June, 2018

Weekend, come and heal my ills

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I added a page for the video game Limbo and the Queen song Killer Queen.

  • Texas deputy Jose Nunez raped a 4-year-old girl and threatened her mother with deportation if she said anything. Chief counsel at ICE, Raphael A. Sanchez, has been sentenced to four years in prison for stealing the identity of countless immigrants. ICE is even arresting permanent US citizens. This is Trump's America.
  • A gunman murdered five people at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis. Republicans refuse to even talk about gun control or Trump's war on the press.
  • Republican Russell Walker who recently won the Republican primary of North Carolina says that Jews are Satanic, women are weak because they accept black people, and that the Christian god is as racist as he is.
  • Trump keeps trying to appropriate the blue wave and call it the "red wave," but the reality is, Democrats are becoming more liberal and still winning their elections.
  • As expected, the companies that got massive tax breaks from Trump used the extra money to buy back their own stock and become less dependent on the will of the people.

I'm celebrating another win for church-state separation while we still have a semi-competent US Supreme Court. They refused to hear yet another case about state officials saying Christian prayers at their meetings, so the judgment of the lower courts stands, what they're doing is illegal.

What if Super Mario Bros. had a battle royale mode?

Tropical forests continue to be leveled at an ever-increasing rate.

Officer Philip Bernot tased an unarmed compliant man for not following his commands because a second officer was shouting contradictory commands.

The rise of Trajan.

San Fransisco's latest sex cult.

Eleven great adventure games not made by Sierra or LucasArts: Part 1, part 2.

The science behind sleeping in segments rather than single stints.

So tired...

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I added a page for the author Nick Hornby and some mock-up screenshots of games on alternate platforms.

  • Well fuck. Anthony Kennedy is retiring from the US Supreme Court. Not that I like him or agree with his rulings (he upheld Trump's Muslim ban), but, unlike the Conservative judges, he sometimes favored the US Constitution over bigotry. Couldn't the man at least wait until we have a Democratic Congress with a chance of being as unfair as the Republicans were? This means Trump will get to elect a second justice, and the court will vote entirely conservative for the next decade or so. This set our country back so far, it's insane!
  • Trump has indeed bankrupted the country. Also, Trump is indeed a lunatic.
  • Trump is deporting US military veterans and Hatian immigrants, and ICE is destroying records of assault and rape. Meanwhile, Canada continues to show up the USA, saying they will accept the refugees we are arresting. How embarrassing!
  • This is must be that "civility" Trump supporters keep talking about.
  • Republicans Ted Cruz, James Inhofe, James Lankford, and Rand Paul want to stop the National Science Foundation from issuing grants to teach science education to the public. Their fear is, if they're taught how the climate works, they might believe the fact of climate change.
  • Indiana Republicans are trying to pass a law that makes it illegal for teachers to educate public school children on their own biology unless they first get their parents to sign a waiver. They're also facing a lawsuit for denying student birth control at Notre Dame.
  • Legally speaking, Trump can pardon himself, but it will create some serious problems for him and the US government at large.
  • Say his name, bitch!
  • Another Nazi wins the Republican nomination.
  • Trump's trade war is causing US companies to move over seas.

The professor's top 10 favorite periodic table videos.

Your nose isn't that big, it's just the selfie.

Another unarmed black man shot to death by police.

A review of the games Limbo and Inside.

I need a new body!

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In addition to having to take care of my gimp wife, sick daughter, and nurse a fistula in my mouth, now I'm getting sick too! Lovely.

I've added a page on unwinnable states in video games and one for the science fiction author Robert Heinlein.

  • Trump hates that pesky Constitution, always getting in the way of his desires!
  • Since only a handful of Republicans worked on their infamous tax bill, and since none of the people who voted on it actually read it, a lot of unexpected problems are now coming out of it. In their need to add billions in tax dollars they added a 21% flat tax on all non-profits, including, wait for it... churches! I wish I could have more schadenfreude, but it still hurts hospitals, schools, and the like.
  • If the Trump/Russia investigation is such a witch hunt, why have so many of his employees plead guilty and are in jail right now?
  • The US Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Trump's bigoted Muslim ban, because they're mostly as bigoted as he.
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders was refused service at a restaurant. Conservatives may condemn this as proof that liberals are just as bigoted as they are when they discriminate against homosexuals, but there is an important difference to point out. When conservatives refuse service, the message is, my holy book commands me to murder people whose biology makes them attracted to the same sex, but since the Constitution prevents me from doing that, I'll deny you service instead. When liberals refuse service, the message is, I don't like you ruining the lives of people who were born different than you and constantly lying about it. It's a subtle difference, I'll admit.
  • Trump fans love anything Trump tells them to love. They hate the elite, but Trump says he's elite, so they cheer along.

