Secret of Mana

Last Updated: 2004/06/29

One of Squaresoft's greatest achievements. This was one of the big four Squaresoft games released for the Super Nintendo. This game is just plain awesome. Here you play the Mana Knight (the boy), the girl (who is the best), or the sprite (who just plain rocks). You can play up to three players simultaneously in an action/adventure interface similar to Zelda's, but much more advanced.

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The transcribed Secret of Mana Game Manual.

The story in this game is great, (yet very anime-ish) and the game-play is incredible. The game is full of a cast of lovable characters and monsters which make the game even better. This game has a lot of nostalgia for me. Everytime I play it, see it, or talk about it, old memories are brought back from my teen years. Times when everything sucked, but games kept me going. SOM is in many ways a sort of therapy for me. Everytime I feel like taking a trip down memory lane, I tinker a little with this page, and get the old misty-eyed memories flowing. For those of you who never played the game, you may think this odd, or even unhealthy. But for you people who share my love of this game... You know exactly what I'm talking about.

I have a bunch of SOM documents in Rich Text Format. I will eventually convert them all over to HTML, but that requires work. I've converted some, which can be seen below. Here is the most complete SOM script on the Internet. Please enjoy it. Full Game Script

Rabite! The Complete Monster List

Nekko! The (almost) Full Shop List

Cannon Guy (Jimmy Hendrix) The Secret of Mana Music

Dyluck Which Secret of Mana Character Are You?

The Secret of Mana type font

I've been kind of disappointed that so many SOM sites have been taken down as of late. There are now only a precious few that remain. I guess that's just how it goes when the gamers of yester-year begin to grow up. Well, it's kind of sad, but life goes on. This site still has a lot of potential, and I have an awful lot planned for it, but it's all a matter of time, and motovation. (Neither of which I have right now.)

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