December, 2018

2018 draws to a close and Trump -still- isn't in prison?

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I re-watched Princess Mononoke. I've also started a list of under-appreciated songs.

  • Refugees and migrants in US custody are abused, raped, and even killed. All of this is happening under Republican control following rules made up by Republicans, so, naturally, Trump is blaming Democrats.
  • Trump's constant attack on journalism has, in-part, led to the US being added to the top five list of the most dangerous nations for journalists. Last year, 63 journalists were murdered in the US just for trying to get the truth to the American people.
  • Even though a Republican judge tried to outlaw the entire Affordable Care Act because Republicans purposely changed the law to make it illegal, he's agreed that it can remain in effect until a ruling is made on the legality of the changed portion.
  • Eleven reasons why the Republican border wall will not stop or even slow illegal immigration.
  • As the year ends, and Trump has indeed become superlative in one category, the most dishonest president in history.
  • Under Republican control of the EPA, it has decided that mercury is no longer dangerous when coal plants send up huge plumes of ash into the atmosphere filled with it.

A five-minute recap of 2018.

Wells Fargo bank has a history of cheating its customers, and it was just has to pay $575,000,000 to settle its long list of crimes in all 50 States, crimes which should total about $2,000,000,000 in fees, which means that, yet another huge corporation is getting off easy.

A child was expelled in a Texas public school for not reciting a public prayer, "The Pledge of Allegiance," because Texas State law which requires children to stand for the Pledge (which is unconstitutional). The parents took the school to court, but, rather than have the unconstitutional law challenged and struck down by a Federal court, they surrendered an undisclosed amount of taxpayer money to the family.

Ten conspiracies surrounding Studio Ghibli films.

6502 assembly is hard

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I watched to anime Akira last night. I also started working on a guide to the various variable types found in NES games.

  • Not only is Trump's buddy Vladamir Putin threatening the USA to leave the Saudi Prince alone even though he murdered a Washington Post journalist, but he's also preparing to unveil a new hypersonic missile system designed to penetrate American anti-missile defenses.
  • Republican Rick Snyder continues to take Michigan's government down with him just before he's kicked out of the Governor's mansion.
  • But he's not the only lame duck asshole. As one of his last acts before leaving office, Republican Bob Goodlatte blocked a bill that would help stop violence against Native American women.

You're never going to convert an atheist with those tactics!

How floppy disks work.

The school board in a California school district has just lost around $300,000 because they couldn't stop forcing everyone to listen to them pray to their god at every meeting.

What's the deal with the bald patch in the monk haircut?

Just look at those swashes!

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I finished listening to the Star Wars radio drama and created a page for the typeface, Monotype Corsiva.

  • Despite claiming he was all about the troops, Trump's policies have caused nothing but problem for US troops and veterans. In fact, unlike most presidents before him, Trump never once visited the troops on active deployment. However, he just recently did, only to lie to repeatedly lie to them. The lie began by telling them they haven't received a pay raise in 10 years. In fact, the troops have received a yearly pay increase every year in the past 30 years. Trump's lie grew even bigger when he said the troops would be seeing a 10% pay raise, which is almost five times larger than their actual raise of only %2.6.
  • In addition to shutting down the government, Trump's lies have also ended future funding to help protect women with the Violence Against Women Act.
  • Republican child molester Roy Moore's Senate campaign wasn't just a failure, it was probably illegal, and now it's under investigation.
  • While he's ruining democracy in Michigan during his lame duck session, Republican Rick Snyder has shut down the Governor's comment line so he won't have to hear how much people hate him.

Some of the various anti-piracy measures video game companies have used over the years.

Shock treatment is actually a real science-based form of medicine, and while it does have its share of side-effects, brain damage is not one of them.

Part of World War II was a battle against STDs.

Trying to recreate the Stanford Prison Experiment.

As the world falls down

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Over the long break I beat the NES game Mickey Mousecapade, which was awful.

  • Trump made good on his promise to hold the government hostage until Congress wastes taxpayer money on his useless border wall that he promised Mexico would pay for. My guess is that he'll eventually cave, but still claim victory.
  • Right after Trump pulled US troops out of Afghanistan, the Taliban declared victory over the US.
  • Another refugee child has died while in US custody. The first was Jakelin Caal Maquin who Americans killed by refusing to give her water. This new child is Felipe Alonzo-Gomez, but a cause of death hasn't yet been released.
  • And, just to remind everyone how clueless he is about literally everything, Trump asks a seven-year-old if they still believe in Santa, "Because at seven, it's marginal, right?"

