October, 2018

But first, actual Halloween!

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I added a page for Queen album, Jazz.

Ex-Muslims of North America try to talk to Muslims about topics like the criminalization of atheism and the death penalty for ex-Muslims.

Some more video game trick-or-treating.

Alex Dainis has got her doctorate and is leaving her wet lab.

On to Thanksgiving!

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I added a page for old Windows game, SkiFree.

  • Trump says he will defy the US Constitution and eliminate birthright citizenship.
  • After a decade of trying to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, the only thing preventing insurance companies from ending coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, Republicans are now claiming that they are completely in favor of keeping protections for pre-existing conditions.
  • After personally instituting tariffs on hundreds of imports from dozens of countries, Trump says that the USA doesn't have any tariffs.
  • The Republican-run FCC recently lied its way to ending Net neutrality. Nearly everything that it published on the topic was a lie or half-truth, so, when they claim that community-run broadband will destroy everyone's first amendment rights, I trust them as far as I can throw them. The reality is, community broadband networks are almost always cheaper and faster than large corporations, and, since the FCC is currently in the pocket of Comcast and AT&T, they're willing to make up lies to scare people away.
  • Republican Doug Wardlow is being accused by a former high school classmate of bullying, LGBT slurs, and even suggesting that LGBT people should be murdered. I don't have much room to talk, as a teen who was Evangelical, I said the same things when I was in high school. But I wised up, accept and actively promote the LGBT community. Wardlow, on the other hand, uses the typical Republican approach. Deny everything and blame unrelated the Democrats.
  • Living in a culture that constantly mocks your existence is hard enough, but now Republicans are trying to define transgender people out of existence entirely. This has led to a major increase in the number of calls to a transgender suicide hot line.
  • Before you vote next Tuesday, take a moment to research your options for attorney general.

Ireland has finally repealed their harmful blasphemy ban!

Brazil's new despot president, Jair Bolsonaro, isn't just dangerous to women, the LGBT, and racial minorities, he's also extremely dangerous to anyone who isn't the same type of Christian he is. His goal is to turn Brazil into a theocracy where minorities must either convert to his religion or else! Quoting Bolsonaro, "God above everything. There is no such thing as this secular state. The state is Christian and the minority will have to change, if they can. The minorities will have to adapt to the position of the majority."

Who are those 3% of climate scientists that don't believe in human-caused global warming? Whoever they are, they renege on their bets!

Done with Halloween!

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The Halloween party was, once again, wonderful. It was a serious chore getting everything decorated, and then cleaned later, but they pay off was worth it. Great people, fun trivia, fun night!

I finished reading Bitwise: A Life In Code and made a graphic honoring Garth Williams' book The Rabbits' Wedding.

  • Several prominent Republican spokespersons declared, without evidence, that the mail bombs being sent to Democrats was a false-flag operation orchestrated by Democrats. When Cesar Sayoc was found and arrested, they discovered that he is a Republican Trump supporter, and yet, none of these people are issuing formal apologies for being dangerously wrong. The Republican Party has no ethics. They aren't even attempting to hide the fact that their goal is to lie to win. Their dishonest behavior is, unfortunately, nothing new, and Trump's inability to be bothered by terrorism is indeed terrifying.
  • Another ultra-Conservative white male gun lover went on a murdering spree causing the single deadliest attack on the Jewish community in American history, slaughtering 11 people and wounding several more. Trump, true to form, blamed the victims for not doing enough to protect themselves. A spokesperson for the synagogue said they do not want Trump to show up for the typical glory-hounding photo-op.
  • Trump's daddy got him out of the military, probably by bribing a doctor to invent an illness for him. Trump, despite playing sports all through school suddenly had bone spurs on a foot he couldn't remember. So, after being deferred from the draft several times, Trump mocked real military veterans saying they aren't strong enough to handle their PTSD.
  • The refugee caravan headed to the USA is no more a terrorist threat than any other refugee caravan, i.e., very unlikely.
  • Under Republican oversight, the Air Force has become increasingly corrupt. For example, their accounting books claim they have spent $326,785 on coffee mugs because each mug costs $1,280!
  • Due to the extreme corruption of the moderate party, Brazil has elected an ultra-Conservative racist sexist bigoted megalomaniac for their president.
  • To Trump, being civil is a joke, and he still lies even when pretending to be civil.
  • A history of the criminals Trump has hired to run the government.
  • Andrew Gillum points out the racism of Republican Ron DeSantis.

