August, 2018

Three-day weekend, thanks worker unions!

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I added a page for the Alanis Morissette album Jagged Little Pill.

  • Republicans eliminated a massive portion of the federal governments income by giving a massive tax break to the extremely rich, and, at the same time, increased funding to the US military despite it being the largest and most expensive in the world. So, now the federal government is effectively bankrupt. So, how do Republicans deal with this problem? Do they reinstate taxes? Do they eliminate wasteful military spending? No. They cut the planned raises for the majority of government workers. I guess it's just bad timing that he just declared the US economy the best it has ever been.
  • That delicious poisoned Flint water, brought to you by Republicans, is now available in Detroit public schools. And why can't the schools afford to get better water? Because Republicans have robbed them of $4,500,000,000 to pay for all their other mistakes.
  • Republicans have eliminated the US funding of Palestinian refugees.
  • Republican Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is trying to limit the power of schools and universities to investigative sexual assault.
  • Just because Trump is completely unqualified for his job, why does that mean everyone he hires also has to be completely unqualified for their job.
  • Trump is planning to sell off the US postal service to a private company, but shh! He doesn't want anyone to know about it.

Homeopathic pills do not treat disease because they have no beneficial ingredients. But, a recent study shows they do contain dangerous contaminants.

Stay curious my friends.

How many thousands of children have died a horrible painful death because their parents were ignorant to vaccinations.

The typical religious response to the question of free will is, we have to have it because we wouldn't like it if we didn't.

Those hard candies look delicious!

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I added a page for the Android OS and added maps to the Spy Hunter page.

  • The fact checkers at the Washington Post have serious journalistic integrity. While I'm willing to call out Trump's bullshit as lies, they take the conservative approach that, unless they can prove that a person definitely knew something and was actively trying to deceive, they won't call it a lie. Well, with Trump, we really are at that level.
  • Trump thinks he's good friends with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un because, in general, Trump really admires dictators. But, North Korea is not denuclearizing despite Trump claiming they would, and this has caused him to lose face. So, what does Trump do when he's caught with his pants down? He blames someone else! This time, Trump is claiming that China is ruining his friendship with Kim Jong Un. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the threats of murdering the North Korean people, or insults hurled directly at Kim Jong Un. Nope, it's gotta be the Chinese.
  • Trump tried, unsuccessfully, to buy several decades of dirt that has been collected by the National Enquirer.

If you demand from a scientist to be told how life began, be prepared for them to call your bluff.

It happens so rarely, that, when it does, it becomes headline news. Usually, when a white cop shoots an unarmed black teenager, they aren't even reprimanded. But, Roy Oliver, who shot a 15-year-old boy in the head, and lied to investigators claiming the boy was trying to run him over even though the boy was fleeing, was convicted of murder and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

How music was made on the SNES.

I'm not a huge fan of Aron Ra's take on morality, but it does give food for thought.

Gums slowing healing

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  • Trump is taking a page from the weirdo conspiracy book of Alex Jones. He's telling Christian leaders, not only that he eliminated the Johnson Amendment, the law that makes it illegal for them to endorse specific political candidates (he tried, but failed), but that if they don't re-elect Republicans, the "[Democrats] will overturn everything that we've done and they'll do it quickly and violently." Begging people to break the law to help keep your political lead seems to be a common theme among Republicans.
  • Masha Gessen talks about Russian autocracy, and how it applies to the US, now that Trump is best buddies with Putin.
  • The typical Conservative approach to STDs is to tell teenagers to not have sex. That, of course, doesn't work. Not only do teens continue to have sex, but they don't use contraception, which not only increases the rate of unexpected pregnancies, but increases the rate of sexually transmitted diseases. With Republicans under-funding the CDC, STD rates are soaring once again.
  • A recap of Trump's imprisonment of immigrant children. And, to be clear, it's still a major problem. The US government has taken children away from their parents adopted them out to American families, and refuses to ever give them back!
  • Republicans may blame immigrants for murder, but the problem has always been men who think they're entitled to women.

What is a mass damper, and how does it prevent tall things from shaking apart?

Catholics didn't just rape the children in their orphanages, sometimes they tortured them, and sometimes they murdered them.

