November, 2018

From Japan with love

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From the NES page, I broke out the Famicom into its own page and added a lot of new info.

  • I love that Trump's former campaign advisor, Paul Manafort, keeps digging his grave deeper, because, at some point, he's going to be so dirty even Trump will fear pardoning him.
  • Under Republican control, the Department of Veterans Affairs underpaid a whole bunch of veterans, and then, when it was discovered, rather than correct their mistake, they decided to never pay them their full pay.
  • Climate change keeps getting worse, and Trump keeps getting stupider.
  • With Democrats gaining control of Michigan, Republicans are trying to strip away State powers as much as possible before they have to leave.
  • You know that "war" on Christmas that only exists in the minds of Republicans? Well, they lost.

St. Louis police officers Dustin Boone, Randy Hays, Christopher Myers were so eager to beat down protesters, that they accidentally beat one of their own undercover detectives despite him being compliant and non-threatening. Then, with the help of officer Bailey Colletta, they tried to cover it up.

Is the current generation of adults actively trying to wipe out certain businesses? Nope, they're just too poor to buy anything.

Alex Dainis describes the similarities between a science lab and a kitchen.

Is it possible to beat Super Mario World without getting a single coin?

Haven't been there yet

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Last night I beat the Genesis game, Ys III: Wanderers From Ys. I've also added a list of museums I've attended.

  • Trump admits he's willing to release top secret documents to the general public that would be harmful to Democrats if they investigate his many crimes. Of course, Trump is most likely lying as he always does, but it once again shows that he cares more about his own interests than the safety of the nation.
  • Trump's personal lawyer has plead guilty to lying to Congress to cover up Trump's involvement with Russia.
  • Republicans are actively dismantling those programs to provide sexual education and reproductive health screening, especially for women.
  • Trump isn't single-handedly ruining the American auto industry, but he sure is helping.
  • Republicans refused to let the CIA give testimony about Saudi Arabia being responsible for Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, when asked for a reason, Trump responded by basically saying that the US is selling billions of dollars worth of military weapons to Saudi Arabia, so who cares who they murder? Republicans in Congress are fine with that response, but Democrats are demanding to let the CIA be heard.
  • Michigan was all set to raise minimum wage and require employers to honor sick leave... Republicans just ruined it.
  • As someone who has picked up trash alongside the highway for years, I can tell you that the majority of what I picked up was plastic water bottles. However, I don't remember ever picking up pop or beer bottles. Why? Because Michigan has a $0.10 deposit on all pop and beer bottles, but not water bottles. The deposit program successfully stops litter, which is why Michigan Republicans are trying to eliminate it.
  • When a lot of constitutional amendments were first created, they only applied to white men. The second amendment seems to still be that way.

America has an abandoned building epidemic, but more and more those abandoned buildings are churches.

Are liberals and conservatives both equally prejudiced? Not exactly.

Cannabidiol is not a wonder drug or miracle cure, it's a chemical and like any chemical it may have uses or be toxic, but it requires scientific research in order to know.

What is Mario's job, really?

Do you like number sequence puzzles?

Here's a toast to all those who hear me all too well

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I added a page for the Eve 6 song, Here's to the Night, the Book of Zephaniah, and the Dragon Quest universe.

  • Like so many authoritarian dictators before him, Trump wants State-run media that he gets to control, and to hell with the first amendment.
  • Neither CIA Director Gina Haspel or any other government intelligence agency will be present with the White House discusses the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi on the demand of Saudi Arabia. When asked if they were purposely silencing government intelligence, Republicans in the White House said no, but didn't offer an explanation why they have broken protocol and not let government intelligence leaders explain the issue in their own words.
  • What's going on at the Mexican border? It's not good.
  • Trump doesn't believe the climate change report created by his own team, probably because he hasn't read it.
  • Ivanka Trump's use of a private email server to conduct official government business is completely different than Hillary Clinton's. I know it's true because Ivanka Trump said so herself!
  • The NRA bubble has burst. The organization has lost over a third of their revenue in the past year, a sum of $55,000,000. This is in part from the loss of a large donor and an over all decrease in membership.
  • Republican David Johnson thinks the California wildfires are the result of his god punishing Liberals.

Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke has been found guilty of second-degree murder for shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times, and now his three co-conspirators who falsified police reports to protect Van Dyke are being tried, but they will not face a jury, just a judge.

How to determine if a group is a cult like Young Living Essential Oils.

Bart Ehrman and Sam Harris talk about Bart's latest book.

A common tactic of religious apologists is exaggerating mundane evidence.

Welcome to warp zone!

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I created a page for the Robot Wants game series.

  • Republicans continue to give the ultra-wealthy tax cuts while raising taxes for the poor and middle class, and, big shocker, the economy is tanking, just like with the Bush before him.
  • Russia is invading Ukraine again. Trump will do nothing.
  • Fox "News" has turned into a full-fledged Republican campaign channel.
  • Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith said she would be in the front row if invited to a public hanging, but she's still expected to win the Mississippi Senate race.
  • Trump continues to deny science and dismiss the few experts still working in the government.
  • After the US used chemical weapons banned in wartime to deter refugees at the border, Kirstjen Nielsen, Republican Secretary of Homeland Security, asserted without evidence that the refugees were using their children as human shields.

NASA's InSight has successfully landed on Mars!

When you leave an abusive relationship, it's very important to not take the abusive behavior with you.

The bible is full of wonderful stories.

There's nothing magical about science, it's made up of fallible humans, so it produces fallible results. It requires constant vigilance to ensure it corrects itself.

Third Thanksgiving anyone?

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I added a page for musician Alanis Morissette and the split in two thought experiment.

  • Trump prefers Saudi murderers over American journalists.
  • Under Republican control, US border agents have closed the busiest Mexican border and are now shooting tear gas at immigrants.
  • Acts of Republican violence are on the rise.
  • The White House released a report admitting that the Republican policies put in place in the past two years to ignore climate change will cost American taxpayers $500,000,000,000 every year.
  • Trump has told over 6,400 lies since taking office and they're all recorded as part of State record.
  • Despite begging a judge to let him off the hook, Trump's campaign advisor, George Papadopoulos, has been ordered to prison.

The Nerd reviews the Amiga CD32.

Who is at fault for thousands of priests raping little boys? Is it the antiquated celibacy laws of the Vatican? The inability for Catholics to report their own criminals? Nah, the real culprits are gay people and atheists.

What is computer endianness? Let me show you with this egg.

Were the California wild fires started by space lasers? This Nazi says yes!

Time for second Thanksgiving

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I added a page for Super Mario Bros. 3 and added two other multicarts to the Super Mario Bros. multicarts page.

  • For Thanksgiving, Trump said he's most thankful for himself.
  • Trump believes the Judicial branch of US government is bad. So, why does he keep appointing more judges?
  • Trump sent thousands of US troops to the Mexican border just before Thanksgiving to stop... nobody, and while he's too big a coward to actually go and visit troops, that doesn't mean he won't teleconference with them while he enjoys charging the US taxpayer to stay at his own resort.
  • Republican Matt Shea published a manifesto demanding the execution of anyone who refuses to follow his version of a "biblical law" which requires violently seizing the government, then executing any men who supports same-sex marriage, abortion, or a non-biblical world view controlled by white people.
  • Last spring, 4-H groups around the country were starting to be more accepting of LGBT members, but Republicans fought back and pressured the organization to eliminate their inclusive attitude and even got the 4-H head in Iowa fired.
  • Does our government really need to keep pardoning turkeys?
  • What will Fox "News" say about Ivanka Trump's emails?

The Catholic League knows how to stop those pesky victims who were raped by priests... exorcisms... wait for it... for the victims!

The liars at Prager U keep trying to claim that science is evidence for their god. It's not.

Christian fundamentalists don't believe in science like evolution, plate tectonics, geology, and so forth, because the Bronze age desert nomads who wrote their holy book didn't know about them. Of course, they also believed the Earth was flat, which is why a large portion of the flat-earthers are also Christian fundamentalists.

Dorkly has put out some pretty dark Mario cartoons.

