nice to them?

These are a few of my favorite Mormon Sins.

Open up late bloomer

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I added a page for Jenny Lewis.

  • It wasn't just the Russians, Donald Trump Jr. also met with the United Arab Emirates to help his father get elected. Too bad he's now suffering from amnesia. And things keep getting worse for Trump's former lawyer.
  • We're learning that one of the students the Texas school shooter murdered was a girl who wouldn't date him after months of badgering. But the Texas government says the problem is video games, the teachers, the parents, the fact that schools that aren't built and operated like prisons, non-Christians, and abortion. Also, Newsweek points out a very disturbing fact. Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks 6,929 US soldiers have been killed. However, since the Sandy Hook murders in 2012, about 7,000 children have been murdered in the US. The real war isn't overseas, it's here in our backyard. And, while gun nuts love to look to Israel as a country with lots of guns, but few shootings, Israel actually has far fewer citizens with guns, and very strict gun control laws.
  • For-profit schools have been preying on students for decades, leaving them with useless degrees and massive student loan debts, and Republican Betsy DeVos is ending the investigations into them.
  • A Border Patrol agent detains two American citizens for over a half hour because they were bi-lingual.
  • Trump's new CDC director, believes that AIDS is his god's punishment for the LGBT.

What Christian apologists claim are atheist governments are nothing of the sort.

More than saying a video is fake, it helps to be able to say why it's fake.

Why the golden ratio shows up in so many plants.

Why do whales get so big?

Deep time

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I created the beginnings of a page for Freddie Mercury.

  • Despite Trump claiming he was in favor of abortion, then switching to being against it when he wanted the Republican nomination, the White House is still trying to eliminate abortion access. Now, they're punishing clinics, not just for allowing the procedure, but for even directing women to another clinic to get the procedure.
  • True to form, Trump is bungling the Korean peace talks.
  • Trump is fine with disrupting the Middle East by siding with Israel, but we shouldn't be so friendly with a nation with terrible human rights violations, like forced birth control. Regardless, it's important to know just why the conflict exists in the first place.
  • Because the Trump administration has given them carte blanche, ICE has been arresting immigrants essentially at random, hoping that they'll find a crime afterward. And, if they can't, they make one up.
  • Bill Gates recounted his meeting with Donald Trump. Trump made inappropriate comments about the appearance of Gates's 22-year-old daughter, and failed to understand the difference between HPV and HIV!
  • I'm happy to hear that even the mostly Republican Senate was able to pass a bill to restore Net neutrality (here's a list of the ones who voted against it). It will probably die in the House, but it's still a black eye for the Republican FCC!
  • Equifax had the largest breach of US citizen's private financial data in US history. It was so bad that millions of Americans have become about 1000 times more likely to have their identity stolen, and the problem will persist for the rest of their lives. They have yet to receive any punishment for their stupidity, and now, it looks like the never will. Republicans have placed Andrew Smith, the very same lawyer who has been defending them, in charge of investigating them!
  • The Trump investigation continues unabated.
  • Banned ozone depleting chemicals are still being made and used, but with incompetent corrupt people like Republican Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA, they'll never be found.
  • Republicans are pushing out copyright law even further, now for 144 years! Long after the creator is dead, now even after their children are dead. This law will not help people, it will only help corporations, but then, isn't that the motto of the Republican party?

Another 8 students were killed by a gunman. Can we talk about gun violence now?

This is really a daily occurrence. Another Christian preacher was arrested for an inappropriate sexual relationship with several girls, some as young as 12.

What's really going on in the heads of people who have an interracial blind date.

Alex Dainis has published her first scientific paper.

The strange stellar object that is the brown dwarf.

Probably not the best idea

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You bet your ass I'll be watching Bohemian Rhapsody! And Freddie totally wins this Epic Rap Battle.

I added a page for the Atari 5200 and a dozen more video game advertisements.

  • Trump uses the same language as Hitler, saying that immigrants aren't people, they're animals.
  • Republican's keep calling the Trump investigation a "witch hunt," but so far it has led to four guilty pleas in the Trump administration with several more expected, multiple nomination withdrawals, a decrease of Kushner's security clearance, a secret meeting with Russia, an presidential affair, a judicial recusal, the discovery of corrupt pay-to-play politics with payments from Russia, and much more is expected.
  • Trump's warmonger, John Bolton, is eliminating the White House's cyber-security advisor, because clearly we have too much protection from hackers.
  • Fox "News" has the ear of the president... to the point of telling him bedtime stories. And I do mean stories!
  • Republicans don't apologize for mocking the brain cancer of US military P.O.W..
  • A former employee of Cambridge Analytica explained how the company was specifically targeting racist Americans to try and trigger them into voting for Trump. Speaking of racists, I wonder who Aaron Schlossberg voted for?
  • Why are so many White House employees leaking to the press? Often because they hate their bosses.

