My Bookshelf

Here's a sneak peak behind my computer screen.

This is a picture of one corner of my room, where my poor book shelf is forced to hold up too much weight. (If you'll notice, the shelves are actually bending!) Here's the low down as to what all those letters mean.

  1. My collection of gargoyles, including the oh so cute Dedo.
  2. A howling wolf statuette. A gift from Larissa.
  3. My dagger. It's very ornate, certainly a display blade, very pretty. It was a Christmas gift from Larissa's parents.
  4. A nice dragon entwined around a sword. Another gift from Larissa. (She spoils me.)
  5. A limited print of the Lawrence A. Williams piece, Rude Awakening. (Signed by the author!)
  6. A battery charger, always charging more batteries for cameras, Discmans, etc.
  7. My overflowing hamper. Ain't it great?
  8. A wooden dowel rod I used to attempt to make chainmail. Unfortunately, the steel wire I bought was too weak.
  9. A six foot cut of PVC piping. I use it to make boffers. (Padded weapons.)
  10. Here is a boffer in the flesh. or... duct tape anyway. This one is under repair at the moment.
  11. My old collection of comics from when I used to read them. The one on top is Marvel Comics Presents Issue #1.
  12. My full collection of Dork Tower comics. I'm only missing the latest two issues. I'll have them soon enough.
  13. A huge stack of Garfield books.
  14. Queen on vinyl! Yeah Baby!
  15. This section is dedicated to Calvin and Hobbes, Fox Trot, Far Side, and Dilbert books.
  16. Simpsons books, Peanuts, and assorted gaming magazines.
  17. A pretty blue glass bottle I purchased from the faire.
  18. Assorted candles of various manufacture. And vitamin C for when I'm ill.
  19. Several "Lone Wolf" Interactive Fiction novels.
  20. Many Dragonlance books. All the tales books and then some.
  21. My leather bracers.
  22. Gargoyle book ends. (Another Larissa gift.) You'll notice, I can't use them with the limited shelf space that I have, but boy do I adore them!
  23. Two Bibles. King James Version, and New International Version. Also, assorted fiction books. The Hobbit, Harry Potter, etc.
  24. The Chronicles of Narnia, The Complete Works of Lewis Carol, The Yukon Writings of Jack London.
  25. The Rent Book and The Lord of the Rings.
  26. Three reference books, My college psychology book, the complete works of MC Escher, and a huge tome of animals.