People will believe any statistic... Provided they agree with it. - Dean Tersigni

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Who Am I?

My real name is Dean Aaron Tersigni.

I was born on the 10th of April, 1980. (Feel free to send expensive gifts.)

I live in Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA.

I've had this web page since 1996 under several URL's, but now I'm settled here for good.

What Do I Do?

Well aside from some good old fashioned sleep, I work as a computer programmer developing computer software for the automotive industry. I'm a nerd.

When I'm not working I like to:

Design Games

Both computer and standard.

Play Games

Every kind! I'm a gamer!

Create and Observe Art

I like most art, especially fantasy art.

Watch Movies

This takes up too much of my life!


Helps make me smrt

Go To Ren Faires in Garb

So, I'm a nerd. Sue me!

Sword Fight

Padded weapons, not real ones.

Listen to Music

Lots of classic rock

Hang out in public dressed strange

I love spicing up the public's day.

Inline Skate/Hike

I love the exercise.

Play DDR

That's Dance Dance Revolution to the uninformed.

Here are a few other things that make me happy, and also odd quirks about my mannerisms.

The Future

I plan on living in it, to see what I want to do about it look here

Still Reading?

If you've read this far, you're either still curious, or waiting for a punch line of some sort. Although some people may think I'm a joke, for those of you who are still curious, read on.

I feel I must always be accomplishing something. I love to work, provided that I enjoy the task. If you follow my site closely, or even read through my old postings, you'll see that I work very hard at a task until I get bored with it, then I stop and pick up a new task. It's not because I'm afraid to finish something, it's more that I always want to add more to every project I make. I have a hard time saying that anything I make is "finished". I can always find something new to add to it. This of course has its share of complications, but it always keeps me busy.

I'm an anit-traditionalist. I purposely try to avoid traditions and rituals that are common to society. I don't do this to rebel or to be different, I do this because I've actually researched why common traditions exist, and I disagree with most of them.

My formal education is as such: Graduated from Clarkston High School in 1998 (ick!), finished three years at Baker College. (boring...) I'm sort of done with school right now, because I really don't like going and not learning anything. I learn so much more at work and on my own from the Internet, books, and documentaries, that school is a waste of time and money. Maybe some day I'll get a piece of paper from a school saying I'm smart.

I'm a very skeptical person. I don't believe in most pseudo-sciences, religions, soft-sciences, and various other institutions. I try not to believe in things based on faith alone. I tend to question everything especially things I don't agree on. This tends to be rather annoying to many people, but I will remain this way because I hate being deceived, or even worse, believing in something just because everyone else does.

The music I listen to varies from easy listening, to heavy metal. I don't like country, rap, or techno. You can see a great deal of my music interests on my Music Page.

Check out some information about my web site and the technical aspects.

I love to express myself through drawings and other forms of art. To see some of my work, view my Art Page.

See my Aliases Page to get a little information on my alter egos.

Here's a picture of the woman in my life. Yes, I know she's a computer, but at least she doesn't talk back. That's my old room at my parent's house. It was easier to move away than to clean it.

Of the things that I don't like, they include: low quality art, most polygonal games, big brother companies like IBM, people who talk during movies, and people who are overly irresponsible.

I love things of nature. They really lift up my spirit. Small bodies of water give me a timid, serene feeling. Large bodies of water give me a feeling of awe and power. Large forests make me feel safe, and meadows make me content. Mountains invigorate me, and clouds make me wonder. The rain refreshes me, and snow gives me a feeling of respect for nature. Animals are raw, and powerful to the point where I often envy them.

I have a bit of an ego, which can be see in my formal introduction. I don't see this as a problem, since there are so many people with lack of self-esteem out there to even it out.

Here are some anal-retentive habits that I have. So all you girls out there who want to stalk me can really see what you're getting yourself into.

This is the state of my bookshelf as of September, 2002.

This is a picture of my wall at my old room in my parent's house. My grandfather painted it for me many moons ago. Kind of gives you an idea of how I grew up.

I have been programming since I was 10 years old. As far as computer languages are concerned I'm very fluent in GW-BASIC, Quick BASIC, Visual BASIC, Visual FoxPro, JavaScript, and SQL. I also have a good understanding of C/C++ and Java, and a slight grasp of Assembler. I also know HTML (If you call that a language.) You can view some of my old programming projects on my Projects Page.

I got my start with programming on a Tandy 1000. Yes, it's a terrible computer made by Radio Shack, but it could play the Sierra classics. (Space Quest II, King's Quest IV, and Police Quest II.) That made me think, "Hey, what if I made my own games?" I asked my uncle about how programs are written. That's when I saw GW-BASIC (The precursor of QuickBASIC) But it got me started making neat color and circle programs. Eventually, I started getting better, and now with ten years of experience, I feel that I am rather an expert in BASIC. (Aren't I modest?) BASIC has its place, but that place is no longer in the business market. My new favorite programming language is Visual FoxPro. Basically, Visual FoxPro is a mixture of Visual BASIC, Access, and SQL. Only everything is better and faster. (Yes, Visual FoxPro can be faster than SQL depending on the application. The SQL engine is based off of Fox's engine.)

I like to read, but I'm not a constant reader, and even then usually only a half-hour a day. For information about the books I've read see my Books Page.

I'm an avid watcher of movies and a little TV. Check out my favorite film on The Film Page.

I'm also a gamer of many sorts. You can see some of my favorite games on my Games Page.

I like to date and spend time with fun women. Check out my compatibility traits.

Well that's enough about me. (Even though I'm sure you want more <g>) Check out my other pages...

Or if you really have some questions for me, feel free to e-mail me.

Master of None

I am a renaissance man. I have found, throughout my life, that I can do anything I set my mind to provided I can maintain interest in it. That, of course is the problem, as it is very difficult for me to maintain interest in a particular topic. Every time I read a book I want to be a writer, every time I watch a movie I want to be a director, every time listen to music I want to be in a band.

I adore learning everything there is to know. If someone tells me an interesting fact about vegetables it will motivate me to research vegetables, if someone gives me a puzzle I will want to solve it. However, this desire to know everything has made it very difficult for me because I never become the best at anything, and I'd like to.

When I was younger I always expected to be rich and famous. Most people have this goal because we're taught that the rich and famous are the only ones that matter. I, however, really expected to be famous because I could do everything. The line of thinking was like this: I can program, but there are others who can program better, but I can draw and play sports and design games as well. Because I had so many talents I figured that I would be more successful.

Later on, I realized that nobody cares about people unless they are the best at what they do. The "famous" people have worked so hard at being the best that they have had to sacrifice being good in other areas. This goes against the grain of my behavior because I want to do everything.

So, will I ever be famous? Doubtful. It has taken me quite awhile to come to grips with this, and in some ways I still think I will be the next Bill Gates or Michelangelo. This does give me the occasional feeling of inadequacy, but overall I suppose I prefer being good at everything.

Coat of Arms

Below is my coat of arms. It's not my family's coat of arms nor is it a traditional medieval layout. My friend Nikia designed and colored it for me. Her amazing work is seen on the far left. She also made an outline drawing for me as well, which I was able to convert into a digital design which is what the other four are.

I made one for each season, but the most important one is the Autumn design. The symbolism of the leaf is that I love the season of autumn. It means a great deal to me, and the oak leaf is brightly colored like those you would see in the fall. The purple coloration of the border is used because it perfectly contrasts the orange and yellow of the leaf and I like purple. It was also a color used for royalty, and as everyone knows I'm royalty.