Another cross removed from public land. The Christians are mad that they had to move their so-called "historic" cross which was put up in 1992. How historic.

IBM's ridiculous EBCDIC.

How is it that there are still teachers who don't know it's illegal to force their students to mindlessly recite a political prayer?

Which takes more faith to believe? The hypothesis of a possible multiverse, or an all-powerful supernatural entity that created the universe ex nihilo and really cares if you masturbate? Part one and two.

I write these stupid words, and I love every one!

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I added a page for the Weezer song In the Garage and added a recording of the audio drama to the Loom page.

  • The Senate Judiciary Committee released documents pertaining to their investigation of the Trump administration's collusion with Russia. Most of it had already been discovered by investigative reporters: that Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort worked with Russians to help Trump win, and later lied about it. The only real new information is there is new reason to believe that Donald Trump was personally aware of the conspiracy at the time despite all his claims that he wasn't.
  • Donald Trump spent much of his time accusing Hillary Clinton of pay-to-play politics, when that's exactly what he was doing all along.
  • Trump is helping China at the expense of America.
  • Republican Ajit Pai is reviled because he destroyed Net neutrality, as he should be.
  • Not that it should be a shock, but Trump refuses to be interviewed by journalists.

Christian pastor Kenneth Butler and two other church members are going to prison for sexually molesting girls from their church.

Just a reminder that simply not believing in a god is still a crime in many parts of the world.

Do Tic-Tacs defy gravity?

Every few years, plants produce several times their normal amount of seeds, but why?

Ah, the old melting spoon gag.

In the garage, I feel safe, no one cares about my ways

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I added a page for Weezer's Blue Album. I also added manuals and maps to the Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra page.

  • At least 60 Palestinians are now dead because Trump moved the US embassy into to contested city of Jerusalem, something no other world leader was stupid enough to do, but as the Israeli military shoots protesters to death in the streets, the Trump administration says their deaths are nothing more than propaganda, and just down the road, they're all smiles. Also, as the Trump administration is demanding North Korea and Iran eliminate their nuclear programs, they're increasing ours.
  • Trump's psychopathic war-monger, Mike Bolton, says if our European allies don't follow the US in breaking peace treaties with Iran, the US will create economic sanctions against the EU.
  • Trump's rampant corruption is certainly comparable to Nixon, but Nixon didn't have Fax "News" to issue non-stop lies to his base.
  • Mike Pence gave a speech at a private Christian college and claimed that, ever since Trump was elected, religious faith has been increasing in the USA. But, for those of us who live in reality, the truth is, the USA continues to grow more secular.
  • Trump's choice for the new head of the CDC is Robert Redfield. Redfield not only has no experience for such a position (par for the course for Trump appointees), but also has a history of falsifying research data, and preferring elimination of sex education and condoms to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
  • While Trump may continue to be at the mercy of Russia, the digital world is pulling away from the Russian anti-virus software Kaspersky for fear it has been compromised by the Russian government.
  • The country is bankrupt, all our allies are mad at us, and we're beginning a nuclear war with Iran, but don't worry, Republicans are focusing on what matters, getting pictures of Trump displayed in post offices.
  • Christians rarely understand why secular Americans demand a separation of church and state. They find comfort in their beliefs, and they don't see a problem with gently pushing those beliefs onto other people. It's only until somebody begins pushing back with different beliefs that they begin finally understand where the problem lies. For example, Republican hopeful Brent Jones has a well-documented history of forcing his employees to practice Scientology.
  • Maxine Waters is pretty bad ass!
  • Oliver North is really racist.

US cops just need to shoot things.

Biologists Ken Miller and PZ Myers discuss debates with Creationists.

As we get older, we all become the old man yelling at the cloud.

Things aren't so great in Venezuela.

How solar energy is a problem for fossil fuel based power grids.

The needle in the vein of the establishment

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The wedding went really well, and nobody even noticed that I missed a line from the introductory poem!

I added a page for the Green Day song St. Jimmy and a bunch of arcade cabinet marquees and other cabinet art.