The Stanford Prison experiment is a famous psychological experiment which demonstrated how people who are given authority over others quickly become dictators. It's also a complete lie.

The Kinkajou may be a carnivore, but it's terrible at it. Good thing it's so cute.

Ultima Online was originally designed to have a natural economy, but it turns out players in MMORPGs are basically locusts.

It's nice to know that the USA isn't the only country whose government is currently a dumpster fire.

Disney is pretty great at revising its history.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Dirty Harry.

Falling apart!

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Emily had wrist surgery to repair the tendons on her right arm, and both she and Iliana are sick, so I've been caring for all my girls, which is why I haven't posted since Friday. However, I still found time to beat Hugo II: Whodunit? and Hugo III: Jungle of Doom! and finish reading The Princess Bride.

AT&T is actively working to help the NSA spy on Americans, even to the point of building large buildings in major cities across the country specifically to transfer huge amounts of phone calls, emails, amd text messages to the NSA.

Walgreens continues to hire pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions.

Jordan Peterson is just another anti-intellectual claiming a well-rounded education is bad.

The Catholic Church is -still- protecting child raping priests, and Pennsylvania's Supreme Court is helping them.

Nobody wants to have a teratoma growing in them, but it did help lead to stem cell research.

An explanation for why Super Metroid is such a great game.

New antibiotic, but may have to repeat the surgery. Fun!

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I added longplay video links to most of the video game pages in my Wiki.

  • I assumed it was photoshopped, but no, Melania Trump really did go to see the asylum-seeking children who had been separated from the parents while wearing a jacket which read, "I really don't care, do u?" These are children who have not only been ripped away from their parents, but the ACLU has learned that many of them are being physically and sexually abused. Fox "News" implies they don't have to be treated humanely because they're not Americans, and Republicans mock their hardships and the White House continues non-stop lying about it. The Trump administration is just plain evil.
  • The Trump Administration is planning on merging the Department of Education with the Department of Labor. I guess their goal is to finally get back to using children as laborers instead of wasting time and money giving them a useless Betsy DeVos education.
  • When Republican Scott Pruitt is in charge of the EPA, bald eagles are dying of pesticides that are supposed to be banned, and they do nothing.
  • Trump's stupid idea for wasting money on a space force isn't new.
  • Christian pastor and Republican Scott Lively doesn't like being called a Nazi, oh sure, he's fine with killing Jews, black people, and homosexuals, but he doesn't want to be called a Nazi because he thinks the Nazis were gay.
  • Republican Rick Snyder does what Republicans do and shifts Michigan taxes from corporations onto citizens.
  • Protesting the horrors of a dictatorship sometimes works.

The US Supreme Court was one judge away from allowing police to track your cell phone (and thereby you) without a warrant. Thankfully, we still have four sane judges left! Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch are authoritarian pieces of shit.

How the designers of Super Metroid were able to create dread.

Upset that they can no longer protect child rapists, this priest has turned to slapping them in the face.

Make sure the power ups get to the correct games!

Understanding entropy, not as order changing to chaos, but probability.

Sometimes weather gets pretty creepy.

Pus, it's what's for dinner!

