Facts About TheAlmightyGuru

Here is a painfully long list of little known facts about TheAlmightyGuru. Not just 100 facts, I've gone way above and beyond the call of duty on this one.

The following are new.

Sometimes when I'm bored I go to wikipedia, and use their random feature to read a random encyclopedia entry.

I like strange word phrases like tongue twisters, palindromes, and the like.

I have an encyclopedic knowledge of retro videogames.

Although I often display a massive ego that borders on narcissism, I don't feel I have a bloated opinion of myself.

I always need to be doing something, I'm rarely complacent. It's unusual for me to do anything just to pass the time.

I was born into a secular family, then I became Christian for about ten years, but now I'm an atheist.

I can code in several programming languages in the following order of most fluency: Visual FoxPro, Quick BASIC, Visual BASIC, Visual C#, Java, C++.

I really don't like the UI of Adobe's programs and I always use another company's programs.

Overall I'm a fairly optimistic person and I try to look for the good in most situations.

I'm really interested the in the creative process. I love to create, I love to be involved in creation, and I love to motivate others to create.

I'm a sucker for archiving. I love to create methods to categorize and sort things whether it be information or tangible items.

I'm right handed.

I tremble when I yawn.

I've been told by many people that my eyes tend to look green, but they've always looked blue to me.

I've never been outside North America, but I've been to Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, and Ontario Canada.

I prefer the appearance of analog watches, but I prefer digital watches for actually telling time.

I call soft drinks 'pop' instead of 'soda'.

Touching my belly button (or even thinking about touching it) gives me a stomach ache.

I find glasses attractive because it makes the person look more nerdy.

I'm extremely ticklish, but I don't really like being tickled, but everyone tickles me anyway.

I almost always eat cereal dry.

The fingernail on my right ring finger is slightly crooked because of the way I hold my pencil when I write.

Speaking of which, I don't hold writing utensils like most people do.

I really like chokers and collars, I think they are probably the most sexy accessory.

I wish I could sing because I would love to do lead vocals in a rock band. I've got the hair, just not the talent.

My nose is slightly slanted, but you can only notice if you look really close.

My memory works very well especially on things that affect the five senses. Visuals, scents, textures, and the like I can remember very well, but abstract things like names, dates, and text I can't remember half as well.

All of my 'state' quarters get horded away. I have over $200 dollars so far.

Unlike most computer programmers, I don't fiend for caffeine. Odd isn't it?

I love mythology and like to figure out the truth behind the tradition.

I don't drink alcohol, smoke, or do any illegal drugs. I've never been drunk or stoned in my life. I'm proud of that. (I'm real popular at parties, can't you tell?)

I enjoy puzzles, riddles, and mind teasers. I love how they challenge my intellect.

I don't fear anything that is tangible, but there are things that make me nervous.

My computer is covered with several plastic lizards.

I love to create things. I get more pleasure out of a realized creation than anything else.

I have a sweet tooth for candy, which keeps my dentist very rich.

In my life time so far I've had four dogs, four cats, and several fish. I currently don't have any.

I'm very orderly about small things, but rather chaotic on large scales.

The first album I ever bought was Queen's "Sheer Heart Attack".

Unlike most people who live where it snows in the winter, I don't hate snow. I actually find it quite refreshing that the weather changes and isn't warm all the time.

I wish I didn't have to sleep. I enjoy it every so often, but I mostly see it as a waste of time when I could be doing other things. However, I do like laying down in a warm bed for awhile.

I don't gamble very often and when I do it's only for small amounts.

I love to eat popsicles regardless of how cold it is outside.

I'm smarter than the average bear (I think).

I love physical activities and sports, but not the common ones (e.g. I like fencing, but not football).

I'm not afraid or ashamed to say that I love Disney and Warner Brothers cartoons.

There are several fantasy worlds in which I wish I could "exist" in even if only for awhile, including the worlds of: Britannia, The Dark Crystal, Fantasia, Final Fantasy 6, Harry Potter, Highlander, Hyrule, Krynn, Labyrinth, Legendworld, Loom, The Matrix, Middle Earth, Narnia, Secret of Mana, Star Gate, Star Trek, Star Wars, Willow.

I have the ability to jump to opposing extremes on many issues and can easily play 'devil's advocate'.

I enjoy creating worlds because I love being able to be the god of something (but not in a bad way).

Often times I wish I was exceptionally rich and famous, but then I think about how annoying that kind of life would be and wise up. However, it would be nice to have a castle for a house with secret doors and hidden passageways and such.

Even though I sometimes write it, I can never seem to "get" poetry. I just can't understand it like other forms of creation and I don't see why some people like it so much.

I try to maintain a skeptical viewpoint on any new information given to me because I hate being deceived, even if by accident.

I really like the moon, but not for any religious or mystical reasons.

I love to experiment with numbers and equations, but I didn't like math class in school.

I can be very morbid and/or perverted at the drop of a hat, but I try to be relatively normal around children.

