July, 2018

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I added a page for the Queen album Made In Heaven.

  • Racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions is creating a special task force to make sure Christians have enough liberty. Because if anyone needs more free reign, it's Christians.
  • Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort is having his first day in court!
  • While the Trump administration continues to deny the scientific consensus of climate change, humans have recorded the hottest temperature ever.
  • The men at Fox "News" are pretending they don't know the rules about sexual harassment. Oh come on, they had three major employees fired for sexual harassment, how could they not? And no, conservative men are claiming to be afraid to even being around women for fear of being charged with sexual harassment, which gives you a good idea of how they behave around women. Of course, this by itself won't solve the problem. After all, Trump admitted to sexually assaulting women and he still got a large minority of Americans to vote for him. Likewise, Clarance Thomas was a serial harasser to Anita Hill, and Republicans still made him a Supreme Court justice.
  • It's terrifying, but a Federal Judge had to tell Republicans they can't give imprisoned children psychotropic drugs without their parent's consent.

Cell phones still don't cause cancer, despite the clickbait claims made by The Guardian who should know better.

Despite their recent progress, it's still a crime in Saudi Arabia for women to publicly hug men outside of their family.

Jeff Whitman, owner of Uriah's Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration in Columbus, Ohio, followed a black man for miles to shout racial slurs at him. Unfortunately for Whitman, he was driving his company van with the phone number on the side. Whitman was initially unrepentant saying he "grew up with [the n-word]" so it's "not a big deal for me." But most people don't care to do business with a racist, so his company has received terrible reviews on social media, and people are calling to give him a piece of their minds. After realizing what his racism cost him, Whitman said, "I'm out of business, I'm completely out, I'm done, I'll never work in Columbus again. This has completely and thoroughly ruined my life. I just don't understand the intensity of the hate." Got that? The man who doesn't see a problem with racist language and followed a black man to his home to shout the n-word at him doesn't understand why people hate.

It took until 2018 for all 50 US states to legalize public breastfeeding.

Wise from your gabe!

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I added a page for the video game Altered Beast.

  • Russian hackers have already been caught attacking US elections. Republicans continue to ignore the problem, because they need them to help in the 2018 midterms.
  • Trump is actively bringing down the nation, not just by selling us out to foreign powers, and ruining the economy, but also by trying to convince people to stop believing in facts and believe in his lies.
  • It seems the only problems Trump can fix are the ones he created in the first place.
  • Trump wasted $12,000,000,000, just on farmers, trying fix the tariff mess he created. Naturally, he views this as a win for the USA and Europe, but Europe disagrees.
  • A one-time illegal immigrant just ratted out a girl who had escaped from a Republican child prison because, now that he's safely a US citizen, he's a Trump supporter!
  • Betsy DeVos, the Republican who is destroying the nation's public school system, had her $40,000,000 yacht set adrift. I don't approve of such vandalism, I would much rather people show civil disobedience by protesting her.
  • One of the nice things about Trump foolishly using Twitter, is that he's creating a permanent record of all of his racism, bigotry, and, best yet, crimes.

People in the UK get to die with dignity... but not in the US.

The Vatican is "punishing" its child-raping priests by telling them to go home and pray about what they've done.

For years, the McDonald's Monopoly game was rigged by an ex-cop.

357,686,312,646,216,567,629,137 is a prime number, and every time you remove a number from the left, you're left with a prime number!

Center For Inquiry is suing CVS because of their longstanding fraudulent business practice of selling sham medicine.

Bedtime beings: 6:30, both girls finally fall asleep: 10:15

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I added a page for Liz Phair's self-titled album.

  • Uh oh! Ever since journalists discovered that Trump's son had been lying and did indeed hold a clandestine meeting in Trump Tower with what he thought was a spy from the Russian government to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, the White House has been assuring America that Trump senior knew absolutely nothing about it, and certainly would have put a stop to it if he did. But now, Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, is stating that Trump not only knew about it, but he approved his son's meeting with Russian spies.
  • The media is having a field day with the first of 12 audio recordings release of Trump and Cohen. His payment of $150,000 to the adult model, different from the $130,000 porn star, with whom he was cheating on his wife didn't go so well, and it also raises questions about Trump's first divorce.
  • At least during Watergate, there were trusted journalists who helped take down the completely corrupt president. Now, a large percentage of the nation trusts Fox "News."
  • With the pro-white, anti-journalism, dirty money, and Russian spy, the NRA certainly appears to be a terrorist organization.
  • There is a bit of irony with Trump imposing Chinese tariffs and forgetting that the majority of his stuff he tries to sell comes from China.
  • We're currently at the point where we're resorting to depression-era laws to prevent the American agricultural industry from going bankrupt because of Trump's failed tariff gamble.
  • After using a racist comment to try and prove he's not racist, Republican racist John Schnatter, former CEO of Papa John's, is now suing his own company for asking him to resign because of his racism.
  • In case you needed a reminder of just how bad things have gotten under Trump.
  • I don't condone vandalism because you can never trust a lone person to have the best interests of the community at heart. I don't approve of the destruction of Trump's star on the Hollywood walk of fame, but I would have loved to see a protest demanding its removal be successful.