The majority of the Kama Sutra has nothing to do with sex.

Thanksgiving it up

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I added a page for the Weezer song, Say It Ain't So.

  • Now that Republicans have successfully stacked the deck in the Supreme Court with ultra-Conservative judges, they're going in for the kill. Mississippi Republicans just had their abortion ban after 15 weeks struck down, but Ohio Republicans are trying to pass a bill that will completely ban abortion, even if the woman is raped by her father, and calls for the death penalty for any woman who has an abortion. Obviously, this completely violates Roe v. Wade, but that's the point. The goal is to get the bill up to the Supreme Court and have them overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • The CIA has concluded that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, so, naturally, Trump is siding with the murderers and even thanking them!
  • Republicans are withdrawing US troops from the southern border before a single refugee arrived, basically admitting that the entire thing was a stunt to get more Republicans elected in the midterms, a stunt that cost US taxpayers $200,000,000 and took thousands of troops away from their families. How many soldiers and veterans will Trump have to disrespect before people admit he's their enemy?
  • 12,000 Americans have lost their health insurance in Arkansas because of the Republican work requirement added to protection programs.
  • Trump argues the importance of being in a disaster area to really understand what it's like, but he can't even get the name right. Maybe if he takes some time to help rake up the forest floor, the problem will solve itself?
  • A couple months after Trump got done patting himself on the back claiming he lowered the cost of medication, Pfizer raised their prices.
  • Fox "News" talking head Tucker Carlson told a slew of lies about the people who protested his lying.

The democracy of the USA is in trouble, and fighting dirty probably won't help.

A look at which demographics choose which Smash Bros. characters.

Christians have many arguments for their religion, but they all describe their god in a very different way.

A look at how cults, multi-level marketing schemes, and quacks use the same tactics to successfully recruit followers.


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I created a page for The Goonies universe and the Apple II.

  • Once again a federal judge had to step in and block Republicans from violating US law, this time by disregarding immigration law. Republicans have dramatically decreased the number of people who can enter through a port of entry and now they're automatically denying asylum to anyone tries to enter outside of a port of entry. Tellingly, this only affects people on the Southern border.
  • Overstepping his authority is just one of the many ways Trump is turning the US into an authoritarian dictatorship.
  • Now that Democrats have taken back the House, much to the chagrin of Trump, there are dozens of lame-duck Republicans trying to pass last minute bills to sabotage their Democratic replacements. Let's hope the Dems don't let us down now that they're getting subpoena power.
  • More white supremacist terrorists have been found and arrested before they could used their home made bombs.
  • The primary thing Republicans focused on to stop Hillary Clinton was the fact that she used a personal email server. Of course, it seems like everyone in the Trump administration is doing the exact same thing.
  • Republicans on the Texas school board will continue teaching children that Moses, the fictional character from the Book of Genesis, was instrumental in the foundation of US law.
  • Dammit Florida, why can't you get elections right?
  • Trump's love affair with Sean Hannity is so on-again off-again, but at least Laura Ingraham has still got his back.
  • Just in time to watch his whole family get indicted, Trump is willing to work with Democrats on prison reform.

Throughout history, viral and bacterial pandemics flare up and wipe out millions. Are we ready for the next one?

Meet the all new metric units.

White Magazine, whose creators claim to be "anchored in love without judgment," but also refuse to print anything about same-sex couples, has gone out of business after advertisers pulled their ads in a loving, non-judgmental sort of way.

Turkey sounds good

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Over the weekend I saw Assassins at the Flint Repertory Theatre and beat the game Rollers of the Realm. I also added a page for the video game genre rail shooter.

