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A storm was coming... Everyone seemed to know it from the animals, to the people, to the very gods themselves.

After three years in prison Shadow has just been placed on parole. It has been a long and painful three years being separated from his wife Laura, who he adores so much. He can't wait to get out, but just before his release he is called into the Warden's office. It's times like these when your heart skips a beat.

When explorer's first came to American they brought their gods with them. The problem is that the new world of America isn't a good place for these old world gods. The people of America have created their own gods who have become extremely powerful. The old gods like Odin, Bast, and Kali are not match for the gods that America has created like the Media and Technology.

The gods of today, much like the gods of old are created by our thoughts and emotions. But they are no longer just figments of our imaginations they have become full blown avatars, gods trapped in human bodies who can walk and talk, lie and steal, kill and be killed.

Shadow reluctantly finds himself working for Mr. Wednesday as a bodyguard. Mr. Wednesday is a man with few morals but a great deal of persuasion. Shadow learns an amazing amount about what the world is truly like, as well how to con practically anyone out of money.

The book is really amazing. The ending is unexpected, but makes perfect sense. Some parts will make you laugh out loud, some parts will bring you to tears, and the whole book will astound you.

The book is ripe with quality characters. Some are loveable, others an enigma, some will have you wishing you could personally do bodily harm to them. Many of the settings are real places and much of the book takes place near the Midwest of the USA, especially near the Great Lakes region.

Neil Gaiman's poetic writing style has the ability to bring out the emotion of his situations really making you connect with what the characters are feeling, breathing more life into them.

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