How and why Christians confuse abiogenesis with spontaneous generation.

Feminist Frequency does great work and teaches people about the important cultural issues.

The Pacific Ocean is going down in a burning ring of fire.

Go to sleep Illy!

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I added a page for the Rilo Kiley album, More Adventurous.

  • Not satisfied with only bankrupting the American government, Trump makes additional tariffs in order to bankrupt American businesses as well. The rising prices of various goods and services won't affect rich people, but people who are already living paycheck-to-paycheck will face the full brunt of his stupidity.
  • You know things are a bit scary when Trump tells you not to believe anything you read or hear unless it comes from the channels specifically approved by him.
  • Trump appointee, Republican Betsy DeVos is eliminating civil rights protections from the Department of Education and replacing them with pro-white policies. She's also really stupid.
  • Republicans are now banning those journalists who ask Trump difficult questions.
  • Every intelligence agency in the US says that Russia interfered with out election to help elect Trump. Trump of course says that they didn't interfere because he trusts ex-KGB agent and Russian dictator Vladamir Putin over US intelligence. However, he's now open to the idea that Russia might interfere with the election to get a Democrat elected. Why? Because Trump is not only full of shit, but the Russians seem to have some serious shit on him.
  • Republicans are working very hard to make extinct endangered species.
  • A typical example of Republican versus Democrat sensibilities in the USA: the Democrat addresses the issues our nation faces and explains how they plan to solve them, the Republican complains about people who won't let him force his white Christian bigotry on everyone else.

John Galman and Spencer Sutton, two white New Orleans police officers severely beat an American veteran while calling him a fake American.

The Chinese government is pretty evil, and that evil is taking over Hong Kong.

CVS is finally starting to clean house and fire pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions because they have moral problems with the doctors and patients.

The conservatives on a school board in Chino Valley, California have lost their appeal on their Christian proselytizing lawsuit. They initially had to pay over $200,000 from the school's budget, all taxpayer money, but after they lost their appeal, they'll probably see that amount doubled. This means no new teachers, no new books, and the school will be paying off fees for years to come, all because they refused to stop forcing their religion on everyone else.

Confession booths are a great way for Catholics to shield criminals from the law, especially child rapists.

Firstborn Baptist Church in North Carolina is yet another Christian church has been discovered to be a haven for abuse and child sexual predators.

Go to sleep Gabby!

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I added a page for the Hello Saferide song, X Telling Me About the Loss of Something Dear, At Age 16.

  • The fallout from Trump's massive import tariffs (even on our allies) has caused devastating losses to American companies. It has been especially bad for farmers because a lot of countries have stopped buying American food exports. Trump is trying to fix his mistake by giving farmers a government handout of $12,000,000,000! This huge failure is not sitting well with other Republicans who care little about ethics, but a whole lot about money, and are referring to his scheme as a Soviet-type economy. But it's not just farmers who have been hurt by Trump's tariffs, Whirlpool is seeing its worst stock drop since 1987! Meanwhile, Trump is so out of touch with reality, he's convinced he's winning.
  • One of the many recordings of Trump discussing with Michael Cohen how to pay off Playboy model Karen McDougal so she wouldn't talk about the affair he had with her shortly after his son was born has been released.
  • Trump finally unambiguously acknowledges Russian election interference, but says that Russia is trying to get a Democrat elected. Trump thinks that he's been so hard on Russia, what with him licking Putin's boots, that they don't want such a tough sycophant like him in office.
  • The White House continues to become more and more like the lair of a tyrant. Typically, Presidents were open about which foreign leaders they spoke to and what they spoke about, but now, the White House will keep all of its conversations with foreign leaders completely secret. America now has to rely on foreign media to know what it's own president is doing!
  • Even as he alters official White House transcripts, Trump continues to claim that all journalists are liars, but the few people at Fox "News" who haven't yet lost their jobs due to gross indecency are the only people who tell the truth. And when he discovered that the television used by Melania was tuned to CNN, he threw a tantrum.
  • Maybe people will stop caring about Trump destroying the economy and ignoring a Russian national security crisis if he starts a war with Iran?
  • British journalists don't yet understand how Trump can say he didn't say something even when they play a recorded video of him saying it. They just haven't quite figured out that he's completely full of shit.
  • It doesn't matter that Maine voted in favor of expanding Medicaid, Republican Governor Paul LePage refuses to do it and claims he'd rather go to jail for obstruction than do what the people want. Now, people who were relying on health care will not get it, and many will probably die. Remember that when Republicans complain about "activist" politicians.
  • Georgia Republican Jason Spencer, who once tried to ban Middle Eastern head scarves, is resigning after purposely baring his ass and using the N-word on television.