According to Gallup, religion is continuing to die in America. More people than ever are saying it's old-fashioned and unimportant, and fewer people are attending church.

Does the Left want to make Santa gender neutral? Don't be stupid.

The forgotten letters we've eliminated from the English alphabet.

Aron Ra and Seth Andrews talk about Christmas.

The California wildfires have killed 86 people and caused $10,000,000,000 in damages, but Matt Wedin sees the disaster as proof that his god exists because his non-flammable nativity scene didn't burn.

Did you know gaming, Christmas edition!

Mental Floss talks about winter holidays.

A little late, but, how to avoid political arguments with your family during the holidays.

You should know when it's "less" or it's "fewer," like people who were never raised in a sewer

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I added a page for The Adventures of Bayou Billy.

  • Syria's own forces say the US pull out of Syria will only help strengthen the foothold of the Islamic State, but Trump is doing it anyway, confident that the Islamic State doesn't exist, even though the US military says it clearly does. This has caused yet another rat to leave the sinking ship. Jim Mattis, Defense Secretary for Trump, is resigning, and, in his letter of resignation, he basically says Trump is destroying the US's reputation with our allies. And, almost to prove Mattis's letter correct, Trump ordered to withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan as well without even telling any of our allies who also had troops stationed there!
  • The federal government still exists, but with Trump's tantrums, for how long, and, if the screaming child doesn't get what he wants, he's threatening to keep the government closed for a very long time. And while the White House is falling apart, Fox "News" is laser focused on... gingerbread?
  • Trump's scam charity has closed, but what about all the crimes? Aren't the criminal going to be punished?
  • Thanks to Republicans like Betsy DeVos and Rick Snyder, Michigan public schools are woefully underfunded, and now, Republicans in state Congress have pulled another $200,000,000 from schools to try and fix roads and clean up the environmental disasters their own policies created!
  • Samantha Bee did a wonderful Christmas special all about ICE, how they frequently violate people's civil rights, how they try very hard for those arrested to get a fair trial, why we should actually help refugees, and how you can help them.
  • A lot of people got their Christmas tree from illegal immigrants.
  • As we near the year-end, take a moment to reflect on all the horrible things Trump has done.

Who doesn't love eggnog?

The Illinois Catholic dioceses is still protecting the identity of around 500 priests who have been accused to sexually assaulting children.

Feminist Frequency expands on their first video about learning to become media literate.

You're never alone, but you're always on your own

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I added a page for The Sounds song Lost In Love.

  • Republicans in the Senate caved and signed a bill to continue funding the government without funding for Trump's useless border wall and now Trump is throwing a fit and refusing to sign the bill. If he doesn't the Federal government will once again shut down because of Republican pride.
  • Michael Flynn, convicted felon and former National Security Advisor personally chosen by Donald Trump, is not having a good time.
  • By pulling the US military out of Syria against the Pentagon's wishes and declaring ISIS defeated (it's not), Trump is leaving the extremely vulnerable region open to occupation from all nearby powers, including Russia. Seriously, Putin is thrilled that the US is abandoning Syria.
  • When raped women request abortions, Republicans give them coloring books and bible verses.

In Washington D.C., churches were all set to get a special tax break that nobody else would get, even non-profit organizations, but enough people complained and threatened a lawsuit that the government finally caved. It shouldn't have to be like this, but until it stops, always speak up when religion is getting special treatment!

Some facts about the Sega Genesis.

Computer geeks talk about their favorite programming languages.

Smacking down fake scientists with a cookbook.

For the most part, buy one get one free deals are a scam.

I'm not a failure I swear

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I added a page for the Rilo Kiley song My Slumbering Heart.