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  • Caging children is what Republicans do best. And while they keep blaming Democrats, and don't seem to mind the expense of building huge child prisons, they're finally realizing that they can't ruin families and expect to keep their voter base. Thus, Trump is signing an executive order change his child-separation executive order, but it only prevents separation for 20 days.
  • Politicians always stretch the truth, spin stories, and fail to disclose facts, but what do you do when the entire presidential administration is blatantly lying?
  • Republican governor Greg Abbott removed secular displays at an open forum State Capitol holiday. Even though the displays were setup according to the state rules, Abbott didn't like their message and backed up his beliefs with a fraudulent quote from George Washington. The Freedom From Religion Foundation had no other option but to sue to protect the rights of American citizens, and a judge saw through Abbott's ignorance and ruled in favor of the FFRF!
  • Trump said he would wipe out ISIS in a few days, but, while he's busy taking children away from their parents, raising taxes, and crying because Canada called him out, militant Islamic groups are growing all through Africa.
  • Trump's call for a space force still hasn't gone anywhere.
  • Trump is eliminating clean water laws put in place by Obama. This is a return to the policies that helped cause the deadly BP Deepwater Horizon disaster and will increase toxic waste dumping in the oceans and Great Lakes. Naturally, Republicans are lying saying the elimination of conservation laws will somehow make water cleaner.

Turning extremely toxic things into medicine.

The game elements in Metroid II that create dread.

More information and experiments about Nitrogen.

Why is it most of the world's population lives in India and China?

Nothing beats pus in the mouth

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I added a page for the Japanese Adventure Hero's Books series and a list of games I've -almost- beaten.

  • Whelp, the Trump administration has pulled the USA out of the Human Rights Council of the UN. Our nation will no longer be involved in making policy decisions to monitor or improve human rights around the world, and, considering all the racism, sexism, and bigotry in this country, that's probably for the best. Republican Nikki Haley explained that the primary reason is because the Trump administration believes that the UN Human Rights Council, too often, points out all the human rights violations of Israel, which, of course, actually does frequently violate human rights.
  • The Trump administration's policy to separate asylum seeking parents from their children is extremely unpopular, as it should be, which is why Republicans keep trying to blame the Democrats. But all this blame-shifting doesn't work when Trump himself admits that he's holding the children hostage until Americans cough up billions to pay for the useless border wall he promised Mexico would pay for. True to form, Republicans continue to claim they're pro-family even when the former ICE director admits that some of the children who are separated from their parents are never reunited.
  • Trump lied about Germany's crime rate suggesting that the non-white Germans are evil. The truth is, immigrant crime has been decreasing in Germany. As usual, Trump is a liar.
  • Just a reminder, Donald Trump Jr. supports the the crisis actor conspiracy.
  • Trump really wishes he could murder the citizens who disagree with him, just like Kim Jong Un.
  • Why sanctuary cities have less crime.

About once a week, Minneapolis police inject someone with ketamine against their will. They claim they use it as a sedative, even though ketamine is so strong it sometimes causes their heart to stop beating, and sometimes cops inject ketamine into people who are already strapped down to a board. This has led investigators to wonder if the police are injecting people with ketamine because it also has a tendency to erase your memory.

Vox makes a commercial for Dungeons and Dragons.

By killing off all the apex-predators, we've pushed the meso-predators into the apex.

Regions poor in nutrients tend to have more diverse vegetation.

The gaming tricks used by Metroid to create a sense of dread.

The fistula is back

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I wrote an ImageMagick script that can simulate CRT monitors, added a page for the Queen song Dear Friends and added a page Edmund Blair Leighton's painting, The Accolade.

  • Children screaming for the parents they may never see again is what America has become. Trump is claiming that he is powerless to stop this because Democrats passed the law requiring him to separate immigrant families, but, like most things Trump says, this is a lie. The head of the Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, also lied saying it was all Congress's fault, not like it would help even if it were since Congress is currently Republican controlled, but that kind of ruins her earlier comment, "[DHS does] not have a policy of separating families at the border. Period." Of course, she later said, even if they did, it wasn't child abuse. The Trump administration has also eliminated legal aid for the immigrant children they're arresting.
  • The USA already has the world's largest and most expensive military in the world, despite it being unnecessary, and now Trump says he's creating an entire new branch to fight non-existent space enemies. Of course, the President can't create a new branch of the military, only Congress can. More wasted money from a waste of a president.
  • Trump wants to be a dictator just like Kim Jong Un.
  • What "denuclearization" means, and why North Korea isn't even remotely close to it.
  • China is growing more powerful which is fine, but it's also growing much more evil.

An interesting video discussing how Metroid Fusion creates fear.

People have really been fawning over the new cool pope, but, just a reminder, he thinks that the only families that count are those with heterosexual parents.

