December Lock-In - 2006/12/01

The last lock-in of 2006, ah a year waning with nostalgia. Some people have pointed out to me that I tend to take more pictures of the girls than the guys, to which my response is, "Duh! Why on earth would I want a bunch oh pictures of male games clogging my site when I can have more photos of the fairer sex? Seriously!" That being said, enjoy the photos.

Hanging out by the door.

Amanda not expecting a flash.

Admiring art.

Ye gods! Put your tongue back in your mouth people!


Rachel making every pedophile's wet dream complete with her pigtails.

Ultra-happy hugs.

Token bad picture of token black man.

Gamers gaming.


Camping out by the pinball machine.

Derrick and Mana playing Guitar Heroes.

Phil and Cody watching.

This is the "Dad walked in while I was masturbating" face.


Frank and his axe.

Best Friends Forever. Or at least until Thursday.

Jon trying to get Sarah from behind. She doesn't seem upset about it.

Forgive me Rachel, I just couldn't resist posting you in zombie form. You look like a drunk old man missing his teeth.


Heather trying to hide from the camera.

The whole purpose of lock-ins.

Someone is overdosing on "happy".

Hardcore shooter.


Her legs must have been chopped off.

Anime? For shame!

A slightly less homoerotic picture of Jessie.

Amanda trying to face off with me.


Wendy (or so she claims).

Tyler being all emo.

Danielle being all emo.

"Why yes I drive better than you."


Emo fest '06. Tyler getting drunk off sparkling cider (we told him it was Zima).