Rilo Kiley Concert in Detroit - 22nd of July, 2003

A few months ago I was on the's messageboard and saw that the new concert schedule was up. I checked it out at and saw that they were coming to Detroit, yay! As bad luck would have it, that was the same day we were installing a new client at work, boo. So I was unsure of whether or not I would be going. Come the night of the concert, as good luck would have it, I had time to get to the show, yay.

The drive down was simple and I dropped off my car in some parking garage. I walked over to the Magic Stick, (the place of the show) and waited around for awhile. I got saw to see the band members walking in and out of the bar setting stuff up which was cool. I smiled at Jenny and she smiled back, swoon.

A crowd had gathered outside and I got in line about thirty people back. The doors opened a little after 8:00 PM and everyone worked their way upstairs. I made my way to the merchandise table and picked up "Takeoffs and Landings", a T-shirt, and some buttons. Then I made my way to the stage and waited.

Near 9:00, the opening band came on and introduced themselves as Head of Femur. They were a large band, (8 members) but had a very interesting sound created by many instruments, (guitars, keyboard, drums, violins, trumpet, bass, etc.). I enjoyed their set.

After that, M. Ward came on and played a few songs with Rilo Kiley, and then a few songs by himself. He kind of reminded me of Bob Dylan in a baseball cap. Pretty good music, but not exactly my style.

Finally, Rilo Kiley took the stage and everyone was super happy. The set list was pretty much the same as the other shows on this tour. (I did notice that many people requested "Glendora" including myself, to no avail. Maybe next time?). The crowd really loved "Paint's Peeling", go fig. Anyway, the concert was very good and here are some pictures:

M.Ward with some backup Jenny on keyboards Jason on drums Jenny tuning her guitar Blake rockin' out Jenny singin The tour banner Jenny with her mini keyboard The three guys Jason and Jenny Pierre on keyboard Jenny all emotional Jason with his head down Profile of Jenny Jenny singing

During set intermissions I was able to talk to a few people around me including a unique girl named Kimberly Sue. We chatted for awhile, and it turns out she's a girl who can program! What won't they think of next?

After the concert I hung out and got the band to sign my "The Execution of All Things" album sleeve. (Jenny put X's and O's by her name, maybe I should have asked her out?)

It was about 12:30 AM when I left and made my way back to the parking garage where I parked my car. I went to the door and found it locked. I went around front and saw two guys from the concert sitting in front of the closed gate that covered the entrance. They too were locked out. Apparently the parking garage closed at 10 PM and sign had this nice tiny print to tell you, of course nobody read it. You can see my poor imprisoned car in the background of this picture.

I had never heard of a garage that actually closes before, this was the first one I'd seen. So here we are three guys who live miles away sitting on the streets of Detroit at 1:00 AM. We weren't too happy. They had someone coming to pick them up and offered a ride, but I don't live anywhere near them. I hailed a cab and asked how much it would cost to get to Grand Blanc and he said about $130. I tried to flag down several police cars to see if they could open the gate, but none of them even slowed down. Jerks.

The other stranded guy's ride came and they offered to let me stay at their place, but I asked to just be taken to a 24 hour restaurant. Of course, we could find one, so I just had them drop me off at a gas station so I could get directions. It seemed the only place nearby was about three miles and I had to walk through a rather bad area. Screw that. I stopped at the only other place that was open, a CVS and asked them, but got no help. I grabbed some caffeine in liquid form and some food and went outside. It looked like I was going to be waiting over 4 hours. I felt a little scared because I had my $300 camera on me, as well as about $100 in cash. I quickly pocketed my watch and removed most of the money from my wallet and hid it on my person.

I took a seat in the parking lot of the CVS and quickly got very cold. So I got back on my feet and started walking to no place in particular. I was quite tired and still sore from the ren faire, but it was too cold to sit down. I met the usual riff-raff and because I looked like just another nobody, they didn't ask for money anymore. After a few hours a guy started talking to me and then asked if he could give me a blow job. Although I was flattered, I had to politely decline his offer, so he left.

The sun started coming up at around 5:00 AM and I was feeling very much like death. It was very cold and all I was wearing was two T-shirts (and pants). I was sore from walking several miles and tired from close to 24 hours of being awake. I hung out around the garage until at about 6:10 AM it finally opened. I got in my car, paid the lady and drove home.

I got home at 7:10 AM. I had to be at work at 8:00 AM. It really sucked. I took a shower, changed, and drove to work, fresh as a daisy. After nine more hours of work I went home and slept. I had been awake for over 33 hours. 12 hours of sleep later I woke up to go to work again. Now it's Thursday, but it still seems like Tuesday. I think by Friday I'll finally be feeling normal again.

And that's how I choose to remember it.