Cedar Point Trip - 2006/07/02

This was the most impromptu trip to Cedar Point I've had. Kimberly suggested on Saturday that we could go, and on Sunday we went. I'm glad that we did, because I had a great time. It rained all through Ohio as we made our way along the turnpike and by the time we got to Sandusky the rain had subsided. A lot of the people inside were still drenched from the rain that we avoided. Despite the day being a bit muggy due to the early rains, the sun was constantly hidden behind clouds making a day outside in July much more tolerable than normal.

I didn't take any pictures inside the park because, honestly, who wants to lug a camera around the Point? It seems this year that the park has adjusted it's slogan from "America's rockin' roller coast" to "Cedar Point, ride on". I think they're both annoying. Vending machine drinks are $2.50 and food is still outrageous. They're so cheap that they don't even give lids or straws for their fountain drinks so make sure you steal some from McDonalds before going in. ;-)

Modeling her very first finished crocheted piece. A burgundy scarf that she made for me.

How not to wear a scarf.

Butt shot!



Leaving for Cedar Point. Kimberly inadvertently gets caught saying I love you.

I'm on the down low g-dogg.

On the way back home. Isn't she adorable?

It's hard to drive and pose for a picture at the same time.