© 2001-2004 Copyright: Dean Tersigni

Last Updated: 2004/05/05


Legendworld is not a book on its own, but instead a fantasy world I've created for various forms of media. In the Fall of 2000, I began laying out the foundations this world. It wasn't until the Spring of 2001 that it had truly began to take shape. The ideas were just pouring out of me, and trying to get them all down without forgetting anything was quite a challenge.

Legendworld was created by The Great Spirit. He created the substance of Šther which is the foundation of all things. From the Šther he pulled forth the pantheon of angels. The angles have traits of The Great Spirit and in turn created their own world from the Šther.

This world is populated by enchanting fain, great ogres, powerful catmen, evil arcainen, and sturdy humans. They live their lives and die all the while changing around a power called mana.

Many different societies have been created by the peoples of the world like the Brotherhood of Knights and the Council of Magi.

The world has so many different stories to be told that they will never all be scribed. Each peasant has a story, every knight has a history. Just like in real life, even the most boring people have led extraordinary lives. You'll notice that many of the details of the world haven't been fleshed out, but given time all will be reality.

So here it is in all its glory, the blueprints of my imagination. The foundation of a world that knows no boundaries.