Jordan Peterson may abuse science for political reasons to the point where he doesn't even grasp the basics, but that doesn't mean you have to.

Yet another Christian pastor is arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography.

How to tell if you have food poisoning rather than some other illness?

Tooth hasn't regrown yet...

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  • Sara Huckabee Sanders lies about Trump's job creation, or lack thereof.
  • Despite all the love Trump claims to have for the US flag, he can't seem to color it correctly.
  • Once again, federal judges rule that Republicans violated the US Constitution when they drew their voter district lines.
  • While Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner was running his father's company, they falsified various construction permits over a span of several years. So far, the Kushner Company has been hit with a total of $210,000 in fines, but the company denies it entirely.
  • Paul Manafort is a thief and a tax cheat, which, according to Trump, makes him a very good person.

The greenhouse effect explained by an actual physicist.

What happens when video games become more realistic?

It really isn't very healthy to pee in a pool.

There will be blood

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Got my tooth pulled today. In the end, it's going to cost me around $3,000 for the removal and implant. Although, compared to other treatments in US health care, this is just grabbing my ass, not full on rape.

Over the weekend, I finished reading Mistakes Were Made (but Not By Me) and watched the movie Peter Rabbit. It wasn't that great. I also added a page for the Peter Rabbit universe.

  • In a survey of US economists, 95% said that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was beneficial to the US economy. So, naturally, Trump is killing it.
  • Part of what causes white people to vote Republican is the fact that the US is becoming more diverse. We're expected to see the white population shrink below 50% by 2045, and that causes a lot of white people to become so terrified, they're willing to vote for fascists. That's just part of the American tradition of white supremacy.
  • Katy Tur, one of the few people who covered Trump's campaign from the early days, and who was sexually assaulted by Trump, talks about his possible 2020 campaign.
  • Another day, another mass shooting in the only modern country in the world that has regular mass shootings.

More Tinder of the video game world.

You protect a few thousand child rapists, and, suddenly, nobody wants to show up for mass anymore.

Our food is becoming less nutritious, not because of breeding, genetic manipulation, or soil depletion, but for the same reason we're seeing climate change, carbon pollution.

Many hotel chains have given up on putting bibles in each room, not just because few people want them, but also because it's beginning to be a liability. But Marriott is now including in every room a Book of Mormon. I guess that's just more for my collection. Every time I stay at a hotel with a holy book of any kind, I take it and add it to a pile. I have around 20 so far.

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I added a page for the Rilo Kiley song Glendora.

  • Trump cheated on his third wife with two women. Despicable. He directed his lawyer to pay them to keep silent. Scumbag. He lied about it several times. Pathetic. While all of that makes him a disgusting human being, it's all perfectly legal. But having someone else pay to keep it quiet while also running for office? Well, that's a crime!
  • Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort is going to prison for eight counts of fraud. Of course, Trump, being soft on crime, is considering pardoning him. Hell, even the people who wanted him to walk couldn't help but found him guilty.
  • But Trump's buddies aren't the only filth; Republican Duncan Hunter was found guilty of illegal campaign contributions, despite trying to cover it up using his Christianity.
  • If you've ever read a book about cognitive dissonance, you can understand why Trump, despite all the evidence to the contrary, still believes he's doing a good job.

Captain Disillusion debunks the Escherian stairwell.

I know I complain about how the dominate religion of my culture persecutes all others, but when you let a religion have their way unchecked, you get problems like those in Indonesia where if a non-Muslim complains that a mosque is too loud, she goes to jail for 18 months.

Trigger warnings have been part of our culture for decades, but it's only recently that people have been freaking out about them. They are beneficial to society, despite the attempts at creating a very bad study to prove they're not.

Christianity is on the decline in Australia, and, with it, young-earth creationism.

When your games loses out to another game.

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I answered several random questions about atheism. I also added a page about which properties determine whether a game will be action or adventure oriented, and listed the properties of several games.

  • Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, plead guilty to eight counts of violating campaign laws to buy the silence of the women Trump had affairs with to help get Trump elected, but argues that Trump made him do it. He's also agreeing to aid law enforcement in anything to do with the Russia probe.
  • Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was being tried for tax evasion, bank fraud, and failing to disclose foreign accounts. He was found guilty on all eight counts! Despite his guilt, Trump is praising his corrupt campaign manager for not cracking. Of course "cracking," implies that Manafort has even more dirt on Trump that he's keeping secret!
  • As the number of convicted Trump employees continues to grow, it does make you wonder how much crime is acceptable before he must be impeached. All this corruption has made people more politically aware, so this will probably be one of the most active midterm elections in recent history.
  • After Republican Ajit Pai eliminated Net neutrality despite the majority of Americans demanding it remain, telecom companies claimed they weren't going to throttle the speeds of users. We all knew this was a lie, but now we know how dangerous their lying can be. Verizon has been caught throttling back the speeds of a California Fire Department. Even though they paid for unlimited data, Verizon throttled back their service and is demanding they pay more each month to get their service back to the normal speed. Meanwhile, wild fires across the state are destroying lives and homes, but Verizon doesn't care.
  • Thanks to global warming, shipping companies are being able to sail through the Arctic regions. Meanwhile, Trump is eliminating federal restrictions on toxic coal pollution.
  • Alex Jones doesn't deserve a time out, he deserves to have his platform taken away, and probably some jail time.

The original 300+ child-raping priests in Pennsylvania who the church protected are just the ones who had a documented history. Now that the cat is out of the bag, previously undocumented priests are being accused of sexual assault, and the diocese is finally treating them like the sexual predators they are. But I don't want you thinking it's just Catholics who do this, Evangelical pastor Martin Kofi Danso accidentally knocked up his mistress and told her to have an abortion or God would kill her.

Q&A for Lindsay Ellis.

The 1985 thesis of PZ Myers.

Why are gods so terrible at getting their point across?


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I think I fractured my index finger while running from my dog and squeaking a rubber chicken.

  • Trump doesn't know jack about trade, and neither does his staff. He is really screwing things up for the US economy.
  • Former White House staffers continue to tell horror stories about the current administration.
  • Republicans are going ahead with their plan to punish legal immigrants for using the governmental services they are entitled to.
  • As usual, Republican big government is trying to take away states rights by preventing them from re-instituting Net neutrality, but already 22 states are asking the court system to fight back against their tyranny.
  • If you're being investigated for obstruction of justice, it probably won't help your case to eliminate security clearance from those who are critical of you.
  • Republicans, thanks to scam artists like Betsy DeVos, are giving your tax dollars to religious schools and allowing people to donate to them and get tax credits.

Before you try that home remedy, make sure it isn't going to do more harm than good.

Sam Harris and Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, neither of whom are historians, argue about history. Naturally, they both get nearly everything wrong, and an actual historian explains why.

Weeks after it came out that the Pennsylvania diocese had protected at least 300 priests who had sexually assaulted children, the Pope finally addresses Catholics with a solution that will end molestation in the church for good. He tells Catholics to pray and fast.

A trailer for Vitamania, a documentary about the vitamin and supplements industry.

A Texas back-to-school student prayer rally sponsored by 40 local churches drew a crowd of students totaling zero.

Tin is surprisingly interesting.

Why does Link look like an elf and wear green? Peter Pan.

Like a boss!

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Married another couple over the weekend.

The UK stupidly leaving the EU is not only going to hurt their economy and make everything more difficult at their borders, but it's also going to create new problems for Ireland, and might ultimately be the spark that sets alight Northern Irish independence.

A church inadvertently makes an anti-evolution graphic using the album art of anti-religious metal band!

Another day, another Christian pastor is arrested for raping a child. Have fun in prison Ricardo Strachan.

Id laws don't just prevent poor people from voting, they also make life more dangerous for transgendered people.

In '65 I was seventeen and running up 101

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I added a page for the video game themed book series Worlds of Power, and the first book in the series, Blaster Master.

  • You don't need to hear Trump use the N-word to know that he's a racist. He's been saying and doing racist things for decades.
  • The White House continues its downward spiral.
  • After the Boston Globe published a collection of all the newspapers around the country who criticized Trump's call to violence against the free press, someone called in a fake bomb threat.
  • The boos finally reached Trump about his war-mongering parade, and he has decided to cancel it, blaming everyone else for the high costs. Of course, we all know what really happened, he became embarrassed after seeing my awesome graphic!
  • The Republican party really is going full fascist.
  • Retired Admiral William McRaven, after hearing about Trump revoking the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan because Brennan was critical of Trump's many failures, demanded that Trump revoke his security clearance as well, stating it would be an honor.
  • If we get rid of undocumented immigrants, who will grow, transport, prepare, cook, and serve our food?

