Silverleaf Renaissance Faire Last Weekend - 26nd and 27th of July, 2003

The last weekend of the Silverleaf Faire started the same way as all the others, with a two hour drive across the state. I got there a little before noon and proceeded to wander aimlessly.


The first day was actually quite cool, although a little humid. There were many strange creatures this year including the Ent from the Holly faire. He was just as cool as before, scaring the children and weirding out the parents. His costume is truely amazing. I give it two thumbs up. (I'd give it more, but I only have two). I wonder if he has ever fallen in his costume.


There was a nice fencing demonstration going on, but I only caught the last part of it. I probably should have watched it because I would have learned a lot of the terminology of fencing that I lack. I was however, one of the few in the audience who could correctly identify a main gauche and translate it, (and without any fencing classes) so I was happy with myself for awhile. Go me.

Angel Devil

Another interesting creature was the angel statue. She is indeed a real woman who would stand perfectly still in her pose. When someone placed money in her bowl she would move into a stance of worship and then go back to standing. She was very impressive. Near the end of the day, a devil appeared in front of her and the two just stared at each other for a long time. When the faire finally ended they reconciled their differences and shook hands.

Make up

I was dragged into the drum circle at the end of the faire and had a good time dancing away to the beat of a hundred drums. Although very exciting it was quickly exhausting, but very fun.

The first day was over and the mundanes had left. I was a bit bummed, because I hadn't met Jocelyn who I was hoping to meet. I setup camp, went for dinner, and came back to the faire. I hung out with the Shiabrucks and even got into a couple of matches of boffering. Oh, I can't wait for the Owosso faire where I can boffer for several hours! Whee!

Night came all to soon, and I eventually made my way to my tent. Sleep didn't come for a few hours later thanks to drunk rennies. Oh well, it's all part of the fun. Morning was great because there was hot water in the shower! Whee! I got some breakfast and went into the faire.

I caught the Shiabruck's act, which involved a nice skit, as well as some point combat. The skit was very serious up until the end, where squire Cedric, (the ladies man) was slain by his knight, Malthadis Dark. Then his pregnant girlfriend comes running in and cries her eyes out. (At the same time her water breaks, ew). Is it just me, or does the picture look like she's flicking him off?

Combat Battle Reach Wench


The day continued, and I was trying to find another person this time, Shade, whom I did not find either. Alas. At one point I sat down to watch Rick Rock's dumb show. No, I'm not being mean, it's actually called, The Dumb Show. Here he is showing how sharp his knives are, which he would soon juggle along with eating an apple of which he was juggling as well. Pretty cool.

Much more happened that day and I was lucky enough to share the company of so many great people and some lovely ladies ^_^ but the faire would eventually end. Tear down was kind of depressing as it always is on the last day and eventually my car was packed and my goodbyes were said. The drive home was nice and I finally crashed on my bed to sleep.

Thus ended the 2003 Silverleaf Renaissance Faire.