Silverleaf Renaissance Festival. Second Week. - 2002/07/21

Although I had a lot of fun again at the Faire, I was much more sluggish about pictures. It was -extremely- hot all weekend, and the heat made everyone more irritable than usual. Still though, fun was had by all, and I do have a few interesting tales.

Whip 1 Whip 2

Here we see the lovely Larissa, in a not-so-innocent pose. She's dressed in her dom outfit and swinging a whip around. Yes, I'm a lucky man!

Gray Elf

I found a nice artist, and got a print from one of her works. It's pretty cool, and I decided to post it. Now, this image is not the complete picture, nor is it a very high quality scan. I did that on purpose to make sure if anyone wants her work, they actually pay for it. :-) I regret not getting a web site, so I'll have to remember next weekend. She had a lot of nice work, but this was my favorite.

I am still a little sore from the weekend. As a programmer, I'm used to sitting for about 15 hours out of the 16 that I'm awake. So being on my feet for around 12 hours in a day is very awkward to me. When I get extremely tired I become extremely lazy. Larissa, who is a ever flowing fountain of energy loves to take advantage of that. So while I was weak and feeble, Larissa took the time to change my clothes. Here's me in a new wardrobe. [Image]

It's hard to believe it's been a full year now for Larissa and me. Hopefully, we will be together for many, many more.