Many of the horrors committed by the priests in Pennsylvania have come to light, and it's just sick what they did, how long they did it, and how much protection they received from the Vatican.

A female doctor is more likely to save your life, so why do we pay them half as much as male doctors?

The saga of Dennis Prager's really stupid argument about the after life.

A reminder of what the Internet was like at the turn of the millennium.

When I turned 16 I was furious and restless

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I added a review for Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and the casual game, Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre.

  • Former CIA director John Brennan has rightfully been speaking out against Trump's failure to protect Americans from Russian cyber attacks, so Trump responded by revoking his security clearance. Trump has also threatened to silence in a similar way any other critics in the US security and intelligence sectors. Meanwhile, a new Russian satellite is behaving in a strange way, and US intelligence claims it doesn't know Russia's intent with it.
  • Over 300 newspapers around the country call out Trump's violent rhetoric against the free press.
  • At Trump's demand, the White House forces employees to sign a non-disclosure agreements saying they won't leak any of Trump's ignorance or bigotry to the press. Of course, the NDAs are not legally binding, the White House just does it to placate Trump.
  • The USA was involved with the Saudi Arabian coalition that just bombed a school bus full of children.
  • Like most of American's disgustingly wealthy self-proclaimed patriots, Betsy DeVos avoids paying taxes on her yacht that she anchors and sails in the USA by claiming it's registered in the Cayman Islands.
  • Trump is expected to waste $92,000,000 of the US taxpayer's money just to see soldiers and tanks on parade. Can't we just get him some green plastic army men to play with?

Is it possible to have a square with only three sides? What about five sides?

Seth Andrews talks to people about all the weird things they used to believe in.

What it's like to live in a home the size of a closet even when there is plenty of land to build on.

Beware the ides of August

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I finished reading Nick Hornby's book, Funny Girl, which I loved. I also added a page for Microsoft's Minesweeper.

  • I miss living in a country when you could actually trust what came out of the White House to be mostly true. With Republican's in power, reasonable people must automatically distrust everything they say until it can be confirmed to not be a lie, but it usually is a lie.
  • Under Trump, coal plants are closing at the same rate they were under Obama, despite his claims to have rejuvenated the dying industry.
  • When you surround yourself with dishonest people, you should expect everything to become a shit show.
  • The Republican goal of hiding where money comes from is especially helpful to astro-turfing.
  • Trump doesn't have the slightest idea what's going on in the world, where countries are, or even how to pronounce them.
  • Betsy DeVos has been paying Republicans to ruin American schools for decades.
  • One good thing you have to admit about Trump, he's so loud and obnoxious, he can't ever do any evil in secret.
  • Things continue to go poorly for Alex Jones.
  • White supremacist Jason Kessler was interviewing his Republican friend and Nazi Patrick Little about his failed Senate attempt, when it came to light that he was filming in his parent's house (because he lives with his parents), and his father was none to pleased that his son was promoting racism in his home!

Yet another Catholic diocese is discovered to have systematically protected over 300 child-raping priests.

Republican gun nut, Dan Roberts, is pissed off that he put Sacha Baron Cohen's dildo in his mouth and is trying to sue.

Science teachers Coleen and Milan explain why they teach evolution.

Dorkly has created some pretty dark animations over the years.

California constantly has wild fires, in large part because of humans messing with the environment.

Tuesday the 14th?

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I added a page for the book Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. and the author Beatrix Potter.