  • Trump's few remaining cronies try to defend his 17 criminal investigations and oh my god, what is that thing on Stephen Miller's head?!
  • Thanks to Trumps calls for violence against anyone who opposes him, and his continued verbal attack on the media, the USA has now, for the first time in history, made the list of the most dangerous countries for journalists.
  • Trump is shutting down his fraudulent charity in the hopes that it will end the investigation of him stealing money from the charity to illegally fund his presidential campaign.
  • All of the serious complaints against Republican Judge Brett Kavanaugh, which are probably all with merit based on his unruly actions during his confirmation hearings, have been dismissed without a hearing now that he's a Supreme Court Justice. His confirmation was a get out of jail free card.
  • After being told her decision to force students to pay back loans to colleges that went out of business before they graduated was illegal, Republican Betsy DeVos decided to screw over more students by eliminating racial diversity and encouraging more guns in schools.
  • When Trump took office, the Department of Veterans Affairs was given over six million dollars to help soldiers contemplating suicide, but the Republicans Trump appointed never spent that money and hundreds of veterans have committed suicide since.
  • It's sad that it it took Fox "News" host, and certified bigot, Tucker Carlson saying that immigrants make the US "dirtier," before advertisers finally began pulling their ads.
  • ICE tries to deport another American citizen.

If you want to stop poor people from growing plants used to make drugs, you have to give them a viable alternative.

It's probably best that video games aren't very realistic.

Catholics protest a display that promote knowledge because they believe it goes contrary to their deeply held beliefs. They're not wrong.

Turning a moving truck into a giant camera obscura.

Beware of conspiracies, they're everywhere!

Crazy Ex-girlfriend season 3 gag real.

He's heating up!

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I finished Bill Bryson's audio program, Journeys In English, which was really great.

  • Michael Flynn, cheerleader for Donald Trump, got smacked down by a federal judge who told him he sold out his country! Flynn's lawyers thought that handing over all Flynn's dirt to the FBI would keep him out of jail, but, with a delay in sentencing, he may go to prison after all!
  • Trump's policies are killing people, especially the people who voted for him.
  • Trump has agreed to shut down his fraudulent charities in the hope that it will stop at least one of the 17 different criminal investigations against him. In this case, that he used the money donated to the charity for political gains.
  • SNL talks about Trump's various crimes and impending impeachment, and considers what the country would be like if he never stole the election.
  • The man who thinks of himself as the "Merry Christmas" president has canceled Christmas.
  • And, while I know stock markets don't give us any idea how the economy is going to the average American, I can't help but point out that, due directly to policies put in place by Trump, the DOW is having it's worst December in 38 years.

Macaulay Culkin joins the Angry Video Game Nerd to review the terrible Home Alone games.

No doubt fearing the continued drop in attendance, American Catholics are releasing the names of their most rapey priests as an attempt at transparency. Several names are being left off the lists, but at least it's progress.

The song "Baby It's Cold Outside" isn't about rape, but it is related to rape culture.

Want to get ripped off? Buy a mattress.

Texas public schools require all employees to sign, of all things, a pro-Israel loyalty oath! One employee was just fired for refusing to sign such a ridiculous violation of human rights, and a lawsuit has been made on her behalf. Texas doesn't care about First Amendment rights, but they do care about forcing their beliefs on everyone else.

Simone Giertz builds a robot wall of fame.

Don't get sick ever again

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I added a page for my favorite Castlevania game, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.

  • Republicans have finally succeeded in killing the Affordable Care Act. Not only will we see millions of people lose health insurance altogether, but insurance companies will return to refusing people based on pre-existing conditions, and they will once again cancel your insurance when you get really sick.
  • Trump probably won't ever go to prison, but, in a fair world, he would, and he'd be there with all his friends.
  • Republicans who lost their elections continue to ruin their own states as fast as possible in order to make the incoming Democrats look bad. Republican Scott Walker has ended the powers of his own office now that he lost it to a Democrat and Republican Rick Snyder is killing voter-led initiatives to raise the minimum wage to $12-an-hour (still really low) and strengthen protections on sick leave.
  • Under Obama, a law was passed that required student loans to be eliminated when a dubious school like ITT or Trump U tricked students into taking out lots of loans, only to close their doors and leave the students holding a massive amount of debt with no degree. Republican Betsy DeVos has fought to keep the tricked students in debt, but she just lost her fight and now, all those students who were cheated will have their $150,000,000 in debt erased!
  • The Trump administration's revolving door of corruption continues. Trump appointee for the Department of the Interior, Republican Ryan Zinke, who sold off national monuments to oil companies, re-introduced lead into lakes and streams, and used his position to charge thousands of his personal expenses to the US taxpayer has quit now that the investigation is getting close to him, but he's going to be replaced by a lobbyist for the oil and gas industry, Republican David Bernhardt.
  • Even after Republican Paul Manafort plead guilty, he continued to break the law to help Trump, so he'll probably be going to prison for awhile, and his fellow conspirator with ties to Russia, Sam Peterson, has also plead guilty to lying about his involvement with Russia.
  • Republicans may complain that Robert Muller's FBI investigation over Trump's many crimes has cost US tax payers $25,000,000, but, first of all, it is Trump's criminal past that has cost US tax payers $25,000,000, and second, Muller has actually earned the country $48,000,000 from all the tax cheats he's found in the Trump administration!
  • America keeps selling horrifying weapons to Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia keeps using them to kill innocent people.
  • All the countries on Earth are committing to the reduction of their greenhouse gas emissions... except the USA.

