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Loom Cover

Loom is an amazingly creative story-like adventure game created by Brian Moriarty and published by Lucasfilm Games in 1990. It was very unique in several ways and quite a joy to play.

The world of Loom is a fascinating place full of magic and mystery. Several guilds exist including the Weavers, Glassmakers, Shepherds, Blacksmiths, and Clerics. Each guild has their own views towards how the world functions and how it was formed. For example, the Weavers believe that the universe is like a large piece of cloth with one side for the living and one side for the dead.

You play a youthful Weaver named Bobbin Threadbare. You are summoned to attend a meeting with the elders of your guild. At the meeting you learn that you are part of some prophecy, but before you can learn more all your fellow Weavers are turned into swans by some unknown force. You search for an answer while tracking down the swans and make your way through several exciting places like Crystalgard and the Cleric's Cathedral.

Loom was also unique as an adventure game because you held no inventory. Instead you carried only one item, your distaff. Through the use of the staff you could weave musical drafts which work like magic to cause change in the environment. Drafts can be played backwards to have an opposite effect. Some drafts include healing, straw to gold, illusion, and sharpening.

My only problems with Loom is that the game is fairly short, it's entirely liner, and it's a little on the easy side. It took me only a few hours to beat it, but I really did enjoy existing in the fascinating world while I was there.

The music was composed by Team Fat among others, who did an excellent job creating sound for such a vibrant world.

Loom was re-released after it became popular and with the re-release came many advancements including new 256 color graphics, higher quality music, and full speech for all characters. You can see the visual upgrades below.

Old versus New

Loom was translated into several different languages including German, French, Spanish, even Hebrew!

Even with all this great work put into this great game, it never did very well as far as sales are concerned which is quite a shame. There was a sequel planned which was to be called "Forge", but due to poor sales of Loom it was cancelled.

Here are some screenshots of the game. Some are in 16 color and some are in 256 color to show both versions of the game.

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