Boffer War - 2003/04/19

This weekend I was invited to the Shiabruck's boffer war called: Sir Malthadas Dark's Challenge. It was to be a day of combat and feasting along with an auction. It turned out to be very exciting and loads of fun.

I awoke Saturday morning very pleased, because it had stopped raining and everything was dry. It had been raining most of Friday and hoped it would stop before the big day and thankfully it did. I got up, took a shower, picked out my garb, and grabbed my boffer shield and sword.

From there I drove to Farmer Jack to pick up my dish to bring with me. I ended up with chicken caesar pasta salad and a 2 liter of root beer. I also grabbed a 2 gallon dispenser of water, expecting that most people, like myself, would certainly want mucho auga. Then I got some gas and started the drive to the park where the war was being held.

The drive was pretty basic, but when I got to where my exit was on the interstate, I realized that I had the wrong exit number! Doh! Well, I knew what road I needed to be on and thanks to my handy Map-O-Michigan I was able to find the place. I arrived about a half hour late, but combat hadn't started yet so all was good.

When I arrived I was hailed by the wonderful folks from Shiabruck and they even held a small ceremony in my honor bestowing upon me, the Xena Award! I like to think it was given to me because I fight with the ferocity and strength of Xena, but I think I received it because of my feminine combat style and long hair. Oh well.

I had a chance to look around and noticed a woman had a tent up with several furs. I eventually purchased a beautiful silver fox's tail. After talking to the woman for awhile I really gained respect for her. Unlike most stores that sell fur they care little about the animal it came from, but she obviously respected the spirit of the animals whose fur she sold. Very noble.

Soon after that we were given the rules of the day and adjourned to the playing field to start fighting. It was the first time I had used my shield outside my normal group and I was really looking forward to trying it out. I really ended up loving it. I am certainly a sword-n-board kind of guy. After using it for the whole day I noticed a slight flaw in its design. Although it structurally held up great, it ended up rubbing off some skin on my knuckles. I should be able to add in some soft cloth to prevent the problem. My shield ended up being pretty popular with several people and I was complemented on it quite a bit. Yay me!

At the peak of the day there were about 30 people fighting. Here are a few pictures of the combat throughout the day:

Combat Combat Combat


After a few hours of fighting we took a rest and got ready for the feast. Most people were only winded from all the combat so we were all still pretty jolly. The feast was great and everyone was stuffed.

While everyone was still excessively full we laid back a bit and talked about various topics. It was also at this time that I purchased the fox tail. After most people were feeling ready for more battle we continued the battles once again.

More battle pictures:

Combat Combat Ogre And Goliath Combat

Battle continued on through the day. The size of the wars kept getting smaller and smaller as more people left. The last battle contained only about 10 people. After that it was cleanup time. Around then I was given a nice dagger sheath from Sir Malthadas Dark (thank you!). I'm pleased to add it to my slowly growing garb collection. The day was amazing and I had a lot of fun.

After the sunburns I had last year you'd think I'd have the brains to remember sun screen, but no. It was overcast most of the day and it didn't really register to bring some. Of course, it's not the light, but the UV rays that burn you and my face is now very much burnt. On my drive home I grabbed a bite to eat at Wendy's and picked up some aloe vera gel for my face, which helps, but this burn will certainly remind me for the next time I will be outside all day.

When I finally got home, I boffered some more with Dave and Paula and eventually went to bed. When I woke up the next day I was in massive pain. My whole body was stiff and sore. So of course, I did some more boffering. (This time with sun screen on!). So now on Monday, I'm still exceptionally sore all over my body. Who could ask for anything better?