  • The CIA has concluded that Saudi Arabia's crowned prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered Khashoggi's murder, and an audio tape recording of Khashoggi's murder has surfaced, but Trump refuses to listen to it. Instead, NBC reported that the White House was considering sending a Turkish asylum seeker back to Turkey for punishment in the hopes that Turkey would ease up on their demands that Saudi Arabia be held accountable for their murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi! Once the story broke, Trump denied it. I guess getting caught trading human lives to help murderers looks bad even for Republicans.
  • After being told they violated the US Constitution when they banned Acosta, the White House was forced to reinstate his press pass. However, they've already told Acosta that the moment the judge's order expires at the end of the month, regardless of his behavior, he will be banned again.
  • Trump knows how to stop the California wild fires... rake up the entire forest. Well, that, and cutting funding to the victims of wild fires.
  • 50 years after the US was supposed to have banned discrimination of employees based on their sex, Virginia still hasn't adopted the law, but Democrats in the state are trying hard to finally convince them.
  • Despite his claims of success, Trump has accomplished nothing in the denuclearization of North Korea.

Another minor secular victory. Muskegon Community College, which receives funding from the government, has decided to stop having religious ceremonies at graduation. Unfortunately, there had to be a threat of a lawsuit before they decided to follow the law, but at least they didn't waste hundreds of thousands before doing what's right.

The antivaxers in North Carolina just caused the worst outbreak of chicken pox in 20 years.

Catholic priest Lenin Vargas-Gutierrez lied to his church claiming he had cancer and collected tens of thousands of dollars from his congregation. In reality, the priest has HIV which is completely covered by the church's insurance.

A gun kills many men before it's done... hundreds

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I added a page for the ticking time bomb though experiment and the image compression program, JPEGOptim.

  • As more and more elections are called in the favor of Democrats, Trump keeps getting more and more crazy.
  • A federal judge has just ruled that Republicans in the White House violated Jim Acosta's rights by revoking his press pass! Acosta is back in the White House effective immediately!
  • Matt Whitaker used to work for a fraudulent company that scammed people with claims of time travel and bigfoot, and now he the nation's attorney general.
  • Trump's latest hire is the new South African envoy, Lana Marks. Her qualifications are making over-priced hand bags and giving Trump a lot of money to be a member of his resort.
  • A fact check of Trump's recent interview shows that nearly everything he said was a lie.
  • Republican Betsy DeVos is best known for her ongoing effort to destroy the American public school system. No doubt she has created a lot of enemies because of this, but that still doesn't explain why she has the most expensive security detail in the White House at a staggering $19,800,000 a year!
  • Republicans continue to give the Pentagon more money, which is scary considering how terrible they are at accounting. How many of the trillions of dollars a year are being stolen through corruption?
  • Rebecca Watson talks about the safety, mismanagement, and climate change regarding the California wildfires.

Some of the amazing contributions made by black soldiers.

Michael Hiskey a professor at Christian University and an administrator at Liberty University has been arrested for attempting to murder his wife.

Going to prison? Stock up on ramen.

Everybody's got the right to be happy

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I added a page for the operating system, Linux.

  • In between blowing off US veterans, and both knowing and not knowing the acting attorney general who is also a criminal, The Trumps continue their campaign of corruption, lies, and stupidity.
  • Republicans have just passed a law that allows men to sue women and their doctors if they have an abortion, even if the man raped the woman.
  • Republican Governor Matt Bevin knows what causes mass shootings, and it's not giving violent people easy access to guns, it's zombies.
  • With Democrats now able to affect the FBI's Russia investigation, Trump has returned to personal attacks against Robert Mueller and his team. And Trump may be best bros with Putin, but the European Court of Human Rights just ruled that the Kremlin violated the human rights of Alexei Navalny for arresting him on seven different occasions to try and stop his political anti-corruption campaign in their country. Russia received a slap on the wrist fine, €63,000, which they probably won't pay anyway.

It's the end of an era. Prima Books is closing shop, so no more video game strategy guides.

Look at these crazy muons!

Police are claiming that the black security guard they shot to death, Jemel Roberson, wasn't wearing any identifying clothes and was told several times to drop his gun before they opened fire on him. However, witnesses say that Roberson was indeed wearing security clothes and the police opened fire before even finishing their first command to get on the ground.

Just because you're a brilliant scientist doesn't mean you won't fall for logical fallacies.

Czolgosz, working man, born in the middle of Michigan

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I created a page for William Hunt's painting, The Scapegoat, and started a page for role-playing games.