  • 37 more protesters are dead, and 1,000 more are wounded because Trump was so near-sighted as to place an embassy in the disputed city of Jerusalem. And lets not kid ourselves, Evangelical Christians do not care about Jews, they only want to conquer Jerusalem to fulfill the prophecy of their death cult.
  • Trump works hard to ensure the safety of jobs... in China.
  • Breaking a non-nuclear treaty with several nations, many of whom are our allies, is what Trump does best.
  • Trump's lawyer has been caught selling access to Trump to Russian and American companies for millions of dollars using the same fake company he setup to pay off Trump's extra-marital affairs. It probably didn't help that he put his real name on it. Luckily, Trump's new lawyer is really on the ball.
  • Non-profit colleges generally exist to promote education. For-profit colleges generally exist to make money for investors. While either may become guilty of preying on students to make money, it's far more likely to occur in for-profit colleges. In fact, law makers have had to create detailed laws to prevent for-profit colleges from swindling to their students. Enter Republican Betsy DeVos who is eliminating those laws, but then, what can you expect from a woman whose family became rich from a pyramid scheme.
  • Republicans continue to be the anti-science party. We've known for centuries that torture is not a reliable means for obtaining information, not to mention a despicable violation of human rights, but Republicans continue to demand it. We've also known for decades that climate change is a serious threat, but Trump has just eliminated the research that would help decrease it.
  • Republican Don Blankenship lost his bid for state congress somehow.
  • Republican Mike Ritze spent only a few months in the military, and then, only as part of the National Guard, has been caught wearing multiple military medals he didn't earn.
  • Republican Scott Pruitt's job might be on the chopping block because he's so corrupt he's out-shining Trump.

Police officer James Legg dragged a 65-year-old black woman out of her car to the pavement while screaming swear words at her for swerving. He has resigned, not because he thinks he did anything wrong, he's confident that he acted in accordance with the department's rules, but because he doesn't think he will get a fair trial. Well, dude, if people are going find you guilty of a crime for what you did, maybe there's something wrong with your police department's rules?

Sarah Braasch, the Yale student who called the police because a fellow black student was sleeping in a commons room, has a history of calling the police to remove black students.

The Me Too movement is still keeping abusive men out of the public eye, despite their efforts to return.

Christian Pastor Jackie Douglas Woodburn has been arrested for over 70,000 Skype messages of a sexual nature with under-aged girls.

In an effort to stop child sex trafficking, Delaware has banned marriage for children under 18. Hopefully, other states will follow because 23 of them have no age limits at all on marriage! Expect a huge cry of hatred from Christians who have long prevented states from creating laws preventing child brides.

Google still has a long way to go to clean up the malware in their online store, and Facebook has found 200 more applications that have misused your personal data.

You say I choose sadness, that it never once has chosen me

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Heading to Indianapolis tomorrow morning to perform a wedding ceremony for some friends!

I added a page for the Rilo Kiley song, The Good That Won't Come Out. I also grouped the media of every page in the Video Game category.

  • Trump made it official to end the nuclear treaty with Iran, which not only makes the world a much more dangerous place, but also has US allies asking if they should remain allies with the US while Trump is in office.
  • Rudolph Giuliani has resigned from his law firm, he claims he's doing so in order to better protect Trump from the FBI. Good luck with that!
  • Trump continues to wage war on the free press suggesting that news coverage that is critical of him must be fake.
  • In order to buy more war machines and justify his tax cuts for the wealthy, Trump is cutting $143,500,000,000 from the retirement pensions of government employees.
  • Republicans love welfare for corporations, but when it's for people, they despise it. They have no problem giving massive tax breaks to companies regardless of how bad they are for a community, but at the same time, they demand any individual who gets Medicaid must prove that they're working... unless they live in a city that is traditionally white.
  • Republicans in Illinois nominated for their state Congress an actual Nazi.

Can we just give smallpox to all the antivaxers?

A man claiming to be Jesus tries to murder a Muslim woman, but she stabbed him in the face with her keys until he finally gave up.

The perception of the passage of time seems to vary depending on the animal.

Incels deserve the mockery they receive.

Playing Zork on an actual PDP-11.

Save the world from an evil spirit!

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I added maps, boxes, screenshots, and manuals to the Bionic Commando page.

  • Giuliani is such a bad lawyer, even when he tries to do damage control, he incriminates his clients.
  • Yesterday, although some of their more horrifying candidates lost their primaries, Republicans didn't have what you would call an optimal election.
  • There is a strange irony in the White House as Trump tries to recklessly destroy everything Obama did, while Melania Trump continues to plagiarize him.
  • Conservative teachers and administrators are still creating lesson plans that make slavery out to be a summer job rather than an abomination.

As war machines become entirely automated, we need to start rethinking bans and war crimes.

A public school in Oregon finds itself in hot water after punishing LGBT students by forcing them to read from a bible!

With all the early competition in the computer industry, who decided that there should be 8 bits to a byte?