Sears is the latest casualty of CEOs purposely destroying their own company, firing all the employees, ruining their retirements, selling off the company's assets, and keeping everything for themselves, and it will continue to be commonplace in America until the bankruptcy courts wise up an outlaw this horrible tactic.

Because they refused to take down religious displays, the Iowa State Capital is now home to two secular displays!

Learning media literacy means trying to understand who makes the media, who they're targeting, and what they hope to accomplish.

Catholic hospitals are on the rise in America, and that's bad news for anyone wanting to have control over family planning because they are routinely forcing their ridiculous beliefs on everyone else. And it won't matter if we create laws to try and stop them because what seems to be a growing part of Christian dogma is the refusal to follow the law, if the law contradicts their ridiculous beliefs.

You shouldn't have to threaten to sue a public school for sending children to an Evangelical Christian anti-science center, but it works.

I'm a modern girl, but I fold in half so easily

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I added a page for the Sega Master System.

Non-stop bigotry has a new streaming service called Fox Nation.

There have been several victories against religion this holiday season as well as some more in the works. Another mayor moved his city's nativity scene off city land to avoid losing a lawsuit. Montana is going to stop giving away tax payer money to religious people. And police chief Esdron Brown is again being sued because he's using his position of government authority to force his religion on his subordinates.

While we all want science to be an objective look at reality, like all things humans make, it's a social construct that can be wielded as a weapon if you're not careful.

Both girls are sick, I'm sick, everyone is sick!

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I've added a new Not Meant For Children's Books.

Looking for a free online graphing calculator?

  • In his effort to ethnically cleanse the nation, Trump is working to deport refugees who came to the US during the Vietnam War!
  • Trump's tantrum about his border wall that nobody wants continues unabated, and he's eager to shutdown the government until he gets it.
  • Trump is a criminal, and hopefully, he will be punished for his crimes.
  • Michigan Republicans are impressively corrupt. At 3AM last night, the House passed a bill banning some forms of abortion, raised the cost of water (even for Flint residents), made it harder for citizens to make citizen-led ballot items (like the three that passed in the mid-terms), and several more horrible bills. Republican Rick Snyder himself, in a lame duck swan song, has signed into law another oil pipeline under the Mackinac Straits. Michiganders don't want a new line, in fact, they want the existing line shut down because it has already contaminated the Great Lakes with 1,100,000 gallons of spilled oil! But Republicans don't care about people, they care about companies. Also, Dr. Eden Wells, who is currently standing trial for negligently killing people during the Flint Water Crisis, was given a massive promotion and pay raise thanks to State Republicans. Her negligence killed people, but now she'll be making $180,000-a-year to continue watching people die.
  • NRA darling, Maria Butina, has just plead guilty to conspiring with Russia to infiltrate the Republican Party.
  • Another one of Trump's incompetent team is gone after Peter O'Rourke was forced to resign from the Department of Veterans Affairs when it was clear that he was cashing his large paychecks without actually doing any work.

Christian pastor Albert Weathers shot and murdered Kelly Stough. No reason has yet been given, but it appears the murder took place because Kelly was transgender.

Need another reason to be paranoid? Social media is now tracking your use of emojis.

Oprah often endorses charlatans, hucksters, quacks, and scam artists. Usually she only injures people in their wallet, but it has recently come to my attention that one of the con artists she endorsed in 2013, Joao Teixeira de Faria (AKA Joao de Deus, Joao of God), is a serial rapist.

Sure, raw cookie dough can be deadly, but it's nowhere near as deadly as riding in a car.

Josh Duggar, one of the stars of the show 19 Kids and Counting, who sexually molested multiple children and whose wholesome Christian family helped cover it up, has lost his lawsuit against the police who leaked his history of raping children.

Space is just plain awesome.

How it even got to court is shocking, but no, the police cannot arrest you if you film them, even if you film them in secret. This isn't a matter of being a peeping Tom, it's a matter of being safe from government corruption.