  • The bad news is, there was another rally in Charlottesville, Virginia full of white supremacists, Nazis, and KKK members, you know, the people Trump loves. The good news, they were vastly out-numbered by the amount of counter protesters! It's sad that we still have to have counter protests like this, but, if you remember, back in 2017, Trump was toying with the idea of renaming the "Countering Violent Extremism" program to a much more specific (both racially, and ideologically) "Countering Radical Islamic Extremism." Like most of Trump's talk, the White House hasn't followed through, but it gives you an idea where their priorities lie. Rhetoric like is no doubt partially responsible for non-violent black activists being spied on and kidnapped by the US government. You have to wonder, under Republican leadership, are law enforcement agencies being ordered to even look into the KKK giving candy with racist literature to random children?
  • Sheesh, lie to millions of people about your cancer-causing weed killer, and suddenly, you're the bad guy! Monsanto will have to pay $289,000,000 in damages, but, naturally, the EPA under Republican leadership still says the cancer-causing chemical glyphosate is perfectly safe.
  • Hasan Minhaj gives a very serious talk about whether a sitting president can recuse himself of his own crimes.
  • Republican hopeful Melissa Howard admits that she lied about her university diploma, but said, "It was not [her] intent to deceive or mislead anyone." Really? You created a fake diploma, not for deception, but for... what? Howard is taking the moral low ground and intends to stay in the race for Representative claiming she will "lead by example from now on." This it truly on-point for the Republican brand.

Some of the more horrifying security flaws that have cropped up recently.

Tipping is bad for the economy and has a racist history.

Coming out as an atheist is always a scary proposition, but sometimes it goes pretty well.

Why does Iran hate the USA and UK? Mostly because the USA an UK have been extremely terrible to them for decades because they wanted to have an independent democratic government and sell their oil at a competitive price.

Monday the 13th

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Over the weekend I installed, played, and beat Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent.

  • People who continue to lie should be punished, not made into the US president.
  • It's not even exaggeration anymore to say that everyone associated with Trump is a criminal.
  • Trump's pro-war Space Force is a really stupid idea and not much can be done to make it sound less-stupid.
  • There is a concentrated effort to cast doubt on the scientific consensus of human-caused climate change, and it's terrifying. Why do intelligent people like the Koch brothers want to purposely continue the destruction of the environment?
  • Ever since Republicans have passed laws making it legal to hide where political money comes from, all sorts of new dishonest attack ads have shown up targeting democrats, and nobody can say for certain which Republicans are responsible for them.
  • Trump is very much against chain migration... unless it helps his inlaws.

Black men are much more likely to be shot to death by cops than white men or women, but it's not just white cops who do the shooting. Black cops are also more likely to shoot black men than anyone else.

Christians continue to lie to children about sex in public schools. In this episode, they tell children that if they become sexually aroused too often, they won't be able to develop romantic relationships when they get older.

More hidden messages in video game hardware.

Christianity continues to die in America. South Carolina, one of the nation's most religious states, has lost almost 100 churches in the past seven years.

Did you know you can make a calculator out of marbles falling down various chutes?

Still have blood in my mouth

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I added a page for the Microsoft Windows port of Tetris and the image compressor PNGOut.

  • Trump appointee for Secretary of Commerce, Republican Wilber Ross, has been accused of swindling from his business associates $120,000,000. Trump's earliest backer, Republican Chris Collins has been arrested for insider trading. Trump keeps incriminating his own son. Former speaker of the house Sean Spicer is doing a book tour defending all the lies he told for Trump. Did Trump hire anyone who isn't a crook?
  • Republicans are demanding the US win the war in space having not been informed that there is no war in space. Trump insists on a new branch of military just for space having not been informed that the US Air Force already has a space division. Republicans are crippling the US economy by wasting billions adding more to the already largest military in the world.
  • Trump is still trying to convince his fellow Republicans to let him stop the investigation about his collusion with Russia.
  • Republican Stephen Miller, grandson of minority religious immigrants and creator of a law that bans minority religious immigrants from entering the country, is now trying to deport legal immigrants.
  • Now that Melania has found out, along with the rest of the country, how Donald Trump has cheated on her multiple times, she doesn't appear to be playing ball anymore.
  • Women in the US still face a lot of discrimination, especially because they can get pregnant.

Police officers Brandon Spillman and Alexander Daniel choked an unarmed black man to death. Armando Frank passively resisted the demands of the two cops saying he would comply if they show him their warrant. The two officers instead choked Frank for six straight minutes then dragged his corpse to their squad car before finally realizing that they had killed him. They made no attempt to resuscitate him, and, according to an expert on Louisiana law, police are allowed to use any means of force they deem necessary, and, because of this, neither officer will be punished.

The medicinal importance of having someone poop inside of you.

