June Lock-in - 2006/06/30

This lock-in started out as a rather naughty event, but after a lot of gaming in the wee hours of the morning everyone began to tire out. I filled up my camera twice with pictures and then removed all the ones that were too hot for the Internet (not really) and he is the full night.

Looking all innocent.

Karolyn attacks the boobage.

Girls Gone Wild - Arcade Edition.

Back to looking all innocent (as if).


This is why I love the lock-ins so much.

Dani checking out my camera lens.

Naughty, naughty girl!

Where is Frank's other hand?


Whispering sweet nothings into her ear?

Kissing cousins. Or should I say, tonguing cousins?

It's cake frosting... sure.

Why does this remind of me of hazing from Abu Ghraib, only in reverse?


If Rambo were Chinese.

Me and Gwen (not Gwen and me).

I was taking a picture of the shirt. Honest.

Gwen and Dani.


Mr. Solis' Caucasian twin brother. Nice glasses.

Heather give me a love scratch. If only this were the worst of it.

This is why you should -never- let Heather scratch your back!

Get used to that chain around your neck.


It's official, Cody has longer hair than I.

They don't call him Crash for nothing.

Awesome art shot.

See, I post ugly pictures of myself too!


Yup, gamers.

If you take away the Para Para machine, the person just looks retarded.

This is a game where you use your feet.

Look at that lovely puppy dog face.


What can I say, I like milk chocolate.

The remnants of the food table.

Anime watchers. Scary folk.

Still watching. Still scary.


Jesse battles with his sexuality.

Just how many crisis's can time have?

One of those Whalens boys.

She seems to glow.


Trying to slip her the red rope licorice.

DDR, yo!

Love the black and white, very chic.

Tara the head rest, Nate the pirate.


It's not polite to point.

Your soul will be mine in the end.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

DDR and stuff.


Arcade people.

Unaware that he is about to be molested.

Now painfully aware.

The perfect shooting stance for optimal femininity.


Heather giving John a lift.

Holding a flower with your eye is fun.

Amanda beating us all at limbo. Her shirt is true.

God gets 69 kills in a row. That's all me, baby!


Extreme close up!

Who is g war?

Galaga rocks!

More girlie shooting stances.