The typical black and white tiled soccer ball exists partially so that it would show up better on television.

After Outfront Media received a lot of complaints about the billboards put up by hate-preacher Robert Jeffress claiming that America is a Christian nation, and took them down.

Rhonda talks about the relief she feels after recovering from religion.

The Southern Poverty Law Center finally got around to apologizing to Maajid Nawaz for calling him an anti-Muslim extremist. If they had simply did better research, they wouldn't have to have also paid him $3,375,000.

Some history of the Veritasium channel.

Is it soup yet?

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I've updated the You Have to Win the Game page.

  • It's normal for Republicans to hijack Christianity for their own ghoulish reasons.
  • Another member of the Trump campaign has been caught having lied to Congress about Russia. Just like Donald Jr, Roger Stone had a meeting with Russians to try and get dirt on Hillary Clinton in 2016, but the meeting somehow slipped his mind.
  • When Republicans hear about kids being taught sexual education: "Won't someone think of the children?!" When Republicans hear children are being ripped away from the parents, possibly to never see them again: crickets chirping.
  • It seems every week or so I hear about a new industrial disaster like a huge factory has exploded, burned down, dumped toxic chemicals into a river, etc. Naturally, the thing to do now is to eliminate the laws that require companies to take the necessary disaster precautions, and that's precisely what the Republican led EPA is doing right now.
  • If there is one good thing to come out of the Trump regime, it's showing Americans the importance of limiting the power of tyrants.
  • When James Comey help elect Trump by saying he was re-opening the case against Hillary Clinton using a private email server, he was using his own private email address to conduct state business.
  • Trump is lying about the parents of dead US soldiers, because, of course he is.

It's important to confront public organizations like school and parks when officials who work for them try to force their religious beliefs onto the public, because the confrontation often causes them to stop.

The importance of eliminating noise.

A serious criticism of the musical Rent.

As a nation, Russia continues to violate the rights of its citizens, but that doesn't mean they can't host a soccer game!

Food doesn't expire according to a pre-programmed time, so the expiration date is just a shot in the dark.


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I finished reading The System of the World ending Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle.

  • Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is currently in jail because of witness tampering, and will probably be there a lot longer due to his involvement with Russia. Trump thinks that it's "very unfair" for criminals to go to jail, and then lied saying Manafort only worked on his campaign for 49 days. The truth is, Manafort ran Trump's presidential campaign for over four months.
  • Sarah Huckbee Sanders and Jeff Sessions are going full ranting preacher. They're both claiming that separating children from their parents is what the bible tells them to do.
  • The details of the Trump's charity scam are coming in. Turns out the Trumps have used their non-profit to pay off lawyers and advertise for his hotels, both of which are illegal.
  • Republicans are building a prison for children, and, naturally, there is a big mural of Trump's mug.
  • Why shouldn't you hire a corrupt Republicans like John Engler to run a university? Because they will blame victims of sexual assault.
  • Thanks to Trump we're losing our civil friends and gaining dictator friends.
  • Things aren't looking so good for Michael Cohen, a lawyer who can't seem to find legal aid.
  • Conspiracy wackjobs are still pretending that mass shootings don't exist.

  • The White House has to hire staff to tape together all the documents Trump rips up during his temper tantrums.
  • While Trump was heaping praise onto Kim Jong Un, North Korea was performing a cyber attack on US computers.
  • True to form, Trump's pick to head the National Weather Service is Republican Barry Myers, a man who has spent the past 30 years trying to ruin it.

Finally! We get to hear how abortion affects white Christian men.

It's really hard to remove an invasive species once it takes hold.

The school board president for North Saginaw Charter Academy has been arrested for selling child pornography and trying to rape a five year old.

Ireland finally repealed their horrible abortion ban.


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I greatly expanded my page on the Color Graphics Adapter.

Simone Giertz designed a robot to hunt and eat.

3,000,000,000,000 is a lot of tons, and that's how much ice has been lost in Antarctica in just 25 years.

When you actually think about what the afterlife would be like, it sounds pretty awful.

The Boy Scouts remind everyone, we still don't want any atheists!


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Note to future self: Drinking alcohol dehydrates your lips and dehydrated lips are more susceptible to cold sores and you hate cold sores.