Christian pastor Bill Hybels has a dark history of sexually assaulted his assistant and sexually harassed several other women, and his entire staff has resigned in disgrace for initially taking his side only to be prove wrong.

Gonna need an extraction

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I added a page for the Famicom Disk System.

  • If Republican Stephen Miller were in power when his grandparents immigrated to the US, he would have turned them away and they'd probably be murdered for being Jewish.
  • Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his friend Rick Gates are both criminals, but they might not see jail time because Trump loves to pardon criminals.
  • Why do white supremacists, KKK, and Nazis congregate to the Republican party?
  • Even though corrupt Republican Scott Pruitt is out, his replacement, coal supporter Andrew Wheeler, is just as anti-environment as they come.
  • All four West Virginia Supreme Court justices might be impeached for corruption. State Democrats say that Republicans waited until after a Republican governor was elected to address the corruption so that all of the seats can be filled at once by a Republican.
  • In 2012, Border Patrol Agent Lonnie Swartz shot across the US/Mexico border and killed 16-year-old José Antonio Elena Rodriguez. The boy was hit 10 times, mostly in the back, while Swartz was standing in the USA and Rodriguez was in Mexico. The US government's official position was that foreigners on foreign soil have no rights, and, therefore, it's perfectly legal for Americans to murder them. How it took nearly six years for US courts to conclude that murdering someone across a national border is actually illegal is beyond me.
  • The National Archives is denying Senate Democrats access to files about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh unless they first get permission from Republicans.
  • Ohio Republicans aren't exactly a cut above the rest.
  • The details of how the Republican party has partially sold out to Libertarians like the Koch Brothers and they're spending millions to get Americans to vote against what they actually want.
  • Trump says immigration is bad, and chain immigration (where whole families are brought in) is even worse. Naturally, His immigrant wife's family of immigrants are now American citizens.

For those of you who have been considering buying the DragonBox Pyra, there was an AMA with the hardware designer.

Some glitches in the New Super Mario Bros.

In case you needed another reason to hate Comcast, they had a security flaw which exposed the personal information of millions of their users.

The unchecked power of corrupt American prosecutors.

Another day, another Christian pastor is going to prison.

You could actually fuse all your chromosomes together, but I don't recommend it.

Tooth surgery today...

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The infamous Tersigni Sisters are wanted for under-aged voting!

I added a small page for the disc software AnyBurn.

The election results for Genesee County show it's still primarily Democratic, and all the millages passed.

  • Trump keeps admitting that his son, in order to help his father win the presidential election, deliberately colluded with Russians.
  • LeBron James opened a school for high-risk children offering them free lunches and free college. Naturally, Trump hates him.
  • Republicans are working to make US citizenship more difficult, especially if they have ever been sick or poor.
  • Trump's pick for US Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh believes that US presidents can ignore laws they don't agree with, and should not be punished.
  • Republican Rand Paul is following Trump's lead and inviting Republicans to the US, but doesn't think that there will be time to talk about Russia's endless hacking of the US government. Well, at least he will get have a nice chat with Russia's latest special US envoy, Steven Seagal. Seriously, is this real life?
  • An investigation into the FCC shows that they were subject to a DDoS attack which means Republican Chairman Ajit Pai lied about it. The more likely reason their servers went down was due to the overwhelming amount of people wanting to voice their opposition to the Republican elimination of Net neutrality.
  • In 2017, Stephen Dalton Baril raped a woman. In court, Baril admitted that there was enough evidence for him to be found guilty, but despite this fact, Judge Humes J. Franklin refused to sentence him to prison at all, and instead told him that he merely wasn't allowed to talk to the woman he raped for the next five years. How could this possibly happen? Maybe it's because Baril is the son of Republican Steve Baril, and the grandson of former Virginia Governor, Republican John N. Dalton.

3D printed guns aren't really anything new, homemade "zip" guns have been around for years, and even plastic guns are nothing new. However, they sure are a heck of a lot easier to make now.

Christian parents let their 10-month-old daughter die because they refused to let her be treated by doctors have been charged with murder.

Science makes mistakes, but it's also self-correcting. Here are five things humans got wrong about our bodies.

Ironically, those areas in the US with the highest concentration of Christians also have the most executions. Even more ironically, Christians who are in favor of the death penalty call themselves pro-life.

