Walking in the Woods - 16th of October, 2003

Recently I found out that there is a large DNR protected nature area behind my apartment complex. As a nature lover I was very happy to find this out. With it being autumn and all, the flora is looking it's best, so I decided to walk through the woods and get a few snapshots before the world turns white.

These first few are just showing off some autumn color. I need to get a better camera to get the true color of the leaves, but it gives you a good idea.

These are several shots looking down the walking paths. I love the feeling of these pictures.

Although I understand that people need houses to live in, it always bugs me to see things like this. The blight of humanity. This was just outside of the protected area.

Here are some pictures looking up at trees. I wouldn't want to climb that last one!

Eventually, my walk led me to a park that I didn't know existed. I took a few shots of the area. As you can see the sun was almost gone at this point.

This is the same stream as above from the opposite side. I like this picture a lot more.

This was the closest the furry little bugger would let me get to him before he took off. At this point I was only about ten feet away. The flash of my camera didn't seem to bother him to my surprise. I made a cute little comic with this picture. Check it out.

At this point the sun was beyond the horizon. This land was a bit muddy here. I assume it acts as a tributary to the larger stream during times of heavy rain, but for the time being it was just moist. This was the last picture of the day.

It still amazes me how much bigger the world seems when you walk through it instead of drive through it. Everything becomes more intricate and exciting. I ended up spending two hours in a place that I could drive around in ten minutes. I'm very glad I took the time to explore this area.