Here is all the useless knowledge I've posted over the course of my page. I've been told many times that I know too much about everything, and not enough about anything. As you can see from this page, it's pretty much true. I'll continue to update this page with more and more pointless data just so you'll know all sorts of things you never really cared to know in the first place. I'm doing this as a public service. You're welcome.

Here is a list of plenty of other interesting sites regarding information that may or may not be pointless. Enjoy!

Various Sites - An online free encyclopedia. - A site dedicated to urban legends. - The Skeptic's Dictionary. A site that attempts to debunk all things considered psuedo-sciences. - Curious About Astronomy? - Omniglot. A guide to writing systems. - A very informative site for surviving in many different wilderness settings. - Fear of Physics, A beginners guide to physics. - How stuff works. - For when you're bored. - The Internet Archived. See what any web page looked like years ago. - The English to American dictionary. - File extension database. - American National Standards Institute. - A dictionary for more contempory words.

Government Sites - The United States Government Webpage. - The Federal Bureau of Investigation. - The Central Intelligence Angency. - The National Security Agency. - The White House. - The Food and Drug Administration. - The Environmental Protection Agency. - The Social Security Administration. - The Library of Congress. - Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. - The National Instuture of Standards and Technology. - The National Areonautics Space Administration. - The goverenmental time keepers. - The state of Michigan's government page. - The United States Department of Agriculture.