Finger print analysis is a helpful tool for discovering a person's identity, but it isn't fool proof.

Vote today!

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  • The problem with putting your trust in criminals is that they eventually turn on you. While on trial, Rick Gates, former Trump adviser, explained how Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, had 15 foreign bank accounts, but Gates did not report them even know he knew they were illegal because Manafort ordered him not to.
  • Republican Jeff Sessions is quite evil and he's wasting your tax dollars protecting Christians from "hidden threats".
  • In the end, Trump's appointing of another US Supreme Court Justice is probably going to cause a lot of deaths.
  • Despite the lies of the Conservatives, MS-13 is an American born gang, it's not that big, and it's not growing, but it is indeed horrible and needs to be stopped.
  • Because he can't hurt American allies enough, Trump is threatening to block US trade will every allied country that trades with Iran, including the entire European Union!
  • Trump's pick for Secretary of Education, Besty DeVos, a woman who never went to public schools and whose family became rich through pyramids schemes, has a summer mansion which puts her $40,000,000 yacht to shame.
  • Trump remains oblivious to the increased levels of Russian hacking.

Simone Giertz has a new workshop.

Why you shouldn't eat mold, but you'll probably be okay if you do.

The danger of making lopsided levees.

Killing the myth of humans having a reptilian brain.

Less puss; tooth still iffy

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I've added a page for the Ultima VII hint book, Key to the Black Gate, the Nintendo Player's Guide series, and several more hint books.

  • In an effort to try and vindicate his family, Trump admitted that the meeting his eldest son, son-in-law, and campaign manager had with Russians in 2016 was definitely about trying to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, despite his earlier lies, claiming what they did was "totally legal." Of course, seeking the help of a foreign adversary to undermine an American election is neither ethical, nor legal.
  • And, while Trump's Twitter posts are super annoying, they may end up being the cause of his presidency because he can't stop using it to incriminate himself. Aren't you glad you're not Trump's lawyer?
  • Under the guidance of self-proclaimed "fiscally responsible" Republicans, the US is borrowing money from foreign countries at the same rate as the last depression. But, despite bankrupting the US government, Republicans are trying to give the rich an even bigger tax cut.
  • Republicans have tried for the third time to end the DACA program, and, for the third time, US judges have ruled that they violated the Constitution in doing so, and the program must be restored. Can they ever -not- violate the Constitution?
  • Ivanka disagreeing with her father by saying the media isn't the enemy of the people, is not courageous.
  • Facebook and Apple have finally removed some of the work of Alex Jones citing too much hate speech and bullying.
  • The reason Paul Manaforte is in big boy prison is not because he's Republican, it's because he's really stupid!

Facts about bears.

London is an extremely diverse city.

Nintendo and Sega have a history of some rather risqué advertisements.

Jaw hurts...

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I've answered all of the questions in the Christian survey: 136 Questions to Ask In a Relationship.

  • Rich people are making more money while poor people have to spend more to buy the same thing from a year ago, and Trump's multiple trade wars are not helping.
  • Republicans claim to be pro-family, but only so long as everyone in the family is white. And more allegations are coming out that the children who have been ripped from their parents and put into make-shift jails are being sexually assaulted.
  • QAnon is just another bunch of know-nothing conspiracy theorists.
  • Republicans don't believe the fact of global warming. 2017 just clocked in as the third hottest year in recorded history. Just below the first and second hottest years, 2016 and 2015. In fact, in the top 10 hottest years in recorded history, nine of them are in the 2000s. 2018 might take the number one spot as it already has the hottest day ever recorded.
  • Trump can't spell basic words, and he seems to really love the heads of crime syndicates.
  • American Nazis exist, and have been spurred on by Trump, but they're having a harder time selling their pro-Nazi merchandise on Amazon.
  • Trump rallies are basically Klan rallies.
  • Republican Jim Jordan is better than most because he's only a pedophile enabler!

A Russian arms dealer wants to create a Utopian space colony.

It's actually not that funny that men are constantly raped in prison.

I've been refusing plastic straws at restaurants for a couple weeks now, and it feel pretty good. Despite the fact that we don't actually use the commonly-cited number, we still use far too many, and it's a good idea to stop using them.