  • If someone cheats at a game, you can refuse to sink to their level and claim the moral high ground, but you'll still lose. Of course, it's only a game, so you don't lose anything important. However, when someone cheats at real life, claiming the moral high ground isn't enough. You have to actually fight them and win.
  • Does Trump only appoint criminals? Like, everyone in his cabinet is a criminal.
  • Republicans in Arizona sued the government to try and keep racial minorities who voted from having their votes counted, but Kyrsten Sinema still won! Republicans in Florida are trying a similar form of voter suppression, but they are trying to exclude the votes of deployed US soldiers.
  • Republican Matt Shea wrote a how-to manual for murdering non-Christians in order to declare the USA a Christian State. He may be under investigation by the FBI, but he was still re-elected by Republican voters in Washington.
  • Trump attacks California for not taking better care of their forests (even though it's actually the federal government's job), but the firefighters in the area try to explain to Trump why he's so stupid.
  • SNL gives a tribute to racist gremlin Jeff Sessions.
  • Republican Jesus.

US Bishops decided to enact a plan to try and combat the rampant child rape occurring among Catholic priests, but the Vatican intervened forced them to stop!

What is the optimal to eliminate Gaussian curvature when you try to flatten a globe to a map? The Euler spiral.

Flight of the Conchords are still making music.

How did the Victorian mansion become a horror icon?

It's cold enough for me

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I created a page for the cow that wants to be eaten thought experiment, and the video game brand Sunsoft.

  • The Pentagon is calling Trump's deployment of troops to the US southern border "an expensive waste of time and resources." The troops will be spending their Thanksgiving deployed as 15,000 soldiers are sent to protect a border from 6,000 migrants and refugees who are still months away.
  • Trump failed to drain the swamp and instead filled it with the most vile disgusting swamp monsters imaginable. This doesn't affect his base, because they believe "the swamp" means non-existent mainstream elites.
  • Trump is blaming the Secret Service for keeping him from the WWI Armistice ceremony, saying he totally wanted to go, but the Secret Service refused to let him go stating it would cause traffic problems. Strangely, however, heads of state from all over Europe somehow managed to get there.
  • Racist Republican Steve King, who was just re-elected in Iowa, said he never called immigrants "dirt," and then challenged the "lying Leftists" to produce a tape of him saying that. So they did.
  • Trump's former doctor finally comes clean and admits that Trump wrote his own letter calling him the "healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency," among other lies.
  • Progress in Arizona, the state's Democrats won a senate seat that has been Republican for the past 24 years.

Seth Andrews gives a lecture about his deconversion and answers some questions.

Police arrive on the scene of bar where a shooting had taken place. They saw a black security guard wearing his security uniform holding a suspect at gunpoint. The police promptly shot the black security guard to death.

The importance of wearing safety glasses.

Christian pastor Jean Jacob Jeudy has been arrested for sexually assaulting a child, to which Jeudy argues that the accusations are being made through the devil.

Weekend spent raking

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I added a page for Jenny Lewis's first solo album, Rabbit Fur Coat and the thought experiment, the veil of ignorance.

  • As world leaders all over the country joined together to celebrate the World War I Armistice ceremony, Trump remained in his hotel room saying he couldn't support veterans because it was raining. After being critized by the rest of the world, the White House scrambled to come up with a lie, and the best they could do was to say, Trump, the guy who closes down airports every weekend to go on vacation, didn't want to disturb traffic.
  • The Florida Governor race is going into a recount.
  • Thanks to Trump's trade war with the rest of the world, the US GDP for trade growth saw the worst drop in 33 years.
  • I'm happy to see that leaders from around the world are issuing thinly-veiled criticisms of Trump's attack on journalists.
  • I'm happy to see the racist Jeff Sessions go, but his bigoted criminal replacement, Matt Whitaker, isn't any better.
  • Republican Brian Kemp didn't just cheat in his election, but he also released the private data of over 290,000 people, including their home address and whether they are disabled or elderly, he basically did everything but give criminals a map to their homes. A lot of people are safe only because their personal information is hidden, but Brian Kemp ruined their safety.
  • It is wrong for the White House to lie about their reasons for banning journalists, and if this weren't so scary, it could be funny.