I made a page for the MOS 6502 microprocessor.

  • North Korea has nuclear weapons. They have pledged to dismantle them, but have given no timetable or even a plan for how they might do this, and offered means for an outside entity to verify denuclearization. Despite these facts, Trump is claiming that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat. What a schmuck.
  • After Canada responded to Trump's tariffs with tariffs of their own, Trump threw a hissy fit, and now the Department of Homeland Security has been ordered to increase their presence on the Canadian border and look for terrorist and criminal threats.
  • But it's not just turning our allies into enemies that Trump excells at, he's also really good at licking the boots of our enemies.
  • No big deal, Trump has bankrupted the US.
  • Michigan Republicans are trying to eliminate teaching the history of Roe v. Wade, the KKK, and gay rights in public school classes.
  • Republicans continue to try and repeal the Johnson Amendment because it's not enough to have tax-free churches, they want to be tax-free lobbyists as well.
  • At least North Korea's dictator is as crazy as ours.

I shouldn't even have to say this, but, yes, having segregated beaches to appease religious people is a violation of the first amendment.

Alex Dainis takes a break from he PhD to watch some cetaceans.

Who picked 350°F to be the proper baking temperature anyway?

Understanding what it means to be at the intersection of minorities.

Get it back to good

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I made a page for Queen bass player, John Deacon and the video game company Origin Systems.

  • America, don't let Fox "News" and Trump get away with these crimes just because they're boring, stay mad!
  • I want to be hopeful of the US talks with North Korea. Trump said the US would stop the preparedness exercises of troops in South Korea in the hopes that North Korea will begin nuclear disarmament. Like pretty much everything Trump does, this was done without forethought as our South Korean allies were shocked to hear about his concessions. Trump also made no effort to discuss details on how North Korea would disarm and instead gave Kim Jong Un several compliments. There were also no talks about the horrible human rights violations. Still, I really do hope Trump's able to stop being an asshole and a liar for just a few seconds and realize what a great opportunity is available, but I suspect he'll bungle it the way he's bungled everything else in his life.
  • Despite Ivanka Trump claiming that her mission is to stop bullying, the Trump administration is trying to eliminate anti-bullying rules in universities especially those that protect people of color, women, and LGBT.
  • The Trump family is using the US taxpayer as their own personal checking account.
  • Republicans just want to remind everyone, yes, they're still bigoted against same-sex marriage.
  • The point of asylum is to offer safety to someone fleeing from a terrible situation. This is the kind of thing most people are usually in favor of. Imagine if a woman and her daughter came to your door and explained that her alcoholic husband has been hitting her and their child, and they need a place to hide for a few days until the cops arrest him, and could you please help? If you're anything like me, you would be glad to help out a fellow human being. However, if you're anything like the Trump administration, you would put the woman in hand cuffs, send the daughter to some random place where the mother couldn't find her, and then personally drive the woman back to her abusive husband's house and tell him what she did.

Do online forums want to stop abuse and trolls? Probably not, since the increased activity also increases ad watching, and, therefore, makes them money.

Things Christians should be mad at instead of what they're actually mad at.

Which is worse for your health, fat or sugar?

11 questions atheists aren't supposed to be able to answer, easily answered.

When debating with religious people, don't fall into the trap that morality can't exist without their god. The reality usually is, their god is amoral, and, therefore, morality can't exist with their god!

I'm too old for bachelor parties!

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Five hours of drunk canoeing followed by four hours of sobering up with volleyball, added to little food, and sleeping on the ground, does not suit my 38-year-old body! Still though, had a wholelotta fun!

My girls are officially six months old today!

I made a page for Apogee Software and added more design notes to The Legend of Zelda page.

