Silverleaf Renaissance Festival - 2005

I'm skipping the whole through ren fest recap, and just showing some pictures and text. Yo.

- Feed the birds. Tuppins a bag.

- Here there be dragons with nasty big pointy teeth! I was disappointed that no kids were eaten by them.

- Birds of prey know they're cool.

- I want a barn owl. But not this one, he kept screeching all the time.

- The implements of destruction for keeping birds.

- A camel? WTF?

- Amber, looking all sexy.

- Whipboy. Didn't he retire? Why is he still here?

- The only guy who had prettier hair than me.

- It's easy to get Crystal's photo, just hold her down.

- I have no idea what caused the sunset to do this, but it was interesting.

- Ye olde tongue ring.

- Myself in Amber's sunglasses. Rose tint my world.

- This is looking up in a large hollow tree. Nothing exciting at the top.

- Kimberly giving Rick Rock a hard time on stage.

- You can tell they're my tissues. They're my T-shoes!

- Amber riding shotgun.

- Amber looking naughty. This was her Day of Wrong latex outfit.

- Myself in my sexy Day of Wrong outfit. Vinyl pants don't breathe.