Megyn Kelly was sexually abused at Fox "News" for years. That was terrible and she never should have had to endure it, and the people responsible were not punished nearly enough. However, that doesn't make her a good person, or a competent journalist, and shame on NBC for hiring her. Her career is based on making bigoted comments devoid of evidence, and that is precisely why she was fired. Throughout her career, she has argued that Jesus was white, Santa can't be portrayed as a black man, and, most recently, that she couldn't understand why putting on black face and mocking black people is wrong.

Muhammad was a pedophile. This isn't news, even Muslims agree that he married Aisha when she was six, and had sex with her (i.e., raped her) when she was nine. There is some debate among Muslims for how old Aisha really was, some argue that she was older, perhaps ten or even eleven, but it doesn't change the fact that Muhammad was a pedophile. However, in Europe, it has become a crime to say the very obvious statement: Muhammad was a pedophile. So, I say it here now, because, despite the decreasing religious sentiments of Europe, they still hold on to the bygone notion that religions are intrinsically sacred, even when they support child rape. America, despite its flaws, continues to let me freely speak the truth, Muhammad was a pedophile.

Cold fusion does exist, it just requires more energy to make than it creates.

Ready for Halloween!

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I finished reading Michelle Sagara's Cast In Moonlight and added a page for the first Lone Wolf book, Flight From the Dark.

  • Going into the midterms, Trump has hit peak dishonesty.
  • Thanks to Republicans, the poor became dangerously poorer and the rich became obnoxiously richer.
  • I would much rather bring Central American refugees into the country than keep the Republicans who are okay with bombs being sent through the mail.
  • Since even before he became president, Trump's security advisors have been urging him to stop using his insecure iPhone for State matters because they are so easily hacked. But Trump, refuses to use a secure phone which has probably led to top secret information falling into the hands of enemies of the State. Trump mocked the journalists who wrote a recent article about this, saying he almost never uses his iPhone. Of course, he used his iPhone to mock them, and again, in a follow up post, he used it again.
  • Even if Democrats will every election in the midterms, the country is still in for another decade of ruin. But it's nice to be optimistic about a a blue wave turning into a rainbow wave to protect humans from the hatred of Republicans.

La Croix may have very little taste, it may have a ridiculous marketing campaign, but it does not contain roach insecticide.

Who would have guessed that hitting children is actually a bad thing?

Nobody think they're a racist. Not even racists. And sadly, a lot of times other people don't think racists are racist. Take Gregory Alan Bush who just murdered two black people in Kentucky and then told another man with a gun, "Don't shoot me. I won't shoot you. Whites don't shoot whites." This happened shortly after Bush tried to enter a predominantly black church. And yet, police chief Sam Rogers says it's too soon to say if the murders are racially motivated.

Mental Floss facts, just in time for Halloween.

Brazil is headed for another government run by a violent racist dictator.

Preparing for Halloween!

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I added a page for game books and began a page for the Lone Wolf book series.

Planning for Halloween!

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I added a page for illustrator, Garth Williams.

