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Snow Crash is a humorous romp through a not too distant future cyberspace. The world is no longer controlled by governments, it's now controlled by corporations. Even the Central Intelligence Agency has turned into the Central Intelligence Corporation. Hired security is more powerful than most armies and new currencies are created by individual companies. Instead of just looking at the old 2D Internet, you fully emmerse yourself into the highly evolved 3D world of the Metaverse. This is the romantic world of Snow Crash.

The book is full of interesting characters. Ride along with Hiro Protanganest (a pizza delivery man for the mob) as he searches for intel about a new computer virus called Snow Crash that has the ability not only to infect your computer, but also the ability to effect your mind. Then there's Y.T., a fifteen year-old Kourier who gets tangled up with the Mafia, cults, and cops, but who's mother works for the FBI. You'll also meet Raven, a badass who carries knives that can cut through bulletproof kevlar and has a tendancy to go on massive killing sprees.

This book is very clever, highly witty, and full of interesting analogies and metaphors. You'll learn about futuristic possibilities as well as ancient mythology. This is a must read for anyone who thinks they might be a hacker.

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