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To be blunt, Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods was simply a disappointment. Much like the game, this web page was quickly thrown together.

According to the story: Icarus, where mankind lives in fear of the dark creatures that walk the land in search of prey, is a world on the brink of apocalypse. Ercanet, the god of evil, is determined to make the world suffer for banishing him from Icarus. With legions of demons and necromancers at his command, and the gods of good oath bound not to interfere, his plan nears fruition...

Even the story is cookie cutter. The game claims great graphics, deep game play, and an involved story, but delivers none of these things. I purchased the game after seeing the box. It looked like a PC version of Final Fantasy Tactics, but it was far from that. The game is terribly lineir, the characters are two-dimensional, and as a whole it seemed quickly thrown together.

You're probably wondering at this point why I would make a web page for such a crappy game. Well, of everything that is wrong about this game they did do one thing right. The game's music is pretty darn good. Sadly, there are no credits for the composer, and the tracks are untitled. You can download them at the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation.

Icarus was released on 08/07/1998. It was published by JC Research Inc. and was the first and only game developed by KRGsoft. A patch was later made for the game which you can download here.

For a complete solution and FAQ view Clement Chan Zhi Li's walk though.

Although I wouldn't suggest it, if you want to buy the game you can purchase it from amazon or game-club.

Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods

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