  • Trump is going to end a nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia? Surely this means he's finally sticking it to Putin, right? Not at all, Putin also wants to end the treaty so Russia can build more nukes.
  • Trump openly admits to bigotry calling himself a "nationalist." A nationalist is someone who cares more about their own nation than humanity in general. The next question is, will he be completely honest and add "white" to the front of that?
  • Shortly after inciting a mob to attack a protester and offering to pay their legal fees if they're arrested, Trump and his fellow spineless Republicans called liberals a "mob." Of course, it is the Republicans who are driving their cars into crowds and sending bombs to Democrats.
  • It doesn't take much to convince a self-proclaimed honest Christian man to tell a lie they know is a lie. Just make them the vice president. You can be pretty sure, if it was said by a Republican, it's a lie, like, seriously, their whole party is built on a platform of lies.
  • Republican Adam Laxalt is running a campaign showing him to be a hard working class American, but his family is calling bullshit on it all.

Want to lose sleep at night? Try to picture what it was like to live on earth during the Permian mass extinction which killed off the vast majority of the world's species, then realize that human activity is the current cause of the newest mass-extinction.

A recap of the Apollo 11 moon landing from what the astronauts had to do to the rocket, lander, and capsule.

Hobby Lobby is responsible for millions of women not having access to birth control, illegally smuggled Middle Eastern artifacts, and now, a bunch of fraudulent biblical scrolls.

The speed run world record progression for Super Mario Bros. 3.

Decorating for Halloween!

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I added a page for the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game and the game mechanic, permadeath.

  • More evidence of the horrific murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has come out. Trump still loves the murderers.
  • Trump's tariff wars have done nothing but hurt the US economy.
  • Trump mansplains to women why they want to vote for the rapist party.
  • Trump went to Texas to lie his head off, as usual.
  • Living in a Republican state also means living in a poor state.
  • In addition to trying to prevent the poor and racial minorities from voting, Georgia is also requiring people to pay money to see state laws.

Arizona has very low vaccination rates, and, for what is an unrelated reason I'm sure, very high rates of preventable childhood diseases. The state was poised to put forward a vaccination education program to teach people how vaccinations work and show them the evidence demonstrating their safety and efficacy, but the anti-vaxer crowd complained so loudly that the state gave in and canceled the program. Now, even more people in Arizona will be ignorant to immunizations, and even more children will suffer and die.

Aron Ra talks up the phylogeny explorer project.

Game Theory discusses Super Hot.

Christians are still burning books rather than reading them.

The progression of world records of speed running Half-Life 2.

Packed weekend

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I took my girls to Crossroads Village to ride on the Huckleberry Railroad and go trick-or-treating. I had way more fun than they did!

Over the weekend, I finished reading In the Unlikely Event (it was really good) and beat the game Momodora: Reveris Under the Moonlight, an enjoyable Metroidvania. I also created a page for author Judy Blume.

  • Trump is planning on withdrawing from a nuclear arms treaty with Russia which is the first step toward bringing the world to a nuclear holocaust.
  • If we're going to continue to sell weapons to a nation that murders journalists, we should at least know who is buying what.
  • The current Republican explanation for why the US government is bankrupt is to ignore all their tax cuts for the rich and increased military spending and blame poor sick people.
  • It is your duty to get out and vote this November because, thanks to Republicans, many honest people won't be able to vote.
  • Serial sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh may be on our US Supreme Court, but his ability to abuse women and get away with it has caused other people to speak up about past sexual assaults and rapes.
  • Democrats created a bill that would let the many children who were raped by priests sue the priests who raped them and the church that protected the rapists. Republicans killed the bill. They also want to create a nation registry of your genitals.
  • While Republicans continue to deny climate change, scientific evidence is painting a terrifying picture.
  • How easily the Republican party backed Trump perfectly explains that it was never about morality or fiscal responsibility or Jesus, it was always about authoritarianism.

The self-proclaimed "good Catholic male" who refused to fill a woman's prescription to treat her miscarriage because he was convinced she was lying to him in order to get an abortion has been fired.

Want to design better looking levels in a game? Learn about art.