  • Russia was kicked out of the Group of Eight after it invaded and annexed Crimea. What was left was the Group of Seven a pretty much identical political group of the world's most affluent democracies, minus Russian warmongers. However, Trump is doing his best to make it a Group of Six by refusing to agree to a simple statement about the importance of free trade among member nations, ruffling his feathers after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rightly pointed out how Trump's tariffs were insulting. Instead of working with US allies, Trump is once again calling for the reinstatement of Russia, regardless of whether they leave Crimea, and blaming Russia's invasion of Crimea on Obama.
  • Educating children with disabilities, be they mental or physical, is very expensive. So, how can we make decrease the cost? Republican Betsy DeVos knows how, you just stop educating them.
  • When I learned about the tragic voyage of the St. Louis, I was heartbroken. The US was so antisemitic during World War II that we refused entry to entire shipload of Jewish refugees and sent them back to Europe where many of them ended up dying in the Holocaust. Today, the USA is doing the exact same thing. Refugees fleeing from Central American countries are seeking asylum in the US, but Republican leaders are putting them in jail, separating the families, even taking children away from their mothers, and eventually shipping them back to their home countries to die.
  • Asbestos seemed like a wonder material because it was durable and fireproof. And even though it was discovered to cause cancer in the 1930s, like what always happens when capitalism takes president over ethics, manufacturers just paid money to keep the dangers hushed up and continued to sell it. Asbestos wasn't banned in the USA until the 2003 after so many people had died from it that it was impossible to ignore. Now the world faces a long-term clean up problem that is now being severely hindered by Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump. Trump believes that asbestos is completely safe and that mobsters fabricated its dangers so that they could charge for cleanup, while Scott Pruitt has stopped the EPA from even considering the health risks of asbestos in the environment. Speaking of Pruitt, when he's not destroying the environment, he's abusing his position of authority to cash in.
  • While all of America will be remembered for the racism, slavery, misogyny, etc., the North at least tends to agree that what we did was terrible, and we have learned from it. The South, however, continues to wallow in its ignorance. They would still be putting up signs reading, "No Colored!" if they could, but, until Trump gets another justice on the US Supreme Court, they can to content themselves with just putting up signs which read, "No Gays!" Our Conservative Supreme Court also just upheld the Republican Ohio which punishes people for not voting. The "use it or lose it" law de-registers anyone who doesn't vote in two consecutive elections and gives them a set of hoops to jump through to get back their right to vote. Republicans claimed it was to prevent all that voter fraud that Trump warned us about (which doesn't exist), but really, they just wanted to keep poor people from voting Democrat, since it's usually the poor who have trouble getting time off work to vote.
  • Trump fans love Trump's lies.
  • Sarah Huckabee Sander's official job description is "Professional Liar For the White House," which makes it odd that she should be upset that people are questioning her honesty.
  • Trump and his lawyers hope they can shame Stormy Daniels out of her lawsuit because they're stupid enough not to realize the amount of shit adult film workers constantly deal with.
  • Net neutrality is officially over today. Thanks Republicans!
  • Trump supporters care so much about Hillary's emails that they don't seem to mind that the Trump administration has their own private email servers, uses insecure out-of-date phones, and even John Kelly himself had his personal phone compromised while he was head of the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Republican Jazmina Saavedra was so proud of herself for harassing a trans woman that she made a video of herself doing it and posted it online, thankfully this led to her losing her election.

Catholic bishop Juan Barros Madrid has resigned because he protected a bunch of child rapists. What the Vatican still doesn't realize is, you don't ask for the resignation of people who protect child rapists, you have them arrested!

Queen's cartoon music video for All Dead, All Dead is pretty cool.

The difficulty of creating bible trivia when it contradicts so much!

Interesting history about the game of Clue/Cluedo.

Petaluma High School got people riled when it cut the microphone during their valedictorian's speech because she began to talk about the school's failure to address students' accusations of sexual assault.

Bachelor party weekend!

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I added a page for the Edmund Leighton painting, God Speed! and added illustrations to the Trolley Problem page.