My dream job would be to design computer game worlds.

I used to wear baseball caps quite often, but I don't like them anymore. I've grown fond of fedoras.

If I had to pick a Tolkien race that I'm most like, other than human, I'd have to say I'm an elf (I'm not gay!).

I've had a checkbook for several years now and have never once balanced it.

I live a mere seven minutes away from my work.

I'm very anal about having things symmetrical.

The first computer I ever used was a monochromatic TRS-80 from Radio Shack.

I prefer writing with pencils over ink pens.

I wear glasses, but I can't remember the prescription and I can't remember if I'm near-sighted or far-sighted. Me no like contacts.

I don't like ergonomic keyboards.

I really disapprove of public schools, but I can't think of a simpler solution.

I am currently driving my fourth car. (1 - '89 Chevrolet Beretta GT, 2 - '95 Dodge Neon, 3 - '01 Dodge Neon, 4 - '06 Saab 9-3)

I have lived in Michigan all my life, and of the other places I've seen, I like it the best.

I would love to have a Bengal tiger as a pet just so long as it would only eat people I -didn't- like.

I dress normally for the most part, but when I go out I like to dress up. However, my "dressing up" can be from black-tie, to grunge, to drag.

I love getting attention for dressing strange in public.

I don't like venison, but I like most other meats.

Speaking of deer, the only accident I've ever been in when I was driving was when a deer ran into my car. He didn't die. Jerk.

I procrastinate all the time.

I'm not a valley girl, but I say 'like' too much.

I prefer the spoken word over the written word because the speaker can give so much more emotion to the words, but I still like the written word because the author can do so much with it.

Excluding family members, my first kiss was at age 16 (what a geek).

Boxers, not briefs.

I prefer to wear boots over shoes.

I like silver better than gold jewelry on myself.

I talk to myself all the time, but not in front of people.

I prefer dogs over cats, and large dogs over small dogs. But I like them all.

I was named after my father, who is also named Dean, however our middle names differ.

I am the third and last child in my family. I have an older brother and sister.

I don't like large cities, they intimidate me.

I love to wear torn Levis jeans even though they're not in style anymore.

I'm not a morning person, and I feel that all morning people should die, because then I could sleep in longer.

I don't like to eat mushrooms or tomatoes because of their texture, but I love their flavor.

I'm very passive/aggressive depending on my mood.

I don't subscribe to any political party, and I hate politics. But if forced to pick one, I'm mostly a Democrat.

I hate messes, but I hate cleaning even more.

I really like lightning, and I watch for it during thunderstorms.

I love book stores and libraries. I can spend an entire day in them and remain entertained.

I like to watch movies at the theater even though the prices are outrageous.

Although my hair is dark blonde, it turns red at the tips. Especially my facial hair.

I'm a heterosexual that likes musicals. Can you believe it?

I really dislike dull repetitive work like brushing my teeth, washing dishes, mowing the lawn, shaving, etc. (But I'm still hygienic)

I sing along with music in the car, but not very well.

Although I'm not afraid of them, I prefer not to live in the same space as insects or arachnids.

My mother's nickname for me is 'Dino'. She is the only person allowed to call me that.

My hair is over two feet long, but in 9th grade I had a buzz-cut. I much prefer long hair.

My hair has never been dyed and I don't put anything in it (excluding shampoo and conditioner).

I used to have braces. They made my teeth straight. After they took them off, they gave me a retainer. I didn't wear it. Now my teeth are crooked again.

I'm the tallest member of my immediate family at 5'10".

I enjoy driving very late at night. There isn't much traffic and everything is smooth.

I still have one stuffed animal. It's Pooka from the animated movie Anastasia.

I think that the rain rules when it's warm out, but kind of sucks when it's cold.

I have no clue as to what my blood type is.

I really hate working at places that don't use imagination or skill, and I'm glad I no longer work at places like that.

I like roller coasters. You have to love the G forces. As such, I was very disappointed by Disney World.

I know the rules to most sports and can play them because of my older brother, but I don't follow any of the professional ones.

I prefer ranch dressing over Italian, but I use Italian more because it has less fat.

Despite my nerd status, I'm actually a Renaissance Man. I have a working knowledge of a great many topics, but I'm an expert at practically nothing.

My family's first computer was a 16MHz 386SX Packard Bell 2MB memory 120MB hard drive. It sucked.

I'm not great at it, but I love to shoot pool.

The Wizard of Oz movie really freaked me out when I was four.

I've been told that I walk too fast.

I love the smell of gasoline, but I don't huff it.

My sister smacked me over the head with a stapler once.

My brother dropped a door on my head when I was younger. It put a gash between my eyes that needed four stitches. I still have the scar. I'm quite fond of it.

Both my brother and sister have lit my hair on fire at least once in my life.

I poured glue and shampoo over my bother's bed and he blamed my sister and threw a shampoo bottle at her face. I felt better.

