TheAlmightyGuru's Goals

Although I have a tendency to be lazy at times, it can't last for very long. I'm hard on myself for not accomplishing enough and I often feel bad because of that. In order to let myself know that I do indeed get things done from time to time, I've created a list of my goals and what it would take to complete them. I intend on keeping the list of finished ones as proof that I'm not a lazy bum

Have a Family of My Own

This is going to take awhile I'm sure, especially since I'm so independent. For a long time I wanted to accomplish this by getting married, but instead I'm just putting down to have a family. It's not that I don't think I would be able to stay with the same person for a long time, but I'm always against doing things out of tradition's sake, and to me marriage is merely a tradition. I'll probably get married anyway, because the person I'm with will most likely want to get married, but the real important thing for me is to have someone who I'll want to be with forever and maybe a spiffy doggie. I always expected to have children, but the more I deal with children, the less I want them.

Become a Better Programmer

Because I spread my time out amongst so many different hobbies I often feel that I'm lacking at certain ones. The main focus of my career is writing computer software, and although I'm fluent in several computer languages, I'd like to become fluent in more. Specifically, I'd like to learn C/C++ which is the king of languages. While I already know a good amount of the syntax of C, I'm still not fluent in it as much as I'd like. I'd also like to get better at C#, Python, Perl, and a few of the other more recent languages.

Produce a Computer Game

When I was younger I started writing several computer games. One thing that I learned about them while doing that is that I prefer to create them than to program them. So as soon as I got to the point where the majority of the game design was completed, I became bored when I had to create all the art, music, and code. While I still have many ideas for creating a game, I'd probably have to have a team of people to get it produced. This would take a lot of money, or a lot of people who wouldn't mind helping me realize my dreams.

Create a Web Comic Strip

Just what we need another web comic, right? Because I like to do all sorts of things, I would like to make a short comic, maybe around 100 strips. I have a good deal of the strip already planned out, and several story lines created, but I'm not very good at cartoon art, and I'd like to have someone do that part for me. I'm willing to pay someone if anyone wants to do the art for me.

Editor's Note: It appears I'm making this goal happen!

Clear Every Song in DDR

Dance Dance Revolution has become a bit of an obsession of mine, and I'd like to say that I can clear every song in the game. Currently, there are only four songs that I have never cleared, and several that I still have trouble with. I'd like to be able to clear every song with an A.

Learn to Sing

I'm not tone-deaf, but I'm not a good singer either. I'd like to learn to sing to be at the level where I wouldn't be embarrassed to sing in public. I'll probably always be uneasy about singing in public, but if I was good at it, it wouldn't be embarrassing. This could probably be accomplished with a trainer over a few years.

Learn to Dance

No, I don't mean freaking up against some chick (which I'm already skilled at), I mean real dancing like the tap, jazz, and ballroom dancing. The reason I want to be able to do this is because I like to be skilled at everything. Especially the things that people wouldn't expect me to know. This could probably be taken care of with a few years of lessons, but I'm not in a rush.

Learn to Play the Guitar

I already own one, but I can't play it, although I'd like to be able to. I love the sound of the guitar, and usually the guitar players of a band are the ones I most admire. Once again, lessons and persistence would probably get me to the level I'd like to be at, but that takes a lot of effort.

Improve the Quality of Life For All of Humankind

I'm not really sure how I'd do this. It seems like all the easy ideas have already been taken care of, and all the difficult ones are out of my control. Still, I'd like to make things easier for all people everywhere in the world so that we can spend more time on intellectual advancements.

Take a Trip in a Hot Air Balloon / Go paragliding / hangliding

This just seems like it would be an adventure. I get uneasy at large heights especially when there aren't very many things keeping me from falling, so putting myself in a situation where I would be a tad frightened would be exciting. Easy enough to do, just find a local place and pay for the ride.

Read More Literature

I'm revising this one since every time I pick up classical literature, I hate it. The writing style is usually very slow and the plots are incredibly disjointed from today's society. I've switched to reading more contemporary authors and more recent acclaimed books.

Go Mountain Climbing

I've always had a facination with the mountains including viewing them, hiking through them, and climbing them. Because I live in Michigan, I wasn't able to get into in the mountains until recently. However, I want to join an actual expedition and climb up a rather tall mountain. Because of my inexperience, I would certainly need a guide.