  • We're told to believe that Russia doesn't have anything on Trump, so why is Trump is Russia's biggest cheerleader?
  • The Republican School Safety Commission was held. The Department of Education head, Betsy DeVos, who days before said the topic of guns wouldn't be addresses as a matter of school safety, didn't even bother to show up.
  • Trump has claimed that the US is now exporting energy for the first time ever. Here Trump is lying for two reasons. First, the US has been exporting energy for decades, second, on the average, the US actually imports more energy than it exports.
  • A few years ago, North Carolina Republicans passed an discriminatory voter id law to try and keep traditionally Democratic voters from being allowed to vote. The federal courts rightfully ruled that the law was illegal, and eliminated it, but Republicans are back with a very similar law trying to make their bigotry part of the state's constitution.
  • Our Republican government doesn't know where thousands of migrant children are, and they don't really care.
  • The Trump administration hired Heather Nauert to be the spokesperson for the State Department, and, when listing historical events that prove the US has a strong relationship with Germany, Nauert listed the Marshall plan and D-Day! This is the kind of person Republicans and Fox "News" hire as an expert, someone who doesn't even know that D-Day was when the US invaded Germany during WWII!
  • Usually, when a president considers pardoning a criminal, there is a review process, and a lot of thought goes into it, but not with an ignoramus like Trump.
  • Republicans are still trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act. Currently, they're looking at getting rid of the law that requires insurance companies to accept people with pre-existing conditions.
  • I guess, if you're going to be a huge liar, you might as well be the best at it.
  • Having a conscience in Texas will lose you your job.
  • Until nuclear fusion becomes a reality, solar power will be the necessary next step to combat climate change. Naturally, Trump just ruined it.
  • More corruption discovered from Republican Scott Pruitt. Rather than hire assistants to do his basic chores, he made his security agents run his simple errands, which, in addition to their normal duties, has cost the US tax payers $3,500,000.

Discussing a common movie trope with women having a literal monster for a boyfriend.

An actual perpetual motion machine? Nah, but it's close!

Scientists have thought up some pretty creative ways of eradicating diseases.

Why do so many sitcoms look the same? Because of one film pioneer getting it right.

The physics behind a nearly impossible skateboarding trick.

Almost chewing like a normal person again

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I added a page about the Trolley Problem what with someone finally doing it in real life!

  • Trump keeps claiming he's innocent, but investigators keep uncovering new involvement in crimes, even as his administration lies to cover it up, and a lot of people from his campaign are already on their way to jail.
  • After learning that almost nobody from the NFL's Eagles accepted his invitation to meet him the White House, Trump rescinded the invitation claiming the team took knees during the National Anthem. Of course, nobody from the team took a knee, Trump was, once again, fooled by the lies of Fox "News."
  • Trump has pushed the US into a trade war with all of its allies, and here's why that's a bad thing.
  • Republican Michael Clark, after saying he favored the recent US Supreme Court ruling protecting the bigotry of Christian business owners, recently said that they should also be allowed to refuse to service black people.

Disney really botched Pocahontas, but they did a decent job remixing it and calling it Moana.

Bowser's blind date with Mortal Kombat's Sheeva.

How bad are Dr. Oz's ethics? Sure you can give him a handful of cash and he'll promote your snakeoil as a miracle cure, but now he's taking a new tack for a doctor, he's promoting astrology.

Simone Giertz sold her house boat bought a ridiculous car and made a soup-serving robot.

Antibiotics finished, waiting for fluid to be absorbed...

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I added universe pages for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Little House series, the A Wrinkle In Time series.

  • Trump received an important letter from Kim-Jung Un, and Trump says it's amazing! Really, you won't believe what's in it, and boy would you like to know! And oh yeah, he hasn't actually read it yet.
  • The Trump administration is trying to address school safety, but they are making it very clear that they will not even entertain the idea that guns make children unsafe.
  • For real though, we may actually be at the point where we will learn if a US president can pardon himself from his own crimes.
  • Yes, Republicans are trying to eliminate Social Security.
  • To give you an idea what ICE is like, the deputy director Thomas Homan will be speaking at an event hosted by a hate group.
  • Under the leadership of Republican Ajit Pai, the FCC lied to reporters claiming that they were victims of a DDoS attack when they were asking for comments about their elimination of Net neutrality.
  • Some Florida private schools teach their children that black slaves were the friends of their white owners, that people used to ride dinosaurs, and that God prevented Catholics from controlling the Americas, they also receive almost $1,000,000,000 in funding each year paid for by the Florida tax payer.

It's a pretty wise decision to use a drone to carry a small child.

At least it's not all bad news, the EU is requiring that all member nations respect same-sex marriages that occurred anywhere else in the EU, even if the individual country does not. This will slowly, but firmly force the more conservative EU nations to stop being bigots.

Force-feeding the input feeds of the NES to make it more like a SNES.

48-year-old Christian pastor Tim E. Smith Jr. was caught trying to rape a 12-year-old girl.

