5th of July Party - 2006/07/05

It's become a tradition with those amongst the local gaming community to attend a party on the 5th of July. Games are actually sworn off for the night and everyone is forced to work on their personal skills, which as gamers, we are severely lacking. I arrived a little late in the day because my work doesn't give summer off (lame), but I was able to capture plenty on moments. Look and be amazed. That's right... AMAZED!

Guests arriving.

Awesome shirt.

This is a view from the balcony out to the lake.

I don't know who she is, but I like her body.


If there is a hell for laughing at racism, I'll be there.

Along with Dennis.

Group shot 1.

Group shot 2.


Group shot 3.

Checking his eyelids for leaks.

Here is another shot of the lake with the balcony in perspective.

Now don't ever ask where are the photos of me taking pictures of people recording ever again!


Just some more group things.

Nathan up close and personal.

John doing the, now famous, Tetris dance.

Some day I will tire of taking pictures of babes in bikini tops... but it is not this day.


I'd be lying if I said this wasn't normal for Rachel.

Jon and John.

His actions confuse, yet arouse me.

Jesse and Grant.



Looking down from the balcony.

J Bomb being a pimp and holding a fountain above his head. It ended with only minor burns and loss of hair.