Airliners are allowed to do whatever they want to you. They can kick you off their planes even after you've boarded with a ticket in your hand, and there is nothing you can do about because they can say it needs to be don for "safety reasons." That makes me wonder why, after a passenger on Ryanair shouted racist comments at a black woman the staff didn't kick him off the plane, but instead made the woman move to a different seat.

Another Christian couple let their child refused to take their sick child to the doctor because they believe medicine is against their religion causing their son to die a painful death.

The history of world record speed runs in Super Mario World.

It's getting close to Halloween!

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I added a page for the Atari 2600 game, Enduro and the Jewish Book of Habakkuk.

I had my eyes checked today. They still work!

  • Donald Trump has direct access to the world's largest collection of intelligence agencies, and yet, he's just now accepted that journalist Jamal Khashoggi is dead, not that it matters, he will still go through with the various arms deals like the American-made bomb that Saudi Arabia used to blow up a bus full of children. Not so surprising, many Christians are also in favor of continuing to make arms deals with Saudi Arabia even if they're responsible for the murder.
  • In general, Republicans are trying their best to make sure black people can't vote.
  • While Democrats are out campaigning, Republicans are sneaking in ultra-Conservative judges who hate the separation of church and state.
  • Republican John Flanagan doesn't want poor children to be educated, or teachers to be paid a living wage, and he thinks doing so is evil.
  • Republicans are a dangerous violent mob calling non-violent Liberal protesters a dangerous violent mob.
  • Trump is so ignorant to science that he thinks you can inherit a science education from your uncle.
  • For the love of dog Texas, please continue to not vote.

PushingUpRoses talks about the games of Homestar Runner.

The progression of world records for speed-running Super Metroid.

Some amazing piano renditions of Secret of Mana songs by Lara.

I remain

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I added a page for the Frank Turner album, England Keep My Bones.

  • Trump refuses to say anything bad about Saudi Arabia murdering a journalist, and, even as more evidence comes out showing government involvement, Trump continues to lie about his financial connections with Saudi Arabia so he can get their money.
  • As much as I love Elizabeth Warren, simply having Native American ancestry in your family doesn't make you a Native, so, many years ago, Warren should not have put down that she was Cherokee, and she should apologize for it today. That being said, Trump is still racist and wrong.
  • Boy, you have an extremely racist pro-rape government, and suddenly everyone wants to vote. Too bad Republicans are trying their hardest to eliminate voting especially if it can stop the black vote, but, this is to be expected from a party when a fifth of their voter base thinks ending slavery was a bad idea.
  • With Republicans in charge, you literally have to sue the government to get them to do their job.
  • Trump is the type of president who pays a porn star $150,000, cheats on his wife, and then insults the porn star.
  • Tucker Carlson, a talking head at Fox "News," whines that he can't eat in public anymore because everyone keeps shouting at him. Well, yes, you don't get to spend your afternoons blatantly lying to the world and then expect a nice quiet meal when you're done.
  • Brooke Baldwin points out that Republicans are not embracing women. Well, except when they try to rape them.
  • Leave it to Trump to use the presidency as a tool for cheating in real estate.

Kym Worthy tested thousands of rape kits that were left untested in Detroit for decades which led to the arrest of many serial rapists.

Officer Khalil Muhammad shot an 18-year-old black autistic teen twice. Muhammad justified shooting the teen saying the encounter escalated and boy looked like he was pulling out a gun, but camera footage from a person's porch camera shows that the 18-year-old boy was just standing there, not even moving.

Rachel Peterson received the worst news of her life, that her pregnancy had miscarried and the child growing inside her was dead. It was still early in the pregnancy, so her doctor gave her a prescription for misoprostol to induce labor and abort the tiny dead fetus before it becomes infected and extremely dangerous. But, when she went to a Meijer pharmacy, she met Richard Kalkman, a man who is convinced his god doesn't want Rachel to have the dead fetus removed from her womb. Sure, a doctor prescribed the drug to the woman, but what do doctors know? Kalkman has a strong personal belief, so he not only refused to believe that Rachel had a miscarriage and refused to fill her prescription, but he also refused to let another pharmacist handle her prescription, which goes against Meijer's own rules.

