Trips to Indiana - 2001/08/31 - 2001/09/18

Okay, these images are from my trips to Indiana, but since I've been going there since last month, I have quite a few from various dates. Well, let's just assume that they all happened this weekend. Okay?

Here we see what is commonly referred to as a lie. We have a billboard saying that the safest place for your baby is Downtown Flint?! Yeah right! The next sign is going to be some thing like: The safest place to have money hanging from you pockets is an alley in Detriot at 3am! Oh those silly Flint people!

Okay, as if the first one wasn't stupid enough... Here we see a billboard for Clark Gas, as well as Diesel. And what else do they sell? Well cigarettes of course. It all makes sense. But wait, it gets better... They also sell Fireworks?!. Yup, nothing is quite as safe as Gasoline, Diesel, cigarettes, and fireworks in one small area. Light up everyone!

My personal favorite, is this nice act of vandalism. Here you can see the words "Trust Jesus" spray painted on a bridge support. Hmmm... I don't think Jesus is really into defacing government property to spread his message. Well, you gotta wonder... What would Jesus do?

Well I did find some beauty on my travels. Here is a line of tall pines on I-69. I drive by them every time, and really admire them.

The clouds were really amazing last weekend, so I took a shot. Pity my camera can't handle the intense light very well.

Here we see grass. Yup, just grass. Not all that interesting. Well the shot was from about thirty feet off the ground just looking down, so I got a lot of grass. Yup... all kinds of grass. Grass, grass, grass, grass... Grass!

Spiders... Larissa can spot them a mile away. Here's a shot of one of the webs she saw while we were walking in the park.

I have this thing with swamps... I just like them. Here was a nice one. It's kind of small, but it has a lot of character.