Independence Day - 2001/07/04

Independence Day was alright. I stayed up late the night before, so I didn't wake up until noon. Eric called at around 1 pm, and I took my low-order explosives with me to his house. First we talked, played a couple of games of Magic, and he cleaned his house a little. Then we broke out the fireworks.

I don't know what it is about males and explosives, but we get along so well. Here's the first thing we did with some lady fingers, and a little paper man, we simply call: Mr. Happy.

Amazingly Mr. Happy, survived!

Okay so we were disappointed by Mr. Happy's desire to live and all, so we tried blowing him up a few more times, but the little bugger just wouldn't die! Our ego was bruised, but we were determined to kill a paper person. Thusly, Fred was created.

It's obvious that Fred isn't too thrilled with us. I think he's not all that happy right now. Yet his smile remains.

And so, the end of Fred was upon us. We wept bitter tears due to our loss from his great valor and wisdom.

I wasn't totally satisfied at blowing the life out of poor Fred, so I decided to take out my frustrations on a stupid red magic card. The name of the card says everything. PANIC!

Yes, I do believe he has panicked.