If you're Catholic and afraid to use birth control because the church tells you it's evil, remember, they just made that up only 50 years ago.

Preferring doubt over debate in order to change people's minds.

The youth climate march is heart-warming.

What would happen if you detonated a nuclear bomb in the Marianas Trench? Not much. Human technology is still far too puny compared to the size of the Earth.

In my pants

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I finished reading the etymology book Written In Stone.

  • Russian hackers are gaining access to US power plants, and Trump doesn't just ignore the threat, he denies it ever happened.
  • It's interesting how when Republicans want to eliminate the human rights of women, they can't trust the federal government's rules, but when Democrats want to enforce environmental protections at the state level, suddenly they're violating federal laws and need to be stopped.
  • Although the Trump administration still doesn't know what happened to all the children they handed out, sometimes to pedophiles, they do know that they deported over 460 parents without their children.
  • Trump blames his pathetic performance in Helsinki on the questions he was asked... they were too hard.
  • More on the Russian spy who was beloved by Republicans and infiltrated the NRA.
  • Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, recorded conversations with him discussing paying off a second porn star.
  • Montenegro is a tiny country in Africa, yet they still send troops to help defend the USA. Of course, Fox "News" and Trump not only dismiss their help, but they make bigoted remarks about the people living there. Why? Because Russia doesn't like Montenegro.
  • What else can we convince the Trumps to give up on?

The world looks every strange when viewed in ultraviolet.

Scientists are imaging the brain of a fruit fly at nanoscale resolution to literally see how it thinks.

Little girls are still dying because their parents are cutting off their labia.

A symphony conductor explains what conductors do.


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I recorded the Windows port soundtrack of SimAnt.

  • Republican's can't even control a petulant man-baby like Trump, why would anyone want them to control the country?
  • The Secretary of Homeland Security, Republican Kirstjen Nielsen, admits that Russia hacked our last election, but she says that she hasn't seen any evidence that they were favoring one candidate over the other. So, this is the person who we are paying to keep our country safe, and, in her mind, a foreign power is going to go through all the trouble of hacking another nation's election, even though they don't care who wins? She's either really stupid or a liar. Trump, of course, is both, as he continues to ignore all of the facts of Russian interference saying all of it is fake.
  • Trump's foreign policy aide, Republican Carter Page, has been implicated in Russian meddling for over a year now, but the FBI has now released documentation (heavily redacted) which gives evidence that Page wasn't just talking to the Russians, but had actually become a full-blown Russian agent.
  • Trump continues to be racist in order to keep people from voting against him.
  • In the US, sane Americans are trying to protect the first amendment from the religious zealots who have convinced Trump to try and overturn the Johnson Amendment which prevents non-profits from endorsing political candidates. This is a noble cause, not just because it promotes fair play, but also because giving a single religion power over others is a quick trip to shifting the culture to one like India where pointing out that a person is using religion to defraud people might land you in jail.
  • More details about how the NRA and Republican party made a darling out of a Russian spy.
  • Trump just can't help but cozy up to his boss, Vladamir Putin.
  • Republican Bill Schuette makes it clear he doesn't care about LGBT rights.

Roads are usually made safe when planners decrease the number of lanes, and, when done correctly, it doesn't even alter the amount of traffic the road can sustain.

Trying to understand the difference between misogyny and sexism.

