Rocky Horror Picture Show - 2010/02/12 - 2010/02/14

Three years ago, I met a girl named Wallee at a Flint production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. In early January she mentioned that there was open auditions for another stage event. For four weeks, our troop danced, memorized, and emoted our way into a well-oiled machine of Rocky goodness. We did five shows total, and many friends, family members, and total strangers were there to cheer us on. It was a lot of work, but an unforgettable experience that I will always treasure.

The goods included meeting several wonderful people, having an amazing time working with them, and being part of a stage production for the first time since middle school. The bads included having several friends get locked out of the building because our volunteers wouldn't stay at the doors (I can only imagine how many other people got locked out), and wearing fishnets and panties in front of my parents. Yup, not forgetting this!


Director - Amber
Dr. Frankenfurter - Jason
Janet Wiess - Beth
Brad Majors - Rory
Riff Raff - Dean
Magenta - AnneMarie
Columbia - Wallee
Eddie/Dr. Scott - Matt
Rocky - Nick
Criminologist - JR
Trixie Lips - Christina
Transylvanians - Trent, Emily, Kate, Tom
Technician - Kyle

The perfect beginning. Lipstick!

Matt chillin with his newly dyed hair.

Jason, Kate, Nick, and Amber.

A typical picture of Wallee.


Amber applying Jason's makeup before a show.

Wallee, Rory, and Beth.

In a more Rocky appropriate pose.

Wallee's hair undergoing serious transformations.


Wallee's new clown hair.

Makeup is going well.

Kate! And Nick's foot!

Nick without his foot.


Kyle, hanging out until show time.

Christina and Tom making door signs.

Amber and Kate.



Myself and Christina in full makeup.

Emily with super ratted hair.

We spent many hours cleaning up these dumb shed boa feathers.













Dean Again!



Jason Again!



Wallee and her boyfriend Nick.

Rory helping Beth with a last minute hair fix.

The Trannies: Tom, Emily, Kate, Trent, and Christina.


Jason in his final scene costume.

AnneMarie and me in our final scene costumes. We look terrible!

Beth in her final scene costume.

Jason and Nick, final scene costume.


Kickline: Nick, Wallee, Jason, Beth, Rory.

While kicking!

Full cast (silly pose).

Full cast (serious pose).


The rest of the pictures have been stolen from other cast members and are being kept here for posterity.