Eve 6 Concert - 2008/08/24

I didn't get into Eve 6 until after they broke up, which was a common theme in my music taste before I got into pirating music. Anyway, when I heard that Eve 6 was back together again I was thrilled, and found that they were going to have a free concert at Central Michigan University.

The venue kind of sucked. It was in a field on Central Michigan University's campus right after the welcome ceremony. So basically, there were a bajillion freshmen running around half scared out of their wits, half thinking they were gods among men for not having their mommies around. That was interesting because they were quite crazy, but unfortunately, few of them knew of Eve 6, and the few who did only knew them from "Inside Out" and "Here's to the Night". By the time I got there, it was pretty packed. The opening act was Every Avenue. I didn't really pay attention to them though. As the night went on, and people left, I got closer to the stage, but I was still too far away to get any decent pictures. Here is the set list, which had almost all of my favorites:

Open Road Song
Think Twice
Little Tiny Everything (The Sugi Tap)
Here's to the Night
Tongue Tied
At Least We're Dreaming
On the Roof Again
Pick Up the Pieces (The Sugi Tap)
How Much Longer
Inside Out
Mr. Bones (The Sugi Tap)
Super Hero Girl

Friend of Mine
Without You Here

Show highlights include: At the beginning of "How Much Longer" Max asked if anyone on the crowd knew the bass for the song and brought up a fan to play bass during the song (made his year, I'm sure). In the middle of the concert the crowd began chanting "Inside Out, Inside Out, Inside Out...", and Max responded with, "Not yet, not yet, not yet..." Near the end of the concert a fan rushed on stage and did a back flip. He was promptly rushed off by the police, but it got a big reaction from both the fans and the band. At the end of the show, the band stuck around to sign autographs and shake hands, something that other bands should learn from. My Eve 6 album is now signed. Basically, it was an amazing show, and I'm as happy as a pig in shit that Eve 6 is playing again and making new music.