Babies are one and a day today!

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I've reworked my essay Hell doesn't exist in the bible and added a lot more content.

  • Federal prosecutors released a report saying that the anonymously named "Individual 1" committed various crimes and eventually became President of the USA, to which Trump responds, well, I guess that clears me!
  • Trump is eagerly preparing to shut down the federal government if he doesn't get billions from congress to build a useless border wall.
  • John Kelly follows the rest of the rats of the sinking ship that is the White House, and Trump's only candidate to replace him, Nick Ayers, refused to become part of the shit-show, Trump is left holding a rose for nobody.
  • Just a reminder of how incredibly pathetic the White House is right now, they're using incompetent Fox "News" talking heads as our face for the United Nations.
  • The US has a serious terror problem, but it's not from foreigners, its from native-born Americans. Two unrelated people were recently arrested in Ohio, both for planning their own mass shootings.
  • The USA has spent an estimated $5,900,000,000,000 on its various wars with the Middle East.

In the near future we might have non-invasive brain surgery!

The so-called "cool" Pope still hates gay people.

Epic Rap Battles of History is back with Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg.

Babies turn one today!

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I got my very first MRI this morning. The procedure was quite dull and painless, until I got the contrast dye injected into my hip joint!

I beat the game, Wonder Boy In Monster World. I'm disappointed that I missed this game in its heyday, it is truly a fantastic work! I also wrote a mini essay on the fact that Hell doesn't exist in the bible.

  • James A. Fields Jr., the Nazi who purposely drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, murdering Heather Heyer and injuring several others, has been sentenced to life in prison. This was the same protest where, even after a Nazi drove his car into a crowd of people, Trump said there were bad people on both sides.
  • Yet another high-level White House staffer quits, and Trump's only replacement, Nick Ayers, not wanting to be caught up in the impending shit storm, has turned down the position. So, the White House once again finds itself caught off guard with an empty office and nobody to fill it.
  • Trump stole a lot of money from his presidential campaign and gave it to his own business.
  • Republican Judge Ralph Strother, for the third time, has let a rapist go free without any jail time. This time it's rapist Jacob Walter Anderson who drugged a woman and raper her.
  • A list of Trump's many, many lies, and how often he tells them.

A case for video game emulation explaining why video game companies can't and won't save their history.

There are legitimate defenses against people who are bigoted about Islam, but it's still a bad religion despite what some Liberals will say.

Why are Catholic bishops still blaming women for getting raped?

Before you offer your support or disdain for affirmative action, make sure you understand exactly what it is.

The school board for Newaygo Elementary School is gambling with taxpayer's money that a judge won't think a display of the three wise men is in any way religious!

I know her worried head is aching, I know the cause is me

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The Eve 6 concert was a lot of fun. Max had altered his vocals a bit (and not in a good way), but I finally got to hear Jesus Nitelite played live. I also saw my friend Joani who I had first met at a previous Eve 6 concert eight years ago.

  • As part of his plea bargain, Paul Manafort was supposed to give the whole truth the FBI regarding Trump's campaign, instead, he kept lying to them. He was not allowed to feed these investigations to Trump. He did. Now Manafort probably won't get his cushy plea bargain, and Trump is in even more legal trouble. However, not all of Trump's cronies are willing to go to prison for him. Trump's long-term personal lawyer Michael Cohen is disclosing all sorts of illegal activity done to cover up Trump's many crimes.
  • More details about the undocumented immigrant who worked for Trump and cleaned up after him.
  • While Trump continues to cover up the fact that Saudi Arabia commanded the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Kashoggi, the Senate is poised to declare it publicly. Shockingly, even Republicans are on board with this, I guess since it doesn't require them saying anything to Trump's face.
  • Trump is such a good Christian he doesn't recite Christian prayers, sing Christian hymns, or even ask forgiveness, but he does cut funding to HIV/AIDS research, and apparently that's enough for American Christians.
  • When Republicans in the FCC killed Net Neutrality, they argued that some millions of Americans were in favor of letting Comcast and AT&T charge them higher bills because of posts on their web site. Well, now the FBI is investigating 14 organizations (mostly Conservative groups) who allegedly stole the identity of millions of Americans to post comments favoring the elimination of a fair Internet. Republicans will continue to lie, cheat, and steal elections until they're properly punished.
  • Looks like the NRA and Trump broke the law with their illegal advertising campaign.
  • What does it say about somebody when you're proud of them because they didn't ruin a funeral?