How to solve the problem of going to hell because of your atheism? Become a saved atheist!

In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.

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I finished reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Talk about heart-breaking! And how similar I see the US to be refusing to help Muslims refugees now just like the refused to help Jewish refugees then. I also added a page for the scripting language, JScript.

  • Trump told French President Emmanuel Macron that he will pull out of the Iran nuclear treaty that everyone agreed was a good idea for all involved parties. This means Iran can, and probably will, return to enriching uranium and become a nuclear power.
  • This isn't anything new, Rudolph Giuliani has always been bat shit crazy.
  • What caused the Republican Party to swing so far to the right? It mostly began with the incompetent Ronald Reagan, but strangely it was the bipartisan successes of George H. W. Bush that probably made it worse.
  • Republican Jim Jordan has gone on record saying that he has never heard Donald Trump lie.

A plain clothes off-duty cop in Orange County California pulled out a gun and cocked it demanding that Jose Arreola return the mints that he had just purchased to the shelf. Let's assume that the cop wasn't racially motivated, why would he pull out a gun for a case of petty shoplifting? Was he actually going to shoot a man to death for stealing breath mints? Oh yes, and make sure, if you're black, that you wave to white people, or you might be surrounded by police! And it's best that you just stay out of Nordstrom's entirely.

Evangelicals are just terrifying.

Tick season is in full swing, and Lyme disease is a growing problem infecting around 25,000 Americans each year. Why isn't there a vaccine for Lyme disease? There was, in fact, it successfully passed all FDA tests and was used on thousands of people before antivaxer panic caused it to be pulled from the shelves. Interestingly, animals can still get the vaccine, just not people.

Our love of cars in the US has pretty much made our cities wastelands.

Forty-six years ago, Officer Denis Ryan was forced to resign from the police department because he wouldn't stop investigating Monsignor John Day, a child-raping priest who had strong connections in the police department, but today, Ryan finally received compensation for his good work.

The news outlet Vox celebrates its growth by giving an inside look to their operations.

A case against falsifiability in science.

May the seventh be with you?

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I added a page for the arcade game Contra and split out the fairly different NES port.

  • Trump keeps hiring incompetent people. Sometimes this merely makes the White House a laughing stock, like by hiring a quack like Dr. Oz to be his health advisor, sometimes this is extremely dangerous, like hiring someone extremely corrupt to run the EPA, like Scott Pruitt. But sometimes Trump's incompetent employees give us hope that they'll help bring him down, like his new lawyer Rudolph Giuliani who made several statements in the past few days that implicated Trump in a whole bunch of possible crimes that he had previously been denying.
  • Trump has claimed that he is the sole reason North Korea and South Korea are signing a peace treaty, but, as expected, North Korea says that Trumps had absolutely nothing to do with it.
  • Republican Mo Brooks explains how only bad people get chronic illness.

Christian home-schooler parents were putting together a conference where they hoped to find spouses for their thirteen-year-old children. Thankfully, it was canceled.

Trying to understand the nature of privilege using a video game metaphor.

I don't care about sports, but I am interested in acoustics.

May the fourth be with you

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I finished reading The Happy Heretic. I also added a page for the arcade game Bionic Commando and the Rilo Kiley song Plane Crash In C.

  • Donald Trump is the most dishonest president in US history. One of his lies was that he would take on the NRA, but now he's advertising for them.
  • Say goodbye to Trump's creepy lawyer. And, despite all the hatred Trump has for the Clintons, he sure jumped on their lawyer.
  • The Republican anti-sex trafficking law will not only probably increase sex trafficking, but it will end a lot of the freedoms we have on the Internet. In related news, 1,500 migrant children in the charge of Americans have been "lost."
  • The guy who falsified his health records and paid off a mistress leads the National Day of Prayer!
  • Republicans continue to create false outrage in hopes of giving Trump a legitimate reason to fire Mueller.
  • Mike Pence has nothing but good things to say about human-rights violating racist convicted felon Joe Arpaio.
  • Republicans are one step closer to banning the LGBT from adopting orphans. They do this either because they fear same-sex parents will somehow turn children gay, or because they think gay parents are also child-molesters. Either way, they're pathetic.
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders really is the liar described by Michelle Wolf.
  • Want to get the EPA off your back about all the toxic chemicals you're dumping? Just hand a check over to Republican Scott Pruitt.
  • Many people are on Medicaid because they can't work. But, when Republican's kick them off of Medicaid because they aren't working, it results in people dying.
  • Paul Ryan suddenly realized that pissing off Catholics while the Republican party is hemorrhaging voters probably isn't a good idea and reneged yet again. But, just a reminder, there are still a whole lot of racist bigots willing to vote Republican.