It only gets better

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  • Because Trump kicked out all his staff when he was addressed by Putin, a former KGB agent knows everything they talked about, but you know who doesn't? Dan Coats, the head of US intelligence. Democrats demanded to question the interpretor so America could have at least a general idea of what they talked about, but Republicans wanted everything to stay Putin's secret. And you know what is really pathetic? Almost half of Republican voters think Trump's surrender was a good thing! I'm used to Republicans preferring party over country, that's pretty much their motto, but Russia over the USA? That's pretty shocking for self-proclaimed patriots.
  • The thing about Trump changing a single "would" to "wouldn't" is that it doesn't fix his pathetic speech. It wasn't just one word, everything he said was pro-Russia, anti-America. He would have to switch about 20 words not to appear like he was handing over US security to Putin. Despite this fact, Republicans can't help but treat the whole mess like it never happened because they're pathetic cowards.
  • Republicans fell for Maria Butina's made-up pro-gun message hook, line, and sinker. After dozens of top Republican politicians were wooed by her, now they're all trying to distance themselves from the Russian spy who funneled possibly millions of dollars from Russia to the Trump candidacy. True to form, Trump has responded to this by inviting Putin for a friendly visit in Washington D.C.!
  • Republicans keep going on television saying that people are overreacting about Trump's Supreme Court pick eliminating Roe v. Wade, but that has been their clearly stated goal ever since the decision was first made, and Trump himself said he was only going to pick justices who would fight to over turn it.
  • Trump got his way subsidizing the owners of coal mines and gave them the go ahead to eliminate their safety regulations. The result? Exactly what everyone expected, black lung disease reaches a 25-year high.
  • Trump received a fabulous welcome in London, if he likes being thoroughly mocked.

One thing Christians seem to agree about is that the New Testament clearly commands followers to be kind to strangers and foreigner. So, it should come as no shock that white American Evangelicals are very angry that the US is becoming less white.

The Episcopalian church now officially endorses same-sex marriages. Good on you!

An important message about the cultural identity of fully integrated children of immigrants.

A brief history of British colonialism in Hong Kong.

Reddit has a long history of protecting abusers.

In Soviet America, Russia owns you!

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I've re-recorded the SimLife soundtrack, added song pages, and updated the format.

In Soviet America, Russia owns you!

  • Trump refuses to accept that Russia hacked the US elections, even though he asked them too, and even though every branch of US intelligence says they did. And yet, when asked if they were still hacking US elections, Trump said "no," implying that they were at one point. Not that this matters because, right after he said they stopped, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that's not what he intended to say. Just like how he meant to say wouldn't instead of would, right?
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders also explained that Trump might allow 11 American citizens to be interrogated by the Russian government! I hope he got a lot of money for selling out his own country.
  • Trump makes a bigoted comment against the people of Montenegro saying it's a country of "very aggressive people," who, because of the rules of NATO, might start World War III. Does this have anything to do with the fact that Russia didn't want Montenegro to join NATO?
  • On the heels of Trump acknowledging Jerusalem as being owned by Israel, the Israeli government passed a racist anti-Arab law.
  • Trump continues to demand a war-mongering military parade, paid for in US taxes.
  • Trump's pick for US Supreme Court, Republican Brett Kavanaugh, wants to eliminate independent counsel, the anti-corruption law that prevents government officials from being allowed to choose who investigate their crimes. Kavanaugh has always been anti-ethics, after all, he doesn't think sitting presidents should even be allowed to be investigated for crimes, and no doubt that's why Trump wants him.
  • Trump is spending $3,900,000,000 so Air Force One will be red, white, and blue. Maybe if he didn't go on vacation every week this wouldn't be necessary?

Another small victory for the first amendment. A Colorado public school that was trying to raise funds for a Christian mission trip is no longer allowed to do it.

Not a big shock but, Christy Funk, celebrity doctor, is an anti-science quack.

Simone Giertz is out of brain surgery and as spunky as ever.

Can we impeach Trump yet?

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I added a bunch more updates to the YM2203 page and updated the King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne (DOS) page.

  • You know how in the past, instances of conspiracy and treason have been discovered by reporters "following the money?" Well, thanks to Republicans, that is no longer possible! Just after it came out that Russians used the NRA to funnel foreign money into Trump's campaign, the Trump administration is making it so groups like the NRA don't have to report where they get their money or to whom they donate it.
  • The CIA has a standing rule, no American should ever meet with the Russian KGB alone, especially anyone with important military knowledge or State secrets. Naturally, Trump did. Not only does Trump continue to disregard US intelligence, but he undermines them at every turn.
  • Trump loves Russia, but not the USA. Trump believes Russian intelligence, but not the USA. Trump doesn't know anything about foreign affairs, or even US affairs.
  • Ever since the presidential campaigns, US intelligence agencies have been warning us about Russian hacking and interference. The Trump administration has taken action by eliminating their entire position of cyber security coordinator.
  • Republican Bill Schuette's goal is to take tax money away from public schools that educate all children and give it to private schools that only help certain children.
  • Trump-appointed judge James Ho doesn't care much about women's rights, or even human rights, his main target is fetal rights.