PZ Myers tackles the sciencism used by people who wield science as a weapon rather than a tool.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews other Hydlide games.

Being religious doesn't make you moral, in fact, it seems to make you immoral.

Snow, snow, go away.

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I added a page for Konami's former publishing company, Ultra.

  • The midterms weren't great, but they were still pretty good. So, we're getting plenty of tantrums and lies from Trump.
  • Republicans replace the bigot Jeff Sessions with the bigot Matthew Whitaker.
  • Because America's opinion of the Affordable Care Act has shifted, Republicans are now straight-up lying about their position on pre-existing conditions.
  • Republicans are claiming the USA is under attack by immigrants, so they've invoked a war-time like posture which gives Trump the right to flat-out deny asylum to refugees.
  • If my doctor prescribes me medicine, my employer shouldn't even know about it, let alone get to decide if I should be allowed to have it! And yet, Republicans keep trying to give companies the power to decide which doctor-prescribed medicine their employees should have access to.
  • Shannon Dingle used to get tons of praise from her religious Republicans friends for her anti-abortion stance and adoption of several needy children. But, when Republican policies began impacting her family, she began speaking out against the destruction of Medicaid which insures her special-needs children, the elimination of the HIV advisory council which helps one of her HIV positive children, and the anti-immigration policy which might steal away three of her immigrant children. Shannon's friends loved her when she was making anti-abortion political statements, but now that she's making pro-life statements that are actually about keeping her children alive, now they hate her.
  • While they didn't win, I'm still a little happy for Stacey Abrams and Beto O'Rourke who both put up valiant efforts in their longshot elections.

How the casualties of World War I helped create the industry of plastic surgery and prosthetics.

Norman Goldwasser, clinical director of Horizon Psychological Services in Miami Beach, a religious group which claims they can cure homosexuality, was just found on a gay dating site using the alias, "Hotnhairy72." According to his profile, Norman Goldwasser is a top, thinks he has a work-out body, and really loves oral sex with men.

It's nice to see that Democrats keep electing intelligent people to Congress, but it's not enough to just be intelligent, you also have to be ethical.

A nativity scene was taken down in Ohio after the city got a bunch of complaints. Interestingly, the mayor, who is a Christian and likes the scene, agreed without a fight that it was wrong for the city to endorse religion!

Where can I pick up my domesticated fox?

Figure eight, is double four, figure four, is half of eight

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I started a list of biblical words with uncertain meanings.

  • In order to prevent journalists from asking tough questions in the White House, Republicans falsely accused Jim Acosta of hitting a woman during a video-recorded interview. He is now banned from the White House, something that we should expect will happen to additional journalists in the future. In fact, the White House even posted a doctored video of the event originally posted on a right-wing conspiracy theory web site, altered to make it look like Acosta hit the woman. Also, during the event, Trump mocked the journalists, again called the press the enemy of the people, and called a black journalist "racist" because she started asking him why he identifies as a "nationalist."
  • Despite personally choosing him, Trump has been mocking his Attorney General for the past two years, but he's always been afraid to fire him because of how people would respond to him obstructing justice of the investigation of Trump's Russian collusion. Now that Democrats have won the House and will have a say in how the investigation goes down, Trump told one of this cronies to fire Jeff Sessions. Sessions's replacement is Republican Matthew Whitaker, a criminal who not only ran a multi-million dollar scam through World Patent Marketing, but who also wrote articles saying Mueller shouldn't be allowed to investigate Trump's finances to look for Russian collusion. Because he's been so vocal against the FBI and in favor of Trump, Whitaker should recuse himself, but he's already refused, making things dicey for those who expect justice.
  • Republican Brian Kemp committed some of the worst voter suppression seen in history, and is still only showing a marginal win. Because Kemp was so shady, his opponent Stacey Abrams is refusing to conceded, so Kemp just declared victory after releasing all the private information of the state's 290,000+ absentee voters, which not only includes their name, home address, and how they voted, but also their voter id number, and whether they are elderly or disabled, basically directing criminals where to go for easy pickings! Kemp may become the governor, but his first act will have to be denying justice for the 290,000+ people involved in a class action lawsuit against him!
  • Under Republican leadership, ICE is arguing that they shouldn't be held responsible when their agents rape prisoners.
  • Another mass shooting has left a dozen people murdered. The shooter was a white male with a criminal history. Republicans will do absolutely nothing to stop this.
  • A look back at all the racist crap Trump has pulled in the past couple years.
  • Republican Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, came up short by only 1.2% of the vote. Ordinarily, such a close call would be grounds for a recount, but a new law was put in place which prevented recounts for any result greater than 1.0%. Who put this law in place preventing Scott Walker from having a recount? Scott Walker!
  • Of the 8 scientists elected to Congress during the midterms, seven are Democrats. Democrats keep electing intelligent people, Republicans keep electing stuffed suits.

