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Last Updated: 2005/07/21

This page will never be very impressive site. There are plenty of other Star Trek sites out there who will always be bigger and better then this one, so I'm not going to even bother compeating. This is really just a repository for interesting things relating to Star Terk that I find.

As far as new material in concerned Star Trek seems to be finished. The last spinoff ended in May of 2005, and no new movies are scheduled. Perhaps sometime in the future a new series will come into play.

Star Trek is the best sci-fi television series in my opinion. The Original Series is my favorite (yes I've been ridiculed because of it). followed closely by The Next Generation, Voyager, then Deep Space Nine, and Enterprise. All of them are very good in their own right though.

Here is some Star Trek knowledge for you.

100 Reason's Why Captain Kirk is Better than Captain Picard.
The Full List of The Original Series Episodes.
Twas the Night Before Christmas, Trek-style.

Star Trek movie scripts.

Script Motion Picture
Script The Wrath of Khan
Script The Search For Spock
Script The Voyage Home
Script The Final Frontier, Draft
Script The Final Frontier, Final
Script The Undiscovered Country
Script Generations
Script First Contact
Script Inssurection
Script Nemesis

Star Trek fonts.

Andorian - Ba'ku - Fabrini - Final Frontier - Final Frontier Old Style - Iconian - Klingon Blade - Klingon Dagger - Lokirrim - Malcorian - Preservers - Qo'noS - Rihannsu - Seltorian - Sheliak - Son'a - Tholian - Tkon - Vidiian

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