While climate change is probably going to destroy New Jersey with massive floods, the city continues to invest in new development and eliminate the green space that would help alleviate flooding.

Here is a PC game that has received frequent updates for the last 25 years!

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I created a page for Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge and its engine, the Adventure Game Interpreter.

  • Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, is going down in flames. The FBI caught him trying to send messages to the witnesses in the lawsuit against him, so he can add witness tampering to his growing list of crimes.
  • Fact checks of the recent news. Not surprisingly, Trump continues to be the most dishonest president in US history.
  • Trump may have failed to denuclearize North Korea, but at least he might get a McDonalds over there. Quick, get the commemorative coins made up!
  • No Trump, nobody is calling it "spygate," not even Fox "News."
  • Trump's EPA pick, Republican Scott Pruitt, continues to abuse his authority. A new case of corruption has been discovered, Pruitt used position in the EPA to try and get his wife a franchise with the homophobic fast food chain, Chick-fil-A.
  • After less than a month of being on the job, Trump's pick for German Ambassador, Republican Richard Grenell, is being asked to leave by several German politicians because he has openly stated that he wants to push a Conservative agenda throughout Europe, which is contrary to the position of an ambassador.

The laws around guardianship, that is, having someone care for you when the government thinks you're too old, are pretty horrifying.

Tricking people into being less disgusting... with science!

One of the first periodic tables of chemical elements.

Since YouTube can't properly show me my subscriptions, I've missed several videos posted by Simone Giertz like using a robotic arm that costs $100,000 to write out Christmas cards, and making a hammering machine that sucks at hammering.

Doctors may not like midwives, but they actually have a better track record at keeping children alive.

Describing several of the unfulfilled prophecies in the bible.

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I added a page for one of my favorite Queen songs, The March of the Black Queen.

  • When your lawyer is saying you can't be found guilty of a crime because you're above the law, you might be Donald Trump. These are the actions of a dictator.
  • The Republican plan to keep Trump in line was to try and surround him with white men who actually understand politics and would help steer him in the right direction. But they can't control the monster they've unleashed.
  • The Conservative US Supreme Court has favored bigotry ruling that businesses that are open to the public are allowed to refuse service to people they hate. In this case, they claimed that business are allowed to discriminate against homosexuals, but the same argument can be used to discriminate against Jews, Blacks, Women, or what ever other group your religion requires you to hate.
  • Trump is an anti-Muslim bigot, but he still thinks he's the right person to host the White House's annual Ramadan dinner.
  • Republicans are complaining about the cost of the FBI investigation, but let's not forget that Trump's constant vacations cost the American tax payer far more!
  • When you ask Trump to pardon your black grandma who was given a life sentence for cocaine possession, and he instead pardons a racist homophobic Republican troll.
  • You know it's bad when even Fox "News" thinks you're racist.

Before she found out about her brain tumor, Simone Giertz gave a TED Talk and made a behind the scenes video of it. So far, she's recovering well from her surgery.

What many religious people don't realize when they demand their legislators violate the first amendment to use the government to promote their religion, eventually they'll have to pay the legal fees when they fail, and that comes out of their taxes.

You shouldn't have to sue your government to allow people who share your philosophy to marry you, but then, here we are.

Officer Taylor Saulters was fired because he used his police car to purposely run over a black man. Shouldn't he also be tried for attempted murder?

Since Minnesota Catholics kept protecting child-raping priests for so long, they now have to pay restitution to the tune of $210,000,000. But Catholics aren't just pissing away their own money, Irish police officers are being told to stop tracking down criminals for awhile so the country can afford a visit from the Pope.

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I created a page for The 7th Guest.

  • Trump is causing the death of countless women with his anti-choice jihad, which was probably thought up by Mike Pence.
  • Everything is about to become more expensive thanks to Trump.

Ask your doctor if Ambien will make you racist.

After police shot Gregory Hill Jr. to death over a noise complaint, the family sued the police for damages. They won their case, and, to help pay for the death of their loved one they were awarded $4.

What a morning routine is like without Jesus.

What goes on behind the scenes in Mega Man games.

Genetically altering mosquitoes to eliminate malaria.

Religious people aren't for -the- answer, they're looking for -an- answer.