Camping in Ludington State Park - 2004/08/14 - 2004/08/15

The weather was unusually cold for the days leading up to this event, and I was becoming rather aprehensive of going camping in northern Michigan in the cold weather, but everything turned out to be pretty fun in the end.

I started the trip by picking up the staples of camping, hotdogs. I grabbed some other stuff too like watermelon, pop, and water. I drove out to Grand Rapids to pick up Nikia and we did a bit more shopping because I foolishly forgot marshmallows! We then drove up to Ludington State Park to meet up with Katie and Bobby who had been there since the day before.

What camping trip would be complete without bad pictures of everyone?

We did some camp setup and then walked around the park. There were several nice paths and plenty of breathtaking scenes. I forgot to take my camera along for most of it, but I'm sure you can use your imagination. We also headed out to the beach of Lake Michigan, which is always a lot of fun and extremely cold.

Later in the day we returned to the camp site to get dinner started. Although the camp grounds had a bunch of those annoying ammenities like electricity, flushable restrooms, and people, I was determined to try and be as rustic as possible and not be a slave to technology (most of it anyway).

Firewood was an annoying issue at the park. Because of the emerald ash borer, you're not allowed to bring your own firewood. Also, because they're trying to create a decent amount of topsoil, they won't allow you to use fallen wood at the park. This means that you have to buy their over-priced wood at almost a dollar a log. They certainly had a nice racket going there.

Anyway, we got a fire going to cook with. Some of us properly widdled out a cooking stick, while the rest of us used machine fashioned metal cooking forks. I'll leave it up to you to guess who ;-). Food was hotdogs and brats; very good, but very fatty. Later in the night we cooked some pies, which were very yummy.

As our fire slowly died and the temperature quickly got colder we went to bed. Morning came with the sound of campers driving their huge RVs past us making plenty of racket. We made another fire, cooked breakfast, and tore down the tents.

We then went out into the Michigan dunes to go dune jumping. Which, if you remember from last year, involves hurling yourself off the top of a dune into a pile of sand. Only smart people do this.

After getting sand in every orifice we went to the beach to clean off a bit. The water was still nice and frigid, but that didn't stop us from playing in it.

Feeling hungry, we headed to a resturant in Ludington. It was a quaint little diner, and our hostess was a babe. She resembled Anne Hathaway, with nice dark eyes and eye-brows. Her name was even Anne. What a happy coinisdence.

After dinner we went Canoeing at the park. It was a nice area with plenty of islands and inlets. There was a very beautiful cove that was covered in shade and hard to see from the main lake. When we followed it inward we saw several swans eating an relaxing. It was like something out of a storybook, but I didn't bother to take my camera because it's not exactly waterproof.

After canoeing we headed home. It was a painfully long drive about four hours total, ick.