Michigan Renaissance Festival - 2006/08/20

Several people from Troublesum all grouped up and went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival last weekend. Here are some of the CRAZY pictures I took. Crazy man... crazy.

Some of the group the went.

John and Sarah... So wrong.

That isn't make-up, those are real tats.

Was it the best show you've ever seen? No, just adequate.


Razors taste yummy.


See how happy Cody looks?

Tyler hugging himself because nobody else will.


Guess which one's a woman.

Not only is it spelled poorly, but it doesn't even make sense.

A few seconds later the children were crushed by the ent.

Rachel the fairy.


Rachel the retard.

Lovely wenches. It's what makes the faire fun.

I don't know her name, but she sold me a nice copper bracelet.

The little troll was singing Frank Sinatra's "My Way".



Oh my goth!

A cute little girl with evil red bat wings.

Wow, that's green!


A cute little goth girl.

Dancing at the end of faire.

A prom dancing circle, only 500 years too late.

She almost made it.


Tyler hanging out at Rachel's.

Nate... Sucking.

We're so cool, we all sit around and play Text-Twist.

Playing games. Big surprise.


I forget her name. Alas.

Phil is such a stud!

The beginning of a rousing game of Scene-It.