Shopping outlets do some pretty clever tricks to get you to spend more money.

Another day, another authoritarian false-patriot teacher shames a student for refusing to recite an oath tauting the importance of liberty.

Illy can bring herself up to a sitting position!

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I updated the Metroidvania page with a list of properties that I think best describes the genre, and a list of games which fit those properties.

  • Republicans sold their massive tax cuts for the wealthy by claiming the rich would put all their extra money back into the economy by expanding jobs and paying their employees more. Of course, neither of those things came true because they never do. Republicans have been saying this since the 1980s, through Reagen, Bush, and Bush the lesser. Rich people can afford to sit on their money, and they do because it's safe. If you want to spur the economy, you have to give tax breaks to the middle class and tax the wealthy more to force them to put their riches into non-profit write-offs. Anyway, now that the country is bankrupt, Republicans want to decrease their massive deficit by once again trying to eliminate health care. They're also fine with selling weapons to murderers.
  • Trump is a lying liar lying about lying.
  • Trump is a science denier.
  • Shockingly, Trump has reneged on a bet?!
  • Sweeny, Sweeny Trump!

Marijuana has been made legal in Canada.

Kelvin Cochran, a fire chief in Atlanta, was fired after he printed a book about comparing gay people to child molesters. The Mayor of Atlanta felt the Christian hate book violated the city's code of conduct. Of course, firing someone merely for what they write violates the US Constitution, so Cochran successfully sued Atlanta for $1,200,000. Sadly, Cochran actually did break a law in the process because he gave unsolicited copies of his self-published hate book to his co-workers. A government employee preaching religion to his subordinates -is- a good reason to be fired, and had the Mayor taken that approach, the city of Atlanta would have a lot more money and one less hate-preacher.

Bowser keeps on dating.

A woman called 9-1-1 because she thought a 9-year-old black boy groped her butt. Turns out, his backpack touched her while he walked past.

How fast can you beat Mike Tyson?

Girls keep getting more dangerous!

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I added a page for the Book of Nahum.

  • Just like Russia, Saudi Arabia is murdering those journalists who disagree with the government, and, just like Russia, Trump loves them to death!
  • The nearing midterms mark two important events. The first is a chance for Democrats to break the Republican majority that has been destroying the country for the past two years. The second is a cheerful reminder that Trump's presidency is halfway over!
  • The same Republicans who have been chanting "fiscal responsibility" have bankrupted the country.
  • Elizabeth Warren is barely native, but she never claimed to have recent heritage, only distant heritage, and, more importantly, she never abused her heritage for political gain. Trump, however, has made demands about her in a racist manner and even offered to give her $1,000,000 to prove it. Well, she did. Bitch better have my money!

No, women are not more violent than men. Yes, they may commit more acts of minor violence, but when it comes to killing people or putting them in the hospital, men are far more violent.

In addition encouraging the theft of private phone messages of celebrities and calling the women who protest Donald Trump, an admitted sex offender, "rabid feminists" and "vacuous," Piers Morgan is now mocking Daniel Craig for carrying his own daughter. Naturally, Piers Morgan received a lot of angry comments to his insult, which he responded to by claiming he was being bullied. Piers Morgan is trash.

About a decade ago, I remember reading that a slaughter-free hamburger patty made from cultured cow cells costs around $500 to make. Today, the estimate is about $10. I'm looking forward to the day when I can eat meat without having to kill an animal or destroy the environment.

Sick of losing billions of dollars because they have been protecting child rapists for almost a century, the Vatican has released the names of 31 more clergy who have credible child molestation accusations against them. And, just as they're admitting their child-raping problem hasn't been fixed, an archbishop explains that there is no such thing as an LGBTQ Catholic.

The progression of speed run world records for Metroid.

