Which Sneakers Character Am I?

Sneakers is one of the best hacker/espionage movies ever made. It had a full cast of rich and detailed characters. Most people have their favorites. Now, it's time to see who you would be, if you were in the same movie.

1.) Who would you like to work for?

The government.
Just your average everyday crime lord.
A company that is on the level.
A semi-legal company (aside from the government).

2.) What should we do about the homeless?

Take money from excessively rich people and give it to the poor.
Help them out, but legally.

3.) What's the deal with UFO's/aliens/extraterrestrials?

Not only do they exist, but the President was caught having an affair with one. Of course, there was a cover up.
They might exist, but there are more important things at hand.
Are they sexy aliens?

4.) If you had the power to do anything, what would you do?

Free the world. Make everyone equal.
Free the world. Make the government tell us about cow mutilations.
Get a really nice date.
Try to wipe out prejudices.
I don't want the power.
Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men... and women.

5.) What kind of computer do you use.

I'm not much of a computer user.
Just the typical run-of-the-mill, generic computer.
The 100Ghz I made myself out of old stereo components and a glob of silicon.


6.) What topics do you often debate about with your friends?

Music, art, and literature.
Government policies, world issues, and politics.
Computers, babes, circuitry, and chicks.
Crop circles, UFO's, assassinations, and conspiracies.
Government policies, business workings, and stock markets.

7.) You are found to be a criminal by the federal government, yet you're free for the time being. What do you do?

Turn myself in, I'm sure they'll understand.
Run. And don't stop running.
Turn myself in, but join them to help stop people like me.
This wouldn't happen, I've never done anything wrong.
Turn myself in, and make some friends on the inside.
They may punish me for breaking the law, but that sure as heck can't stop me from doing it again!

8.) Someone pisses you off. What do you do?

Break the stupid punk's nose!
Hire someone to break the stupid punk's nose!
I'm not really a violent person.
Hack their computer and fill it with child porn, and send an anonymous tip to the feds.
Talk to them, maybe we can find common ground.

9.) What is the meaning of life?

To live your life.
To discover all there is to know.
To have fun.
To help those less fortunate.

10.) What was your favorite part about this movie?

The humor.
The computer hacking.
The government confusion.
The cryptography.

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