In case you needed a scientific study to determine that women have it worse on YouTube.

Mother Teresa was a terrible person when she was alive, and even after her death we keep learning new terrible things about her, like the fact that her order has been selling children.

Hobo Code is interesting, historic, and mostly a fabrication.

I love seeing companies getting punished for trying to force their software on consumers! Hey Google, remember when your motto was don't be evil?

An interesting sound synthesizer for the Commodore 64.

Trump is a Russian puppet

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I added a page in the VGMPF for the YM2203 chip and fixed all the pages for sound drivers.

Using spinning spheres of molten sodium to try to understand the center of the Earth.

What would happen if Bowser dated a Pokémon trainer?

Humans are currently producing 13 tons of hazardous waste every second.

A lecture on using video games to teach people about music.

Secular Summer Retreat was awesome!

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I've added the soundtrack for the PC-9801 port of Ultima III: Exodus and added a page for the Infinity Sound Driver and the INF format.

  • Trump says that he views the US allies in the EU as foes, even before Russia or China.
  • Trump was questioned if he would ask his boss to extradite the indicted Russian hackers, but Trump said he hadn't even considered doing it, but he's confident the world wants him to "get along" with the Russian dictator. In fact, Trump has gone so far as to say that the tension between the USA and Russia is not the fault of the Russian invasion of Ukraine or their murdering of journalists, and certainly not the hacking of US elections, not, the real fault of the tension between the USA and Russia is the USA! Trump really is a Russian puppet.
  • Who knew there was so much profit to be had in the incarceration of children? Republicans knew, they've been doing this with their private prisons for decades.
  • Republican Matt Bevin thinks it very odd the poor black people play chess.

Police officers have come up with a new excuse for killing unarmed black men, they were "exhibiting characteristics of an armed person." This probably won't end well. Maybe they can hire this cop who got re-hired by he department even after making racial slurs against black people.

How human hair in pantyhose can be used to clean up oil spills.

It's not just Catholics who protect their child molesters, Southern Baptists do it too.

Tearing down monuments to racism doesn't erase history.

The audio differences between Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic and Super Mario Bros. 2.

Off to the Secular Summer Retreat

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I created pages for two illustrators who worked on video game magazines: Makikazu Ohmori and Kenji Murata. I also made a punny graphic: Painfully Cute.

  • The irony of Trump's lie about Germany being beholden to Russia was not lost on this woman. Meanwhile, Trump is busy licking Putin's ass while the FBI indicts 12 Russian military intelligence officers in the 2016 hacking of the DNC.
  • Trump continues to lie about the god of the Republican Party, Ronald Reagan.
  • Rather than meet with Trump lackey Mike Pompeo, Kim Jong Un went to a potato farm.
  • Republican Bob Goodlatte lied to FBI agent Peter Strzok to try to get him to comment on an ongoing FBI investigation (which the FBI never does), telling him he has been subpoenaed and must answer his questions or be found in contempt, but Strzok saw through his lie and reminded Goodlatte that he had not been subpoenaed and had appeared voluntarily. Then, Democrats pointed out to Goodlatte that the Republicans let Steven Bannon refuse every important question without a threat of contempt, and even took a vote to recall Steven Bannon, but, of course, the Republicans all voted it down.

  • For those making the argument, "why don't refugees try to seek asylum the legal way?" it's because it's really hard to do, and the majority of the time, especially with Republican's in charge, they'll most likely refuse.
  • The headline "Trump denies he said something that he said on a tape that everyone has heard," seems to be used an awful lot these days.

In an effort to stop an atheist from having a blasphemous vanity license plate, Kentucky is now banning all vanity license plates with religious messages. Naturally, there are dozens more Christian plates than blasphemous plates, so they're inadvertently censoring Christianity!

Facebook can keep claiming that they're trying to combat fake news, but until they block InfoWars, they're lying to themselves.

The Aloha Bed & Breakfast in Hawaii lost their legal case after a judge ruled that being a Christian doesn't give them a pass on discrimination.

Animals aren't the biggest fans of music, but they can tell the difference between genres.

Too much to do

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I created a page for one of my favorite NES hint books, Ultima: Exodus - Hint Book, and the company that designed it, Work House.