Beware the ides of October

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I added a page for the Hello Saferide album Introducing... Hello Saferide and created a list of may favorite video games by year.

  • Sure, Saudi Arabia murders journalists, but Trump doesn't think that's a good enough reason to stop selling them weapons.
  • The child prisons Republicans put together for the kids of immigrants who have been arrested continue to grow.
  • Yes, Trump colluded with Russia. Robert Muller has been giving us evidence for over a year now.
  • Republicans still can't stop shaming women who have been raped or were attempted to be raped. The big argument against them is, if they can't remember every single detail of their rape, they must be lying about it. But memory doesn't work like that.
  • Trump said he would give Elizabeth Warren $1,000,000 to take a DNA test to prove she has Native American ancestors, and then mocked her with the racist epithet, "Pocahontas." So, Warren took a DNA test which showed that she does indeed have Native blood, and told Trump to donate the million to a charity that helps protect Native women from violence. Naturally, Trump is now lying that he never said anything of the sort, even though it was video recorded.
  • Trump said climate change was a hoax created by the Chinese, and then denied he ever said it, because he tells so many lies, he can't keep them straight. Now, with the whole world in agreement against him, he's finally decided to say that it's not a hoax, but he still refuses to do anything about it.
  • Nikki Haley joins the ex-Trump administration. Bye Felicia.
  • Fox "News" continues to lie.
  • Trump and Kanye are imbeciles.

Prosecutors don't like it when black people are on the jury because they tend incite more dialogue between the jurors, often leading to more lenient sentences.

Christians continue to file lawsuits in order to discriminate against people even though they're not breaking any laws. Christians just hate gay people.

Does your state actively offer legal exemptions for religious people, but not secular people?

And another thing...

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I added a page for Turing tests.

  • Under Republican rule, the US refuses to sign the United Nations resolution condemning the death penalty for being gay. Our country now joins the ethics of Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
  • Fearing a vote highly in favor of Democrats, Republicans are already begging them not to investigate all their corruption.
  • Republicans in the Senate are trying to push through as many judges as possible before they lose their majority, and they don't even care if the American Bar Association ranks them unqualified.
  • It's not so much that I miss Sarah Huckabee Sanders, since my taxes pay her enormous salary to lie to me, but it would be nice if Republicans actually attempted to hold themselves accountable.
  • Republican Eric Barber, the guy who told liberals to "get [their] coat hangers ready" after Kavanaugh was confirmed, is now calling doctors pedophiles for refusing to bully LGBT children.

Archbishop Donal Wuerl has resigned after it came out that he protected child rapists. While that's nice and all, he should be in prison.

The IRS is actively revoking the non-profit status of charities that don't file their 990 forms... unless it's a church.

Want to get better at running? Keep track of your runs with a GPS.

So... paper.


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I added a page for the Nightwish album, Once.

  • Trump "wrote" an article about health care, and, surprise, it was mostly lies.
  • What is depressing? Watching Republicans agree that climate change is a problem, only to change their minds when a black man gets in the white house.
  • After all his lies and dickish behavior, Brett Kavanaugh assures us that -now- he's going to be trustworthy. Of course, he's already showing his true colors, white's only.
  • Republicans continue to prevent people from voting because cheating to win works really well.

You probably wouldn't want to be employed in Hyrule.

No, religions don't make the world a better place, people who care about other people regardless of their religion make the world a better place.

Video games don't do a very good job at making sex scenes.

The Universe

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I added a page for the band Green Day and the SNES asciiPad.

