Reason Rally - 2012/03/24

Reason Rally was the largest gathering of atheists, agnostics, secular Humanists, free thinkers, skeptics, etc. in the history of the world. We all congregated in Washington D.C., for solidarity to show each other just how many of us exist in the world. Despite it raining for most of the day, estimates were given at around 10,000-30,000 people. It had a huge number of speakers, pretty much all of the big names in the skeptic community.

The trip was grueling, the travel schedule was to leave Friday night at 10:30 PM from Ann Arbor, ride over ten hours to D.C., stand outside for ten hours, pile back into the bus at 7:00 PM on Saturday, and arrive over ten hours later in Ann Arbor at 5:30 AM. 70 people were leaving from Ann Arbor, on two buses. It was especially fun as we piled onto our bus with all our atheist gear because the driver told us he was also a minister! Despite a late start due to the second bus having problems, we arrive in D.C. only a little behind schedule. It was so much fun, and I got to meet a lot of my heroes!

I sat next to a local Skeptic Cathy, whom I only knew of, but had a blast the entire time getting to know each other, and the rest of the people around us.

A picture of the crowd around midday.

Tim Minchin jamming out with the Washington Monument in the background.


The capital building with a Bad Religion shirt!


This Polish man made a hedgehog god!

Jesus rides a dinosaur!

James Randi giving his speech

Cathy with some Pastafarians.


One of my heroes: Aron Ra!

Another hero: Rebecca Watson!

More Pastafarians.

Pretty straight-forward sign!


Even more Pastafarians.

Fricken PZ Myers people!

Cathy with PZ.

Saw these little guys on the street in Ann Arbor.


What the crowd looked like from the stage.

Jesus with some protesters in the background.

I has a sign!

Local skeptics Cathy and Brian.


Here's the full day's line up:

10:00 am - Music and videos
10:15 am - Andy Shernoff
10:30 am - Ronelle Adams
10:40 am - Shelley Segal
11:00 am - National Anthem (Sung by Greg Graffin)
11:05 am - Military Ceremony
11:15 am - Paul Provenza
11:20 am - Welcome Ceremony with David Silverman
11:25 am - Hemant Mehta
11:35 am - Jessica Ahlquist
11:45 am - Jesse Galef
11:50 am - Adam Savage
12:00 pm - Greta Christina
12:10 pm - Taslima Nasrin
12:25 pm - David Silverman
12:30 pm - Penn Jillette (video)
12:35 pm - Tim Minchin
01:15 pm - Fred Edwords
01:20 pm - Jamie Kilstein
01:30 pm - Jamila Bey
01:40 pm - Michael Shermer
01:45 pm - James Randi
01:55 pm - Bill Maher (video)
02:00 pm - Indra Zuno
02:10 pm - Annie Laurie Gaylor
02:15 pm - Dan Barker
02:25 pm - Victor Harris
02:30 pm - Hitchens Tribute (video)
02:35 pm - Nate Phelps
02:45 pm - Sean Faircloth
02:50 pm - Dr. R. Elisabeth Cornwell
02:55 pm - Richard Dawkins
03:10 pm - Cristina Rad
03:20 pm - Rational Warrior a.k.a Tombstone Da Deadman
03:30 pm - Herb Silverman
03:35 pm - Rep. Pete Stark (video)
03:40 pm - Sen. Tom Harkin (video)
03:45 pm - PZ Myers
04:00 pm - Ron Lindsay
04:05 pm - Eddie Izzard
04:25 pm - Roy Speckhardt
04:30 pm - Lawrence Krauss
04:40 pm - Todd Stiefel
04:55 pm - Bad Religion
05:45 pm - Greg Graffin
06:00 pm - Close and Hugs