The EU court has ruled that the UK can cancel their whole Brexit nonsense! Let's see if they're willing to eat humble pie for the sake of their country's success!

In the past six years, Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and Sister Lana Chang successfully stole over half a million dollars from their private Catholic school and lost it all gambling.

How science has gone from just understanding the Earth orbits the Sun to measuring gravitational waves.

Making fake beaches is great for tourism, but not so great when a natural disaster strikes. And the rising sea levels are making much more dangerous disasters.

I faced a fear of mine and shivered but didn't blink

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I added a page for the Gerard Trenité poem, The Chaos and a common argument made against atheists, You're not an atheist.

  • By squealing on Trump, Republican Michael Flynn might not have to see a prison cell despite lying to Congress. And, whatever was in his confession is has been entirely redacted. Rex Tillerson has just admitted that Trump routinely ordered him to break the law. All these slime balls are getting off easy, so they better bring Trump down!
  • Trump may hate undocumented immigrants, but that doesn't mean he won't hire them to save a buck.
  • As an atheist, I prefer it when people don't publicly say prayers, but as someone who appreciates honesty more, I have to point out that, though Republicans keep saying they're not Christian enough, all the Democrats recited a prayer at Bush's funeral, but Trump, whose strongest supporters are Christians, did not.
  • Once again, Fox "News" has manipulated Trump into hiring one of their incompetents to run the White House for him. The latest failure is Heather Nauert set to replace previous failure, Nikki Haley, as the U.N. Ambassador. Nauert has no diplomatic training whatsoever, and is famous for claiming that, when the US invaded German-occupied Normandy on D-Day, that was the height of US/German relations. I'm sure Angela Merkel approves.
  • How Trump's big mouth was able to single-handedly crash the American stock market.
  • Six months ago, Republican David Stringer said there weren't enough white kids in Arizona schools, but Republican voters reelected him anyway. Just recently, he explained that black people and other racial groups don't blend in properly with white people."
  • Just before Trump's EPA head, Scott Pruitt, quit his office due to rampant corruption, he was given another $50,000 in cash from Republican Diane Hendricks.

Putting together a union strengthens workers and rich CEOs hate it when workers have strength because it means they will get paid a living wage, so they always come down hard on anyone trying to start a union.

Some of the insane compression tactics needed to fit a game into 40 kilobytes.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews one more Amiga CD game.

White collar crime is often more damaging than violent crime, but Americans don't care about it.

Women's clothes used to have amazing pockets. What happened?

All the colors have run off and you have been exposed

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Disney needs to pay more attention to how they paint the eyes on their toys.

  • Republicans in Wisconsin and Michigan are actively undermining democracy by changing the laws so their party can hang onto power even after being voted out. The people in their states want Democrats, that's why they voted for them, but Republicans can never stop cheating.
  • Why is Trump helping to cover up Saudi Arabia's connection to the murder of a journalist? Maybe it's the Saudi's spent $270,000 buying out 500 rooms at a Trump hotel and filling them with veterans who supported Trump, while also paying for all their travel expenses? The US Senate is currently working on a bi-partisan resolution to blame Saudi Arabi's Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Even if it passes, it won't mean much, but at least some Republicans in the US are reaching the extremely low bar of saying murder is wrong.
  • Remember when a white supremacist purposely drove his car into a crowd of protesters, murdering a woman, and Trump responded by saying there were bad people on both sides? Well, shortly after that happened, the Trump administration sent an email to the Veterans Affairs office essentially telling them to stop condemning white supremacists!
  • Thanks in part to Republicans ignoring climate change science and working to help polluters, carbon emissions have reached an all time high.
  • Trump can't stop lying, and his arrested goons can't stop squealing on him.
  • North Carolina has an extremely close election, and it doesn't help that Republicans were going door-to-door stealing absentee ballots.

People in our rape culture still don't understand rape.

The Parks and Recreation Department of Charleston, Illinois was sponsoring trips to Christian anti-science centers. Thank god for the FFRF.

Some of the more obscure facts about Mario.

The Melian Dialogue is still very important today.

The mathematics behind how to properly balance a centrifuge.

It's not just that religions often lack evidence for their ridiculous claims, it's that the claims are on such a big scale, that tons of evidence should exist if they were true, but doesn't.

I never wanted to be like you

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I added a page for the Eve 6 album It's All In Your Head and started a page on pious fraud.