  • Why don't women come forward after being sexually assaulted? Because Republicans like Kevin Cramer said that the movement to convince sexually assaulted women to speak up is a "movement toward victimization." Interestingly, the web site www.brettkavanaugh.com is now a site for survivors of sexual assault.
  • One thing the Trump administration is really looking forward to with Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court is the elimination of the Russian investigation.
  • Ignoring the US Constitution, Trump wants to make protesting his decisions a crime.
  • Occasionally, Republicans will over-step their own voter id laws, and be temporarily stopped, but with a Conservative majority on the Supreme Court, there is a slow, but steady elimination of voter rights.
  • Brazil seems poised to elect a monster to their presidency. I wouldn't suggest visiting any time soon.
  • The EPA is no longer run by the anti-environmentalist Scott Pruitt, instead it's run by the racist Andrew Wheeler.

Charlatans, quacks, apologists, here's how they squirm they're way out of having to admit they're wrong.

How ninjas became mainstream.

Movies help us enjoy nostalgia in a nice 30-year cycle.

Want to scar your child for life? Have them watch The Brave Little Toaster.


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  • Why don't women speak up about sexual assault? Death threats. Presidential mocking.
  • After being a disrespectful asshole to Democratic Senators, blaming his history of sexual assault and drinking on the Clintons, and lying through his teeth the whole time, Brett Kavanaugh claims that he will be a "team player." Of course, Republicans said numerous times that they would be confirming Supreme Court Justices specifically to overturn Roe v. Wade. Eric Barber even went as far to brag about the ending of legal abortion saying, "Better get you're [sic] coathangers ready liberals."
  • Brett Kavanaugh's FBI investigation was a total sham conducted just to let those Republicans who have a dying ember of ethics left to vote against women and still pretend to be moral.
  • Racist? Sexual assault? Promotes violence against minorities? Are Trump and Bolsonaro bosom companions?
  • Another one of Trump's unqualified horrible hires calls it quits. True to form, Trump immediately lied about it.

Maybe celebrating Christopher Columbus's genocide of indigenous people isn't a good thing?

Some hidden gems in Queen's past.

Are toads just princesses in the making?

Getting to the bottom of the Girl Scouts.

Claiming that there isn't a white privilege, only a rich privilege in America ignores all of American history.

The worst of humanity

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Over the weekend, I finished re-reading Memoirs of a Geisha and finished re-playing King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder.

Officials at a Seventh Day Adventist church wrote up a will for a dying member, writing out her children entirely, and leaving all her money and possessions to their church!

Spider-man hits hard!

There I go believing you again

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I added a page for Rilo Kiley's debut album and finished the Title sub-section for every video game in my Wiki.

An Indiana public school had to be threatened with a lawsuit before the administrators finally decided to follow the law and stop bringing in a preacher to push his religion on the school's teachers.

You can't make a truly random number, but you can at least make a pseudo-random number that's nearly impossible to predict.

If you are unfortunate enough to be using Windows 10, make a backup immediately before Microsoft deletes your documents, pictures, music, and videos with its 2018 October update.

Tomb Raider may have been a popular video game series, but it still had some awful games.

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

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I've added a page for the Queen song, Seven Seas of Rhye. I've also created a color hack of the NES port of Tetris where each of the ten levels has a new palette.

  • The New York Times did a lot of investigative reporting on Trump's financial past and uncovered a lot of skeletons. Basically, Donald Trump kept screwing up, over and over again, but his daddy kept bailing him out. Remember that "small" $1,000,000 loan? It was more like $61 million, and Trump never paid it back. And, after a life of tax evasion and gifts, as Trump's father was dying, Donald bled his assets dry.
  • Brett Kavanaugh isn't just a rapist, he isn't just a liar, he isn't just a partisan shill, or a crybaby, or a... I'm sorry, I forgot where I was going with this. Long story short, Kavanaugh is a shining example of Republicans rewarding incompetence and violence. Try to cope with it as best you can.
  • Clutching his pearls and shouting, "won't someone think of the rapists?" Trump mocks women who survived sexual assault at one of his Klan rallies.
  • Clutching his pearls and shouting, "won't someone think of the white men?" Steve Bannon fears that women are going to become powerful in American society.
  • Republicans lost the fight on same-sex marriage. It's not legal across the country, and, while Gorsuch and Kavanaugh might make an effort to reverse it, it's not going anywhere anytime soon. But, that doesn't stop Republicans from being dicks about it.
  • There's something wrong when a millionaire Senator applies for bailout money set aside for farmers ruined by Trump's failures.

