This page lists out the holidays that I celebrate, most of which are of my own design. You may wonder why I have created my own holidays. Well, I feel that a holiday should only be celebrated if it means something to you, otherwise you're just mindlessly following society, which in my opinion, is rather stupid. Most American holidays don't mean very much to me, so I celebrate very few. This created a problem for me.

Holidays give you something to look forward to, they create anticipation and often a cause for celebration. By removing most holidays from my life all the days began to seem the same. Everything blended together making life seem less important.

After talking with a friend about how I don't really care for the grand daddy of holidays, Christmas, because it's so commercial, I decided that I should create my own holidays to make a year more exciting.

So the following are the holidays that I celebrate. Some are traditional, some are new, some have just been renamed to make them more fitting to my life. These holidays are for myself, but others are encouraged to celebrate them as well. If you disagree with my views, that's fine, but don't bother me with hate mail.


11th - Snow Day
Snow rarely gets the respect it deserves. As a child we love it because it's fun to play in, but most adults hate it because it's cold and dangerous. However, if you take the time to appreciate it as a child again you'll remember how much fun it can be and how beautiful it is. For this holiday, get outside in the snow, make a snowman, some snow angels, have a snowball fight, just enjoy the snow like you were a kid again.

30th - Compassion Day
Compassion Day is a day to be nice to people and show compassion. There shouldn't really need to be a day for this, but that's just how life goes. This doesn't really mean having to give gifts instead just going out of your way to be kind, understanding, and nice to people. If you can make glum person smile, or put your differences aside for the day you're doing your part.


14th - Love Day
Traditionally Saint Valentine's Day, but it has since become a day of buying flowers, chocolates, and lingerie. I feel that this day should be just about romance and love, and while the props may help, romance and love are the key. Again, there shouldn't have to be a holiday for this, but life gets in the way of even the best Romeo and Juliett. This holiday is spent by having a nice romantic day with your significant other. If you don't have one, find someone who you can woo for the day.


20th - 21st - Vernal Equinox
This usually falls on the 20th or 21st of March and signifies the first day of Spring. Spring is a time when the cold winter has left us behind and a new beginning of growth and prosperity has begun. This is also the day when I celebrate the new year, because it marks a real change in the physical world unlike January 1st (created by the Romans) which only changes the calendar.


22nd - Earth Day
Earth Day became an official holiday in 1970. It is a day to treat the Earth with proper respect by helping to clean up our environment and learn about the world around us. Like many holidays, it should be celebrated every day, but life gets in the way. To celebrate this day, you can take a garbage bag along a roadside and fill it up, go to a park and pick up trash, plant a tree, there are hundreds of things you can do. It's also a good idea to help inform people about environmental concerns.


Last Saturday - Physical Day
This can also be referred to "get off your butt and do something day", but that name is a bit long. Basically, this day is a reminder of the obesity problem in the world, and that we need to get some physical activity in our life. Thus, go skating, walking, jogging, hit the gym, swimming, anything. Just get off your couch!


Second Saturday - Camping Day
This is a day for people to leave the modern comforts of their homes and get back to nature. Go camping, go hiking, learn about flora and fauna, commune with nature.

21st - 22nd - Summer Solstice
Usually occurs on the 21st or 22nd of June, this day marks the first day of summer. This day is a reminder that summer is here. That you need to get outside and enjoy the days while they're nice and long. Cast off any baggage you're still carrying from winter and finally know that everything is back in full swing.


4th - Firework Day
Yes I know, it's really bad to change Independence Day into firework day, but what do I know about Independence? All my life I've lived in free America. I've never had to fight for my freedom. The last time our freedom was even challenged, my father hadn't even been born yet. So when July 4th rolls around, I usually get together with some family and friends, and we have a barbeque and light off some fireworks. Thus, firework day seems more appropriate to me.

Second Sunday - Combat Day
Combat day is a great time to hone your martial skills. Wrestle with your buddies, do some fencing, practice Judo. Not only are you learning to defend yourself, but your also keeping healthy.


1st - Creation Day
The purpose of creation day is to... well create. My favorite thing to do is to create things, but often times I don't have the time or motivation to do such, as the task of creation is a very strenuous activity both physically and mentally. So I've set aside a day specifically so that I remember to drop everything and create something.

17th - Picnic/Cookout Day
I think we can all agree that cookouts and picnics rock. There's just something special about cooking and eating outdoors that makes you feel good inside. Sometimes I forget to enjoy myself in the summer with a good cookout. This day reminds me to do so.

Last Saturday - Explorer Day
This day should be spent in remembrance of our worlds great explorers. To honor their desire to explore new worlds, the people who celebrate this holiday should leave their homes and travel to some place they have never been before. Be it a park on the other side of the state, or a city you've seen only on a map. Get up, get out, see the world, take a road trip. I never travel enough and this makes it a happy occasion.


First Friday - Bonfire Night
I simply adore bonfires. I love the flames, the heat, the stories, the smell, the people, the bright flickering light. I never seem to have enough bonfires in my life. This day is here to remind me to take the time to sit next to a fire just to watch it burn. There is a special feeling when a group of friends are huddled around a fire pit at night. Time stands still at a bonfire and anything that makes time stand still is okay by me.

22nd - 23rd - Autumnal Equinox
Somewhere around the 22nd and 23rd of September marks the beginning of autumn. Autumn is my favorite season. I adore the colors, and scents, and the coziness of sweaters and bundling together. It always makes me happy. It is also a time when the world is slowly dying so that it may be renewed again. It is a time to forget the problems of life and let them die as the seasons change to winter.


31st - Costume Night
Yes, it should be called Halloween or Samhain, but really what does that mean to me? It means dressing up in a strange costume and eating candy, what else? It gives me a night to dress up to become someone else for awhile. That is a worthy holiday in my eyes. If you are looking for information on the real holiday, check out All Things Halloween.


Last Thursday - Family and Food Day
This holiday is supposed to be called Thanksgiving, but I don't see how eating until you explode while watching football really proves that you're thankful for anything. To me, it's a time to enjoy my family and get fat. Of course I'm thankful for what I have, I have friends and family and food.


21st - 22nd - Winter Solstice
Usually occurs on the 21st or 22nd, this day marks the first day of winter. Winter is a time for the Earth to hibernate and a time for people to remain inside and together. It also shows that everything has died, but remember that everything will soon live again with spring. Winter is probably my least favorite season, but I still like it. The Winter Solstice also marks the shortest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere, so the days are only getting longer.

31st - Computer's Day
Obviously, Computer Day is a day based upon the celebration of computers. I work with computers all day professionally and for fun. They have become very important in my life and I feel that they deserve a holiday. This day is reserved for upgrades, defrags, and various other tasks that our computers like, but we usually forget about. This is a day to give something back to the machines that we depend on so much.

As you can see, I have some bitterness towards mainstream holidays. All my life I've been told that they were important and I just went along with the flow never really questioning why. It's not like I was harmed by celebrating a holiday I didn't believe in, but it just goes to show how brain washed a child can be.

My holidays are a bit of a work in progress right now. New ones may be added, old ones may be removed, some might be reworked a little. I've tried to captured the spirit of the things that I think are important enough for holidays though.