  • After repeating several lies at NATO, and embarrassing the country in front of all of its allies by claiming the USA was going to pull out of NATO, Trump went on to say that the meeting went well because he convinced the countries to increase their military budgets to 2% of the GDP. Of course, they had made this agreement four years ago because of Obama, and Trump is pretending like it was his idea.
  • Trump has threatened to withdraw military aid to Ecuador if they don't support his anti-breastfeeding agenda.
  • Trump and Russia seem to have the same goal, promoting distrust in journalists.
  • Republicans voted to allow tax-payer funded adoption agencies to ignore the first amendment and continue to discriminate against people for religious reasons.
  • The words of a man who claims he's "like, a real stable genius."
  • Mr. Deity goes back in time to attend Trump U.
  • Did Trump think he was appointing Brett Michaels to the US Supreme Court?
  • What kind of world do we live in when a rich Conservative white man can't keep his job as CEO of Papa John's after casually tossing around the N-word?

Does microwaving food destroy its vitamins? Yes, but not nearly as much as conventional cooking.

In this age of riled up Christian bigots, it's important to celebrate the little victories like successfully convincing a city not to put up Christian advertisements in public libraries.

Most men think being an alpha male means being a huge dick to everyone. In actuality, it requires being incredibly empathetic.

Babies are seven months old today!

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I added a page for the television show Secret Agent Selection: WW2.

  • Donald Trump, who is partially indebted to Russia for getting elected and refuses to say anything bad about the murderous dictator Vladamir Putin, just threw a tantrum crying that Germany was being controlled by Russia. Psychologist refer to Trump's personal blindness as projection.

  • Trump's Secretary of State, Republican Mike Pompeo met with North Korea. According to White House sources, the meeting went as bad as it could go. Typical incompetent Trump employees.
  • The failure to put criminals like Scott Pruitt in prison show just how flawed our government is when it comes to prosecuting rampant corruption.
  • Trump's anti-immigration crimes are costing America so much money, they're pulling the budget from aid organizations to help pay for their child prisons. Meanwhile, the bodies of hundreds of immigrants are being dug up in Texas in a huge mass grave. Many of the bodies were buried in trash bags, shopping bags, and some, in hospital medical bags. The corpses were dumped over a span of several years from 2005-2009 with no names or even identifying markers, yet Texas police are claiming that there doesn't appear to be any reason to think this was done illegally. I guess dumping an immigrant's body in an unmarked grave is in accordance with Texas law.
  • The country is literally being run by Fox "News" right now.

Racist Timothy Trybus shouted at a woman telling her she wasn't an American because she was wearing a shirt with a Puerto Rican flag on it. Trybus may be too ignorant to know that Puerto Rico is a US territory, but the real tragedy comes from the fact that police officer Patrick Connor was watching the woman being harassed and did nothing to stop the raving public drunkard.

Bees understand the concept of zero better than children.

District Judge Malachy E. Mannion rules that it's okay for COLTS advertising, who routinely advertises for churches, to discriminate against atheists.

The Complete Adventures of the Video Game Agent.

How would you like to get pulled over by a cop from the Crandall Police Department in Texas who just released a terrible video of themselves blatantly promoting Christianity while in uniform. I'm sure they'd treat you fairly if you weren't a Christian, they don't seem like the kind of people who would play favorites.

Jehovah's Witnesses have an instructional lecture on how to destroy incriminating evidence of things like child sex abuse.

Gabby... stop crying...

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A few days ago I started refusing the straws offered by my servers at restaurants. I suspected it would be an annoying transition, but it's been trivially easy.

I recorded the soundtrack to Ultima III: Exodus for the Apple II in the Video Game Music Preservation Foundation. I also fixed up the Commodore 64 recording.

  • Trump has picked Brett Kavanaugh for US Supreme Court. Why would he choose him? I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that Kavanaugh believes that Presidents shouldn't be allowed to be brought up on civil or criminal charges while in office. He also has a history of favoring companies over employees, hating abortion, being pro-gun, anti-affirmative action, and pro-Christianity.
  • Trump reminds everyone that he's an asshole who hates people who aren't white.
  • Dwight Hammond Jr. and Steven Hammond are those two ranchers who were convicted of arson because they were trying to destroy the evidence of their illegal poaching on public land. Their crimes incited Ammon Bundy and his friends to lead and armed break in at the Oregon National Wildlife Refuge in 2016 which led to a 41-day standoff, thousands of dollars in damage to the building, the death of one man, and probably millions wasted to pay all the police and federal agents. Suffice to say, the Hammonds are pretty terrible people. Anyway, Trump just pardoned them. Soft on white crime.
  • Michael Selyem, a district attorney in California, has been placed on leave after asking why Democrat Representative Maxine Waters hadn't been shot because she was a ghetto loud-mouthed cunt, in addition to other horrible things to people abused by police.
  • With Trump in office, Nazis are on the rise again, so it might help to watch Lindsay Ellis's video on the ethics of mocking Nazis through film as well as what works and what fails.