  • After being briefed by the CIA, Republican senators are now convinced more than ever that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered at the behest of Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and that Trump is lying to Americans about it. But, because they care more about the illusion of party solidarity than they care about America, they will do nothing to stop him. They didn't stop his collusion with Russia, they don't call him out on all his non-stop lies, they are spineless and pathetic.
  • Being an American-born citizen won't save you from the cluster-fuck that is Republican-controlled immigration.
  • Fact: There is election fraud. Also Fact: It's usually committed by Republicans.
  • Texas Republicans are imploding after an attempt to kick their vice chairman out of the party because he's a Muslim. Now they're also trying to remove three other members for not being bigoted enough.
  • Wisconsin lame duck Republicans successfully passed a bill removing the incumbent Democrat Governor's authority and handing it over to the Legislature which will remain Republican. While I try to remember that you can't judge a person's character based on their political affiliation, I can say that the Republicans in Wisconsin are cheats, liars, and cowards.
  • Under Trump's rule, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the organization that protects against bankers who use dirty tactics to screw over Americans, has been gutted.

Illinoisans visiting their state Capitol will be able to see a lovely Satanic statue thanks to the state's Christians who refused to take down their nativity scene.

Simone Giertz and Kari Byron blow up fake brains... for science.

The rise and fall of smooth jazz.

Seth Andrews gives a lecture about failing to be skeptical.

The speed run world record progression of Super Mario Bros. 3, no warps.

Suck it up kid, assume battle poise

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I added a page for the Old Testament. I also read a reviewed the pseudepigraphical Testament of Adam.

  • Criminal law experts are in agreement, Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice and witness tampering.
  • Republicans finally caved and are allowing CIA Director Gina Haspel to brief US Senators on their evidence that Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed bin Salman commanded the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
  • Are all the terrible things Trump did finally coming back to haunt him? SNL weighs in.
  • Well, that didn't take long. Trump claimed victory in the trade war he started with China, and optimistic investors began buying, but then people remembered that Trump is full of shit. China explained that everything Trump said was a lie, and the stock market has once again plunged.
  • Hate preacher Milo Yiannopoulos is in serious debt. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

In most States, it doesn't count as rape if you trick a woman into having sex with you.

Just what the heck is Federal Land anyway?

Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. was at a mall in Alabama when a shooting occurred. Being a "food guy with a gun," he pulled out his handgun to protect himself, but being a young black man, he knew better than to stick around when the police arrived. While trying to run away, police shot him three times in the back and the back of the head. Police identified him as the shooter, only to later acknowledge they got the wrong guy and the real shooter was still at large.

Boundary Break counts down their top 50 best discoveries.

Another small victory as an Ohio city decided not to lose a lawsuit on the taxpayer's dime and move a nativity scene from city hall to a nearby church.

It's sickening how comforting the privacy of the mind can be

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I added a page for Eve 6 front man, Max Collins.

  • So far, 32 people directly related to Trump have been charged with crimes by the FBI, eight of them have plead guilty to crimes, and another 26 Russian nationals are under investigation!
  • A time line of Trump's many lies about his many business conflicts with Russia, and it's only getting worse, mostly for Americans. Well, and this guy.
  • The trade war Trump started against China is directly causing the downfall of several failing US markets, so now he's claiming that China has given up. Of course, that's not true. There has been a brief pause in the tariff escalations, but they're not going away. Regardless, Trump is claiming victory, but even the White House won't back up his ridiculous claims.
  • After bankrupting the federal government, Trump refused to giver government employees their pay raises because, the government is bankrupt.
  • Republican Mike Pence gave a speech for World AIDS Day, and somehow managed to never even mention the existence of homosexuals.
  • Republican Joseph Silk is once again trying to criminalize abortion with a bill that would put women and doctors in prison as murderers.

Two police officers are placed on leave because of a racist Christmas tree. They decorated a tree at the Minneapolis 4th precinct with wrappers of products commonly used as black stereotypes.

No, Newsweek, the cop didn't "force a handcuffed woman to have sex with him," he raped her. You don't get to use a softer term because he was a cop.

Asian incels harass an Asian woman for dating a white man.

The Catholic diocese in Omaha, probably fearing an extremely expensive lawsuit, has just released the names of 38 clergymen who have substantiated allegations of sexual misconduct!

Lindsay Ellis explains two complex media topics, product placement and fair use.

Columbia knows how to take care of refugees.