What's wrong with public schools promoting the religion of the administration?

Is Monsanto killing the bees? Yes, but so is everyone else.

Russians doctored this famous World War II photo, but why?

It's never as simple as you think

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I've added a page about my thoughts on the gender spectrum.

  • Republicans continue to work hard to get their angry frat boy appointed to the Supreme Court. It's making them look like rapist-sympathizers, so I can only guess that they're betting that rapey Kavanaugh's life appointment will outlive their rapey careers. And while Fox "News" may say that, if Ford can't remember every single detail about her attempted rape, she can't be trusted, experts in memory say her account is exactly what you would expect from a credible witness.
  • When Obama was leaving office, he ordered every government department to prepare books, charts, and speeches for their replacements that Trump was supposed to appoint. But, of course, the Trump administration was so unprepared they didn't even know they were supposed to replace the department heads! As a bunch of Trump loyalists were rounded up haphazardly, the majority of the government's departments were left without a leader. For example, there is an office that oversees the country's entire stockpile of nuclear bombs; it was empty for months! Trump finally got around to appointing someone who didn't even know what the office did, and couldn't even remember it in a list of three: Rick Perry. These are the kind of people who are running the country right now.
  • If the midterms blow up in Republican's faces, they can always blame China.

Humans are complex creatures, and you could never distill a person's personality into just a few metrics... or can you? No, you can't.

If you want a reminder of what kind of country the USA is, another convicted rapist will not receive any jail time.

Death to atheists is different than death to religious people.

The Nobel committee finally awarded another medal to a woman. This is the first time they've done so in 55 years, and only the third time in the award's history. To give you an idea just how sexist scientists can be, I give you Alessandro Strumia.


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I created a page for Captain N: The Game Master.

  • So, after Kavanaugh spent a couple hours screaming and refusing to answer any questions, the Republicans who would probably still vote for Kavanaugh even if he admitted to attempted rape, finally agreed to giving the FBI one week to perform an investigation of Brett Kavanaugh's rapey past. There's just one catch... they aren't allowed to actually investigate any of the women who accused Kavanaugh. Republicans also got rid of the sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell because now it seems she believe Ford. One woman who initially endorse Kavanaugh has backed out after learning that Kavanaugh took advantage of her as well. Even the Jesuit school that endorse Kavanaugh has pulled their endorsement. And, while it's a common tactic for police officers to lie to people and tell them that memory repression is common during traumatic events, neurologists point to the loads of evidence that says memory is much stronger during trauma events, which is why Ford's view of the night should be trusted more than Kavanaugh's. Of course, to a serial assaulter like Trump, every woman who accuses her abuser is a con artist.
  • In my entire life, the Republican party has pretended to be very concerned with being fiscally conservative. They weren't, of course, they always racked up huge amounts of the debt that the following Democratic president helped to decrease, but they at least claimed to care about being good with money. But now, with the nation's debt spiraling out of control under Trump, and every Republican is voting lock-in-step with him to cut taxes for the wealthy which keeps increasing it further, the veneer of frugality is so thin, you can see through it. Republicans also pretend to care about state's right, every chance they get, they use the federal government to override a state's decision. And with all the violating of their religious beliefs, these Republicans really need Jesus!
  • With Betsy DeVos in charge, the student load forgiveness program has rejected nearly every single person who applied for it.
  • Republicans have decided that the EPA should no longer have a dedicated science advisor.

Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, who was accused of raping children, has been relocated right next door to an elementary school.

A little bit of boredom goes a long way at increasing creativity.

Jehovah's Witnesses have to pay out $35,000,000 to the sex abuse survivor because, like the Catholic church, they helped protect her abuser.