Endangered orcas are on the decline again.

Republican Mayor Jodi Miller wants to force her religion on people who disagree with her as a way of expressing unity, and, apparently, she's too stupid to see the flaw in that line of thinking.

The importance of key frame animation in video games.

Some people believe that Christianity is the originator of the separation of church and state, like the criminal who was pardoned by Trump, Dinesh D'Souza. Of course, he's completely wrong.

The same thing that makes the National Anthem hard to sing is what makes it so interesting.

Go to sleep girls!

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  • The Trump administration claimed it would reunite the children they stole away from their families, but then explained that haven't the slightest idea where 20% of them are.
  • The Trump administration is refusing to pay $10,400,000,000 in insurance fees that it is required to pay by law. They're doing this in hopes that they'll win the resulting lawsuit, and since Trump is going to appoint another Supreme Court justice, they probably will. In the meantime, the $10,400,000,000 they refuse to pay will be passed on to sick people. In addition to breaking the law in this way, the Trump administration is also opposing the World Health Organization promotion of breastfeeding.
  • After Republican Scott Pruitt resigned in disgrace due to massive corruption charges, he is being replaced by Republican Andrew Wheeler, whose impressive background includes being a lobbyist for fossil fuel companies, probably doesn't believe in climate change, and is the man who gave Trump the idea to sell off US national monuments. Andrew Wheeler is a piece of trash.
  • Republican Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, refuses to sign a bill banning Christians from torturing gay people and calling it "therapy."

A wonderful lecture including some really interesting chemical reactions.

The science behind freckle genetics.

What happens when you burn 10,000 sparklers at once?

Why selling your game on Steam probably won't make you any money.

How humans were able to kill off billions of passenger pigeons and bring the species to extinction in less than a century.

Some interesting facts about the Portal series.

Yesterday I saw a deer

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Anniversary dinner at The Melting Pot was delicious and a lot of fun, if over-priced.

I added a page for game Portal.

  • Republican Scott Pruitt, the most corrupt leader the EPA has ever had, has resigned in disgrace! He has dealt a serious blow to the quality of our nation's environment, not just by eliminating safety procedures from the companies that give him money, but by refusing to release reports about harmful chemicals, and by wasting hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars in the process. He deserves to be in prison for all the unethical things he's done, but at least he's out of power. But, before you get too happy, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services has discovered that, because the Trump administration failed to perform even basic background checks, it placed over a dozen immigrant children with convicted human traffickers!
  • John Fitzgerald is yet another Republican Nazi.
  • Republican Mark Harris of North Carolina thinks women shouldn't have careers and should only exist as "helpers" of their husbands.
  • Jeff Sessions reminds us that his god is a huge asshole.
  • Samantha Bee celebrates independence by reminding us all about the importance of voting.
  • Trump continues to deport the few racial minorities that voted for him.

Tess Thompson Talley thanked the Christian god for giving her the strength to shoot an endangered black giraffe.

Facebook censored the Declaration of Independence as hate speech, but maybe correctly!

Though we know how stars form in general, we don't specifically know where our sun came from.

Open up late bloomer

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Today is my wife and my four year anniversary! Mazel tov!

I added a page for game Shinobi.

  • Trump fans were pissed off at NPR's "taxpayer funded partisan advocacy." What was the offending text that made them so mad? The Declaration of Independence.
  • Mike Pence is a terrible person who seems to hate everyone who isn't white. He's also so stupid that he seems to think that the immigrants seeking asylum in the US are Brazilian.
  • Unsurprisingly, in response to Trump canceling trading partnerships and imposing tariffs out of the blue, China responded by trying to put together an anti-USA trade alliance with Europe. Europe has refused the agreement this time around, but, let's face it, they won't say no forever.
  • Thanks in part to Republican Betsy DeVos, Michigan has a serious problem with its education system. There aren't enough schools, and the ones that exist are failing to give their students a decent education. There was a big lawsuit put together where parents and students sued the state, including Republican Rick Snyder for failing to ensure even basic literacy to their students. Well, US District Judge Stephen Murphy III just ruled that, while the state is obligated to provide schools for the public, it has not obligation to actually teach students anything.
  • Not that Trump surrounds himself with competent people, but it would be nice if someone who wasn't so easily manipulated went with him to his surrender to talk with Vladimir Putin.
  • Trump hires another former Fox "News" employee to his cabinet. The latest hiree is Bill Shine who helped cover up his boss Roger Ailes's many cases of sexual harassment.