A brief history of the Byzantine Empire.

It's very sad when an extremely rich man is completely ignorant to history.

Facebook can't stop apologizing, because they won't stop screwing people over.

Sic semper tyrannis!

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I added a page for the Queen song Lily of the Valley.

  • Trump, the man-child who cuts loose even his closest friends at the slightest inkling of liability, has declared a "National Loyalty Day." Like any "loyalty" document, the proclamation is full of jingoist language and doublespeak.
  • Trump, who enjoys watching Muslims refugees die and has done everything in his power to keep them out of the country, gave an award to a teacher who specializes in teaching English to refugees and immigrants, who also wore LGBT supportive buttons on her dress.
  • Trump continues to hemorrhage lawyers.
  • The irony is, Trump's removal of sex-ed will only cause more abortions while Planned Parenthood prevents more abortion than any other organization.
  • Suddenly Trump's story changes from, "I have no knowledge of Stormy Daniels," to, "Paying her to keep quiet wasn't illegal!"
  • When it comes to Russia, Trump won't even answer a list of prepared questions.
  • So many Conservative snowflakes crying over Michelle Wolf.
  • Trump's now ex-doctor points out the legal issue of stealing your own medical records.
  • More corruption has surfaced from Scott Pruitt. I don't know which is worse, how corrupt Republicans are, or the fact that they're so open about it because they know they can get away with it.
  • Republican Brian Kemp pointed a gun at a teenager in a campaign advertisement hopes that it would get him votes.

Portal 2 has some pretty creepy Easter eggs.

Hobby Lobby doesn't just prevent people from birth control, they also smuggle priceless artifacts out of the Middle East.

Rather than seek money, the two black men who were arrested for waiting in a Starbucks each received a symbolic $1 for damages, and a promise that Starbucks will contribute $200,000 for a young entrepreneurs program.

It took awhile, but one of the white supremacists who ganged up to beat a black man during a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville last year is going to prison.

King David is not a very good biblical role model, but then, are any of them?

Ten days until the wedding!

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I wrote a mini essay answering the question, Is atheism a religion? I also added a page for the MIDI editor, Anvil Studio.

  • Trump is so lazy and watches so much TV, that world leaders have to go on Fox and Friends to get face time with him.
  • Trump's doctor doesn't appear to be staying quiet about Trump's lies, but so far it's just mundane lies.
  • John Kelly isn't a very big fan of Trump either.
  • Republican Scott Pruitt has ruined the EPA in hopes of ruining the environment, but thankfully he's facing lawsuits in 17 different states to stop him.
  • Iowa Republicans continue to exert control over women by trying to pass a law banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat is measured, as if a heartbeat is an indication of personhood.
  • Why do Nazis, Klansmen, and White Supremacists always try to enter politics on the GOP ticket?
  • Trump's Michigan rally was just as pathetic as you'd expect.

Apologists use the term "Darwinism" to attach evolution to a single person, because a person is much easier to attack than an entire field of study.

The paradigm shift that occurred when scientists discovered the neutron.

The Panama Canal has a pretty dark history behind it.

Pokémon names don't translate well to private investigator titles.

It's kind of a bad thing that businesses are testing on their clients without their informed consent.

Okay, I believe you!

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I added a page for the game, The Stanley Parable, and the bitmap font editor, Fony.

  • Looks like Trump is preemptively trying to hide his personal information from the Feds!
  • Trump would never associate with people who plead the fifth amendment, right? Because only criminals do that, right?
  • "Even if you don't like Trump, you have to admit that he follows through on his promises," is something people say when they aren't paying attention.
  • Republicans told a woman they would stop sending her her $170 a month welfare check unless she could prove that she was actively looking for employment. It didn't matter that she was suffering side effects from being 8-months-pregnant.
  • A lot of people who are complaining that Michelle Wolf went too far in her roast are the same people who complain about liberals being snowflakes.

Michael Rohleder and Anthony Munoz, the two cops who beat and electrocuted an unarmed man to death while he was nude in his own shower will not be punished. They didn't even get the paid vacation that is typical to officers who murder civilians.

Does having money somehow make you more knowledgeable about the food you eat?

Did you know you can adopt hurricane animals from Puerto Rico?

If biological organisms were designed, they weren't done so intelligently.

Philip Smith, DJ for Christian radio station WJTL-FM, is a child rapist, and so are four of the priests in Angola, New York.

An extra long Angry Video Game Nerd episode for Earthbound.

Simone Giertz legit has a brain tumor!