What is going to happen now that they're are a record number of women in Congress? Probably good things since female politicians tend to work harder than their male counterparts.

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Michigan, Governor-elect Gretchen Whitmer is considering pardoning those people who are in jail right now for marijuana possession. I view this as a good thing, since it's a victimless crime and our prisons are already bursting at the seams.

Scientists have come up with some strange measurement units.

What if Bowser dated Mario and Peach at the same time?

Vote yesterday!

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Michigan did her part by booting several Republicans and helping to take back the Federal House. We also passed three constitutional amendments, two of which make it harder to gerrymander and suppress votes, but the nation is still a long way from recovering from the ignorance and racism of the Republican party. Even Europeans watching the election view this as a blow against Trump's racism.

I added a page for the NES game, Ice Hockey and the Swedish rock group, The Sounds.

  • Despite a tirade of non-stop lies from Trump and a huge amount of voter suppression caused by Republicans, record number of women have been elected to Congress as well as several other minorities! Sadly, Beto O'Rourke was not one of the winners. But, the racist law banning felons from voting in Florida has been repealed, and both Arkansas and Missouri raised their minimum wage.
  • Even after two years of racism, misogyny, bigotry, corruption, and sex scandals, White Christians, Evangelicals especially, still adore Trump. This will be a nail in their coffin, as every moral argument for the next several decades will be ended with, you supported Trump, you have no moral integrity whatsoever.
  • Why is there always a blown out of proportion "crisis" before every major election?
  • Republican Kim Davis, the woman who refused to do her job and issue same-sex marriage certificates costing the state of Kentucky $225,000, lost her re-election campaign!
  • If you're traveling in this holiday season, you may want to avoid Motel 6. They just had to pay up $7,600,000 after it was discovered they were giving the personal information of their non-white guests to the government!
  • Republicans fail to even secure a meeting with North Korea about nuclear weapons.

Vote today!

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Today are the midterm elections. Go vote! If you don't know where to go or who to vote for, check out Ballotpedia.

I added a page for the John Liston Byam Shaw painting, which is not safe for work, The Woman, the Man, and the Serpent.

I want to live in a world where quack doctors selling fake cures to people end up getting sued and lose all their money.

Why there is no such thing as evolution-ism.

Part of getting to Mars means figuring out how to cope with life in zero gravity.

Vote tomorrow!

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Over the weekend I beat Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers 2. I also made a page for Kasugai Gummy Candy.

  • The Trump ad that is so racist CNN refused to run it, was aired on NBC. But it didn't take long before NBC, Facebook, and even Fox "News" decided that the Republican ad was too racist to run and pulled it. The reality is, every white person in this country is an immigrant, but Republicans want white people to be fearful of immigrants. Well, not the white immigrants.
  • Florida Republicans are whipped into a frenzy of lies and racism by Trump, and his fellow Republicans pretend to speak Spanish in hopes of winning over Spanish-speaking voters to screw over.
  • Oh sure, Republican Brian Kemp has been actively working to kick black people off the voter rolls in Georgia, falling inline with the party's goal, but that doesn't mean he can't also lie and claim there are election hackers trying to help his opponent without providing any evidence at all.
  • Trump's tariffs have cost $1,000,000,000 just to Ford Motor Company, who will now be having massive layoffs to try and cope.
  • Republicans have effectively shut down Congress. Even when they control the House and Senate, they still can't be bothered to do their jobs.
  • The problem with political predictions.
  • Several racist teachers in Idaho mocked Mexicans by dressing up in insulting costumes to support Trump's failed border wall. The school's superintendent Josh Middleton said the photos taken were part of a team-building exercise where the teachers were trying to come up with the most stereotypical outfits! I guess, in Idaho, racism is a game.