Oregon police were called to investigate Janelle Bynum, a black woman who was walking door-to-door trying to convince people to vote for her in the upcoming election.

The viruses that infect other viruses.

Even though Archbishop Philip Wilson was guilty of protecting child-raping priests, he won't be going to jail.

Just because animals look alike doesn't mean they evolved from a recent common ancestor.

Another small victory in Virginia, where the city council will stop saying Christian prayers before their meetings.

The video game art that exists on gaming circuitry.

Not feeling very patriotic this time around

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I added a page for Carl Sagan.

  • The Trump administration is now actively working to eliminate the free press. They've started compiling a database of journalists they don't like. This is how authoritarian dictatorships begin. Normally, where there is a mass-shooting in the USA, government institutions lower their flags to half mast out of respect. However, when five journalists were murdered in a mass-shooting, Trump has refused to lower the flags.
  • The Department of Homeland Security is supposed to release asylum-seekers from jail if it appears that they are going to win their asylum case. However, under the Trump administration, the DHS has been order to keep everyone locked up no matter what. A federal judge has just ruled that Trump's abuse of immigrants is a violation, so, hopefully, they will be forced to stop being evil.
  • Ron Paul recently posted a highly racist cartoon. He claims that he has someone else do all his Internet posts for him, and assures us that he isn't racist.
  • Russia has a knack for creating false news stories, and Trump has bought into it.
  • Politicians tend to think their constituents are more conservative than they really are because conservative voters work harder to be heard.
  • The African refugee who just became a mayor in Montana.

Gene editing is super cool, but also super scary!

Women can now officially drive in Saudi Arabia.

An old artifact used back when people were still trying to square the circle.

In the USA, Christians like Franklin Graham are encouraging other Christians to run for their local school boards so they can make like harder for gay students. But, despite American hatred, I'm pleased to hear that the UK has made it illegal to force people to change sexual preferences.

What if Mortal Kombat was an after-school TV show?

The difficulty of telling a story in a video game without boring the player.

The strange cycloids on Europa.

No longer sick, cold sore is gone, just this damn fistula...

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I added a page for the video game SkyRoads.

  • Trump is making it very clear that he's not interested in a Supreme Court judge who will be fair. He doesn't care about justice, he wants a Conservative with conservative values. Also, Anthony Kennedy has shockingly close ties to Trump! Also, Mitch McConnell is a lying piece of trash.
  • Despite claiming to be tough on crime, Donald Trump is on track to pardon more criminals than any president in history. One of the criminals he pardoned was Christian apologist Dinesh D'Souza who plead guilty to fraud campaign donations and was given a slap on the wrist. D'Souza has a history of making racist claims, and his most recent Internet post includes the phrases, "burn the Jews" and "bring back slavery." This is the kind of person Trump thinks needs to be saved.
  • Trump is confident that he ended the nuclear threat of North Korea because he shared a photo op with Kim Jong Un, but since their chat, North Korea has increased its nuclear stockpile.
  • I'm so proud of those people who were able to get out and protest against Trump's racist hateful ways, because there is so much to protest about!
  • Trump demands Republican support on a immigration bill, then says he never asked for Republican support on the immigration bill. Constantly dishonest. Republican Jeff Sessions also can't stop lying.
  • Trump continues to lie about the success of law enforcement against MS-13 gangs.
  • Mexico gets a decent president. Why can't we have a decent president?
  • Trump would rather run for president than actually be president.
  • Trump is finally getting back with his old lover, Putin.

Australia is a scary place to live.

Hobby Lobby, the company that refuses to let their employees have birth control even if someone else pays for it, and was found guilty of trying to steal artifacts from the Middle East, purchased full-page ads in newspapers around the country containing a lot of lies.

Captain Disillusion debunks the marble sorting machine.

Professor Stephen Kilpatrick, who worked at Liberty University, a private Christian school, has been arrested to trying to have sex with a minor.

Don't fall for pyramid schemes, even if they change their name to "multi-level marketing."

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes game developers make good licensed games.