The origin of viruses is still an unknown.

What happens when you respond to men bullying women on Twitter?

Jaw hurts...

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I've added a page for Queen's drummer, Roger Taylor.

  • After hearing about the trial of his former campaign leader, Paul Manaforte, Trump used Twitter to tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he should end the FBI's investigation into his conspiracy against the USA with Russia. Sessions has yet to do it, and the White House is trying to downplay yet another instance of Trump obstructing justice. And despite changing his statement from no collusion to collusion isn't a crime, conspiring to defraud the US government is a crime.
  • Trump convinced himself that he ended the threat of North Korea's nuclear missiles, but what really happened in North Korea just expanded the range of its nuclear missiles.
  • Trump continues to throw a fit about not getting taxpayer funding for his border wall that he said Mexico would pay for. His tantrum has grown to the point where he says, unless he gets his own way, he'll shut down the entire government.
  • Donald Trump is, by far, the most dishonest president the US has ever had and the rate at which he lies keeps increasing.
  • Despite claiming that they did so, Republicans failed to reunite hundreds of children they had stolen away from their parents by the court appointed deadline. For many of the children, they don't even have the slightest clue who their parents even are.
  • Rick Snyder and several of the people ultimately responsible for poisoning Flint have been removed from the class-action lawsuit.
  • True to form, Trump has filled his Wildlife Protection Council with trophy hunters and donors.
  • It should have been done ages ago, but Facebook has suspended the account of Alex Jones and YouTube is removing some of his videos. While he and his fans are crying a violation of free speech, this is nothing of the sort. Jones may still shout his nonsense as much as he wants, companies are under no obligation to give him a platform.
  • Thanks to Betsy DeVos destroying public schools, we now live in a country where you can only get a decent education if someone from your home town becomes a huge sports star.

If evolutionary psychologists want to be taken seriously, they should probably clean house and get rid of the anti-Semites in their group.

Harry L. Thomas, the Christian pastor who created the largest Christian music festival has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for raping several under-aged girls.

How quarks help us make sense of the universe.

Looking inside Nintendo hardware.

Patrick Evans, a Christian on the Board of Brown County, Wisconsin, doesn't see the problem with the county endorsing Christianity and he's willing to waste taxpayer money to try and keep it that way. Why doesn't he see the problem? Probably because he thinks that Wiccans worship the devil.

August, I'll see you soon, under yellow moon

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I added maps and collectibles to the Altered Beast page.

  • As the FBI gets closer and closer to uncovering Trump's direct collusion with Russian spies, Trump's lawyers are now trying to dismiss his iniquity by claiming that working with an adversarial foreign power for political gain isn't even a crime, so who cares?

  • In order to help sell Republican voter-suppression laws and prevent poor people from voting, Trump claimed that you can't buy groceries without a photo id.
  • Republicans greatly benefit from Gerrymandered districts, and, thanks to the work of my fellow CFI members, a plan to redistrict Michigan and place it in the hands of an independent body will now be on the November ballot. Even though all the required signatures were accounted for and approved, thus guaranteeing it a place on the ballot, Republicans, including Bill Schuette, still tried as hard as they could to eliminate it, the State Supreme Court just ruled that it must be there!
  • Who could have possibly saw this coming? Republicans, who are all about th troops, cut federal taxes to the extremely wealthy, and now they can't afford to pay for wounded veterans.
  • Once again, under the guidance of Republicans, the US is seeing it's debt grow to an unprecedented level. I'm almost 40-years-old, and, in my entire lifetime, every Republican president has created more debt, and every Democrat has done their best to fix it.
  • Facebook takes down more accounts which appear to be Russian trolls trying to influence US elections.

Argon is argonalicious.

Gloria has found a better life outside of religion, and you can too. Part 1, part 2.

North Carolina actually has a law preventing people from competing with hospitals when it comes to medical imaging procedures. Apparently, in the 1970s, 49 of the 50 States purposely created a monopoly for hospitals, and, even to this day, only 14 have repealed these laws. Want to know why health care is so expensive?

If a study is paid for by the industry that is most likely to benefit over positive results, it should raise some red flags.

The Vatican didn't just cover up their Catholic priests raping little boys, but also their priests raping their fellow nuns.

Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast remake was terrible.