I like neon colors, but I think they shouldn't be used for clothing!

My dream car is a Corvette Stingray. If I had one, I'd get it painted bubblegum pink and I'd be cool.

Even though I've been working with computers for about fourteen years, I still look at the keyboard when I type.

When I was young I hated most types of clothes. Now I like most of them and have decent fashion sense.

I have sampled over twenty different brands of root beer (my favorite pop) and I still prefer A&W from a tap.

I really like the visual appeal of gradient color changes.

I've always been fascinated with pyrotechnics. I love fireworks and various other explosives, and occasionally make my own.

My favorite subjects in school included Computers, Art, and Science. Mostly subjects that give you "hands-on" work.

I love fiddling with electronic gadgets and finding out what you can do with them.

If I had a choose, I'd rather be really cold than really hot.

My initials are a computer extension for data (DAT).

I've had my wisdom teeth removed, but I don't feel dumb because of it.

I always loved science projects, but I never liked recording any data.

I prefer 7up's product line over Pepsi or Coke.

I love to purposely pronouce fajita fuh-jit-uh instead of fa-hee-tuh.

Do you know those wackos who sing in the shower? I'm one of them.

I used to play little-league baseball as a kid. I didn't like it until my fourth year.

When I was really young I had a paper route with my brother. I hated it.

Playing frisbee is one of my favorite summer pasttimes.

I think creativity is more important than intelligence.

I really hate balloons because when they pop I freak out. And yet I love fireworks, go fig.

I'm often stingy when it comes to buying new things. I usually buy the second generation product instead of the latest and greatest.

It is very hard for me to respect modern art. It seems so childish to me.

I prefer Sprite over 7up or Sierra Mist.

The following foods I like raw, but not cooked: Different forms of squash, cauliflower, broccoli. Also, I hate beets, cooked or raw.

I used to be afraid of tornadoes, but now I think they're awesome.

Even though I hate them, I prefer Microsoft's operating system and developer tools over anyone else's.

I have met two notable fantasy artists, LA Williams and Susan Van Camp.

When it comes to new experiences I usually don't like them at first, but if I let them grow on me, I can adore them.

This web page, and all its content, is the piece of work that I am most proud of.

The most common drink I order at restaurants is iced tea.

I totally agree with the open-source movement provided the developer wants to release his source. In order for an economy to work, I think that software patents should be allowed, but not for as long as they are now, and certainly in the broad sweeping manner it is now.

I'm big into retro when it comes to music and games, but I also love the newest things of electronics and computers.

I was born into a secular family, then I became Christian for about ten years, but now I'm more agnostic than anything.

It's very rare for me to fall in love with a recent videogame, but I simply adore Dance Dance Revolution.

I wear jewelry often, but it never contains jewels. It's jewelessry.

I'm slightly masochistic, but only when I'm aroused.

I'm for equal rights for all people regardless of age, ethnicity, or gender. I also believe that people should have the right to not believe in equal rights.

Although I don't like Christmas very much, I like a lot of Christmas music. Although, I usually hate the crappy versions they play in the malls.

I really love to learn stuff. Practically anything that is complex can gain my attention and make me want to know more about it.

I don't like hearing people say words like "immoral", "wrong", or "evil" during a debate.

I feel that it is very important to the learning process if you actually admire your teacher. However, from my experience, most teachers aren't interested in being likable.

I think gambling is a waste of money. There are much better ways to entertain myself.

I am a very poor speller. Spell-check saves my life.

Although most people who are self-proclaimed geeks are big fans of Japanese pop-culture (anime, j-pop, etc.), I dislike the majority of it.

I'm a big fan of the tissue that has lotion in it. If you've ever had a cold and developed a red nose from all the blowing, the lotion is a life saver.

I buy the majority of my books online through various sellers. I save quite a bit of money doing this.

I've always been a big fan of optical illusions and have created several different kinds myself.

I'm a huge fan of Minute Maid cherry Slurpees. I've loved them for years.

When I eat waffles, I always cut them along the raised grid lines.

The left side of my ribcage is slightly larger than the right.

I used to attend Renaissance Festivals religiously from 16 to about 27, but now I only go to about one a year.

Although so many people think they're gross, I used to live off of frozen pizzas.

Videogame music is a very important genre to me and I think that it is really underrated.

There are a few places in the world I would like to travel including the United Kingdom, Alaska, and Madagascar.

When I was younger I didn't read very much, well I did, but it was always newspaper comics. Now that I'm older I read all the time.

I love looking at maps, globes, atlases, and various other forms of geographic charts. It helps me to understand how big the world really is and how I stand in it.

I like to flirt, regardless of whether I'm in a relationship and I don't mind if my significant other flirts as well. In fact, I commend them when they get hit on.

If I were the king of the world, I'd keep the cars, change the bombs to fireworks, ditch the wars, but most definitely make sweet love to you.

And there you have it, more information about TheAlmightyGuru than you ever wanted!