Things That Make Me Happy

I was talking with a good friend about how certain things can be attributed to happiness, but by themselves can not make you altogether happy. This brought up the question, what does make someone happy? Well, each person of course has their own opinions on this matter, but I decided that I would create a list for myself of the things that make me happy.

Playing Frisbee. I love something simple like this to do. It's like playing catch with a football or baseball, only you can do more tricks with it. The interaction with friends keeps it fresh, and Frisbee is something that even your less athletic friends, who fear baseballs, can play.

Succeeding in a goal I have set for myself. I've set several goals for myself back in high school and have accomplished almost all of them. For each one that I've completed I felt very happy and accomplished. So I've created several new goals which I'm currently working on. When I complete them, I'm sure I will feel equally as happy.

Wrestling with a large dog. Some people like small dogs, those people are insane. All dogs like to play fight, but large dogs can actually back it up. Wrestling with a dog is unique because they fight much differently from humans. They use their claws and teeth, but aren't very good at getting out of holds. It's just a good time playing with your loyal best friend.

Wrestling with a cute woman. Okay, so I sometimes purposely try to lose, but hey, it's a lot of fun as long as the woman isn't too much of a sissy.

Attending the first Renaissance Festival of the summer. I love Renaissance Festivals, but near the end of the year they start becoming rather tiresome. However, the first one each year is always a blast and very exciting because I've been waiting through a long winter to attend one again.

Beating a video game. Although not all games are even worth playing long enough to beat, the ones that are make you feel really good about yourself. You've taken the creation of the game developer and designer and defied their puzzles and challenges by beating their creation.

Talking with an attractive woman who I've never met before. This puts the butterflies back in my stomach and makes me sputter and talk like a dumb robot. You may wonder why that makes me happy. It's just the humbling feeling that I'm not as cool or suave as I think I am, and I like that.

Finishing a piece of art. Whether it be drawing, painting, digital, games, etc. I always feel good about finishing them because I can show off my hard work, and say "I made this."

Going for a drive at 2:00 AM. Nobody is on the road, most places are closed, but every so often you see a diner or some people walking through the night. It's a feeling of wonder and mystery. I enjoy that feeling very much.

Having a friend to accompany me on a walk, bike ride, skating, etc. I love to go on walks, in-line skate, bike rides, etc. but they are so much more enjoyable when you have someone there to talk to and interact with.

Solving a brain teaser, puzzle, or various other intellectual challenge. Nothing says "I'm an egghead" like figuring out some complex puzzle that nobody else knows and deriving pleasure from doing so. Good times.

Going to the park. For any reason at all. Parks allow you to commune with nature in a way that you just can't get from walking down a road, and being around nature makes me feel good inside.

Getting lost. That is, when I'm not in a hurry. Sometimes I'll go driving and purposely try to get lost by taking roads I've never been down before. Not only do you get the enjoyment of seeing new places and people, but you also learn more about your surroundings.

Finishing a book. Provided that the book is good, although, if the book sucks, I'm usually glad it's finally over. I adore reading through a fantastic story or an in depth text book and then reaching the last page. There is always a feeling of sadness tied in with this happiness because you don't want good books to end, but the overall feeling is happiness.

Seeing someone else accomplish their goals. Because I know the struggle and toil that it takes to accomplish a goal, when I see someone else doing it I feel very good vicariously through them.

Getting nostalgic over videogames. Especially their music. What can I say, I'm a geek. Videogames have been like a mother to me since I was five. They have always been there to relieve or cause great amounts of frustration. So when I think back to the days of yore when I was playing a certain game, or making a certain game, I really feel good.

Looking in the mirror after getting all dressed up. Sure I may sound vain, but everyone is vain to some degree. Normally I don't think I'm that impressive, but when I take the time do dress up and groom myself properly I can look awfully sexy, and that makes me feel good about myself.

Being told that I know too much. Yes, this does actually happen fairly often. Usually just after someone has said "I wonder why -insert unknown question that normal people don't know or care to know-", and then I answer it.

Playing games with friends. This is pretty obvious to most people. Games are played for fun, friends are there for fun, makes sense right? Pretty much any game, whether it be boardgames, sports, video games, etc. They're all much more fun with close friends.