The Long Weekend - 2001/11/16 - 2001/11/18

Man oh man... Last weekend was v-e-r-y long, but in a good way. The only real thing I had planned for the weekend was the Harry Potter movie, and possibly the Detroit Comic Con. However, it ballooned into a jam packed weekend.

It started at 5:01 pm after work. I made a quick update to this site, and left for Clarkston. I stopped at my house briefly, then left to pick up my friend Eric. From there it was off to Ypsilanti. We made it there by 8:15. That was a 1 1/4 hour drive. From there we drove to Quality 16 theater another forty-five minutes away to get to the Harry Potter movie. Of course our tickets were for 10:35, and we got there at 9:00. Was it worth it getting there early? YES! The lines were backed up out the doors, and everyone and there grandmother was there. When we arrived they were already sold out until 11:15. So at 10:35 we go in to watch the movie. AWESOME! The movie was great. It was very accurate, and only a few things were left out. I was quite surprised that it was that good. Also, I was so happy to find out that Hermione's name was pronounced the way I thought it was. Woo-hoo!

So after the movie it was past 1:00. We drove back to Ypsilanti and stopped at the horrible food place: Denny's! I got a plate covered with stuff and happily ate it. Then, we went back to Mike and Amy's house and popped in the movie: "Big Trouble in Little China". Gotta love those cheesy 80's Kung Fu movies. After the movie it was past 4:00 so we crashed there.

At 10:30 in the morning we were awaken to travel to East Lansing to visit the Fortress. We made a brief stop a McDonalds to get some vomit burgers and continued to East Lansing. (A two hour drive.) We stayed there for several hours, the majority of the group played Mage, I worked on my documents for Legendworld. During a brief interlude with the Mage game Eric and I played the board game The Lord of the Rings. For the first time we actually beat the game! (For those who are unfamiliar with the LOTR board game, it pits all the players against the game instead of each other.) Yes, we did beat it. Of course it was at easy difficulty and it was the fourth time we played. It is definitely a difficult game. The day progressed and at around 6:00 we left the Fortress for food.

We stopped at Chi-Chi's and got some salsarific food. (Boy I hate corporate tag lines.) Anyway, I got food that only 10 year olds are supposed to get, but I was okay with that. We made it back to Ypsilanti at around 10:00. We stayed and talked for a little while and began the long drive back to Clarkston. I finally got home at midnight. Of course that means I didn't fall asleep until around 1:30.

Come the dawn, or rather 10:00 in the morning, I got up, took a well needed shower, and got ready for another day of lots of driving. I went to my parent's house to steal a long distance phone call and arranged a trip to the Novi Expo Center with Sarah Packard to go to the Comic Con. (My very first ever convention!) I drove to Ann Arbor to pick her up, another hour away, and the we left for Novi. Now, normally Novi is an hour from Ann Arbor, but because of really bad Michigan roads it took us 2 hours. Yes, I'm blaming the roads, it had nothing to do with the whole taking the wrong turn three times. So anyway we eventually arrived at the Novi Expo center.

The convention, even though I've been told isn't that great as far as convention's go, was pretty cool. I bought lots of back issues of Dork Tower that I was missing. I now only need issue 5 to complete my full collection! We stayed for about two hours and then left to the mall across the street for a late lunch. Good old Olga's. (Which was in restaurant form which took me by surprise.) Well, we hit a few stores, but the mall was closing so we left for a drive back to Ann Arbor. (Without any wrong turns!)

We arrived at ten to seven and took in a quick movie. The title was: "Pretty in Pink", which I was told I -had- to see. It was pretty good and had plenty of 80's overtones. Ahh the 80's. What a sad and cool decade. We then watched X-Files. It's been about two seasons since I have seen the X-Files and boy things have changed. The whole mood of the show has been altered to make it more dramatic which I personally didn't like. Oh well. By then it was 10:00, and what the heck, I stayed for another movie. This time it was: "The Breakfast Club". Another one I hadn't seen before which turned out to be really good. After the movie I left to drive back to Clarkston to get a few winks in before work.

Looking back that weekend seems even longer now. I spent over half a day driving or riding in a car. Ugh. Well it was great none-the-less.