Cedar Point Trip - 2001/06/30

Some time ago, the company I work for decided to take a trip to Cedar Point. It was planned for Saturday, June 30th, and we we all going to meet up at work at 6:00 am. Well I'm not very chipper in the morning, and have a tendency to run a few minutes late on anything before noon. So I'm constantly reminded by everyone not to be late. This is something that's important, and I don't want to let the group down so I set my alarm to go off at 4:45 am. This will give me plenty of time to get up. So come around 1:00 am I'm still awake. Perhaps it was from excitement, or then it could have been that it was 85 degrees in my house. Well anyway, I'm trying to sleep to no avail. I look at my clock, it reads 3:30 am. Well, the adrenaline will keep me awake, so I won't need much sleep. Then I get that feeling that we all dread. I wake up, and instantly say: "I'm Late!" Luckily it's only 4:00 am. I go back to sleep. Then again the feeling: "I'm Late!" and now it's 5:42 am! A few obscenities, and rushing to get clothes on is all there was. I get to my car at 5:48 am, no shower, no deodorant, no toothbrush. My work is another 25 minutes away. Now if you do the math you'll realize that there is no possible way to get there on time, unless I drive fast. VERY FAST! I averaged about 95, topping out at 110 down I-75, to arrive only 8 minutes late. I hadn't missed my ride.

Although, having gone around 30 hours in 85 degree weather without a shower is bad. Not having deodorant is worse. Plus I have long hair, and it was feeling very greasy now. My whole body was sticky, as well as I was in dire need of sleep. The ride was nice, and cool from the air conditioner, and the music was pretty good. (Styx and Journey) the drive saw its share of construction, which sucked, but we made semi-good time. We stopped for breakfast at McDonalds, to eat their vomitable food. Somewhere down in Ohio we stopped for gas and I bought some deodorant for double its normal price. But oh was it worth it! I felt slightly cleaner.

We arrived and went straight to the Raptor for the first ride. Denise, one of my co-workers is afraid of heights, but we were able to convince her to go on it (Tee hee). Needless to say, it's not the coaster to put a beginner on! :-) After that we went to the Mantis (Which she did NOT go on!). After the Mantis we hit the Power Tower going down. Now, I've ridden the Power Tower up, and I wasn't too thrilled. But, down is just plain AWESOME! I actually saw stars from the blood rushing from my feet to my brain and back to my feet again.

After that we took some time to eat a healthy lunch. Mine was a plain burger with $2.50 water. (Yes they've raised the price AGAIN!) After lunch we rode the Gemini just because of the non-existent line. It was then I got some Dippin Dots ICE CREAM OF THE FUTURE! That's right! Futuristic Ice Cream! Someday soon all of mankind will be eating Dippin Dots! Do you hear me!?!? Well anyway, Then we rode the Magnum which is still one great ride. Then we rode the Millennium Force. OH MY GOODNESS is that one heck of a ride! It was my first time riding it, and wow it was nice!

More food, this time a disgusting hotdog. Then Jon and I decide to ride Millennium Force front row. Well we get in line, and it starts raining! Go Fig. The coaster keeps going though, and the line still moved. We made it all the way up to the special line for front row, and of course the thing breaks down! GRRRR! Well we wait for a total of 1 & 1/2 hours, then finally we ride it! Oh man, it blew me away! It is so unbelievably awesome.

Click on the picture to see what we thought of the Millennium Force. (I'm in the orange.)

Well we hit the Power Tower another time. While in line I convinced the D.J. to play some Queen! YEAH BABY! Then met up with rest of the group. We all went on the Iron Dragon (Denise's Favorite ride!) and decided to get in one last ride, as it was 9:00 pm. So we got in line for the Power Tower, only to have it break down halfway into the line. Well we took off, and went to the LASER show, which was pretty cool. (Also containing a Queen song!) We left just before it ended, giving us a jump on traffic.

Dinner was McDonald's once more (The people totally screwed up our orders) and by now I'm feeling the effects of the day. One hour of sleep, no shower, feet killing from standing for ten hours. The ride back is faster, and we arrive back in Grand Blanc at 2:00 am. I still have a 25 minute drive back home. I finally get home, take a WELL deserved shower, and fall into an unconscious state in my bed. That was one great day!