Rating movies based on the chemicals they emit?

Scott Beierle killed himself after murdering two women because he was so creepy women wouldn't date him. Beierle had a long history of sexually harassing and sometimes assaulting women, and even posted videos online where he fantasized murdering women, yet he had no trouble getting a gun.

Sid Meier gives a talk on game design.

Catholic priest, Henry Christopher Foxhoven, has admitted to having sex with an under-aged girl and impregnating her.

Aron Ra discusses evidence.

Remember remember the second of November

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Last night, I beat the surreal puzzle game Small Radios Big Televisions. I also added a page for the VLC Media Player and LibreOffice.

  • Trump is really looking forward to executing refugees. What a terrible person. He's also claiming that foreign dictators have brought their pregnant wives to the USA to give birth and have their children become US citizens. Obviously, he's lying.
  • Welcome to America, where we prevent the natives from voting.
  • Facebook has once again failed to stop Russians from interfering with the US elections to get Republicans elected.
  • Why are so many Republicans anti-Semites? And why are so many Republicans Nazis?
  • Sometimes a district attorney is actually a good person who cares about those wrongly convicted, and prosecutes racist cops.
  • Don't forget to vote next Tuesday.
  • The guy who tried to create false sexual allegations against Robert Muller to end the Russia investigation wasn't exactly a criminal mastermind.
  • Two Texas hunters were shot claiming to have been involved in a gun fight with illegal immigrants. However, despite one hunter called the other a "man of God" and a "hero," for stopping the "aliens ambushing their RV." The police have arrested them both for making the story up after, in fact, accidentally shooting each other.
  • Trump hired his completely unqualified son-in-law to solve the nation's opioid crisis, and surprise, surprise, he hasn't solved the problem. In fact, the Republican-controlled FDA just approved a new opioid that is 500 times stronger than morphine. The drug manufacturer, AcelRx, says they expect over a billion dollars in sales every year, and, no doubt, some of that money is going into Republican pockets who pushed the drug through after purposely keeping the watchdog Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee from speaking about the drug. Their doctors have said the drug is neither safe nor necessary and the senior advisor for the Public Citizen's Health Research Group Doctors says the manufacturer's claims about the drug are false.

Don't forget, Mormons no longer want to be called Mormons.

Who owns the Statue of Liberty? It's complicated.

What do the terms exaptation, bricolage, and deep homology mean to you?

NAFTA probably was a good idea despite what the recent presidents say.

Nitinol is a metal with a memory.

After police officer Steven Vigneault had his SUV stolen by a pair of teens out of a pizzeria parking lot, he and fellow officer Gregg Bigda caught up with them and beat them both senseless, spit on them, threatened to murder them multiple times and destroy the evidence, and said they would plant drugs on them if they didn't answer their questions. The teens were not read their rights, parents were not called, and one of the cops, who was drunk while on duty, said to the boys, "welcome to the white man's world!" Unfortunately for the officers, a jail house camera recorded much of the incident and Bigda has a long history of violent abuse of suspects. This occurred in 2016 and, when the footage surfaced, both officers were suspended. Vigneault resigned shortly after, but now, both have been arrested.

Okay, noooow onto Thanksgiving

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I added a page for the vector graphics program I predominantly use, Corel Draw.

Just because something was created by a woman doesn't mean it can't be sexist.

Muslims continue to call for the execution of Asia Bibi for the "crime" of blasphemy, even though the evidence suggests she's innocent.

Stephen Clark Brown, coach, minister, and teacher at Arlington Christian School has been arrested for secretly filming children in his school in a sexual manner.

Spider-man is the villain of his own universe.